When a man pulled up at a petrol station in Texas and offered Jalonta Freeman a new $800 iPad for just $200, she should have know it was too good to be true.

Instead she thought it was too good to pass up and handed over the cash … it was only later she discovered the iPad was actually a mirror wrapped up to look like an Apple iPad.

275x250.jpg Children out trick-or-treating in Manchester got more than a few sweets on Halloween, some were given packets of cocaine!

Greater Manchester Police say they were called to reports of trick-or-treaters in Royton being given packets of white powder amongst their sweets.

It was soon confirmed that the snap bags contained cocaine, not a sweet, and a 33-year-old man from Royton was charged with possession of class A drugs

Superintendent Catherine Hankinson said: “The parents and police acted quickly when this report was made, in the interests of public safety."

A family in Albuquerque have been left puzzled after a stranger repeatedly climbed onto their porch in the early morning … to rearrange their patio furniture.

CCTV footage shows the unknown woman walking past the home, noticing that the family have rejected her new layout and put the furniture back, and then doing it again.

The Dentandts from New Mexico said: "It's been funny but it's kind of creepy to know that someone is coming on our property."

An elderly couple in Bedford received a visit from police after unwittingly growing a ginormous cannabis plant in their back garden.

Officers had been called to the house after the pot plant was spotted over a fence, growing in the back garden.

It turned out the pensioners had bought the plant as a small shrub from a car boot sale and carefully tended to it until it was the luxuriant specimen shown in this photo.

That's right, this being 2012 the police officers Tweeted a photo of the plant … but don't try to find it, it's already been seized by cops.

Crook steals iPhone from a baby (VIDEO)

CCTV footage has shown the moment a callous thief stole an iPhone from a 20-month-old baby, which had been given it to watch a cartoon.

Little Luella Reid had been handed the expensive phone to keep her quiet while out shopping in Ormskirk, Lancs and was watching Barney The Dinosaur.

But when the mothers back was turned, a man who had followed them into the store reached into the pram and grabbed the Apple iPhone.

Lancashire Police are now appealing for anyone who recognizes the man in the video to come forward.

A pair of dumb crooks who tried to rob a sofa store ended up red-faced after bungling their crime so badly it has been likened to a scene from Benny Hill.

The duo had brazenly loaded two sofas into a van at the Sofa King store in Northampton after pulling up at the back of the store.

But they forgot to close the doors of their getaway van and staff were able to unload the swag before the would-be crooks drove off.

CCTV footage shows the men speeding off empty-handed as the store manager stands with the two sofas he's just rescued. The crooks really were Sofa King stupid!

Oregon farmer eaten by his own pigs

275x250.jpg Authorities in Oregon are investigating how a 69-year-old farmer ended up getting eaten by his own hogs.

Terry Vance Garner had gone out to feed the animals on his farm near the Oregon coast but several hours later hadn't come back.

Another family member later found he had fed the animals, but not in the way he intended. His dentures and pieces of his body were discovered in the hog enclosure.

Authorities say the hogs had devoured most of the farmer by the time they arrived.

It's not known whether Garner had suffered a medical emergency before being eaten by the hogs, or whether they attacked him. One is thought to have bitten him previously.

275x250.jpg A police officer has been left red-faced after launching an investigation into a "suspicious bright light" in the sky, which turned out to be the moon.

Detailed in the latest edition of Police magazine the gaffe happened when the office in question was one night duty in Worcestershire.

He contacted his sergeant he was going up into the Clent Hills to investigate a 'suspicious bright light' which was shining from the other side of the hills.

But 20 minutes later, rather than requesting the back-up he'd thought he might need, the PC contacted the station to let them know he'd found the source of the light … the moon.

275x250.jpg A teenager accidentally shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning his new gun. Oops!

Michael Smeriglio had reportedly not had the gun for longer than a month when the bizarre (and painful) accident happened.

While cleaning his weapon, we men the gun, 18-year-old Smeriglio somehow pulled the trigger and fired a shot which went through his penis and left testicle.

Doctors say the bullet ended up getting lodged in his thigh, though Smeriglio is now recovering from the ordeal.

During their investigation of the incident, police reportedly found marijuana in the house … who would have thought that could be involved.

Nathalie Rollandin was filming the sunset in San Francisco when a thieving seagull nicked her camera and proceeded to fly off with it, as this footage show.

Video from the GoPro camera shows how the kleptomaniac bird flew over the water in front of Golden Gate Bridge before discarding the camera which was later recovered.

Writing online Rollandin said: "Video of how a seagull stole my GoPro, flew over the water in front of Golden Gate Bridge and how the camera incredibly managed to survive, recording everything!"

Since uploading the footage to YouTube, it has been seen more than two million times … the thieving bird is still at large.

When a gang of thugs tried to steal motorbikes from Ducati Motorbike Showroom in London, they forgot to account for one thing ... the staff.

As such the six armed men - who were trying to pinch a £25,000 1199 Panigale Ducati Superbike - were chased off by the brave staff.

Two of the would-be thieves had initially tried to push the bike out of the store, but the manager managed to push them off and pull it back inside.

But that wasn't the end of it, and the conflict continued as a battle broke out, as this CCTV footage shows.

Eva Halpain and John Manassel thought they were getting their moment in the spotlight when a TV crew came to interview them after a tree fell and caused damage to their home.

But the elderly couple from Benton, Arkansas, were somewhat upstaged during the TV interview … when a naked man appeared wandering out of the woods near their home.

Prompted by Manassel asking "What is this out there that we got?" and then stating that he should "start an ass-kicking contest" the TV crew turned the camera onto the naked man.

Local police are reported to have said that the 22-year-old man was high on drugs when he walked out of the woods and that he was arrested and charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure.

Drink driving is never cool, but somehow it seems even worse when the inebriated person in question is sitting behind the wheel of a digger.

And that's what this video from Russia appears to show - a drunk driver ploughing into car after car before his digger comes to a standstill after colliding with a truck.

However, we're not quite sure he deserves the kicking he then gets from onlookers who pulled him from the vehicle and repeatedly punched him.

275x250.jpg When Randy Tenley decided to dress as Bigfoot and stand by the side of a road in northwestern Montana to provoke sightings of the mythical creature, he probably thought it would be funny.

But what he didn't consider what that his military-style "Ghillie suit" would also camouflage him as he stood in the right-hand lane of a highway.

As a result he was killed when he was knocked over by one car and hit by a second as he lay in the road.

Montana Highway Patrol say his motives of trying to get people to call in a Sasquatch sighting became apparent after they interviewed his friends.

It's not known whether alcohol was a factor … but we could have a guess.

275x250.jpg We've seen some crazy criminal excuses here at Newslite Towers - like the burglar who told cops he was a trainee locksmith - and here's another great one.

A man in Middlesbrough reportedly told police that aliens had instructed him to go into his mother’s home and steal food to give to the homeless.

A hearing at Teesside Crown Court also heard that John Kirby had smashed into his uncle’s home before stealing aftershave and toiletries … also at the behest of aliens.

29-year-old Kirby - who had previous convictions for burglary - had left fingerprints at the scenes of the two burglaries and representing himself in court entered guilty pleas.

The judge jailed Kirby for 12 months, of which he will serve half. There's no new if the instructing aliens will face any charges.

275x250.jpg A woman was reportedly knocked unconscious when the portable toilet she was sitting in was pushed over by a group of young thugs.

The unfortunate woman had beed in Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway for the town's gala day celebrations when the need struck and she popped into the loo.

But as she was doing her business, a gang of youths toppled the loo before running off and the incident left the 27-year-old unconscious at around 22:45 on Saturday.

Luckily passers-by rescued her and she was taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary where she was discharged, despite suffering from a severe bout of embarrassment.  

Police are currently trying to trace the toilet-tipping teens.

275x250.jpg An Australian man has unsurprisingly ended up in hospital after showing off with his 'fireworks between the buttocks' party trick, and it backfired.

The 23-year old had reportedly been attending a party in the Darwin suburb of Rapid Creek when he decided to show off with his party piece.

So he dropped his trousers and placed a firecracker between his buttocks before lighting it. In a shock to no-one but the man himself, he ended up with burns to his butt cheeks and privates.

Other party-goers contacted paramedic, but by the time they arrived the man had already taken himself to hospital … probably not sitting in the drivers seat.

It's understood the man was later transported to a specialist burns unit and could be fined for being in possession of fireworks beyond an approved period.

275x250.jpg When a man from Florida had his hand bitten off at the wrist by a hungry alligator, he probably thought it couldn't get much worse, then he was charged unlawful feeding of an alligator.

Airboat captain Wallace Weatherholt had been giving a family a tour of the Everglades when the accident happened shortly after spotting the 9-foot alligator.

It's been reported that Weatherholt held a fish over the side of the boat in a bid to provoke it, which is when he lost his hand at the wrist.

Authorities later tracked an killed the gator, and retrieved the hand from its stomach, but doctors were not able to reattach it.

Feeding an alligator is a second-degree misdemeanor, which can be punished with a fine of up to $500 and possible jail time.

275x250.jpg A gang of knights - complete with medieval attire, a sword and an axe - have robbed the organisers of a medieval festival and made off with £15,600.

The weird crime took place in Bitche, near France's border with Germany, earlier this week after the "Medievales Europeennes de Bitche" festival.

Police say witnesses told them three or four men who were 'masked and wearing medieval attire' attacked the organisers with the handle of an axe.

They then grabbed the money, revenues from the festival, and escaped with the cash … we're not too sure how fact you can run in a suit or armour.

Shark expert Jim Abernethy was filming a shark documentary in the Bahamas when one of the sharks decided it didn't want a staring role ... and stole his $15,000 camera.

Abernethy had placed one of his cameras on the sea floor, while attending to something else, when one of the 14-foot tiger sharks swiped it and swam off.

Footage shot by another member of the "This is Your Ocean" team shows the moment the shark, known to the team as Emma, disappeared into the water.

After giving chase, Abernethy was able to retrieve his camera gear because Emma dropped it, not because he fought her for it.

275x250.jpg A Canadian man accidentally shot himself in the forehead while trying to kill a mouse with the butt of his rifle.

The man was reportedly intending to crush the rodent with the weapon at a camp on Anjigami Lake in Ontario, but didn't know the gun was loaded.

As such he got quite a shock when the gun fired, with the bullet grazing his forehead but luckily not causing too much damage.

Police say the man was admitted to and released from the hospital, before being charged with careless use of a firearm.

A spokesperson said: "He was very lucky." It's not known what happened to the mouse.

When a Kentucky prisoner broke out of his cell and tried to escape police custody, he picked the wrong door … because he ended up in a packed courtroom.

The man had been put in a holding cell after his hearing at Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville, but when cops tried to remove another prisoner from the same cell, he decided to make a break for it.

He charges the door and pushed his way past a deputy sheriff before bursting through a door which he hoped would lead him to freedom.

Instead he ended up a courtroom that was in-session (and filled with CCTV cameras) where he was promptly tackled by court bailiffs, and it appears one attorney.

400,000 toothpicks stolen in Georgia

275x250.jpg It might not be up there with gold bullion or wads or cash, but police in Georgia are currently hunting crooks who made off with 400,000 toothpicks.

The bizarre swag, said to be worth $3,000, was swiped direct from an Athens manufacturer and as there were no signs of forced entry, it's thought it could be an inside job.

Bosses at Armond’s Manufacturing Company say that six cases - each containing 288 packages of 100 toothpicks - were initially taken, with another seven cases being swiped more recently. 

275x250.jpg An kinky crook in Brazil has reportedly stolen an 18-carat gold-plated vibrator worth £2,500 from a luxury sex shop.

The armed thief is said to have tied up a clerk at the Erotica Luxo store in Brasilia before taking the golden vibrator and getting off, erm we mean leaving.

But the crook could struggle to get too much pleasure from the crime, because the stainless steel core will make it hard to remove the gold plating … assuming that's what he wanted.

Also he failed to take the charger for the Swedish-made vibrator. Speaking to media store owner Vanessa Baldini said: "I really don't know what he'll do. I'll leave it up to his imagination."

275x250.jpg When police in West Yorkshire were called out to reports of a man covered in blood staggering close to a canal, they didn't know what to expect.

But when they got to the scene in Wakefield, they couldn't believe their eyes … because the 'injured' man was actually an actor filming a zombie movie.

Cops had initially been dispatched when a member of the public had spotted the zombie at around 7.45pm in the evening. An ambulance was also sent out.

But the soon discovered what was really happening and tweeted: "PC Saxon and PC Winfield have attended the canal between Stanley Ferry and Eastmoor in company with ambulance to reports of a male covered in blood staggering around.

"Once they arrived they located a group of film makers in the last day of filming a Zombie movie with some very realistic makeup on show."

A pair of Welsh tourists who stole a penguin after breaking into an Australian theme park -- where they also swam with dolphins -- have been fined $1,000 (£637).

Rhys Owen Jones and Keri Mules appearer at Brisbane magistrates where they admitted the bizarre theft from Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast.

It's said the duo woke up the morning after the crime bleary eyed and heavy headed to find the 13-inch tall seven-year-old fairy penguin named Dirk in their apartment, not knowing quite how he got there.

It turned out the pair, who were in Australia on working holidays, had broken into Sea World where they jumped in and swam with dolphins, let off a fire extinguisher in a shark enclosure and p-p-picked up the penguin.

There are plenty of products on the market which promise to stop crooks from stealing your bike… but we don't think many can compete with Li Li.

The golden retriever has become something of a minor celebrity in China after standing guard when his owner goes to run errands -- and then jumping on the back when it's time to go.

More than 100,000 people have viewed a video of the dog (known locally as Bike Hugging Dog) sitting upright on his hind legs and holding the bike. That's better than any bike lock we've ever seen.

275x250.jpg Police in California say a burglar made himself comfortable after breaking into a family's home -- he drank their champagne and then took a shower.

In fact the naked burglar was still in the shower when the family returned home and called 911 and he was still in the shower and lathered up when officers arrived.

Officers -- who arrested the 25-year-old at gunpoint -- say he had also helped himself to a meal at the Mojave Desert community home before jumping in the shower.

A spokesperson for San Bernardino County sheriff reportedly said the man was jailed with bail set at $25,000. You could say he is in hot water.

Vietnamese traffic cop Nguyen Manh Phan was determined to get his man. How determined? you ask. Well let's put it this way, he clung onto the windshield wipers of a moving bus for nearly a mile.

The unstoppable traffic officer had ordered a driver in Hanoi, Vietnam to stop for driving on the wrong side of the road. But after being told to produce his papers the driver jumped back on the bus.

In a bid to stop him, Phan stepped in front of the vehicle. However that didn't work and the driver started the vehicle… so Phan grabbed the windscreen wipers as the bus started moving.

As this video shows, he was then left clinging onto the vehicle as it drove for about a mile before the driver eventually pulled over and was arrested.

275x250.jpg Caffeine-crazed crooks in Austria could be wired for some times after apparently making off with a 1814kg haul of of coffee.

Police say the gang broke into a wholesaler and coffee-roaster's warehouse where they proceeded to load a van with beans and drive off.

It's been reported that the vehicle and contents were worth more than £45,000… so about the same as two coffees from Starbucks.

A teenage burglar has been arrested after he was caught strutting his stuff on CCTV… and he dance moves were recognised.

The 16-year-old from Texas was apparently filmed as at scene of a burglary, during which an amphibious duck tour vehicle was broken into.

Police released the footage and soon received a call from a local high school… where the suspect was recognised from his dancing in school corridors.

The smooth criminal was later arrested after his mother was shown a copy of the dancing video and called him out of his bedroom.

275x250.jpg Five people have been arrested in China after a teenager who sold his kidney so he could buy an iPhone and iPad, suffered renal failure, it's been reported.

It's claimed the 17-year-old was last April recruited online for the illegal trade and received about $3,000 for his kidney -- while the gang made $35,000.

The dumb donor was only discovered when his mother noticed the new gadgets and asked he how he could afford them.

But now the gang involved have been identified and charged with causing intentional injury and illegal organ trading/

Prosecutors in Hunan say the lad, identified only as Wang, issuffering renal failure… it's not known if he's upgraded from an iPad 2 to a iPad 3.

275x250.jpg A deliveryman who was dropping off a package of medical marijuana in California was ambushed by a pair of ninjas.

It's been reported that the men -- complete with black ninja costumes and batons -- frightened the deliveryman enough to cause him to drop his marijuana-filled bag.

He claims they then grabbed the bag, stole his cannabis and fled on foot.

It's understood the men, described by West Covina Police Department as being in their 20s and around 5 feet 8 inches tall, are still at large.

That is unless the whole ninja story was a drug-prompted hallucination.

When this shoplifter decided to strike on a post office in Edinburgh, he probably thought it would be an easy target -- but that's because he didn't know Arfan Hussain was behind the counter.

You see Arfan might be a grocer and sub-postmaster, but he is also a former Tae Kwon Do champion and second degree black-belt… and he doesn't like being stolen from.

As such, when he saw the would-be shoplifter pocketing a couple of milkshakes worth £2.30 and heading for the exit, he tackled him and wrestled him to the ground.

The resulting CCTV footage has since been uploaded to YouTube in a bid to deter other would-be shoplifters visiting the store. We can see how that could work!

275x250.jpg A man from Kent was reportedly mugged by a fox, which forced him to hand over his dinner.

Civil servant Seb Baker said the wily fox recently followed him into an alleyway before getting aggressive and circling him like prey.

The 29-year-old says that after the animal made several attempts to snatch his shopping bag he realised he was going to have to hand over his food.

So he offered the fox a garlic loaf he'd just purchased in Tesco and it must have been enough because the animal scampered off.

Wildlife experts say that fox attacks on humans are very rare… and that even they didn't know foxes liked garlic bread.

275x250.jpg A fascinating rogues' gallery compiled by a Manchester police officer 100 years ago is set be sold at auction.

Put together by Det Insp Robert Mather, the scrapbook was designed to help him nab more crooks and he used it to log their details.

Covering 65 convicts from between 1909 and 1912, Mather details physical descriptions, aliases and notes of subjects' crimes along with photos.

Pictured above are "Safebreaker" Thomas Frieth who used the alias Thomas Wilson and Ernest Learson who had a scar between his eyebrows and received six months for shopbreaking.

275x250.jpg Police in Norway were shocked to see a motorist driving with three reindeer sitting on the back seat of his car… and that was before they stopped him and found two more in the boot.

The driver is said to have been moving the animals around 60 miles from Karasjok to Børselv and claimed to have clearance from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to transport them.

A spokesperson from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is reported to have said:  "There are no limits to what people will get up to in traffic. I've stopped being surprised,"

And before you ask, no, none of the reindeer were wearing seatbelts.

275x250.jpg Norwich might not be the most likely location to find rhinos, but a gang of would-be rhino horn robbers recently struck there.

Police say the gang targeted the Norwich Castle Museum where they forced open a display case containing the head.

After failing to dislodge the horn -- which can sell for £50,000 per kilogram on the black market -- they tried to make off with the entire head.

However the heavy head slowed the four men and they were disturbed by museum staff who grabbed the rhino head and caused the men to flee.

A spokesperson for the museum said that as the robbers had paid to enter the museum and left empty-handed, they had done better of of the crime than the crooks.

275x250.jpg A medical device salesman in the US has been jailed for three years after carrying out what's been dubbed the 'penis pump scam'.

Gary Winner is said to have committed health care fraud to the tune of $2.2million, partly by billing the healthcare agency for re-branded penis pumps.

His scam started with targeting men suffering from diabetes and then getting them to hand over their Medicare information in exchange for free medical supplies.

He then supplied them penis enlargers -- which he bought from sex shops for $26  each -- claiming they could be being to treat erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Winner then charged Medicare an average of $284 for each penis pump… something they apparently found a bit hard to swallow.

275x250.jpg A bungling police officer spent 20 minutes chasing himself after being mistaken for a burglar on CCTV, it's been revealed.

The unnamed officer from Sussex Police had been monitoring an area hit by a series of burglaries when a CCTV operative reported seeing someone 'acting suspiciously'.

That someone was the undercover officer, but failing to realise this, the operator proceeded to direct the officer to follow the "suspect".

Unsurprisingly the officer was unable to catch himself during a 20 minute chase -- but he did tell colleagues he was "hot on his heels".

The Keystone Kops-esque gaffe only came to an end when a sergeant came into the CCTV control room, recognised the “suspect” and started laughing.

Police in Liverpool are on the hunt for a burglar who was caught on CCTV breaking into a supermarket Spiderman-style while wearing a Scream horror movie mask.

Footage from a Supersaver store in Litherland shows the man dropping down in to the shop on a ropes and proceeding to fill bags with cigarettes and alcohol.

He's then seen climbing back into the ceiling of the store and using his ropes to pull his bags of swag (worth £10,000) back up and get away.

It's said the burglar used cutters, saws, a sledge hammer and possible a screw gun to cut his way through into the store.

This bank robber shot himself in the foot during a recent raid in Brazil, and not just metaphorically… but in a very painful bullet in the foot way.

CCTV footage shows the robber walking into the bank in northern Paraná, Brazil, along with two other gunmen and demanding that staff hand over cash.

And it was all going to plan until the hapless crook -- who was standing lookout at the door -- got an itchy-trigger finger.

He accidentally pulled the trigger and proceeded to shoot himself in the foot. He can then be seen in the footage limping behind he less bungling colleagues.

275x250.jpg Police in Mexico City have arrested a would-be bank robber who apparently used his skateboard to get between bank robbery attempts.

Sergio Ledesma allegedly attempted to rob two banks in Mexico City by riding to them on his board and then whispering threats to staff.

However, cops say Ledesma is no criminal mastermind and that staff it his first target simply ignored the dumb crook, who proceeded to leave the branch and then skate to another.

At the second, tellers hit the silent alarm to alert police and Ledesma was still waiting for them to count the cash when officers arrived.

When several motorists in Texas, called 911 and reported seeing an escapee tiger sitting on the roof of an abandoned hotel, officers were dispatched to investigate.

But when the crew from Houston fire department got there, they soon realised there was nothing to worry about... because the fierce animal in question was a stuffed toy.

Admittedly it was a big 8ft toy tiger, but still nothing for the brave fire fighters to be overly concerned by -- though they did remove it before any distracted drivers had an accident.

275x250.jpg A US woman has been arrested after apparently offering McDonalds customers a sexual favours in exchange for some chicken McNuggets.

Khadijah Baseer was reportedly going car to car at a drive-thru in Los Angeles and opening doors before making her offer.

The 31-year-old is said to have told a number of men that she would give then a blow job if they bought her a portion of chicken McNuggets.

Baseer was charged with misdemeanor solicitation and will now appear in court where she could be handed a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Before you ask, it's not known what size portion of chicken McNuggets Baseer was after… we've have been holding out for a 20-piece sharer.

While we don't like to be impressed by adverts, sometimes we can't help it. And given our fondness for funny CCTV footage this was always going to be one of those times.

Now we don't want to spoil it too much for you, but the plot of the viral LG advert is that a smart crook almost pulls of an amazing theft from an electronics store.

So far more than 1.5 million people have watched his daring crime on Youtube and most have been impressed, if not by the crime but by the advert.

275x250.jpg A US man has been fined after being caught driving in a car pool lane despite his only passenger being a plastic skeleton.

The driver had initially been stopped after a Washington State Patrol trooper driving dangerously at 82mph.

But when the officer walked up to the car, he discovered the passenger which qualified the driver to be in the car pool lane wasn't real.

In fact he was a plastic skeleton wearing a white hoodie with a cookie tin between his legs. The motorist was handed $454 ticket for speeding, unsafe lane change and driving solo.

Woman rubbed her bottom on $30m painting

275x250.jpg A US woman has been charged with attacking an $30 million artwork by punching, scratching and sliding her buttocks against it.

36-year-old Carmen Tisch is said to have assaulted the work "1957-J no.2", by abstract expressionist Clyfford Still.

Tisch had been visiting the recently opened Clyfford Still museum in Denver when shepulled her trousers in front of the oil-on-canvas.

She reportedly then proceeded to rub up against the work and attack it before urinating on herself -- causing $10,000 worth of damage.

A spokesperson for the museum said: "On December 29, 2011, an incident of criminal mischief took place at the Clyfford Still Museum.

275x250.jpg Police in China are investigating whether a billionaire was murdered with a  poisoned cat meat stew.

Long Liyuan died at the end of December after having a dinner with business associates during which they all ate the local delicacy of cat meat.

But while all three men were ill -- feeling dizzy and sick -- just 49-year-old Long died and a police investigation was launched, initially quizzing the restaurant owner.

However, a local official has now been arrested on suspicion of poisoning the dish with a toxic herb called Gelsemium elegans.

It's claimed the men had argued about money and it's suggested the official had embezzled money from Mr Long.

275x250.jpg A bungling burglar who tried to steal Christmas trees from a nursery has been caught -- after police simply followed a trail of pine needles.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police say they just had to follow the fallen green spikes for half a mile to get their man.

Five trees had been pinched from Park House Nurseries in Spenborough and sure enough after following the needle that's what they found dumped in a garden.

A police spokesman said: "The foliage led officers to a house where the stolen trees were found and recovered. As an extra present, officers also found a cannabis farm at the address."

A spokesperson from the nursery said the trees had been marketed as low needle drop trees… but had still dropped enough for them to follow.

275x250.jpg Police in Manchester have revealed a burglar’s to-do list of potential targets after it was found lying in the street following a burglary.

Entitled "Lined Up Grafts", the handwritten note details keys to cars which have been left on view, bikes left insecure and accessible to everyone as well as homes where items have been left on view.

The thief also wrote the tools needed to carry out each job including hammers, screwdrivers and even a coat hanger.

While it's hoped the would-be burglar doesn't have a good memory, the fact we've just published his list probably doesn't help matters.

A US police officer has been left red-faced after accidentally crashing his patrol car UP a utility pole.

The cop had been driving in Miami when he became distracted and somehow managed to drive onto a telephone wire.

This meant the vehicle rode on to the tension rod of this pole -- rather than the pole itself -- until it was at a 45-degree angle.

While he managed to escape the accident without physical injury, his pride was a little dented -- he had to wait for emergency workers to free him.

275x250.jpg Police in the US are on the hunt for a pair of children who robbed classmates for sweets and crisps... appropriately armed with a toy gun.

Cops in Michigan say the duo -- aged eight and 10 -- held up victims as they walked home from school.

In total they targeted five victims and are said to have pointed the fake gun at them before demanding they hand over the treats.

A spokesperson for Michigan Police said: "I can honestly say I cannot ever remember anything like this happening with such young suspects."

The criminal twosome could now be charged with armed robbery.

A bizarre police chase in the US came to an even more bizarre end when a naked robber was apprehended by a police dog.

The man has reportedly stolen a stretch Hummer in California and proceeded to take police an wild chase around a residential neighbourhood.

Then all of a sudden the man jumped from the ludicrous vehicle and made a run for it -- while stark naked. As this footage from a police helicopter shows.

He was then chased (and tackled) by a police dog and while he tried to shrug it off, the dog was having none of it and brought him to the ground.

275x250.jpg Police in the US are on the hunt for Chewbacca after the Star Wars character was involved in a shooting in Palm Beach last week.

Well more precisely they're looking for a man who wore a Chewbacca mask during a shooting incident.

Cops say the Wookie-face-wearing man was the passenger in a car which pulled up outside a house before the occupants opened fire.

It's thought the attack was a gang related incident but police say two of the men who were arrested (only the Wookie escaped) were extremely uncooperative.

For the record, neither of the other men were dressed as Star Wars characters.

275x250.jpg Police in Durham are handing out thousands of free boiled sweets to drunk revellers in a bid to keep them quiet.

After receiving complaints of drunk students making a noise on their way through residential areas from city centre bars, cops tried to think of novel solutions.

As a result they've ordered 10,000 fruit-flavoured sweets bearing either the message 'Shush' or 'Quiet Please' imprinted on the surface.

These will be kept in reserve for busy nights in the city and handed out whenever officers feel revellers need a reminder to keep the noise down as they make their way home.

275x250.jpg A 69-year-old woman from Palm Springs has apparently been arrested after allegedly attacking her husband's penis with a pair of scissors.

The man is said to have called police over the weekend after she tried to snip off his willy -- leaving it attached but injured.

Officers who attended the scene say the attack between the couple, who have been married for 32 years, was the result of a long-running marital dispute.

Describing the weapon a spokesperson said they were "more heavy duty than the standard office scissors."

The injured man was treated at the local hospital for non-life-threatening wounds and released the same evening.

A woman from London has apparently been arrested after a video of her launching into a racist rant on a tram was uploaded to YouTube.

The two-minute video -- which instantly went viral -- featured a mother, with her young boy sitting on her knee on the Croydon to Wimbledon service in South London.

In an expletive-filled tirade she complained that other passengers were not English, saying: "You ain't English. You ain't English either. None of you are f***ing English. Get back to your own...

"My Britain's f*** all now. My British is f*** all." she added… and with people like her it really is.

275x250.jpg A 16-year-old burglar who was ordered to write a letter to the victims of his crime did -- and he called them dumb in it.

The young criminal had been sentenced to a 12-month Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Plan, part of which included writing to his victims.

It had been hoped this would make him confront the way his crime had impacted others and make him see the emotional consequences of his actions.

Instead it gave him a chance to insult them (or would have if it hadn't been intercepted) using the sort of bad grammar and spelling mistakes you only normally see on Newslite.

This pair of crooks thought they'd planned the perfect crime, they filled a supermarket trolley with booze and legged it outside quickly filling their car.

But that's when their plan came unstuck -- because they'd forgotten to put any petrol in their getaway vehicle and it wasn't going anywhere.

Rose Devlin, 59, and Denise Egan, 52, then had to push the booze-laden car to the petrol station at the supermarket they'd just raided to fill up.

Unsurprisingly their antics were caught on CCTV and police soon caught up with them.

Drunk driver called 911 to turn himself in

275x250.jpg When a US man realised someone was drinking and driving, he did the sensible thing and called 911... even though he was the intoxicated motorist.

That's right, the 21-year-old from Merrill called emergency services to report himself to cops.

The dispatcher asked the man to pull over -- which he dutifully did -- and he waited there for officers to arrive.

When cops arrived at his stationary car on Main Street, the man was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

It's not known if after sobering up he wondered who had turned him in.

275x250.jpg When he couldn't get his iPhone to work Michael Skopec didn't know what to do, so he called 911… five times.

Police have now released his frankly bizarre series of calls in a bid to prevent other idiots wasting their time.

Kendall County Sheriff's Department say an intoxicated Skopec called them asking "Why is my iPhone not working?" and adding: "My emergency is my fucking phone don’t work."

In other calls he asks "Why can’t I dial the numbers I used to be able to dial?" and "Why can’t you direct me to the AT&T people?"

When 911 operators told him they were sending an officer round to his house “That’s pretty dumb,” Skopec remarked. “On whose part?” the operator replied.

275x250.jpg Police in Derbyshire have arrested 19 suspected criminals after luring them to meetings with offers of free beer.

Officers contacted dozens of suspects who'd evaded arrest and posing as a marketing company said they's won a free crate of beer.

They then arranged where the crooks -- who included those suspected of committing burglary and robbery to a serious sexual assault -- could go to collect their free beer.

However, when the unsuspecting criminals arrived, they were confronted by Derbyshire police and promptly arrested.

They never got their free crate of beer. Shame!

275x250.jpg A US man who is full of the festive spirit has been arrested after breaking into a home and decorating it ready for Christmas.

Terry Trent reportedly let himself into the Ohio home before he lit a candle and turned on the TV.

The 44-year-old then proceeded to put up the Christmas decorations and lights before sitting back on the sofa and continuing to watch TV.

When the 11-year-old son of the family returned home, Trent -- reportedly high on bath salts -- apologised for scaring the lad and offered to leave.

However the boy called 911 and cops say the man, who was carrying a pocket knife, was arrested and charged with burglary.

Police in the US have arrested a crook dubbed the "Dancing Shoplifter" after CCTV footage showed him strutting his stuff while stealing clothes.

26-year-old Anthony DiVietro had been bouncing and bopping to in-store music at a Kmart store in Blackwood when a surveillance camera saw him stuffing a dress under his shirt.

While security staff tried to stop him, the man tossed the dress and fled the scene before police could get there.

However, officers posted the incriminating clip online and say the popularity of the Dancing Shoplifter video helped them get their man. Dumb crook 0, YouTube 1!

275x250.jpg Police in Pennsylvania say two men have been arrested after stealing a teenager's meatball sandwich at gunpoint.

The dopey duo apparently robbed a 13-year-old-boy by threatening him with a gun and telling him to empty his pockets.

But they then proceeded to take just his tasty meatball sandwich before fleeing in a nearby car.

Officers say they soon arrested the sandwich-nabbing men because the teen called 911 from his mobile… which the duo failed to take.

Police say they recovered a gun and the sandwich… it's not clear what happened to the sandwich after it was taken into police custody.

Police officers rarely get to live the high-octane life of action movie cops… but these guys from Brazil appear to.

Amazing video footage, which has found its way to YouTube, shows a team cops chasing a plane filled with $150,000 worth of stolen electronics.

After trying to shoot the plane the driver of the car decides the best way to stop the crooks from getting away would be to drive into their plane.

So that's what he does, smashing into the wing and preventing the plane from taking off. They then stormed towards the crashed plane waving their guns… so what did you do at work today?

275x250.jpg A hospital in Australia was put on lock-down after it was discovered that a patient had a handgun hidden in his prosthetic leg.

It's claimed the 66-year-old man -- who was admitted to St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney to have his second leg amputated -- was hiding the weapon.

The gun had been spotted by staff and the gun, along with two rounds of ammunition, were later discovered by police.

No-one was threatened with the gun and it's not clear why the man had taken it to the hospital but he and two visitor were charged with a range of offences.

It's also not clear whether the man was able to get his second prosthetic leg fitted with a machine gun.

275x250.jpg A Zimbabwean man has reportedly told a court that he's in love with a prostitute who turned into donkey after he hired her.

Sunday Moyo -- who came up with the story after being charged with bestiality -- insists that his ass started off as a $25 per night hooker.

According to state media, Moyo told a court that one morning he woken up and was surprised to hear people accusing him of sleeping with a donkey.

He insists he'd paid $25 for the prostitute in the town of Zvishavane, and that she'd obviously transformed into a donkey during the night.

The 28-year-old added that he's still "seriously in love" with the animal… making the story like Pretty Woman crossed with something we once saw online.

275x250.jpg When Kevin Gaylor's girlfriend came home early and found him with another woman, he launched a desperate bid to get out of trouble. It didn't end well.

That's because Gaylor turned round and said his new acquaintance -- who he'd met online and asked to come to his home at 3am -- was a burglar.

The 24-year-old even called the police and reported the attempted crime -- all in the hope that it would get him off the hook.

But the stunt backfired when the truth came out and police in Colorado Springs charged Gaylor with a misdemeanour of false reporting to authorities.

Officers say that Gaylor had hoped to get better acquainted with his guest, but when his girlfriend came home he'd called and falsely reported an intrusion.

Bizarre dash-cam footage shows the moment a 128mph police chase ended with a topless woman wearing a G-string surrendered to officers.

The 28-year-old from Ohio had only been stopped when cops used stingers along the route 422 to disable two of her tyres.

She then proceeded to emerge from the vehicle -- wearing just fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels -- and stagger across the road before surrendering.

Unsurprisingly the woman has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired refusing a blood alcohol test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damage, driving under a suspended licence, speeding and reckless operation.

When this man saw a giant object hovering in the night sky he decided to best thing to do was call 999 -- then he realised it was the moon.

Police in Hertfordshire have released embarrassing audio from a recent 999 call from a man who wanted to report seeing a UFO.

He started off by saying the mysterious object -- which wasn't making recognisable engine noises -- was flying above his house with lights blazing and that is was getting closer.

But a couple of minutes later he called again, this time to admit that he'd made a mistake and had been looking at the moon. Oops.

275x250.jpg A judge has ruled that a US man can never own more than 10 avocados after he was found to have stolen an estimated 1,000lb of the fruit.

Barron Stein is now banned from being in procession of more than 10 of the soft green fruits after admitting the theft.

The 44-year-old has also been told as part of his three-year probation he can not visit any avocado groves during this time.

Unemployed Stein is said to have stolen the mass of avocados to support his family and ensure they had food to eat.

The family will probably be pleased with the ruling as it could bean they finally get a meal which doesn't include guacamole.

A father from Michigan has been arrested after drunkenly making his nine-year-old daughter his designated driver… and then boasting about it on camera.

Shawn Weimer has appeared in court after CCTV footage emerged showing the child parking his van at a petrol station in Brownstown Township.

Once inside the station Weimer started bragging about his daughter's driving saying: "Nine years old. Nine! Gas, brake, listen, we're leaving, and she's driving. I'm drunk."

Police were called and soon pulled the underage driver over, prompting her to ask why and add that she was "driving good".

275x250.jpg A US couple have been accused of beating their 16-year-old daughter and forcing her to take part in a medieval-style duel.

It's been reported that the duo even made the girl dress in armour for the battle with her stepfather.

The pair are said to have fought for two hours with wooden swords and police say the stepfather beat the girl with a tree branch prior to the duel.

Reports also claim the girl was being punished for going to a party without the parents permission and that the couple are Renaissance enthusiasts.

They apparently enjoy recreating fights from the medieval era‚ and due to appear in court they could well be heading to the stocks themselves.

When a US police officer approached a driver who was sleeping at the side of the road he probably thought it would be one of the easier duties of his shift. it wasn't.

That's because the dozing driver was a former wrestling champion who woke up apparently thinking he was in the middle of a bout.

As this dash-cam footage shows, as Deputy Josh Barrett, a Greene County (Ohio) Sheriff's deputy, tried to wake the man he found himself on the wrong end of a flurry of punches.

Eventually the deputy was forced to reach for his taser and was eventually able to wrestler as he walked away. which we think would get him disqualified in the ring.

A pilfering penguin has become something of an internet star after being featured on the BBC documentary Frozen Planet.

The stone-stealing bird was filmed on Ross Island, Antarctica as his colony was busy building stone nests to protect their eggs.

As other males in the penguin colony were running off trying to find the right shaped stones, the cheeky penguin decided to swipe his from their unguarded nest.

So as soon as their backs were turned, he grabbed their stones and and scurried back to his own nest with them -- just call him Feathers McGraw.

275x250.jpg A would-be bank robber was forced to flee empty-handed when staff were unable to read his note demanding they hand over cash.

Thomas Love had apparently walked into a WSFS Bank in Delaware and handed over a poorly penned note, which the teller was unable to read.

When she told him that she couldn't make out what wanted -- like the scene in Woody Allen's Take the Money and Run -- 40-year-old Love stormed off.

After realising he'd been trying to rob the bank, staff contacted police and gave them his description. He was arrested shortly after.

275x250.jpgAn elderly motorist led police on a 27 mile low-speed chase when they tried to stop her for her unacceptable driving.

In fact Caroline Turner only came to a standstill when an officer ran alongside her car on a dual carriageway at 10mph... and tapped on the window.

Police in Essex say the 'chase' saw her veering onto the opposite side of the road before driving for eight miles on the dual carriageway and generally being rather dangerous.

When officers were finally able to get Turner to stop, she said she didn't know why she'd been stopped and added: "There is nothing to discuss, I'm going home."

Appearing at Colchester Magistrates' Court Turner admitted driving without due care and attention and failing to stop when asked by police.

A police officer in Belarus has had a more than lucky escape after being thrown from a crashing van… as this CCTV shows.

The unnamed officer had been travelling in the police van as it was involved in an accident with a car on a junction.

As the black and white van rolled over, one of the doors opened and the officer was thrown from the vehicle.

Amazingly not only did the rolling van somehow miss the cop and leave him uninjured… but he was back on his feet before the van had stopped moving.

275x250.jpgCops in Chicago have arrested more than 100 fugitives -- after luring them in with the offer of a free flat-screen TV.

During the bizarre operation officers sent wanted offenders invitations to take part in electronics testing for which they would be paid $75.

The traffic offenders, violent felons and child support avoiders were also told they would get to keep the gizmos they tested out.

As such many of the fugitives turned up to the address given and seemed very happy as they were greeted by undercover cops carrying empty boxes for TVs and video game systems.

Once inside the crooks even posed for smiling photos with the electronics… before other uniformed officers swooped in and made the arrests.

275x250.jpgCops say a recent crackdown on distracted motorists discovered one who was using laptop and drinking a cup of coffee at the same time.

Officers from Hampshire Police say another driver was caught eating a pear with a knife, while a third was writing down the answers to a quiz on the radio.

The multi-tasking drivers were observed during a five day operation on the M27 and M3 involving a hired lorry, two marked cars and a motorcycle.

In total 84 vehicles stopped due to offences being witnessed and 39 people were caught using their mobile phone.

Sgt Paul Diamond said: "This should send a very loud message out to motorists. If you are caught using your mobile phone whilst driving you will face a £60 fine and three points on your licence."

275x250.jpg A dumb would-be armed robber was caught by police after he returned to the scene of his attempted crime -- to get his coat back.

Anthony Gorman, 21, is said to tried robbing a store by threatening staff with a gun, but fled empty-handed after being fought off.

During the tussle, his grey jacket was ripped off and left on the floor when he ran away from the scene.

But a few minutes later the dopey gunman sheepishly returned to the store and asked if he could have his £200 coat back.

Unfortunately for him the shopkeeper said "Are you stupid? No, you can’t have it – get out."

275x250.jpg Three people have been arrested after a stunt they were recording for a TV comedy series sparked a major security scare at a New Zealand airport.

The TV stunt gone wrong had seen an actor dressed as a pilot try to gain access to a secure part of the airport, but he was stopped by police.

When he was unable to provide suitable forms of identification he left -- but not before airport staff contacted police, who in turn issued a national alert.

CCTV footage of the man was released and airports across the country were put on high alert with officials fearing a terrorist attack.

But it was later revealed the attempted security breach had been pat of a hidden camera TV comedy series. Surprisingly not many people were left laughing.

275x250.jpg Caius Veiovis isn't your average murder suspect… as this bizarre mugshot, released by Berkshire County District Attorney, shows.

The 31-year-old has the number of the devil tattooed on his forehead, a spike through his nose and a series of facial horns.

He's said to be part of a gang which kidnapped and killed three Hells Angels and buried them in Massachusetts.

Just in case you don't find this image of Veiovis and his alleged actions terrifying enough, it's also worth noting he's said to be a blood-drinking Satan worshiper. As you do.

275x250.jpgThere's nothing unusual about someone phoning 999 to report an unwanted intruder in their home… but this one had eight legs.

A woman in Coventry recently called police on 999 and asked for officers to hush to her house after finding a spider in her kitchen.

She said seeing the spider had left her terrified and that only by having officers come round and remove the arachnid would she be able to sleep.

Unsurprisingly police told the woman they would not be attending and reminded her that the 999 service was only for more urgent matters.

However, we suspect they just didn't have enough tiny handcuffs for the creepy crawly.

A teenage yob well and truly took the pee during a recent court appearance in the US -- he weed in a judge's rubbish bin.

17-year-old Corey Webb had been standing trial in Texas for shooting a police officer during an attempted escape from a youth detention centre.

But as this video shows, he doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously. As the jury left the room, he stood up, walked over to a courtroom bin and unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers.

A shocked policeman and the judge were forced to look on in dismay as the idiot relieved himself into the metal bin… which just takes the piss.

A would-be robber who tried to raid a 7-Eleven store in California while dressed as the children's TV character Gumby failed… because staff thought it was a joke.

Why the dumb crook thought dressing as a good-natured claymation figure would help him strike fear into the hearts of staff is unknown.

What is known is that it didn't work and staff laughed at him thinking it was a joke -- prompting the green man to shout a threatening: "You don't think it's a robbery? Let me show you my gun!"

Less threatening was what happened next… he couldn't fit his costumed hand into his pocket to retrieve his weapon and ended up just dropping 26 cents in change on the floor before making a humiliated getaway.

275x250.jpgA parrot which was stolen in China has helped police catch the man who stole him -- by speaking up and becoming a police informer.

The clever bird had been sold by the crook to a pet shop in Beijing, which the rightful owner happened to visit after his bird was taken.

As soon as the parrot saw its master it's said to have started 'talking' to him and staff at the pet store realised Wang Lu was his rightful owner.

Details of the man who'd sold the bird to the store were then passed on to cops who quickly located and arrested him.

Previously we've seen a clever parrot returned home after giving police his home address, one who can speak Urdu and English and another who was arrested for being part of a drugs gang.

275x250.jpgAn Australian magician says he suffered his own vanishing trick -- when all the props he needs to perform his tricks disappeared from his car.

The magician had parked his car at a takeaway joint in Modbury, South Australia but when he returned he found something was missing.

A maroon-coloured suitcase containing magical rings, silk scarves, magical rope and his red waistcoat had mysteriously disappeared.

Well maybe not mysteriously… he's now appealing to any witnesses who saw thieves getting into the boot of his car to come forward and contact police.

So if you've seen any criminal types suddenly pulling rabbits out of their hats and using exceedingly long hankachirefs - you know who to call.

275x250.jpgA Canadian office workers accidentally made several of her colleagues 'ill'  after giving them chocolate brownies laced with cannabis.

The mix-up happened what the unnamed woman found the bag of brownies in her freezer -- not knowing they'd been made by her son and contained cannabis.

In fact, the blunder only came to light when workers at the office in Victoria started noticing strange symptoms and, thinking they'd been poisoned, contacted police.

Officers investigating the poisoning soon established the brownies could have been to blame for the dizzy and disorientated feelings suffered, and the son later owned up to what he'd done.

Police say that because there had been no criminal intent, they would not be pressing charges, though the son may be ordered to do community work… probably not baking.

Is it just us, or do children seem to be doing everything earlier nowadays? -- You know, like this four-year-old girl driving a car in China.

A two and a half minute video is currently doing the rounds online showing the young motorist behind the wheel of her father's car in Jinal, Shandong Province, China.

During the clip, the little girl can be seen calmly driving along the freeway and even overtaking other vehicles as she is filmed from the passenger seat and given her directions.

Towards the end of the video the girl pulls over and her father takes over behind the wheel removing a device she had been using to reach the pedals. And to think it took us several attempts to pass our driving test.

Wooden iPad sold by scammers for $180

275x250.jpg A US woman found out the hard way why you shouldn't buy an iPad 2 in a McDonald's car -- she paid $180 for a piece of wood painted to look like an Apple device.

22-year-old Ashley McDowell says she was approached by two men as she went to buy a burger from the store in South Carolina and they said they were selling iPads.

The men claimed to have bought Apple iPads in bulk and were selling them for $300. they then showed her a working model and agreed to sell her one for $180.

But when she got her new iPad 2 home, she opened the FedEx box she had been given and discovered it contained a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo. 

275x250.jpgA team of bungling thieves who thought they'd successfully stolen £240,000 of rhino horns from a museum actually made off with worthless replicas.

The gang had smashed their way into the Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire before using hammers to remove horns from two stuffed animals, an Indian rhino and a white rhino.

They probably thought they'd swiped valuable ivory horns in the break-in -- during which nothing else was taken -- but police have now revealed all they got away with were fakes.

Faux rhino horns made out of resin and with no commercial value had been fitted to the stuffed animals after a series of rhino horn raids on auction rooms, galleries and private collections.

Real rhino horns, sought after because of a belief it can cure cancer, are worth more than diamonds, gold and cocaine… fake ones, not so much.

false legSecurity bosses have been left red-faced after it was revealed they'd put a electronic tag on an offender's false leg.

This meant 29-year-old Christopher Lowcock was able to break a court-imposed curfew simply by leaving his leg at home.

It's understood the gaffe happened when Lowcock - who had the curfew imposed for offences involving drugs - wrapped his faux leg in a bandage.

Staff from security firm G4S then attached the electronic tag to the prosthetic limb and set up the curfew system at his Rochdale home.

The error was only discovered after Lowcock was returned to custody accused of another driving-related offence… presumably a driving-with-one-leg-related offence.

275x250.jpg Police are on the hunt for a woman who was caught on CCTV attacking a cash machine in Wiltshire with her stiletto shoe.

The woman is said to have struck the Barclays machine almost fifty times during her bizarre ATM assault in Chippenham.

Part way through her attack - which left both the key pad and the screen out of order - she even paused and tried to use the machine.

When she couldn't get it to do whatever she wanted, she started whacking it again… luckily she hadn't given this CCTV camera a shoeing first.

275x250.jpgA kinky kangaroo has been caught red-handed by police in Prague who say he was stealing sexy underwear off washing lines.

Officers say the two year-old marsupial called Benji escaped from his owner and then proceeded to hop from yard to yard on a lingerie grabbing spree.

Soon after receiving a call from the distressed owner reporting their missing marsupial, calls started coming in about underwear being nabbed from washing lines.

But it was only when a woman looked out of her window and saw Benji rummaging through her knickers that they realised the incidents were related.

It's claimed that in each case the kinky kangaroo only the sexiest items off clotheslines before being apprehended and returned to his owner… who was keen to stress Benji didn't pick up the habit from him.

275x250.jpg Robbers have employed some dubious disguises in the past, but this one is up there with the most bizarre - he wore a dress and donned a pair of white underpants on his head.

Police in Dallas - where the idiot targeted a convenience store - say the man entered the store at 5.30am and demanded cash from out of the till and off customers.

Officers say he was able to get away with the money and are warning that he could have been armed - but hope his unusual attire could lead to an arrest.

Wearing the Y-fronts on his head to hide his face from CCTV cameras, it's not known why he chose to pair them with the black and white floral dress… talk about VPL.

Police in Detroit have released dash-cam footage of a driver using his feet as brakes - à la Fred Flintstone - after his pickup truck suffered faulty brakes.

Officers had started following the 24-year-old driver after receiving reports of his odd behaviour from other motorists who said he was reaching speeds of 70kmh.

After trying unsuccessfully to pull him over, the pickup truck eventually came to a standstill after smashing into several other cars at a junction.

The idiot danger driver is said to have then told police he was aware his brakes weren't working and he was trying to get home to fix them. Looks like he's as bright as Fred Flintstone too.

275x250.jpgParamedics called out to deal with a five-year-old in cardiac arrest were shocked when they arrived to discover their proposed patient was actually a cat.

The staff from the East of Emergency Ambulance Service are reported to have been dispatched after a 999 call was received from a desperate couple.

Fearing a young child was fighting for their life, a fast response car and ambulance were quickly sent out to the address in Crane Mead, Herts.

But when they got there, paramedics were "gobsmacked" by what they found… a tearful couple with a five-year-old feline who was feared to have had a heart attack.

Ambulance bosses are now asking people to think twice before calling 999… which isn't surprising after this snowman, this string-playing cat, this rabbit and this rapper.

An Australian man has been banned from driving for ten months after he was caught drink driving on a motorised beer cooler full of booze.

23-year-old Chris Petrie was pulled over by officers when they saw him driving along on the odd contraption and presumably looking a little bit worse for wear.

Sure enough Petrie, who'd been doing 20km per hour, tested over the limit - he'd drunk a few while building the £400 Esky device which he'd bought online - and was arrested.

The drink driver said he did not realise the motorised beer cooler could be classified as a motor vehicle and therefore didn't think he could be arrested. He was wrong.

275x250.jpgA world record sword-swallower has been arrested while performing in New York… for "brandishing a sword in public".

Australian Chayne Hultgren (who performs under then name The Space Cowboy) says that he was busking in New York when he was approached by cops.

They told him it was illegal to have a sword in public (even if you are swallowing it) and as soon as his audience was dispersed, they arrested the 33-year-old.

After his props were confiscated the acclaimed performer was taken to cell where he spent 24 hours in the company of junkies and sexual offenders.

To make matters worse, as officers left him in the cell, they apparently said loudly through the bars 'don't tell these guys you swallow'.

275x250.jpg Bosses at a UK safari park say they didn't know what to get for a silverback gorilla turning 50… but that flowers weren't their best idea.

Staff at Longleat Safari had wanted to do something special for Nico, Europe’s oldest silverback, when he celebrated his 50th birthday.

As such they gave the 200kgs beast an array of gifts including a bunch of flowers and a banana-shaped birthday cake for him to enjoy.

But as these photos show, the flowers didn't go down too well and got petulantly thrown on the ground… at least the banana cake was more appreciated and got devoured in seconds.

275x250.jpg A bank robber has been dubbed the 'Bad hair bandit' by the FBI after carrying out a series of more than 18 raids while wearing dodgy wigs.

It's said she's donned everything from a badly fitting bob to blonde dreadlocks in a bid to hide her identity during her crime spree.

During each of her raids, she slips the bank cashiers a note saying that she has a gun, and orders them to hand over bags of cash.

While it's not known if she actually has a weapon, officers advise against approaching her… or saying how bad her hair looks.

275x250.jpgA man has reportedly been arrested by police after allegedly planning a mass water fight using the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service.

It's said the 20-year-old man was trying to organise the even by circulating messages on the service which was used heavily during the recent UK riots.

But while recent years have seen a number of mass water fights organised through social media, it turns out doing it so close to the riots was not a good idea.

As such the Colchester man has been charged with "encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence" under the 2007 Serious Crime Act. Over a water fight.

He's now due to appear before magistrates next month and we'd like to suggest he doesn't take a water pistol with him.

275x250.jpgA Russian aviation-enthusiast is said to have accidentally killed his wife with a homemade missile as she watched him launch the makeshift rocket from a field.

Shortly after the DIY missile blasted off, it's reported to have veered off-course and straight towards her head.

Police in Vologda, northwest Russia say that while she was taken to hospital, she died shortly after the accident, which happened earlier this month.

The 42-year-old husband - who works for an aviation firm - could now face charges of manslaughter and up to two years in prison if found guilty.

And that's why we don't think it's a good idea to take an interest in your partner's hobby, even shopping can be deadly.

In today's deserved comeuppance of the day we give you the looter who came out of court… and walked straight into a lamppost.

Primary school worker Alexis Bailey was holding a newspaper over his face as he walked out of Highbury Magistrates Court, in a bid to hide his identity.

But TV news footage of the fool - who had pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal from a Richer Sounds store in Croydon - was far better than a clear shot of his face.

That's because as he scarpered down the street with his dodgy newspaper disguise he walked straight into a lamppost. Needless to say the clip has become a hit in more ways than one.

275x250.jpg An uncontacted tribe of Amazon Indians, who were discovered and filmed for the first time earlier this year, have gone missing after suspected drug-traffickers raided their village.

Brazil's National Indian Foundation says the tribe was recently over-run by heavily-armed men who are believed to be Peruvian drug traffickers and chased them away.

The remote outpost is reported to have been ransacked and while one of the traffickers’ rucksacks was found to have a broken arrow inside - a package containing 20kg of cocaine was also discovered nearby.

Carlos Travassos, the head of the Brazilian government’s isolated Indians department, said: "Arrows are like the identity card of uncontacted Indians. We think the Peruvians made the Indians flee. Now we have good proof."

275x250.jpgWe've seen enough cases of people shooting themselves to know that even when it's not fatal, it's still rather embarrassing.

But Joshua Seto has taken this to a new level. Not only did he shoot himself with his girlfriend's pink handgun… he accidentally fired at his penis.

The 27-year-old is said to have had the weapon tucked into the waistband of his trousers when he walked into an Arizona grocery store.

Unfortunately, he somehow managed to accidentally fire the gun and the bullet promptly struck his penis before traveling through his left thigh.

Police say the incident it being treated as an accident but the man could face weapon charges… if he's still got enough of a weapon left.

275x250.jpgPolice have told a US man to stop wearing a bunny suit in public as he's beginning to scare children.  

That's because William Falkingham is said to have been spotted peeking at kids from behind a tree and then pointing his finger at them like a gun.

According to a police report, the 34-year-old from Idaho Falls has left a number of local residents "greatly disturbed" by his activities.

However, other neighbours insist that he's eccentric but otherwise harmless and just enjoys wearing the suit.

Falkingham is said to also have a cowboy outfit and a ballerina dress which he wears, though police have made no attempt to stop him wearing these. Really.

275x250.jpg A hero police officer didn't let a little thing like being run over by a speeding car stop him from doing his job - he jumped back up chased the driver before shooting him with a taser.

PC Dan Pascoe from Surrey Police had been part of a road block set up on a slip road of the M25 to stop a criminal driving a stolen BMW car.

But the crook wasn't going to stop and ploughed into the police car which sent the officer flying violently to the ground. But PC Pascoe was determined to get his man, as this footage shows.

The brave officer quickly jumped back up and ran after the stolen car and he was able to use his Taser stun gun on the crook who tried to get away on foot. We didn't know Surrey Police was testing a Robocop.

A pickpocket in China has been caught on camera using chopsticks to steal a mobile phone - and to think we struggle when it comes to eating dim sum.

In the footage - which has been aired on Chinese TV news shows - the light-chopsticked man can be seen singling out his mark as he waits for a bus.

The cutlery crook then moves behind the young man and carefully uses the eating utensils to reach into the victim's pocket and pull out his mobile phone.

Even when the victim realises something is wrong and that his mobile phone has gone, the thief makes out that it may have been dropped rather than swiped - just check out his mime.

275x250.jpgWhen a group of office workers spotted a bike crook cutting the lock off a bicycle and trying to ride off they jumped into action and tackled him.

Staff from WCG World, a communications firm based in San Francisco, had seen the man using bolt cutters to snip the lock off one of their bikes.

After the call went out around the office several worker ran outside to see if they could stop the man -- who was struggling to get away because of a high saddle.

Leading the charge was Kristen Bell, a creative associate who threw herself at the bike-riding crook and managed to knock him to the ground.

The would-be thief then scooped up his things which had been dropped during the scuffle and ran away… little did he know he'd become a YouTube star.

275x250.jpg Firefighters were called to help rescue a man after his flailing legs were spotted sticking up from a drain in California.

21-year-old Jared Medeiros had apparently climbed into the manhole head first after dropping his wallet and found himself unable to climb back out.

Police were first on the scene - after Jared had been in there about 40 minutes - but despite their best efforts the "slightly intoxicated" man could not be removed.

It then fell to firefighters to rescue him and pull him free from the tight spot. He was soon released to his mother with minor scrapes and bruises. There was no news on the wallet.

275x250.jpgTwo Australian police officers say they both had to resort to using pepper spray on a red kangaroo after it attacked a 94-year-old woman.

The cops from Queensland had been called out after the elderly woman was attacked by the jumping marsupial as she was putting out her laundry.

While trying to fight off the beast with a broom, the woman had been knocked to the floor but eventually managed to get inside where her son called police.

When the officers arrived at the scene the male kangaroo was still there and charged at one of the cops who discharged his capsicum pepper spray at it.

Not happy, the roo then jumped towards the second cop who was standing at the back of the police car and he too used his spray. What's that Skippy, you want to lodge a complaint with the police complaints authority?

275x250.jpg There's a sure fire way to tell that your dog isn't exactly the world's best guard dog… like when it gets stolen itself.

And that's just what happened to Rocky the Rottweiler, a guard dog who was recently snatched from his home in Gloucestershire.

Thieves are understood to have lifted the fencing into the area where Rocky was kept and stolen him, nothing else was taken.

As such the home owners, who'd hoped the dog would be an active deterrent to would-be burglars, were forced to make an embarrassing call to police to   report that he'd been stolen.

275x250.jpg Vegas, a German Shepherd trainee police dog has been left looking for a new home after officers realised she is not brave enough to cut it with the force.

The 19-month-old dog had been specially bred for police work and gone through part of her initial training course before it was recognised she's a big scaredycat.

It's said the pup was great at things like jumping through windows, ignoring gunshots and chasing suspects -- she refused to bite them when she caught up with them - which means she won't be able to work with police.

Northumbria Police are now appealing for people who might be able to offer her a home to come forwards and say she loves to play with her toys and would be a fun and loyal companion.

275x250.jpgWhen two would-be armed robbers stormed into a store in California and demanding a bag was filled with cash, they probably didn't expect anyone to put up much of a fight.

But that's because they didn't know about Paco, the diminutive Chihuahua who took umbrage at their attempts to steal from his owner.

After the duo waved a gun around and made their threats at the store, Paco ran straight towards them and started biting at their ankles.

The pint-sized pooch continued to snap at the pair until they ran out of the door and across the street - he didn't even stop when they pointed a gun at him.

And while some doubters suggest this was probably because he has no concept of what a gun is, we'd like to think it was just because he's brave.

275x250.jpgA Taiwanese man has apparently been conned out of £200,000… after trying to buy a mail order croissant. Yes, £200,000 for a pastry.

The unfortunate pastry lover is said to have seen an online advert for a croissant which was "so delicious that it will make you cry."

But after paying the £2.00 for the french bread, he was contacted by the company and told there'd been a problem with the payment and he needed to process it again, so he did.

And this is where it gets weird. He received another series of calls asking him for money claiming that there had been an issued with his earlier payments and that unless he paid, he could be charged with money laundering.

In total he's reported* to to have shelled of 12-million Taiwan dollars (£200,000) over seven payment before he realised it was a scam. The never go the croissant, though the advert was true… it did make him cry.

275x250.jpgNASA is suing an Apollo 14 astronaut after he tried to sell a souvenir he brought back from the moon, according to reports.

Edgar Mitchell was hit with the legal threat last week, after trying to sell a lunar camera used during the 1971 mission.

The '16mm Data Acquisition Camera' had been expected to sell for £50,000 at a auction in May -- but now NASA say they want it back.

A lawsuit, filed in Miami federal court, states NASA has no record the device was ever transferred to Mitchell and is therefore still their property.

But Mitchell reportedly contests that as NASA were planning to dispose of the camera after the mission, he did nothing wrong by taking it home with him.

275x250.jpgPolice in Germany say they have caught an 84-year-old woman who had been feeding her pet rabbits with cannabis.

The pensioner was contacted by cops after they spotted a field of the metre-high pot plants growing in a field she owned next to her home.

While the elderly woman denied growing the plants herself - she says they just sprung up - she did admit using them to feed her pet rabbits. Police say this is plausible.

According to Tagesspiegel she said that no only did the rabbits really enjoy munching the plants, but because they grew back so quickly they were an ideal food.

Unsurprisingly the cops chopped down the cannabis plants and took them away in three large plastic sacks… maybe they have a rabbit hutch at the police station.

275x250.jpgA gun which once belonged to the famous gangster Al Capone has been sold at auction for a massive £67,250.

The Colt .38 (special) nickel-plated six-shot double-action revolver was ordered by Scarface just months after the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Bosses at auction house Christie's, which sold the weapon, say it was ordered in May 1929 and its authenticity has been confirmed by the sister-in-law of Capone.

The gun was the highlight of a recent 'Antique arms, armour and collectors firearms' sale in South Kensington.

While online buyer of the Colt .38 'Police Positive' has chosen to stay anonymous, we're sure they're a upstanding law-abiding member of the community.

A seven-year-old boy was pulled over by police after driving 20 miles at speeds of up to 50mph because he wanted to visit his dad's house.

Officer in Detroit say they were first alerted to the underage driver after other motorists noticed a "very young driver" on roads near Michigan.

Sure enough they soon located the four-foot-tall lad who was driving along at speeds of 50mph and they boxed him in and brought his Pontiac Sunfire to a standstill.

The boy told them he was staying with his mother but wanted to visit his dad and had already drive 20 miles in the right direction… and probably that driving a real car was easier than computer games.

275x250.jpgRichard Verone is not your average bank robber, not only did he hand over a note stating he only wanted to steal $1, but he also waited for police.

That's because the bank robber actually wanted to be arrested and says he was only committing the crime to get medical care in prison.

59-year-old Verone says he currently has an undiagnosed growth on his chest and two ruptured disks in his back, but with no job or medical insurance, no way of treated.

As a result he took the extreme measure of committing a bank robbery for the sole purpose of getting landed in jail where he'd get free medical care.

After entering the North Carolina bank, he handed the teller a note asking for just one dollar -- then sat on a sofa and waited for police to arrive and make their easiest arrest of the day.

275x250.jpgA man in Canada discovered the hard way why it's not a good idea to steal a steamroller while drunk… it rolled over him.

Officers in Ontario say they were called to the scene after receiving reports that a man was trapped underneath an overturned steamroller.

Sure enough they found a drunk man at the construction site and were able to free him before taking for hospital treatment for a leg injury.

They say it turned out the man had been drinking and had tried to steal the
steamroller before crashing it.

As he'd tried to make his getaway up a steep incline, the machine had tipped over pinning him to the ground… making him a rather easy arrest.

275x250.jpgPolice in the US say they were shocked when a woman recently called 911 to report she'd received the wrong order from a Chinese takeaway.

officials have now released the audio of the odd call in a bid to highlight that it's a misdemeanour to call 911 unless it is an emergency.

During the two minute call, the woman asks for officers to be dispatched to the restaurant in Savannah to rectify her situation.

She states that she'd ordered food but had been given the wrong order - and that the staff were then refusing to give her a refund.

Officers WERE eventually dispatched… but only because she was getting disorderly and needed to be warned she could have faced 911 abuse charges.

In proof that you need to be careful where you park your bike, thieves in Brooklyn chopped down a tree to steal a £40 bicycle.

The bizarre crime - they ended up ditching the bike after trying it - happened in the Brooklyn area of New York and was captured on camera.

Time-lapse footage shows a group of men looking at the chained up cycle in the early hours of the morning before disappearing and returning with an axe.

They then proceed to chop down the 20ft tree before laughing and walking away. One of the gang can then be seen returning to the scene of the crime and jumping on the bike.

But in an odd twist, after riding it for five seconds, he drops it and leaves. The sap. We still can't get the root of why, but knock on wood no more trees will be harmed in bike thefts.

275x250.jpgBrave US police officers have successfully neutralised the threat posed by a deadly alligator, shooting it twice in the head.. then they realised it was a garden ornament.

The officers had been called to the Kansas City home after an alligator sighting had been reported by a member of the public.

And when they saw the powerful-jawed creature lurking in the grass, they were quick to reach for their rifle and shoot it twice in the head.

It was only when the second shot bounced of the stationary creature the officers realised it was made out of concrete and a garden ornament.

Homeowner Rick Sheridan said the 'reptile' was there to keep people off his land… maybe a creepy gnome would have been better.

275x250.jpgA duo have robbed a US bank while wearing creepy plastic-faced disguises and nun habits -- much like the bank robbers in the movie 'The Town'.

In fact, images released by the FBI after the Chicago raid look like they could have come straight from the 2010 Ben Affleck flick.

The robbers - believed to be a man and a woman - are said to have rushed into the bank, jumped over the counter and ordered staff to fill a bag with cash.

Police say the pair got away with the bag of money, though they will not reveal exactly how much.

And because of the rubber masks, habits and gloves, it was hard to see any features which could be used to identify the couple, there was even confusion over whether they were black or white.

A man who was pulled over by police, suspected of trying to rob a supermarket, proceeded to steal the police car and then crash it.

Arthur Thompson had initially been pulled over after an alert was posted for the green Jeep he was driving in relation to the attempted theft of a computer.

But as officers were trying to talk to him, the 38-year-old assaulted them and then fought his way to their police cruiser. He then jumped into the vehicle and drove off a speeds of 100mph… until he smashed it into the back of a truck.

Luckily for us - and the rest of the internet going public - the whole thing was caught on a police dashcam. Have we ever told you how much we like dashcams?

275x250.jpgA woman tried to sell a purported moon rock for £1m… to an undercover NASA investigator who was working with police.

Authorities in California say the woman arranged to meet the buyer at a restaurant so that he could examine it.

But what she didn't realise was that he actually worked for Nasa and had contacted police because it's illegal to sell bits of the moon in the US.

This is because all lunar samples - and more then 2,000 of them were brought back from space missions - are considered national treasures.
NASA, who've been investigating the case for several months, are now working to determine whether the 'moon rock' is the real deal… if it is the punishment could be out-of-this-world.

275x250.jpg Police in Hampshire launched a major operation which involved dispatching armed officers and scrambling the force helicopter… because of a cuddly toy.

Of course they didn't realise it was a cuddly toy when they received reports of a live white tiger in a field close to the M27, near Hedge End.

As a result they contacted animal specialists at nearby Marwell Zoo, prepared a team of officers armed with tranquiliser darts and dispatched a police helicopter.

But when the helicopter approached it became clear this was no real tiger, firstly because it didn't move… and then because the downward force of the chopper knocked it over.

275x250.jpgFour people were recently sent to hospital after an argument about the thickness of Italian ham at a supermarket turned nasty.

The odd brawl is said to have started when a shopper questioned the charcuterie-based cutting skills of a counter assistant.

It's not clear exactly what happened after the 50-year-old said the meat was too thick… but a scuffle soon ensued in the Livorno store.

Reports claim the shop assistant's father joined the dispute, followed by the woman's husband and two sons.

Police and three ambulances were dispatched to deal with the fracas and four people were taken to hospital and treated for bruises… no, they didn't put cold meat on the injuries.

A drunk driver in Russia had so much to drink he tried to trick police into thinking he was making an important phone call using a packet of cigarettes.

When he was pulled over for driving erratically, the boozed-up motorist proceeded to make a phone call in which he asked if his father was on duty.

He then told the person he was speaking to, to "just deal with the situation" in the seemingly influential call.

And it might have worked and persuaded cops to go easy on him… if he hadn't been so drunk he'd just spent a couple of minutes having a chat with a packet of cigarettes.

As such the officers could barely contain their laughter in the video which is currently going viral on YouTube.

275x250.jpg An airline passenger in Thailand has been arrested after trying to smuggle a 'virtual zoo' of rare and endangered animals into Dubai.

The 36-year-old man had two leopards, two panthers, one Asiatic black bear, and two macaque monkeys in his cases as he tried to check-in at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International airport.

Officials say they had been following the UAE man since he purchased the animals on the black market and couldn't believe he tried to smuggle so many.

A spokesperson for anti-trafficking group Freeland said: We've never seen one like this before. The guy had a virtual zoo in his suitcases."

275x250.jpg In case you were wondering, having a tattoo on your forehead which reads "Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid" does not mean police will not arrest you.

As this fantastic photo of Robert Norton Kennedy proves, it actually just ensures that if you break the law, you're mugshot will go viral online.

Police had been called to the 51-year-old who was playing his music too loudly for his neighbours, but when the officers arrived, Kennedy spat in the nieghoubours

Unfortunately his unique head tattoo, which reads: "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE GOD LOVES YOU, Please forgive me if I say or do anything stupid, Thank You!" wasn't a get out of jail free card.

275x250.jpgNeuroscience researchers at Dundee University say they've been stung… by crooks who stole thousands of their bees.

The boffins had been using the bees as part of a £2m neuroscience study which looked at the effect of pesticides on bee learning.

It had been hoped the study could explain the current decline in honeybee numbers. But recently it was discovered £3,500 worth of British black bees had been taken.

Lead researcher Dr Chris Connolly says the thieves must have known how to handle bees and that the crime would hamper the research.

He also added that the bees were unique and should be easy to identify… which make us think they were breeding super clever bees.

275x250.jpgThe average Brit will break the law around 21 times a year, it has been found.

Speeding, eating or drinking while driving and not wearing a seat belt are the most common crimes we commit during our day-to-day lives.
Other car crimes which take place regularly include jumping red lights, parking on double yellow lines and driving someone else's motor without the proper insurance cover.
But it's not just road traffic offences, the study of 3,000 adults revealed that many of us could be found guilty of illegally downloading music, dropping litter, not cleaning up after a pooping dog or smoking in a public place.

Obviously we are whiter-than-white when it comes to abiding by the law... but we'd be curious to know how many law you think you've broken in the last 12 months. Let us know in the comments.

The owner of a skateboarding dog who was previously threatened with an ASBO, has been fined £80 and told he could face legal action over his boarding pooch.

Bodhi the Lakeland Terrier is said to like noting more than riding his skateboard around Brighton and pulling tricks.

And his kerbside antics have proved a hit on YouTube and even gained him an appearance on Britain's Got Talent… though council bosses are less impressed.

Owner Jonathan Fell, 51 says he's been fined £80 by the authority after complaints were made, and told to keep Bodhi on a lead… not a problem Tony Hawks ever had.

275x250.jpgIf you were to make a list of things you thought owning would help you woo women, how long would you be going before you said "a live alligator"?

We're guessing quite a while… but that's because you're not Dewayne Yarbrough. He claims he kept a four-foot alligator for five years to impress women.

The 43-year-old from Chicago has been charged with possession of a dangerous animal after he was found to be keeping the snappy creature in a small tank.

He apparently told investigators - who found the animal in his kitchen - that he only fed it 10 live mice a month to keep it from growing too large.

While it appears he also told them he'd kept the gator because he hoped it would be a chick magnet, it's not clear how well it worked and helped him pull.

275x250.jpgA man became trapped inside a women's prison in Germany after accidentally mistaking it for a shortcut to a nearby park.

The 24-year-old is said to have been walking in the city of Hildesheim when he strolled through a gate, thinking he was heading to a nearby park.

But he soon discovered he'd walked into a women's prison and turned around in a bid to get back out. However, in the 20 minutes it took him to  return to the gate, it had been locked, trapping him inside.

It was only when the local mayor, who happened to be walking past, heard his screams for help that police were notified and dispatched to free him.

It's understood the security blunder happened as repair work was being carried out on the gate and that a loose screw had briefly prevented it from shutting properly.

275x250.jpg A would-be beer thief was left red-faced and bare-arsed when his baggy trousers caused him to fall over as he was fleeing a robbery in Florida and drop his loot.

Luckily for us the 'wardrobe malfunction' moment was caught on CCTV, so we can all revel in the moment the unnamed man tripped while carrying two cases of beer.

Police in Polk County say the man had jumped out of a car outside the store before running in, grabbing two cases of Bud Light beer and scarpering. But before he could get away with his swag, the crook was let down by his lack of belt which caused his trousers to fall around his ankles.

When this happened, he tripped over and dropped all the beer at the same time exposing his rear, which police were kind enough to blur out on some the footage they released… well no-one was going to recognise him by his arse, were they?

275x250.jpgA woman in Germany who was attacked by a pitbull dog, managed to escaped without serious injury... until police attending the attack accidentally shot her.

Officers had apparently been called to the incident in Berlin when neighbours heard the cried of a resident who was being bitten on her leg by the dog.

But by the time they arrived the woman was back in her own apartment so they tried to take the dog. However it could not be subdued and they took the decision to shoot it.

And that's when it happened, according to reports one ricocheting bullet hit a responding officer while another smashed through the apartment door… and hit the woman who'd just been savaged.

The unlucky woman was taken to hospital and received treatment for minor injuries. But no matter how bad her day was, the dog had a worse one, it was eventually killed.

275x250.jpg A sheriff dubbed "America's Toughest" has unveiled an online "Mugshot of the Day" competition, where members of the public are asked to vote for the photo they find most amusing.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched the online service saying: "I want people to turn to see if their neighbour's been arrested."

It allows users to view arrestees by the type of crime they are accused of - ranging from robbery and theft to DUI and fraud - and vote on their mugshot of the day.

Unsurprisingly winners tend to be dishevelled and unusual-looking suspects… though none have matched the brilliance of the man with a forehead tattoo or the guy who was getting his hair done as he was arrested.

275x250.jpgDutch traffic bosses have been left seeing red after someone altered a set of pedestrian lights to show a couple having sex.

Every time the light turns green in the town of Nimwegen, an illuminated image of a couple having sex flashes up, instead of the more traditional person walking.

And apparently the prank has been causing traffic congestion - because people want to see the risque image they're pressing the button, even when they don't want to cross.

Transport officials have now launched an investigation how the images was manipulated, with suspected computer hackery being top of the list.

A Town Hall spokesman said: "We are looking at who had access and opportunity"… presumably that will be cross-referenced with a list of people who have a good sense of humour.

A man has been arrested after being caught on CCTV stealing a judge's gavel from a courtroom... meaning he could be making a quick return for contempt.

When magistrate Chris Cook recently reached for his gavel during a hearing, he realised it had disappeared and ordered a search.

But security footage soon revealed that the small mallet had been swiped the day before, right from his legal bench at Lorain Municipal Court.

While staff didn't recognise the courtroom crook, they noticed that the man with him had appeared in court that day and police were able to locate the gavel grabber.

The magistrate said that if the crook is willing and able to return the gavel, he would be a lot less inclined to bring him back in for contempt… he just loves banging that little mallet you see.

275x250.jpgPolice in Oklahoma County have released details of a wanted criminal who has been vandalising a series of police cars over the past few weeks.

He's described as having, brown eyes, greyish brown hair and is about 5 to 7 inches tall… oh yeah, did we mention he's a squirrel?

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office say the vandalising vermin has been jumping down from a tree and onto official vehicles.

Once there he's been getting under the hood and chewing through wiring, so far he has caused $700 worth of damage.

Cops are now working with animal control officers to help them get there, er, squirrel.

When Robert Wood felt a gun pushed into the side of his neck as he was doing some banking, he assumed it was a pal playing a trick on him.

It wasn't, he actually was being held up a gunpoint… but that didn't stop the 61-year-old telling the robber from telling he wasn't getting his cash.

Wood had just cashed a cheque for $200 in Massachusetts when the bank robber pointed the gun at him and demanded he put the cash in a bag.

But even after realising this wasn't a friendly prank, Wood wasn't going to give him the money and threw the bag back at him.

The robber then turned his attention the to tellers. Meanwhile Wood says his wife is always telling him he doesn't take anything seriously.

275x250.jpg Bosses at London Zoo have got such a problem with kleptomaniac monkeys they've had to come up with a cunning plan to dissuade them from their criminal ways.

Keepers at the zoo say their 18 Bolivian squirrel monkeys have started stealing sunglasses from visitors walking through their exhibit.

It's thought the pesky primates are attracted by the shiny surfaces and their own reflections in the lens, and that this is why they grab the glasses off peoples' heads.

As a result the keepers will now give the light-fingered monkeys sunglasses with bitter apple smeared on them (a taste they hate) to try to put them off… meaning they could get them back with something else smeared on them.

275x250.jpgPolice in the US say they are investigating after being called out to a man who'd been superglued to a supermarket toilet.

Emergency workers attended the Maryland Walmart after a unfortunate 48-year-old man sat on a loo which had been booby-trapped by pranksters.

Because teams were unable to free the man at the scene they were forced to transport him to a nearby hospital while still attached to the seat.

Doctors were eventually able to prise the unnamed man from the seat though they would not reveal exactly how long it took.

It's not thought the man was targeted in the stunt, but police say the pranksters could face charges of second-degree assault… if they get to the bottom of it.

A crook had to be rescued by a team of firefighters after climbing into a recycling bin and getting trapped inside for four hours.

Working with a pal the man had been stealing clothes donated to charity in the Bristol clothes recycling skip, by climbing inside and passing clothes back out.

But when, in the early hours of the morning, the thief on the outside realised they'd been seen on CCTV cameras, he scarpered, leaving his (presumably former friend) trapped in the textile bin.

Firefighters and police were then called to the supermarket carpark and it took four hours to coax the man out, eventually by cutting the top open.

It's thought the duo were trying to steal the clothes from the British Red Cross bin in the hope of selling them on rather than looking for a new wardrobe for themselves.

A laptop-thief has found out the hard way why you should never mess with a geek after his techno-savvy victim decided to humiliate him online.

Internet entrepreneur Mark Bao was understandably not happy when his MacBook Air was stolen earlier this year, and the 18-year-old assumed he would never see it again.

However a couple of months later he realised a remote backup program he'd installed on the laptop was still running and backing up files… presumably belonging to the crook.

After looking through the files Bao was able to discover the identity of the person in possession of the computer and reported them to the police.

But he didn't stop there. He also looked at photos and videos of the alleged crook, including a cringe-worthy one of him dancing in front of the webcam and uploaded it to YouTube

275x250.jpgA group of friends playing cricket in Manchester say they were bowled over when a team of armed police turned up at their practice session.

It turned out a passerby had mistaken the sound of the cricket balls hitting metal shutters on a industrial park as gunfire, and called 999.

Responding to this, a team of specially-trained firearms officers were rushed to the scene -- scaring the life out of the cricket players.

After ordering the cricketers out of the factory where they were playing, it soon became apparent there was no crime being committed, other than those against good batsmanship.

Once the officers were convinced they'd have been better off with cricket pads than bullet-proof vests, they left.

When robbers stormed into US store with guns, they probably expected an easy time - little did they know the owner had his own gun.

Not only armed, but he'd also served for seven years in the Iraqi army and wasn't going to give up without a fight.

CCTV footage shows the robbers bursting into the Nashville store and appearing to point a gun at the store owner and knock him to the floor.

But it was when they went after one of his employees that Kamil Alakabi retaliated by producing a weapon himself and conducting an impromptu shootout.

The criminal duo then fled the scene and it's quite frankly remarkable that no-one was injured.

275x250.jpgWhen a suspicious package was identified at a post office in Russia, anti-terrorist bomb squad experts were promptlt called to investigate.

But instead of a discovering a bomb inside the ticking box, they found… and accidentally activated vibrator.

Police say the sextoy-scare had prompted the building in Petrozavodsk to be evacuated and a security cordon installed.

It's not known exactly how the sex toy had been activated while in delivery or who the intended recipient had been.

But we're sure to find out when the some vibrator manufacturer starts claiming their sex toys are so good they can evacuate entire neighbourhoods.

275x250.jpgQuentin Tarantino is suing an Oscar-winning screenwriter neighbour… because his pet macaws keep letting out "blood curdling, pterodactyl-like screams".

The Pulp Fiction director - who is no stranger to blood curdling screams - says the noisy birds are even stopping him form working on his latest movie.

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the birds belong to Alan Ball, the man behind American Beauty and TV series True Blood.

He and his wife are said to have installed an "exotic bird menagerie" over a year ago and their macaws now scream for seven to eight hours each day.

47-year-old Tarantino claims the "obnoxious pterodactyl-like screams" have "seriously disrupted" his ability to work… we would have though they acted as inspiration.

275x250.jpgDavid Davis is probably feeling rather embarrassed about now, he was arrested mid-haircut and become the subject of one stupid-looking mugshot.

The 21-year-old from Stamford was getting his hair cut when he is said to have been approached by another man and got into an argument.

During the fight it's been reported that he picked up a pair of scissors and slashed the man across the back. Prompting cops to be called.

Davis was subsequently arrested by Stamford Police Department - who released this photo - while the victim was taken to hospital where he received treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

He's now due to appear in court on March 22 charged with first-degree assault… we wonder if he will be getting his hair cut especially for his day in court.

Ryan Shaw used to say the most interesting thing to happen when he was working at the gas station was seeing the odd drunk customer. Not any more.

That's because over the weekend an irate customer - who was reported to be angry at new pre-pay rules - ploughed his car into the Oregon garage.

The vehicle smashed through the window, knocked displays flying and shunted serving counters into each other narrowly missing the 27-year-old worker.

Amazingly he escaped with just a bruised thigh, a scraped knee and a knocked elbow… we suffered more injuries than that just watching the video.

A woman who thought it was taking staff at an off license too long to server her has smashed bottles of booze worth £1,000.

CCTV footage shows the woman waiting a the counter of Rite-Buy Wines & Liquors in New York, before arguing with staff and telling them they were being too slow.

Angered by the delay in service she then stormed off down an aisle with her arm outstretched to knock bottle after bottle off the shelves

Bosses say she destroyed around £1,000 worth of alcohol by knocking it onto the floor, including several bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch.

But no matter what the irate customer did, it's nothing compared to this clumsy wine store worker.

275x250.jpgA police officer has escorted a group of ducklings to safety after coming across them on a busy road. And become an internet hero.

Glenn Eppler had been driving in Fort Myers when he encountered the unusual suspects - ten tiny ducklings - holding up traffic.

Footage from his dash-cam shows the officer jumping out of his vehicle and trying to guide the little feathered critters to safety.

But it wasn't as easy as he expected and the birds - which had somehow dodged traffic - were uncooperative.

Luckily a passer-by helped the officer to pick up the tiny ducklings and moved them to somewhere a little safer where they were reunited with their mother.

200x190.jpgNo-one likes having their cinema experience ruined someone noisily munching on popcorn when they're trying to watch a movie.

But most of us simply tut at the eating offender and carry on. Not so in Latvia, where a man has been shot dead after a popcorn-based argument.

It's been reported that an argument broke out during a screening of Black Swan in Riga, centred around the volume at which someone was eating their cinema treat.

As the credits rolled, the fight is said to have become heated and seen a gun fired. Police say a 42-year-old man has since died and a 27-year-old was arrested.

While we're all in favour of enforcing the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Code of Conduct… it's safe to say this is probably going a bit too far.

Naked sausage thief caught on CCTV (Video)

There's a reason Joshua Abernathy has been dubbed the 'sausage thief' -- and it not just because he's said to have robbed a retirement centre of their breakfast meat.

It's also because he revealed his own wiener during the raid in Florida… on a security video.

When centre bosses found their breakfast sausages had been stolen, they reviewed CCTV footage to find the crook responsible, and it's safe to say they were shocked by the images confronted them.

Footage showed a man wandering through the facility before going into a back room, stripping off and then re-emerging minus his clothes.

The naked robber then proceeded to help himself to the meat, a first aid kit and napkins… thankfully in this version of the footage the thief's own sausage has been blurred out

A cat burglar who stole 600 items has been outed as an actual cat, after a night-vision camera was used to capture footage of the feline.

Residents in San Francisco had initially wondered what was happening when clothes, teddy-bears and other small items started disappearing.

But it soon became apparent the crook was a kleptomaniac kitty called Dusty who kept returning home with other peoples belongings.

After setting up night-vision camera they recorded footage of him going out under the cover of night and dragging back his loot.

Over the past three years the cat is said to have stole 600 items from neighbours and is partial to women's bathing costumes… naughty kitty.

It doesn't make what he did any better, but this could be the world's most polite and apologetic armed robber.

The elderly man had walked into a Shell petrol station in Seattle and made a purchase before asking the cashier to do him a 'favour'.

As this CCTV footage shows he then produced a gun and told the man "Could you empty that till for me please … I'm robbing you sir."

Retaining impeccable manners throughout the raid the man said he was committing the crime to feed his family and repeatedly apologised for what he was doing.

Taking $300 he even said he'd return the money if was ever back in a better financial position… but after being arrested he we first have to show how polite he can be to judge.

Britain today has an unlikely crime-fighting hero in the form of an elderly woman who used her handbag to tackle a gang of robbers who were raiding a jewellers.

It all happened in Northampton yesterday, as a gang of six men on motorbikes arrived at a high street jewellery store and smashed windows with sledgehammers.

While most onlookers were happy to keep their distance, call police and film the robbery for YouTube, one elderly woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

As this footage shows, she sprinted down the road before letting the guys have it with her handbag and generally giving them what-for.

275x250.jpgWe think it's safe to conclude from this mugshot that Jerome Smith isn't exactly what you would describe as a criminal mastermind.

And that's not only because the 27-year-old has been caught after allegedly pistol whipping a pregnant woman, but because of his facial tattoos.

It's not even just the fact he has a collection of various eastern symbols tattooed on his cheeks… but the giant misspelt word on his forehead.

Smith - who was arrested earlier this week in Ohio - had meant to get a tattoo claiming to be a 'Genius'… but actually says reads 'Jenius'.

But it almost doesn't matter if it's spelt correctly or not… we think it's highly unlikely anyone with an above average IQ would want the word inking on their head anyway.

A bungling burglar broke into a bakery, found himself trapped in a locked store room and then struggled to get back out.

As this CCTV footage shows, the youngster had entered the Melbourne building via a skylight but soon discovered he wasn't where he wanted.

After a moment of panic he tried to climb back out by stacking a pile of containers, but they toppled and he fell.

He then tried using some shelves to get out… but again ended up on the floor when they too collapsed.

While he did eventually manage to get out, it wasn't before looking directly into a security camera. After the image was released by police a 19-year-old handed himself in.

275x250.jpgDrug smugglers in Mexico have tried to use a medieval-style catapult to hurl packs of marijuana over the US border.

Following a tip-off the Mexican military have seized 16 kilograms of marijuana, a sports utility vehicle and a metal-framed catapult.

Surveillance footage shot near the small town of Naco shows the gang loading and testing the catapult which is powered by powerful elastic.

It's said the catapult was mounted onto a trailer so that it could easily be transported by the drug smugglers.

Officers say the device was capable to launching two kilograms of marijuana at a time… and is the sort of idea that could only have been dreamt up while high.

275x250.jpg A Star Wars fan who legally changed his name to Darth Vader, has been named and shamed by a train company this week for failing to pay for his ticket.

On a recent journey, Vader was caught without a ticket by London Midlands trains. But when he gave conductors his name, they were reluctant to believe him.

After checking with British Transport Police to confirm his identity, Vader - a 41-year-old bouncer from Walsall - was prosecuted and slapped with a £376 fine.

But Vader insists he's normally a law-abiding citizen and the only reason he didn't have a ticket was because he was rushing home to his wife (Sue Vader) was having an asthma attack… yes, a Vader with a breathing problem.

A man who'd been arrested in Utah on suspicion of burglary tried to escape from cops by jumping out of a moving police car.

As this footage shows, Nicholas Duffy was still handcuffed as he dubiously leaped from the speeding car and onto the highway.

The 20-year-old had complained to officers that he felt like vomiting and asked them to crack the rear window open a bit for for him.

But when they did he unbuckled himself before jumping out of the window as the car travelled along Interstate 15 at 30mph.

Unsurprisingly flying head-first from a car while his hands were cuffed behind his back didn't end well… he was soon back in custody and in need of a trip to hospital.

275x250.jpgA carrier pigeon which was being used to smuggle drugs into a prison in Colombia has been captured by police.

Officers say the bird was apprehended as it tried to fly into a prison in Bucaramanga carrying a package of marijuana and cocaine.

However, it was only discovered because the bird-brains crooks behind the plan had overloaded the bird with drugs to the point that it could no longer fly.

Police say the messenger pigeon was found trying to fly over prison fences but couldn't manage it because of the excess weight of the 45g package tied to its back.

It's not the first time Colombian drug gangs have used feathered accomplices, last year police found a parrot being used as a lookout. Leaving us wondering whether Big Bird might be a drug lord.

You'd have thought he'd be busy making last minute preparations for tonight - but this surveillance footage shows Santa is still finding time to fight crime.

Police in Sicilly say this footage shows a policeman arresting a suspected mafia member who was collecting protection money from a shopkeeper.

The video - shot with hidden cameras - shows the alleged mobster going into the store and taking money from the cashier.

But as he walks out and to his car he is jumped on by undercover officer, and one in a less inconspicuous red Santa costume.

So far police haven't explained why the officers was dressed as Santa. By which we obviously mean (if any kids are reading this), police haven't explained why Santa was helping them out.

A police officer picking up CCTV footage of robbery, accidentally stumbled into the scene of another robbery.

The cop had been called to an Ohio pharmacy to collect security footage of a robbery which had taken place earlier that evening.

But as CCTV footage shows, when Officer Joshua Campbell got there he was required to do more than pick up a DVD… because another robbery was taking place.

As he got to the counter he saw another robber leaning over and grabbing money from the till - so he quickly drew his gun and wrestled with the man.

Speaking after the incident Officer Campbell said he'd thought: "This can't be happening"… which we guess is also what went through the mind of the robber.

275x250.jpgAn advertising executive who had his laptop stolen from his car is offering a 'Fabulous Drug Stash' to anyone who can return his computer.

Kurt Shore had be preparing to leave his office car-park when a colleague triggered the alarm causing him to run briefly back inside.

But in the 30 seconds it took him to get back to his car, a crook had jumped out of their own car and grabbed a laptop from his front seat.

Now, in a bid to retrieve the laptop which contains photos of his children, he's produced a reward poster offering a "fabulous drug stash" to whoever returns the computer.

The poster also features a image of marijuana and Kurt says he has 'high' hopes of getting his MacBook back.

Most shoplifters try to discretely slip products into their pocket or bag… but not this one she had a more blatant approach.

Police in Ohio say Nakita Norman was arrested after being caught on CCTV cameras stuffing two fur coats in her trousers.

After casually walking around the store Norman removed the security tags from two coats while another man and woman distracted staff.

Then she opened her coat, lowered her trousers and proceeded to stuff the bulky fur coats - valued at £3,200 - into the legs.

Amazingly the 44-year-old was able to leave the store unnoticed… even though she had suddenly developed a slightly funny walk.

Police in Turkey say they've busted a bizarre gang of crooks who were stealing sheep from the back of moving trucks.

And in a bid to prevent further crimes, the officers then got them to re-enact their crime for a video which has been uploaded to YouTube.

Officers say the arrests were made after they discovered the gang were driving behind sheep-carrying tucks on a motorbike and cart.

One gang member would then climb onto the moving truck and start unloading sheep into the cart without the driver knowing.

Officers claim getting the gang to recreate the crime on video is to  dissuade others from similar crimes… but we all know they really just want more views for their account.

275x250.jpgA police marksman is being investigated after allegedly inserting song lyrics into evidence at the inquest of a lawyer who was shot dead.

The officer, known only as AZ8, had given evidence into the death of Mark Saunders, who was shot by police marksmen following an armed stand-off in London.

But while a jury recently ruled Saunders had been killed lawfully, the Metropolitan police firearms officer is now at the centre of a investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

It is alleged that, while giving evidence under oath, he deliberately inserted song titles into his verbal testimony.

He has currently been removed from operational firearms duty… at which point he probably started humming Put Your Gun Away by Ms. Dynamite.

275x250.jpgA man who robbed a bookmakers in Manchester has ended up in jail -- because he didn't know when to take his mask off.

Lorenzo Mason had waved gun around and demanded cash from scared staff, but on his way out the robber made a school-boy error.

While in the store he had disguised himself with a scarf, but on his way out he took it off.

Unfortunately for him, he decided to reveal himself (so to speak) right in front of CCTV cameras and police were able to identify him.

In fact his mother recognised the image of him in the local paper and made him turn himself in… she probably wanted them to use a cuter photo.

275x250.jpgA tattooist in Australia has been charged with assault after allegedly inking a 40cm penis on the back of a 'friend' who he'd had an argument with.

Queensland Police say the 25-year-old victim had been visiting the tattooist at home when he was talked into getting a tat.

He asked for a yin and yang symbol with some dragons, but instead ended up with a 40cm penis on his back, it wasn't until it was finished he realised what had happened.

Cops say the man claimed he was also punched and thrown out of the house adding that he'd been in an argument with the 21-year-old tattooist prior to being inked.

Yes that's right, he agreed to let the man he'd just been arguing with, tattoo him. Oops.

From 5am this morning Manchester Police have been posting live details of every incident they deal with to Twitter.

Bosses say the 24 hour move is part of a bid to show the public the complexities of modern policing which are often not seen.

It is also hoped people might question the sort of thing they contact police about after seeing a list of the numbered calls received by GMP.

Within the first eight hours alone there were more than 1,000 tweets sent, with incidents ranging from kids throwing eggs to serious crime.

Other things people contacted police about included 'Call 686' which reported a man shouting 'you're gorgeous' at a woman and 'Call 674' - a man who said his TV was broken.

Police have slammed the behaviour of a man who called 999 -- to report there was a cat in his kitchen.

Flabbergasted emergency staff say they even asked the man to repeat himself during the call, because they couldn't believe anyone was so stupid.

But he was that dim, repeating shouting "Cat, cat, cat!" and then asking them to send officers to get the kitty out of his house.

At one point the heavily accented man shouted: "I need to sleep. It's in my, my home." He was then politely advised to pick up the cat and remove it himself

The call has been released by Gloucestershire Police to highlight the problem of people misusing 999… and worryingly they said he wasn't the worst.

A man who claims he was duped into getting the logo of a radio station tattooed on his forehead has appeared in an impressive police mugshot.

David Winkelman was last week arrested in Iowa for failing to appear in court for operating amotor vehicle without the owner's consent and his police mugshot has since gone viral online.

And it's not hard to see why. In 2000 Winkelman heard a stunt on hard rock station KORB which offered anyone who'd have their logo tattooed on their head a cash prize.

But when he turned up at the station with his head decoration - which he'd convinced his stepbrother to get too - he was told it was a practical joke.

Winkelman says he can't afford to have the tattoo removed… and is fed up of people asking him what radio station he listens to.

Police have revealed an odd-looking e-fit of a suspected burglar who appears to have lettuce for hair.

The weird shape, texture and colour of the hair on the man - involved in a distraction burglary of an elderly woman - has led to him being dubbed 'the lettuce head burglar.'

Officers from Hampshire Police admit they suffered "technical issues" when producing the image and hope a software upgrade will allow better hair on e-fits soon.

However they hope the "clarity of the facial features" will lead to an arrest of the man described as being around 45-years-old, 5ft 8 tall and have wavy blonde or greying hair.

Our first stop would be to see if he is hiding by lying face down on an allotment somewhere. Check out our Top 5 Worst Photofits after the link.

275x250.jpgPolice in Colombia have 'arrested' a parrot after they found it was working as a lookout for a drug gang.

Officers say the bird called Lorenzo had been trained to squark "Run, run you are going to get caught." whenever it spotted a police uniform.

But unfortunately for the bosses of the drug cartel in question, when their hide-out in Barranquilla was recently raided by police… they were undercover officers.

As a result our men were arrested and it was only when uniformed officers seized the feathered look-out, he started squawking: "Run, run you are going to get caught."

A police spokesperson said more than 1,500 gang member birds in Colombia had been trained as lookouts… but many, like Lorenzo, are now jailbirds.

275x250.jpgIt has the traditional flashing blue light and is decorated in force livery, but this police vehicle is unlike any you have seen before.

A rural police force has revealed their latest vehicle in the fight against crime… a five ton 25mph tractor.

Lincolnshire Police say the £50,000 John Deere 6630 tractor will help them by raising awareness or rural crime when it appears at farmer's markets in the county.

It will be used to promote the use of SmartWater and schemes which encourage people who live and work in the countryside to be vigilant and report crime.

It's not known if the normal siren on the temporary loan tractor has been replaced by one which goes: "Oh Arr, Oh Arr, Oh Arr."

275x250.jpg You probably think costumed super heroes only exist on the pages of comic books and in Hollywood movies, don't you? It's an easy mistake to make.

But there are actually hundreds of ordinary people (without super-powers) who get dressed up each day to go out and fight crime or campaign for what they think is right.

And now Hollywood photographer Peter Tangen - who has shot images for Spiderman, Batman and Hellboy movie posters - is setting out to document the lives of the these anonymous costumed activists.

Along with a team of designers, he each week creates a Hollywood style movie poster for one of the real life superheroes… and to be honest most of them look more interesting than your average superhero film.

The French Spiderman, also know by the more mundane name of Alain Robert, has been arrested in Australia after climbing a 57-storey building.

Robert - who's previously scaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the New York Times building in New York - made it to the top within 25 minutes.

But police who had been alerted to his impromptu climb without safety equipment were less than impressed and were waiting for the 48-year-old at the top.

Fans who had gathered and the bottom of the Lumiere Building on Bathurst Street, Sydney, to watch the climb were no doubt unhappy to see their hero being led away by cops.

Police are now threatening to throw the book at him… which mean he could soon be climbing the walls of a prison cell.

275x250.jpgPolice officers have been told to think more carefully about the underwear they wear on duty and ditch brightly coloured pants.

Cops at West Midlands Police have also been told they should not be wearing particularly sexy undies which might get noticed.

A notice was recently issued which even told them they should avoid having a visible panty line (VPL) and undies should be "inconspicuous" under their uniform.

But while some officers say they feel like they're being treated as children the force insist the advice is just that and not a new underwear policy.

One WPC said the move was so nannying she was going to join the army -- at least that's what we think she meant about going commando.

A police officer in the US was trapped in his squad car for more than three hours when 50,000 bees landed on the vehicle.

Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Jenkins had been called to a broken down lorry in North Carolina in the early hours of the morning.

However, when he got there he found the cargo - 60 boxes of bees had escaped - and as he approached they all swarmed towards him.

The officer ran back towards his car and managed to get inside but the thousands of bees proceeded to land on his car trapping him inside and forcing him to call for help.

He probably asked for a 'swat' team to come and free him in a 'sting' operation. 

275x250.jpgArmed police were called to investigate a student in Atlanta who'd been seen carrying a Samurai sword… which turned out to be an umbrella.

Officers were put on alert when a man was spotted wearing his umbrella - which has an authentic samurai sword handle - on his back and entering a building.

A SWAT team was dispatched to the college campus and, fearing a loopy student going on a sword rampage, the residence building was quickly evacuated.

But the student had already left (without the brolly) and it was only when he returned to show the heavily armed cops the umbrella, they believed him.

The umbrella, which is now being sold with a "May incite SWAT teams" warning, has now been banned on the campus.

275x250.jpgA driver faces what is believed to be the world's biggest speeding fine after he was caught doing 186 mph on a Swiss motorway.

The massive £640,000 fine is calculated on a combination of the 37-year-old's income and the speed at which he was clocked.

Police say the Swedish motorist was going so fast in his £140,000 Mercedes SLS that it even took him almost half a mile to stop.

And embarrassingly they claim he avoided a number of radars on his route between Bern and Lausanne because they are only capable of registering speeds up to 125mph.

When they were eventually able to apprehend him, the speedy driver claimed his speedo must be broken.

Normally when you see 'Cops' style reality TV show arrests people are hiding their faces and non-too-happy about being filmed.

But a US woman had an unusual reaction to police and a TV crew knocking on her door and arresting someone from the house -- she was ecstatic about it.

As soon as the elderly woman spotted the camera she quizzed officers about what it was for. When she was told it was "County Law' she couldn't hide her excitement.

After asking when the show would air she repeatedly whooped "County Law, County Law, County Law!"

So cringe-worthy was her outburst that her pal - who was (let's not forget) being arrested on TV - begged her to stop because it was embarrassing.

275x250.jpgA benefits cheat who claimed he was crippled by arthritis has been caught out after being filmed performing jazz dance routines.

Cheating Terence Read had, for 15 years, claimed arthritis meant he could hardly walk and received disability benefits of £19,915 during this time.

But after being tipped off he was considerably more mobile than he let on, benefits bosses caught him red-handed by videoing him dancing.

Undercover officers secretly filmed Read as he competed in dance contest where he twirled his partner around during an elaborate five minute routine.

Yesterday the footage of his moves were reviewed by a different kind of judge… one sitting at Manchester Crown Court where he was given a 12-month community order and 120 hours of unpaid work.

A gang of robbers have found out the hard way that you can only push a geek gamer so far… trying to take his Nintendo DS.

The would-be robbers had stormed into a Hawaii gaming cafe and assaulted staff before making demands for cash from gamers.

And the robbery was all going to plan - with people begrudgingly handing over their money - until one of the raiders told a game fan to give him his Nintendo DS.

The irate gamer reacted like he'd just received a power-up and struck back, first by charging at the crook fists swinging, and pulling him to the ground.

At that point other members of the gang fled… probably to go back home and play GTA where it's a bit easier to get away with a crime.

275x250.jpgA Segway rider has become the first person in Britain to be prosecuted for driving the self-balancing electric vehicle on the pavement.

Phillip Coates was just popping to the shops on his £5,000 gizmo when he was stopped by police, quizzed about it, and then charged.

They say the high-tech device breaches the Highways Act of 1835 and constitutes a 'motor vehicle' which can't legally be used on footpaths.

But Phillip says he will challenge the charge and hopes to see the motorised scooter reclassified and allowed on pavements as in much or Europe and the US.

Let's just hope for his sake his legal case is as stable as his 21mph vehicle.

275x250.jpgA teenage fugitive dubbed 'the Barefoot Bandit' has been caught after two years on the run from the police.

During his crime spree, 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore stole fast cars, powerboats and more than five planes - always keeping one step ahead of the authorities.

As his thefts became more audacious, so his popularity grew online and at the time of his arrest the cult hero had thousands of fans online.

Colton - who originally snuck out of Juvenile detention centre - even featured on a FBI wanted poster as legend of his crimes grew.

However, he was eventually captured in the Bahamas in a boat-chase with the Royal Bahamas Police Force... well if there's a cool way to get caught that's it.

A Spanish pitch invader who tried to get his hands on the World Cup trophy was floored by a single punch from a security guard.

Jaume Marquet Cot - also known as Jimmy Jump - had run across the pitch ahead of the Holland v Spain final towards the famous trophy which stood on a podium on the halfway line.

But as Barcelona fan Jimmy tried to place a Catalan hat on the World Cup, a security guard stepped up and landed a right hook around his face, knocking him to the floor.

The red-faced 36-year-old - who has previously invaded countless football pitches, the Spanish Grand Prix and even the Eurovision Song Contest - was then carried shamefully off down the tunnel.

While the serial pitch invader has previously been let off easily for his stunts he is now in custody waiting to be charged… and still wondering where that fist came from.

275x250.jpgA kleptomaniac kitty has been reported to police after owners realised he was stealing underwear from their neighbours.

Each day Oscar the cat burglar would return to his Southampton home with socks and knickers as gifts for his new owners.

But they began to worry the missing underwear could get reported to police as a theft and decided to contact themselves and report their pet.

Owner Peter Weismantel says he was forced to make the move when their daily  10 kitty-nicked items began to include children's underpants and sexy lingerie.

It's not known how Oscar's criminal tendencies will be curbed… or whether Peter's neighbours believe his stories.

Police in Florida have found an unusual way of deterring crime -- riding through busy bars on horseback.

Officers say entering bars and clubs on horseback shows a stronger police presence and makes people less likely to commit crimes.

And looking at this video we think it could work, you wouldn't want to get busted at the bar by this guy would you?

However, some businesses in Tampa are said to be worried that when it's busy over a weekend someone could get hurt or even trampled by a horse.

Unsurprisingly videos of the horses walking into bars have also become an online hit -- and prompted one too many 'a horse walks into a bar' jokes.

275x250.jpgA Halloween-style joke fake arm was caused a motorway to be closed for several hours after it was spotted by drivers.

Dozens of motorists traveling on the M62 in Merseyside had seen the faux arm lying at the side of the road and assuming it was real, called police.

As a result a search was launched and the road was closed while officers looked for the bloody arm and any other body parts.

After an extensive several hour hunt the joke arm was recovered and the road reopened -- but only when council workers contacted police to say they'd picked it up earlier in the day.

Officers say they don't know how the plastic arm ended up in the road… and if anyone could give them a hand finding out they would appreciate it.

275x250.jpgPolice in New York are hunting for a woman who robbed a store while wearing a Catwoman mask -- and have released comic book inspired wanted poster.

In fact the wanted image looks like it could have come straight from a DC comic and can't be too helpful in tracking down the crook.

Officers say the woman went into a high-end shoe store and spent over half an hour looking and shoes while wearing the feline mask.

She then went to the till and handed over a note which said Give me the money. I have a gun.’ before grabbing the cash, stuffing it into her bag and leaving.

Cops have now released CCTV of the incident and the less than purrfect photofit in the hope someone can help locate her -- we think they are hoping Batman is around.

275x250.jpgA Cambodian Buddhist monk has been charged with secretly filming women bathing in a temple's holy water.

Net Khai is said to have filmed hundreds of woman as they stripped off and bathed in the holy water - before sharing his clips with others.

Police in Phnom Penh say the 37-year-old was arrested after a woman discovered she had been filmed in a bathroom and reported the incident.

Officers then visited the temple where the monk confessed he had secretly filmed 'hundreds' of women since 2008.

Net Khai has been stripped of his religious status and now faces a year in jail where he will get plenty of time to meditate.

A rapper is tying up police emergency lines in Manchester -- by repeatedly calling 999 and singing at operators.

Police say he's called THOUSANDS of times in the past 18 months, but because of regulations they're not allowed to hang up on him.

His calls - where he sings, raps, preaches and plays loud music - are said to have cost over £1,000 per month to deal with, and officers have blocked over 60 mobile phone numbers.

But whenever they do, the man, who speaks with a Jamaican accent, just gets a new SIM card and carries on - possibly blocking real emergency calls.

Recordings of his calls have now been released in the hope someone might recognise his singing… maybe you have seen him on the X Factor.

Police are investigating a group of holiday makers who were filmed inflating a rubber dinghy through the window of their car… as they drove.

As the car sped through the streets of Llangollen, North Wales, a passenger held a dinghy out of the window and started blowing.

Possibly over-eager to get to the beach, they then proceeded to inflate the blue dinghy as they traveled at 40mph - despite it nearly hitting several pedestrians.

A motorcyclist who was following the car filmed the shocking incident and uploaded the video to YouTube, where it was seen by cops.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said they could prosecute for dangerous driving… we think they were talking about the dinghy and not the biker with a camcorder.

A pair of motorcycle-riding handbag thieves in China have been arrested after they were chased by a group of irate shoppers who saw them attack a woman.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened in Wenzhou last week and started when the motorbike-riding crooks drove past a woman and grabbed the handbag she was carrying.

As the pair sped off down the road, the victim tried to run after them, and passers-by who had seen what happened they joined in.

Within seconds, dozens of shoppers and store-owners were following the bike which was forced to double back on himself.

At that point the men were pushed off the bike and attacked by the gang with whatever they had to hand… including one guy who threw a chest-of-drawers at him, really.

275x250.jpgA team of ninjas scared off three would-be muggers in Australia when they were spotted attacking a man near to the dojo where they train.

The muggers had grabbed a mobile phone and iPod from a German exchange student, who was visiting Sydney, before pushing his to the ground and repeatedly kicking him.

But luckily for the 27-year-old medical student, the assault had been seen by a member of a nearby dojo who ran inside and told his sensei what was happening.

With that the class at Ninja Senshi Ryu was abruptly halted and the five martial arts experts - all wearing full black ninja garb - ran outside to help the attack victim.

When the attackers looked up and saw the shadowy figures running at them, they dropped what they were doing and quickly scarpered -- presumably after wondering what the fudge had just happened.

An armed robber picked on the wrong guy during a raid at a Leeds bookmakers, as this CCTV shows.

When the robber pointed a gun at the head of Martin Richardson - an 18-stone rugby player - his have-a-go-hero gene must have kicked in.

Martin was blocking the exit to the store when the man waving the gun (which turned out to be a replica) told him to open the door and get out of the way.

But rather than do what he was told the judo expert picked up a nearby chair and hurled it at the confused robber.

He then proceeded to wrestle the raider to the floor and sit on him until police arrived to arrest him. Martin says he'd not been in a good mood that day anyway.

275x250.jpgMoney exchange offices in the UK have stopped selling the 500 Euro note -- because experts say 90 percent of them are used by crooks.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) say the high value Euro notes are almost exclusively in the procession of gangs, drug dealers and money launderers.

€500 notes are said to have been particularly attractive to criminals because they takes up less than a tenth of the space of the alternatives in sterling, meaning they can be moved easier.

Experts say an adult male "mule" could swallow 150,000 euros (£127,705) of the notes and 20,000 euros could even be hidden in a cigarette packet.

While no more €500s will be issued, the note is not being made illegal and anyone with one will still be able to pay it into their bank… where tellers will look at them suspiciously.

275x250.jpg Police in Switzerland have started hiring an actor to dress as an angel and stand at the side of busy roads.

Complete with a white suit and feathered wings, the angel is being employed for 20 hours per week to wave at speeding motorists in a bid to slow them down.

The idea comes from a recent television advertising campaign where the bearded angel tells heavy footed drivers to "Slow Down. Take It Easy".

The unnamed actor will now spend at least six months standing by the side of roads in western Switzerland… worryingly we think if we saw him we would be more likely to crash.

Police officers arrived at the scene of a reported armed robbery, only to discover the 'crime' was actually a shoot for an upcoming movie.

Cops had been called out when a passerby saw what they thought was an armed robbery at a grocery store in New York.

But when the SEVEN police cars arrived and 15 officers burst into the store, they discovered they weren't needed.

That's because the weapon which had been seen was a prop and the person waving it at staff was an actor in a independent movie.

Police say the director had forgotten to notify them he was filming a scene involving a firearm… given how close his actors came to being shot, we don't think he will make that mistake again.

275x250.jpgBritain's rarest wild flower is set to receive added police protection when it flowers later this year.

The Lady’s Slipper orchid growing in Lancashire is believed to have been planted in the 1800s and be the last flowering example of its kind in the UK.

While the flower at Silverdale Golf Course in Carnforth is already protected in law, police want to boost protection because it has been mutilated twice over the past six years.

They are now considering ways of of making it safer, including CCTV cameras and setting up extra patrols.

Let's just hope a wayward golf ball doesn't smash the flower before the police can protect it.

275x250.jpgA pair of robbers who killed themselves by overestimating the amount of dynamite they needed to break into a bank have received a posthumous award for their stupidity.

The dumb duo have been named as the winners of the Darwin Awards 2009 - an annual award which each year celebrates people who took themselves out of the gene pool by dying.

Our would-be robbers had been trying to blow their way into a Belgian ATM cashpoint in the city of Dinant, by using dynamite. But they wildly overestimated how much it would take.

The resulting blast was so large that it not only demolished the entire building where the ATM was housed, but also killed the pair instantly.

Police say their death was so quick no-one even got a chance to say to them, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

A woman called 999 to tell police that her cat was playing with string and it was annoying her.

The odd call was revealed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to highlight the problem of nuisance 999 calls, particularly over the holiday period.

The woman called 999 over Christmas to report that her cat was playing with string and it was 'doing her head in.'

It is not known exactly how police responded, but we can guess.

Another caller over the Christmas period phoned police to say he was stuck on a patch of ice in a street in Bolton and was too scared to go forwards or backwards.

275x250.jpgA UK town ended up with dim street-lights when drug growers hacked into the electricity supply to power their cannabis farm.

The 200-plant cannabis factory in Lancashire is said to have drained so much power that residents asked the council if they were using low-energy lightbulbs.

But it was only when police noticed the dim lights and launched an investigation they discovered the local electricity network had been tampered with.

It was found that a 19-year-old woman was illegally draining the lighting system to power a £100,000 cannabis factory in her three rooms of her Fleetwood home.

The electricity was powering a sophisticated lighting and watering scheme -- something her neighbours were in the dark about, literally.

275x250.jpgA man wearing a Santa suit, false beard and sunglasses has robbed a bank at gunpoint.

The Father Christmas walked into the SunTrust Bank in Nashville and demanded the teller gave him cash -- he then pulled out the gun.

As he stuffed the wads of money into his sack, he told staff he would "kill everyone" if they put dye packs in with the notes or tried and funny stuff.

It is not known why Santa has turned to a life of crime... but some people speculate his elves have demanded a pay increase this year.

Fugitive prisoner still updating Facebook

275x250.jpgDespite being on the run from police after absconding from prison three months ago, Craig Lynch is finding time to update his Facebook page.

The 28-year-old disappeared from Hollesley Bay Prison in Suffolk where he had been serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary.

But since then he is said to have taunted cops by updating his Facebook page - where he has 880 friends - with boasts about what he is doing - and even where he plans to be at certain times.

So if police really wanted to re-capture him, they might consider going to a certain party in Lowestoft on New Year's Eve where he says he will be.

Police hunt for supermarket bum sniffer

Police are on the look out for an odd criminal who was caught on CCTV repeatedly sniffing the bum of a supermarket worker.

The pervert - who is balding, ginger and about 40-years-old - has been seen smelling the rears of Co-op workers in Plymouth, Devon.

Cops say he has done this at least 20 times and have released the footage of him sniffing peopled bottoms in the hope that someone can identify him.

The clip clearly shows him pretending to pick items from shelves near staff and sniffing their bum.

On one occasion he got so close his nose touched the man... guess he really did get a bum deal from Co-op.

275x250.jpgA 1.5 metre tall remote-controlled Dinosaur robot has been stolen from a Walking With Dinosaurs show in Mexico.

Staff of the show - a live action production based on the hit BBC series - say they noticed the robo-dino was missing after their opening day in Guadalajara.

The show features 10 giant robots, some measuring 13m tall and worth £550,000 each. It tells the story of the 200 million-year reign of the dinosaurs.

Luckily for bosses, they say the stolen robot was one of their smallest dinosaurs, though it was still said to be worth £55,000.

It is not known how someone managed to smuggle the 1.5m tall dinosaur out of the venue, or what they plan to do with it -- but there could be one very happy Mexican boy somewhere.

Iraqi shoe-thrower gets shoe hurled at him

The Iraqi man who threw a shoe at George Bush has seen what it's like when the shoe's on the other foot… well hurling at him to be more precise.

TV journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi was giving a press conference in Paris about his own shoe throwing experience, when another shoe thrower decided to target him with a boot.

Al-Zaidi,much like Bush in December 2008, was easily able to duck and dodge the shoe as his attacker was chased by security.

While the identity of the new shoe-thrower is not known, or the exact reason for his hurl - he is thought to be Iraqi.

Keeping his hero status among many people, Al-Zaidi quipped "He stole my technique" shortly after the shoe zipped past his head.

275x250.jpgA man has been arrested after calling emergency services in the US... to ask for a police escort to a Lil Wayne concert.

Michael Kruse said he was dialling cops because he didn't think he was going to make the 350 mile journey to Miami in time, and didn't want to get stopped for speeding.

But the 20-year-old was not even deterred when a remarkably patient operator told him "we
don't do escorts" -- he then asked if they could fly him there in a helicopter.

Other gems in the call - which has been released by police - are the lines "We don't just send helicopters up for rappers" and "We can't give you a police escort to go see a rapper in Miami."

You can hear the guy - who was arrested on a missdemeanor charge for making false emergency calls - in his full idiotic glory after the link.

275x250.jpgThis may look like the world's worst photo-fit - but Bolivian police say it helped them secure an arrest in a murder case.

Cops claim that soon after they issued this image, people came forward with information allowing them to make an arrest over the case of a stabbed taxi driver.

The drawing - which looks more like the work of a child than a CSI expert - was done by a neighbour who saw the suspect.

It features a narrow face with a lopsided mouth, a thin nose, straight eyebrows and hair that seems to defy physics.

Check out newsreaders revealing the image on Bolivian TV, we don't know what they are saying… but we can guess.

Police have released a video of an over affectionate cat climbing all over an officer as he tries to issue a driver a ticket.

As officer Keith Urban, from Taylor Police Department in Texas, stood next to the car a cat can be seen approaching him in footage shot on a camera in his patrol car.

While he goes about his job the black cat climbs up his leg and onto his notepad - before reaching the top of his head.

Officer Urban repeatedly shakes the cat and somehow manages to keep a straight face, though we can't see the face of the driver he was ticketing.

Given the gung-ho attitude to weapons normally associated with American cops, we are surprised he didn't taser the little kitty.

Facebook spy warning for employers

275x250.jpgCompanies have been warned that vetting potential job candidates on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter could land them in hot water.

The Law Society has warned the online spying could leave employers vulnerable to discrimination claims.

John Morris, Chair of the Law Society’s Employment Law Committee said: "Using these sites to canvass more information about an employee or an interview candidate is potentially risky for an employer.
"For example, it is possible to obtain information about a person’s sexual orientation or religious beliefs that can impact or is perceived to impact on the decision made to recruit or not recruit that person- this can lead to discrimination claims."
There is also the risk employers could see an update which says "Got an interview and that shit company, boring as, but at least they pay well."

Mechanics who were meant to be fixing a broken radiator on a car took it on a 120 mph joyride - not knowing it had a camera fitted.

As a result, when the owner of the £30,000 Vauxhall Monaro confronted them about the joyride they initially denied it… until this saw the hair-raising footage.

The owner says he became suspicious when he picked up his repaired car to find his petrol tank was lower than he remembered.

When he got back to his home in Reditch he decided to check his Roadhawk device which he had earlier installed to record video and log GPS data for every journey the car made.

He then saw the footage of his pride-and-joy being raced through country lanes at speed up to 120 mph - to get into the mind of this pertol-head imagine seeing your baby dangled off a balcony.

DUI La-z-boy chair auction up to $40,000

275x250.jpgA La-z-boy chair which shot to fame when a man got caught drink driving on it, has now been put on eBay by police.

The chair - converted with lawnmower engines to drive on the road - was used by Dennis Anderson to drive home in Minnesota, after drinking about eight beers.

He was arrested by police and later pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated. Unsurprisingly, the odd news soon spread around the internet.

But police now hope to cash-in on the 'DUI La-z-boy' by selling it on eBay - all proceeds will be split between police, state and the prosecuting attorney.

The chair was put up for auction on Thursday with a starting bid of $500, though over the weekend this jumped up to $40,000… meaning someone had more to drink than Mr Anderson.

A woman who drove her BMW 4x4 over two other cars as she tried to park has seen a video of her escapades become an online hit.

Tripta Kaushal had been trying to park her BMW SUV X5 in Toronto when she banged her foot down on the accelerator instead of the break.

As the 62-year-old did this her car sped OVER two other parked cars - she then turned around and fled the car park like nothing had happened.

Luckily for us (and YouTube) a CCTV camera was on hand to capture the action which has now been viewed by over half a million people

Not so luckily for Tripta that also included police who charged her with failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

A team of internet scammers have themselves been conned into wasting hours of their time - hand writing the entire 293 pages of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

When he received an e-mail offering him a slice of a $27 million fortune from the Federal Republic of Nigeria our 'scammer scammer' didn't just hit the junk button.

Instead he told them he could not reply because his company were conducting research into hand-writing adding that they could earn $100 per page if they wanted to help.

Police officers in the UK have been blasted by bosses after posting sick images of their crashed police cars on Facebook.

The group 'Yes I Have Had A Polcol' has over 300 members and features dozens of images - some with officers posing up next to the accidents.

Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said it was “totally unacceptable” for officers to post pictures bragging about hitting pedestrians and damaging police cars and vans.

FBI wiretap cut off over unpaid bill

The FBI have had an international wiretap cut off after the American agency failed to pay its bill, a U.S. government audit has revealed.

The wiretap had been enacted under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, for electronic spying in terrorism and intelligence cases but was disrupted when payment was not received in time.

"Late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence, including an instance where delivery of intercept information required by a ... FISA order was halted due to untimely payment," the audit said.

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