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Police in Liverpool are on the hunt for a burglar who was caught on CCTV breaking into a supermarket Spiderman-style while wearing a Scream horror movie mask.

Footage from a Supersaver store in Litherland shows the man dropping down in to the shop on a ropes and proceeding to fill bags with cigarettes and alcohol.

He's then seen climbing back into the ceiling of the store and using his ropes to pull his bags of swag (worth £10,000) back up and get away.

It's said the burglar used cutters, saws, a sledge hammer and possible a screw gun to cut his way through into the store.

This bank robber shot himself in the foot during a recent raid in Brazil, and not just metaphorically… but in a very painful bullet in the foot way.

CCTV footage shows the robber walking into the bank in northern Paraná, Brazil, along with two other gunmen and demanding that staff hand over cash.

And it was all going to plan until the hapless crook -- who was standing lookout at the door -- got an itchy-trigger finger.

He accidentally pulled the trigger and proceeded to shoot himself in the foot. He can then be seen in the footage limping behind he less bungling colleagues.

275x250.jpg Police in Mexico City have arrested a would-be bank robber who apparently used his skateboard to get between bank robbery attempts.

Sergio Ledesma allegedly attempted to rob two banks in Mexico City by riding to them on his board and then whispering threats to staff.

However, cops say Ledesma is no criminal mastermind and that staff it his first target simply ignored the dumb crook, who proceeded to leave the branch and then skate to another.

At the second, tellers hit the silent alarm to alert police and Ledesma was still waiting for them to count the cash when officers arrived.

When several motorists in Texas, called 911 and reported seeing an escapee tiger sitting on the roof of an abandoned hotel, officers were dispatched to investigate.

But when the crew from Houston fire department got there, they soon realised there was nothing to worry about... because the fierce animal in question was a stuffed toy.

Admittedly it was a big 8ft toy tiger, but still nothing for the brave fire fighters to be overly concerned by -- though they did remove it before any distracted drivers had an accident.

275x250.jpg A US woman has been arrested after apparently offering McDonalds customers a sexual favours in exchange for some chicken McNuggets.

Khadijah Baseer was reportedly going car to car at a drive-thru in Los Angeles and opening doors before making her offer.

The 31-year-old is said to have told a number of men that she would give then a blow job if they bought her a portion of chicken McNuggets.

Baseer was charged with misdemeanor solicitation and will now appear in court where she could be handed a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Before you ask, it's not known what size portion of chicken McNuggets Baseer was after… we've have been holding out for a 20-piece sharer.

While we don't like to be impressed by adverts, sometimes we can't help it. And given our fondness for funny CCTV footage this was always going to be one of those times.

Now we don't want to spoil it too much for you, but the plot of the viral LG advert is that a smart crook almost pulls of an amazing theft from an electronics store.

So far more than 1.5 million people have watched his daring crime on Youtube and most have been impressed, if not by the crime but by the advert.

275x250.jpg A US man has been fined after being caught driving in a car pool lane despite his only passenger being a plastic skeleton.

The driver had initially been stopped after a Washington State Patrol trooper driving dangerously at 82mph.

But when the officer walked up to the car, he discovered the passenger which qualified the driver to be in the car pool lane wasn't real.

In fact he was a plastic skeleton wearing a white hoodie with a cookie tin between his legs. The motorist was handed $454 ticket for speeding, unsafe lane change and driving solo.

Woman rubbed her bottom on $30m painting

275x250.jpg A US woman has been charged with attacking an $30 million artwork by punching, scratching and sliding her buttocks against it.

36-year-old Carmen Tisch is said to have assaulted the work "1957-J no.2", by abstract expressionist Clyfford Still.

Tisch had been visiting the recently opened Clyfford Still museum in Denver when shepulled her trousers in front of the oil-on-canvas.

She reportedly then proceeded to rub up against the work and attack it before urinating on herself -- causing $10,000 worth of damage.

A spokesperson for the museum said: "On December 29, 2011, an incident of criminal mischief took place at the Clyfford Still Museum.

275x250.jpg Police in China are investigating whether a billionaire was murdered with a  poisoned cat meat stew.

Long Liyuan died at the end of December after having a dinner with business associates during which they all ate the local delicacy of cat meat.

But while all three men were ill -- feeling dizzy and sick -- just 49-year-old Long died and a police investigation was launched, initially quizzing the restaurant owner.

However, a local official has now been arrested on suspicion of poisoning the dish with a toxic herb called Gelsemium elegans.

It's claimed the men had argued about money and it's suggested the official had embezzled money from Mr Long.

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