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Another day, another cute baby video here on Newslite. Today it's the turn of Chevelle, the world's littlest hip hop fan.

At the start of the clip, Chevelle gazes around in a slightly dazed state, as though she's just woken up, and to be honest she doesn't appear too happy.

But her apparent grumpiness doesn't last too long, as soon as her dad puts on the Kid Cudi hip-hop tune Cleveland Is The Reason on, she sparks into life.

Breaking out the hip hop gangsta moves Chevelle waves her arms around as her  impressed father exclaims "That's my boo!," and "She's going to be a STAR!"

If there's a better baby dancer out there, we're yet to see them… and if you have got the video proof, we want that YouTube link.

Maybe they're discussing whether the nappy and sock look is going to be the next big fashion trend.

Or they could be planning how to get an ice cream out of the freezer… all we know is these twin babies look like they are having one great conversation.

A video of two 17-month old boys chattering away to each other, appearing to have an unintelligible conversation has become a hit online.

Their parents say Sam and Wren sometimes sound like they have a secret language of their own, but that even they are not sure what was being discussed.

If there are any baby translators out there we would love to know exactly what is being said… though we're pretty convinced it's something about the odd socks.

275x250.jpgA puppy which was dumped by a breeder when he realised she was deaf, has been found a new home and is now learning sign language.

Yes this story is just as cute as it sounds. Alice, an 8-week-old black and white springer spaniel, was taken to an animal rescue centre after she was abandoned in Ireland.

Staff at the centre which took her in instantly knew the puppy would need specialist training and that most people would not want a pup who could not hear commands.

But luckily a deaf couple, Marie Williams and Mark Morgan happend to be looking for a dog and decided Alice would be the perfect pet for them.

The pair have now started teaching the pup sign language and can use it to instruct her to sit down, sit up, come and roll over.

Passengers on a US flight were surprised to see a penguin calmly waddling down the aisle of their plane -- well it's better than snakes.

Pete the Penguin was flying from San Fransisco (where he'd appeared at a national science convention) back home to SeaWorld in San Diego.

Special dispensation had been arranges with cabin crew for the South American Magellan to stretch his legs on the 40 minute flight rather than be in cramped conditions.

As he strolled around the plane, his SeaWorld keepers gave a free lecture on penguins over the in-flight intercom… not that you could hear it over all the oohs and aahs.

Passengers say they were amazed to see the bird on the plane… because they'd always been told penguins can't fly.

When he returned home, this pet owner found an empty bag of cat treats on the floor and decided to quiz his pets about who was responsible.

And by the look of this video it didn't take much 'interrogating' of his two dogs to find the culprit. The man started off by holding the empty 'Party Mix' packet in front of Masey and asking "Did you do this?" to no response.

He then turned his attention to his other dog, a Labrador named Denver who refused to make eye contact as the questions were asked and hung his head in shame.

The ridiculously cute response seems to be the proof that Denver had stolen the food… and should never take up poker.

A video of a baby repeatedly switching between unbridled terror and joy as his mother blew her nose has become an online hit.

And as soon as you click play, we think you'll see why.

In the 59 second clip, five-and-a-half-month old Emerson clearly doesn't know what to make of the noise his mom makes as she blows her noes.

When she's in the middle of it, he looks like he is witnessing the most horrific thing in the world. When she finishes, he can't stop giggling.

The video has already been watched more than 400,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week… but we probably account for a fair few of those.

A video of a cat modelling new hairstyles by pushing his face through a cardboard box has become an online hit… well how could it not.

In the clip 'Various hairstyles and Maru' Maru, a Japanese cat, is seen walking up to a cardboard box and poking his face through a hole.

But what make this video particularly internet worthy is that Maru's owner has drawn a series of haircuts onto the side of the box. Wait, it's better than it sounds.

The video has already been watched more than 300,000 times since being uploaded to YouTube last week. May we put a request in for a kitty mow-hawk.

275x250.jpgAn animal charity is hoping to find a home for a pup which suffers from a rare condition meaning he can only eat when standing on his hind legs.

Ronnie, a seven-month-old Labrador rottweiler-cross suffers from megaoesophagus, meaning that he can’t swallow foods or liquids.

This means that whenever it's feeding time, he has to stand on his hind legs and allow gravity to take food and water into his stomach.

The incurable disease means the feeding process takes 20 minutes each time and that his food has to be made into a jelly so he can digest it

Dogs Trust Leeds are now hoping someone will come forward and offer Ronnie a home… and yes, he does come complete with the natty feeding station.

A video of a baby laughing hysterically as his father rips up a job rejection letter in front of him, has become an hit online.

The clip of ten-month-old Micah has already been viewed more than 2 million times since it was tweeted about by actress Alyssa Milano.

In the two minute long video, Micah's father can be seen ripping up a rejection letter for a professorship as his child squeals with delight.

With each tear of the paper, Micah laughs hysterically, until there is just a pile of shredded paper in front of him… not that he seems to care.

A US man has formed an unusual friendship with goose at his local park, after it started following him around whenever he was there.

Dominic Ehrler says Maria the goose now waits for him at the side of the road each morning and then dutifully follows him around Echo Park in Los Angeles.

Maria is also said to get over protective if Dominic gets too close to anyone and has even been know to chase off dogs which dare to come near him.

The besotted Toulouse goose will even fly along at the side of Dominic as he rides his scooter. Which is something you just have to see, click play, you know you want to.

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