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275x250.jpgA man has been arrested after calling emergency services in the US... to ask for a police escort to a Lil Wayne concert.

Michael Kruse said he was dialling cops because he didn't think he was going to make the 350 mile journey to Miami in time, and didn't want to get stopped for speeding.

But the 20-year-old was not even deterred when a remarkably patient operator told him "we
don't do escorts" -- he then asked if they could fly him there in a helicopter.

Other gems in the call - which has been released by police - are the lines "We don't just send helicopters up for rappers" and "We can't give you a police escort to go see a rapper in Miami."

You can hear the guy - who was arrested on a missdemeanor charge for making false emergency calls - in his full idiotic glory after the link.

275x250.jpgThis may look like the world's worst photo-fit - but Bolivian police say it helped them secure an arrest in a murder case.

Cops claim that soon after they issued this image, people came forward with information allowing them to make an arrest over the case of a stabbed taxi driver.

The drawing - which looks more like the work of a child than a CSI expert - was done by a neighbour who saw the suspect.

It features a narrow face with a lopsided mouth, a thin nose, straight eyebrows and hair that seems to defy physics.

Check out newsreaders revealing the image on Bolivian TV, we don't know what they are saying… but we can guess.

Police have released a video of an over affectionate cat climbing all over an officer as he tries to issue a driver a ticket.

As officer Keith Urban, from Taylor Police Department in Texas, stood next to the car a cat can be seen approaching him in footage shot on a camera in his patrol car.

While he goes about his job the black cat climbs up his leg and onto his notepad - before reaching the top of his head.

Officer Urban repeatedly shakes the cat and somehow manages to keep a straight face, though we can't see the face of the driver he was ticketing.

Given the gung-ho attitude to weapons normally associated with American cops, we are surprised he didn't taser the little kitty.

Facebook spy warning for employers

275x250.jpgCompanies have been warned that vetting potential job candidates on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter could land them in hot water.

The Law Society has warned the online spying could leave employers vulnerable to discrimination claims.

John Morris, Chair of the Law Society’s Employment Law Committee said: "Using these sites to canvass more information about an employee or an interview candidate is potentially risky for an employer.
"For example, it is possible to obtain information about a person’s sexual orientation or religious beliefs that can impact or is perceived to impact on the decision made to recruit or not recruit that person- this can lead to discrimination claims."
There is also the risk employers could see an update which says "Got an interview and that shit company, boring as, but at least they pay well."

Mechanics who were meant to be fixing a broken radiator on a car took it on a 120 mph joyride - not knowing it had a camera fitted.

As a result, when the owner of the £30,000 Vauxhall Monaro confronted them about the joyride they initially denied it… until this saw the hair-raising footage.

The owner says he became suspicious when he picked up his repaired car to find his petrol tank was lower than he remembered.

When he got back to his home in Reditch he decided to check his Roadhawk device which he had earlier installed to record video and log GPS data for every journey the car made.

He then saw the footage of his pride-and-joy being raced through country lanes at speed up to 120 mph - to get into the mind of this pertol-head imagine seeing your baby dangled off a balcony.

DUI La-z-boy chair auction up to $40,000

275x250.jpgA La-z-boy chair which shot to fame when a man got caught drink driving on it, has now been put on eBay by police.

The chair - converted with lawnmower engines to drive on the road - was used by Dennis Anderson to drive home in Minnesota, after drinking about eight beers.

He was arrested by police and later pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated. Unsurprisingly, the odd news soon spread around the internet.

But police now hope to cash-in on the 'DUI La-z-boy' by selling it on eBay - all proceeds will be split between police, state and the prosecuting attorney.

The chair was put up for auction on Thursday with a starting bid of $500, though over the weekend this jumped up to $40,000… meaning someone had more to drink than Mr Anderson.

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