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Police have slammed the behaviour of a man who called 999 -- to report there was a cat in his kitchen.

Flabbergasted emergency staff say they even asked the man to repeat himself during the call, because they couldn't believe anyone was so stupid.

But he was that dim, repeating shouting "Cat, cat, cat!" and then asking them to send officers to get the kitty out of his house.

At one point the heavily accented man shouted: "I need to sleep. It's in my, my home." He was then politely advised to pick up the cat and remove it himself

The call has been released by Gloucestershire Police to highlight the problem of people misusing 999… and worryingly they said he wasn't the worst.

A man who claims he was duped into getting the logo of a radio station tattooed on his forehead has appeared in an impressive police mugshot.

David Winkelman was last week arrested in Iowa for failing to appear in court for operating amotor vehicle without the owner's consent and his police mugshot has since gone viral online.

And it's not hard to see why. In 2000 Winkelman heard a stunt on hard rock station KORB which offered anyone who'd have their logo tattooed on their head a cash prize.

But when he turned up at the station with his head decoration - which he'd convinced his stepbrother to get too - he was told it was a practical joke.

Winkelman says he can't afford to have the tattoo removed… and is fed up of people asking him what radio station he listens to.

Police have revealed an odd-looking e-fit of a suspected burglar who appears to have lettuce for hair.

The weird shape, texture and colour of the hair on the man - involved in a distraction burglary of an elderly woman - has led to him being dubbed 'the lettuce head burglar.'

Officers from Hampshire Police admit they suffered "technical issues" when producing the image and hope a software upgrade will allow better hair on e-fits soon.

However they hope the "clarity of the facial features" will lead to an arrest of the man described as being around 45-years-old, 5ft 8 tall and have wavy blonde or greying hair.

Our first stop would be to see if he is hiding by lying face down on an allotment somewhere. Check out our Top 5 Worst Photofits after the link.

275x250.jpgPolice in Colombia have 'arrested' a parrot after they found it was working as a lookout for a drug gang.

Officers say the bird called Lorenzo had been trained to squark "Run, run you are going to get caught." whenever it spotted a police uniform.

But unfortunately for the bosses of the drug cartel in question, when their hide-out in Barranquilla was recently raided by police… they were undercover officers.

As a result our men were arrested and it was only when uniformed officers seized the feathered look-out, he started squawking: "Run, run you are going to get caught."

A police spokesperson said more than 1,500 gang member birds in Colombia had been trained as lookouts… but many, like Lorenzo, are now jailbirds.

275x250.jpgIt has the traditional flashing blue light and is decorated in force livery, but this police vehicle is unlike any you have seen before.

A rural police force has revealed their latest vehicle in the fight against crime… a five ton 25mph tractor.

Lincolnshire Police say the £50,000 John Deere 6630 tractor will help them by raising awareness or rural crime when it appears at farmer's markets in the county.

It will be used to promote the use of SmartWater and schemes which encourage people who live and work in the countryside to be vigilant and report crime.

It's not known if the normal siren on the temporary loan tractor has been replaced by one which goes: "Oh Arr, Oh Arr, Oh Arr."

275x250.jpg You probably think costumed super heroes only exist on the pages of comic books and in Hollywood movies, don't you? It's an easy mistake to make.

But there are actually hundreds of ordinary people (without super-powers) who get dressed up each day to go out and fight crime or campaign for what they think is right.

And now Hollywood photographer Peter Tangen - who has shot images for Spiderman, Batman and Hellboy movie posters - is setting out to document the lives of the these anonymous costumed activists.

Along with a team of designers, he each week creates a Hollywood style movie poster for one of the real life superheroes… and to be honest most of them look more interesting than your average superhero film.

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