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A rapper is tying up police emergency lines in Manchester -- by repeatedly calling 999 and singing at operators.

Police say he's called THOUSANDS of times in the past 18 months, but because of regulations they're not allowed to hang up on him.

His calls - where he sings, raps, preaches and plays loud music - are said to have cost over £1,000 per month to deal with, and officers have blocked over 60 mobile phone numbers.

But whenever they do, the man, who speaks with a Jamaican accent, just gets a new SIM card and carries on - possibly blocking real emergency calls.

Recordings of his calls have now been released in the hope someone might recognise his singing… maybe you have seen him on the X Factor.

Police are investigating a group of holiday makers who were filmed inflating a rubber dinghy through the window of their car… as they drove.

As the car sped through the streets of Llangollen, North Wales, a passenger held a dinghy out of the window and started blowing.

Possibly over-eager to get to the beach, they then proceeded to inflate the blue dinghy as they traveled at 40mph - despite it nearly hitting several pedestrians.

A motorcyclist who was following the car filmed the shocking incident and uploaded the video to YouTube, where it was seen by cops.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said they could prosecute for dangerous driving… we think they were talking about the dinghy and not the biker with a camcorder.

A pair of motorcycle-riding handbag thieves in China have been arrested after they were chased by a group of irate shoppers who saw them attack a woman.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened in Wenzhou last week and started when the motorbike-riding crooks drove past a woman and grabbed the handbag she was carrying.

As the pair sped off down the road, the victim tried to run after them, and passers-by who had seen what happened they joined in.

Within seconds, dozens of shoppers and store-owners were following the bike which was forced to double back on himself.

At that point the men were pushed off the bike and attacked by the gang with whatever they had to hand… including one guy who threw a chest-of-drawers at him, really.

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