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275x250.jpgA man who robbed a bookmakers in Manchester has ended up in jail -- because he didn't know when to take his mask off.

Lorenzo Mason had waved gun around and demanded cash from scared staff, but on his way out the robber made a school-boy error.

While in the store he had disguised himself with a scarf, but on his way out he took it off.

Unfortunately for him, he decided to reveal himself (so to speak) right in front of CCTV cameras and police were able to identify him.

In fact his mother recognised the image of him in the local paper and made him turn himself in… she probably wanted them to use a cuter photo.

275x250.jpgA tattooist in Australia has been charged with assault after allegedly inking a 40cm penis on the back of a 'friend' who he'd had an argument with.

Queensland Police say the 25-year-old victim had been visiting the tattooist at home when he was talked into getting a tat.

He asked for a yin and yang symbol with some dragons, but instead ended up with a 40cm penis on his back, it wasn't until it was finished he realised what had happened.

Cops say the man claimed he was also punched and thrown out of the house adding that he'd been in an argument with the 21-year-old tattooist prior to being inked.

Yes that's right, he agreed to let the man he'd just been arguing with, tattoo him. Oops.

From 5am this morning Manchester Police have been posting live details of every incident they deal with to Twitter.

Bosses say the 24 hour move is part of a bid to show the public the complexities of modern policing which are often not seen.

It is also hoped people might question the sort of thing they contact police about after seeing a list of the numbered calls received by GMP.

Within the first eight hours alone there were more than 1,000 tweets sent, with incidents ranging from kids throwing eggs to serious crime.

Other things people contacted police about included 'Call 686' which reported a man shouting 'you're gorgeous' at a woman and 'Call 674' - a man who said his TV was broken.

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