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In the right hands, a bag of flour can be used to create fantastic foods, but in the wrong hands it can be a weapon of mass destruction.

At least that's what one mother was probably thinking when she discovered her darling children had covered their entire home with the white powder.

A video showing the moment the unfortunate mom discovered the flour-based devastation -- along with her grinning young boys -- has now become a hit on YouTube.

Footage shows the mother repeatedly saying "Oh my gosh!" as she walks around the flour covered living room and hallways… and is a warning to parents everywhere.

275x250.jpg Parents of two children treat their youngest as the favourite, new research has found.

A study of 1,803 parents shows that 59 per cent of the time, parents will subconsciously choose the youngest child over the eldest.
In particular, mums and dads are more likely to side with a younger child in an argument, lavish them with more attention, let them have their own way and spend longer reading with them.
Younger children also benefit from more treats and cuddles, and their parents find it hard refusing them anything they want.
Of the 1,803 people questioned, only 23 per cent of parents were prepared to admit they DID have a favourite child – of these, 54 per cent chose their youngest child.

A video of a young boy being busted strutting his stuff to Smooth Criminal while he did the dishes has become an online hit.

Little Frankie had asked his dad to put the Michael Jackson hit on the stereo while he did the dishes… and it soon becomes clear why.

To start with the lad can be seen nodding his head to the music, before busting out a series of more and more impressive dance moves.

By the end of the footage -- shot by dad on a mobile phone -- he's really going for it… until he sees the camera and his laughing father.

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