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275x250.jpg A bungling burglar who tried to steal Christmas trees from a nursery has been caught -- after police simply followed a trail of pine needles.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police say they just had to follow the fallen green spikes for half a mile to get their man.

Five trees had been pinched from Park House Nurseries in Spenborough and sure enough after following the needle that's what they found dumped in a garden.

A police spokesman said: "The foliage led officers to a house where the stolen trees were found and recovered. As an extra present, officers also found a cannabis farm at the address."

A spokesperson from the nursery said the trees had been marketed as low needle drop trees… but had still dropped enough for them to follow.

275x250.jpg Today is officially the day when Britons finally start to feel 'Christmassy', a study has discovered.
A survey of 2,000 people found the festive feeling only arrives when we’ve ticked off 60 per cent of the Christmas shopping and started counting down the days until the festive break.
Putting up decorations, wrapping a handful of gifts and hearing festive songs also contribute to the uplift in our mood, as does the office Christmas party.

Other things which will make this Thursday Christmassy include turning on the Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies and eating the first mince pie of the year.

Constantly hearing Christmas songs is also said to make many people feel Christmassy… thought we find it just makes us feel mad.

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