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275x250.jpgA woman in Germany who was attacked by a pitbull dog, managed to escaped without serious injury... until police attending the attack accidentally shot her.

Officers had apparently been called to the incident in Berlin when neighbours heard the cried of a resident who was being bitten on her leg by the dog.

But by the time they arrived the woman was back in her own apartment so they tried to take the dog. However it could not be subdued and they took the decision to shoot it.

And that's when it happened, according to reports one ricocheting bullet hit a responding officer while another smashed through the apartment door… and hit the woman who'd just been savaged.

The unlucky woman was taken to hospital and received treatment for minor injuries. But no matter how bad her day was, the dog had a worse one, it was eventually killed.

275x250.jpg A sheriff dubbed "America's Toughest" has unveiled an online "Mugshot of the Day" competition, where members of the public are asked to vote for the photo they find most amusing.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched the online service saying: "I want people to turn to see if their neighbour's been arrested."

It allows users to view arrestees by the type of crime they are accused of - ranging from robbery and theft to DUI and fraud - and vote on their mugshot of the day.

Unsurprisingly winners tend to be dishevelled and unusual-looking suspects… though none have matched the brilliance of the man with a forehead tattoo or the guy who was getting his hair done as he was arrested.

275x250.jpgDutch traffic bosses have been left seeing red after someone altered a set of pedestrian lights to show a couple having sex.

Every time the light turns green in the town of Nimwegen, an illuminated image of a couple having sex flashes up, instead of the more traditional person walking.

And apparently the prank has been causing traffic congestion - because people want to see the risque image they're pressing the button, even when they don't want to cross.

Transport officials have now launched an investigation how the images was manipulated, with suspected computer hackery being top of the list.

A Town Hall spokesman said: "We are looking at who had access and opportunity"… presumably that will be cross-referenced with a list of people who have a good sense of humour.

A man has been arrested after being caught on CCTV stealing a judge's gavel from a courtroom... meaning he could be making a quick return for contempt.

When magistrate Chris Cook recently reached for his gavel during a hearing, he realised it had disappeared and ordered a search.

But security footage soon revealed that the small mallet had been swiped the day before, right from his legal bench at Lorain Municipal Court.

While staff didn't recognise the courtroom crook, they noticed that the man with him had appeared in court that day and police were able to locate the gavel grabber.

The magistrate said that if the crook is willing and able to return the gavel, he would be a lot less inclined to bring him back in for contempt… he just loves banging that little mallet you see.

275x250.jpgPolice in Oklahoma County have released details of a wanted criminal who has been vandalising a series of police cars over the past few weeks.

He's described as having, brown eyes, greyish brown hair and is about 5 to 7 inches tall… oh yeah, did we mention he's a squirrel?

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office say the vandalising vermin has been jumping down from a tree and onto official vehicles.

Once there he's been getting under the hood and chewing through wiring, so far he has caused $700 worth of damage.

Cops are now working with animal control officers to help them get there, er, squirrel.

When Robert Wood felt a gun pushed into the side of his neck as he was doing some banking, he assumed it was a pal playing a trick on him.

It wasn't, he actually was being held up a gunpoint… but that didn't stop the 61-year-old telling the robber from telling he wasn't getting his cash.

Wood had just cashed a cheque for $200 in Massachusetts when the bank robber pointed the gun at him and demanded he put the cash in a bag.

But even after realising this wasn't a friendly prank, Wood wasn't going to give him the money and threw the bag back at him.

The robber then turned his attention the to tellers. Meanwhile Wood says his wife is always telling him he doesn't take anything seriously.

275x250.jpg Bosses at London Zoo have got such a problem with kleptomaniac monkeys they've had to come up with a cunning plan to dissuade them from their criminal ways.

Keepers at the zoo say their 18 Bolivian squirrel monkeys have started stealing sunglasses from visitors walking through their exhibit.

It's thought the pesky primates are attracted by the shiny surfaces and their own reflections in the lens, and that this is why they grab the glasses off peoples' heads.

As a result the keepers will now give the light-fingered monkeys sunglasses with bitter apple smeared on them (a taste they hate) to try to put them off… meaning they could get them back with something else smeared on them.

275x250.jpgPolice in the US say they are investigating after being called out to a man who'd been superglued to a supermarket toilet.

Emergency workers attended the Maryland Walmart after a unfortunate 48-year-old man sat on a loo which had been booby-trapped by pranksters.

Because teams were unable to free the man at the scene they were forced to transport him to a nearby hospital while still attached to the seat.

Doctors were eventually able to prise the unnamed man from the seat though they would not reveal exactly how long it took.

It's not thought the man was targeted in the stunt, but police say the pranksters could face charges of second-degree assault… if they get to the bottom of it.

A crook had to be rescued by a team of firefighters after climbing into a recycling bin and getting trapped inside for four hours.

Working with a pal the man had been stealing clothes donated to charity in the Bristol clothes recycling skip, by climbing inside and passing clothes back out.

But when, in the early hours of the morning, the thief on the outside realised they'd been seen on CCTV cameras, he scarpered, leaving his (presumably former friend) trapped in the textile bin.

Firefighters and police were then called to the supermarket carpark and it took four hours to coax the man out, eventually by cutting the top open.

It's thought the duo were trying to steal the clothes from the British Red Cross bin in the hope of selling them on rather than looking for a new wardrobe for themselves.

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