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It's never too early to start exercising. That's clearly what this baby thinks -- either that or he is desperate to watch cartoons on YouTube.

Little Jonas has become an online hit after being filmed doing chin-up exercises on a desk, despite only being nine-months-old.

Then nappy-wearing youngster is seen repeatedly lifting himself off the floor to get a better view of a clip from The Jungle Book playing on the computer screen.

Writing on YouTube his mother joked "We're working on teaching him to rock climb now." At least we THINK she was joking.

Babies find the strangest things amusing, from ripping paper to bubble popping dogs… and now even a vacuum cleaner is apparently enough to leave them in fits of hysterics.

A video which is currently surging on YouTube shows a cute baby giggling as his mother used a vacuum cleaner on the floor and his T-shirt.

A two-year-old has become an online hit after being filmed strutting his stuff to Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock.

Little William Stokkebroe was attending a dance event in Denmark when he took to the floor in his check shirt and jeans and proceeded to show off his moves.

The pint-sized dancer even threw in a theatrical bow as he received a round of applause from the appreciative audience. If only he knew 5 million more would see him on YouTube.

But he should be good… his parents are world champion Latin dancers Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe and claim he learnt from watching them in the dance studio.

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