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A couple in the US saw their marriage get off to a stormy start -- when a dust storm rolled in during their outdoor ceremony.

Gus and Jennifer Luna had hoped their wedding in Florence, Arizona, would be a memorable day, but they never expected this...

As the happy couple were exchanging vows a dense dust storm hit, covering them in dust and almost blowing them away.

This clip from their wedding video shows how they tried to rush through the ceremony and were determined not to give up despite Jennifer struggling to keep her veil on and her dress down.

A motorcyclist in South Africa abandoned an endurance race he was competing in to save a calf which had fallen into a canal.

Johan Gray had apparently been taking part in the race in Gauteng when he spotted the animal which was unable to get out of the water.

As this footage from his head-cam shows, the 46-year-old quickly pulled over and tried to rescue the animal using several techniques to get it to safety.

Eventually he banded the creature’s front legs and managed to pull it out before loading it onto his bike and returning it to a farmer.

A video of a young baby breaking out of his cot and then trying to destroy the evidence has become an online hit.

The clip shows little baby Dayne being put in his cot along with his twin brother for a nap… but he apparenty has other ideas.

Once his mother -- who set up the camera to work out how wh was getting out -- has left the room Dayne looks at his brother, the two knowing what is about to happen.

He then vaults over the side of the cot and bangs down onto the carpet below… before quickly taking the camera out like a master crook.

Shoppers at a grocery store in Alaska were shocked when they found a bear cub climbing over the fruit and vegetable aisles.

Staff at the Tatsuda's IGA supermarket in Ketchikan say the supercute bear strolled into the store through the automatic doors.

After wandering over to the fruit display the baby bear jumped up -- prompting those who weren't busy taking photos on their mobiles to call police.

Officers tried to coax the cub dow, but eventually a customer stepped in, grabbed the baby bear and carried it outside to be released… luckilly he wasn't greeted by mom.

275x250.jpg Sure these little puppies look cute now -- but in not too long they'll be elite crime-fighters police attack dogs.

That's because the litter of seven German Shepherd puppies have been taken on by West Midlands Police after being born through their breeding scheme.

The four boys and three girls -- just four weeks old -- are the first litter since West Midlands Police were adopted into the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme.

The pups will now be placed with volunteers before being paired up with officers and start their training at 15 months old.

Dogs have a seemingly endless desire to play fetch, but what to do when their owner doesn't want to? This, that's what!

A clever Jack Russell called Sid has become an online hit after learning how to play fetch with himself.

Filmed in London the self-sufficiant pooch can be seen initially trying to encourage owner Roland Muldoon to play with him.

But when he doesn't the pup grabs a ball in his mounth, hurls it down a set of steps and proceeds to chase the ball and return it to the top of the stairs.

Because we think everyday is better when it starts with a musically inclined animal, here you go -- meet a piano playing pug.

This little 58-second clip -- which clearly owes something to piano cat -- is currently storming the internet, and it's not hard to see why.

Chocoholic, a black pug from Japan, can be seen 'playing' a toy keyboard -- while wearing a red top and sparkly gold bow tie.

Personally we're not that impressed by his musical cat-alogue and the way his playing tails off… but what do you think?

When this girl asker her mom to film her practicing for her dance team, she probably hoped some people would see it online and think she looked cool.

But she can't have expected to have been upstaged by her little brother whose background video bomb dancing sent it viral.

In the clip -- which has been seen 500,000 times -- the girl can me seen awkwardly dancing and singing along to 'Smack that' by Akon... but it's the young lad who steals the show.

Wearing pyjama bottoms he struts his stuff in the hallway behind her complete with arse shakes and some pretty impressive moves as she's oblivious to his actions.

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