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You might think it's an innocent tennis ball, we thought it was an innocent tennis ball. But this kitten clearly knows different.

Because, if there wasn't something absolutely terrifying lurking within, why would he be treating it with such trepidation?

Complete with a wonderfully over the top soundtrack, the video 'Kitten vs A Scary Thing' has become a YouTube hit, and it's not hard to see why.

During the clip the tentative kitty can be seen repeatedly approaching the yellow tennis ball, before each time recoiling in horror. Maybe tennis is just more scary if you are a kitten.

The owner of a skateboarding dog who was previously threatened with an ASBO, has been fined £80 and told he could face legal action over his boarding pooch.

Bodhi the Lakeland Terrier is said to like noting more than riding his skateboard around Brighton and pulling tricks.

And his kerbside antics have proved a hit on YouTube and even gained him an appearance on Britain's Got Talent… though council bosses are less impressed.

Owner Jonathan Fell, 51 says he's been fined £80 by the authority after complaints were made, and told to keep Bodhi on a lead… not a problem Tony Hawks ever had.

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