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275x250.jpgFour in 10 kids would rather receive expensive Christmas presents than spend time with Mum and Dad, it has been revealed.

A study has revealed that 13 million British children would prefer to receive a new games console, puppy or bike than undivided attention from their parents.

More than half of those polled said the very best thing about Christmas is seeing what presents are under the tree when they wake up.

However, 45 percent of kids admitted that having both mum and dad with them all day also makes Christmas special.

The most popular toys rivalling mum and dad's attention include computer games and mp3 players - which makes sense when you think about it, how could parents compete with a Nintendo Wii?

IT people will work the most over Christmas

275x250.jpgSpare a thought for IT techies this Christmas, half of them will be working or on standby on Christmas Day - more than any other profession.

A study of over 1,000 British workers asked when people expected to work over the festive period and what they would get paid for doing so.

Emergency service staff, journalists and freight drivers said they were also likely to spend their Christmas day working.

And despite the large numbers of British workers expecting to work, 23 per cent said they’d be doing so for the same wage they normally work for.

While that may initially seem unfair, remember that most of the techies will actually be watching Doctor Who on the iPlayer and eating turkey sandwiches anyway.

Families will spend £1,695 on Christmas

275x250.jpgThe average family of four will spend a whopping £1,695 on Christmas this year, a study has revealed.

Presents alone will cost a total of £606 while a staggering £321 will be spent on food and drinks.

People will shell out £125 on decorations for the home, Christmas tree, garden and dinner tables and a further £22 on cards, wrapping paper and postage.

Christmas parties will also cost a small fortune - including £130 on new party outfits, £32 on party accessories such as handbags and jewellery, £15 on make-up and £15.08 on perfume or aftershave.

Suddenly I remember why I become a Jehovah’s Witnesses for 15 days of each year.

275x250.jpgIn one of the more bizarre events on the UK sporting calendar, thousands of people yesterday turned out to watch the 7th annual pantomime horse race.

A parody of the traditional Grand National race at Aintree, the charity event sees competitors slip into pantomime horse and jockey outfits for the race in Birmingham city centre.

But it is not all laughs -- hundreds of pounds are bet on the racers at a special bookmakers which is set up on the site.

After the bets have been placed, the competitors then charge around the gruelling 12 jump course in the hope of scooping the (obviously prestigious) title. 

275x250.jpgA turkey farm has installed a live webcam to let customers watch their Christmas dinner running around the field.

Shoppers will be able to check their Christmas turkey is plumping up nicely before making it to their table, by tuning in online.

Farm, Park & Wild say their 'Turkey Cam' gives a unique insight into the (albeit short) lives of their 450 Norfolk Black and Norfolk Bronze turkeys.

The camera is live 24 hours a day and shows them running around the field and feeding and at night they are secured in a large barn.

Obviously the camera will get turned off shortly before Christmas - though your turkey could be the only one in the street to come with its own showreel DVD.

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