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275x250.jpg We've previously seen children's drawings turned into amazing artworks -- now they are being turned into cool toys.

The guys over at Child's Own Studio will take a drawing your child has done (or maybe you) and use it as a blueprint for a stuffed toy.

They will even use materials you provide yourself -- maybe a baby-grow or a former favourite blanket -- to make the distinctive and unique toy.

However, there is bad news, because the service has proven so popular Wandy Tsao says they are not taking any more orders this year. So back to the drawing board for Christmas… though not to draw a toy.

A video of a young baby breaking out of his cot and then trying to destroy the evidence has become an online hit.

The clip shows little baby Dayne being put in his cot along with his twin brother for a nap… but he apparenty has other ideas.

Once his mother -- who set up the camera to work out how wh was getting out -- has left the room Dayne looks at his brother, the two knowing what is about to happen.

He then vaults over the side of the cot and bangs down onto the carpet below… before quickly taking the camera out like a master crook.

A baby in Australia has survived a terrifying accident which saw a car plough into a newsagents and the pram he was lying in.

Remarkably, the 17-month-old baby boy was uninjured in the crash which saw his pram knocked upside down in the Sydney store.

The boy's mother -- who had been standing nearby -- raced to the pram after the smash and scooped the boy up clutching him in horror.

Police say the driver had veered off the road to avoid another car… but apparently not the newsagents.

A video of a young lad playing Angry Birds on an iPad for the first time has become an online hit.

And it's not hard to see why, because his reaction at seeing birds hurled at evil pigs is quite simply amazing!

Sitting on a sofa with the iPad on his legs the boy screams, throws his arms into the air… and then asks to see the explosions again.

Writing on YouTube his parents said: "My son loves our iPad, so I thought I'd show him Angry Birds. Didn't expect this reaction though…"

275x250.jpg A US couple have been accused of beating their 16-year-old daughter and forcing her to take part in a medieval-style duel.

It's been reported that the duo even made the girl dress in armour for the battle with her stepfather.

The pair are said to have fought for two hours with wooden swords and police say the stepfather beat the girl with a tree branch prior to the duel.

Reports also claim the girl was being punished for going to a party without the parents permission and that the couple are Renaissance enthusiasts.

They apparently enjoy recreating fights from the medieval era‚ and due to appear in court they could well be heading to the stocks themselves.

275x250.jpg Hackers reportedly took control of the Sesame Street YouTube page recently -- posting a series of sexually explicit clips.

Innocent video of puppets Bert, Ernie and Elmo were switched with pornographic ones‚ not featuring the puppets.

As a result of the hacker attack the Sesame Street page on YouTube was quickly removed "due to repeated or severe violations of community guidelines."

A spokesperson for Sesame Street said: "Our channel was compromised and we are presently working with YouTube/Google to restore our original content.

"We always strive to provide age-appropriate content for our viewers and hope to resolve this problem quickly."

An 11-year-old young lad from India has roller-skated his way into the Guinness Book of World Records… and under 20 cars.

Rohan Ajit Kokane set a new roller-skating limbo record by passing under a series of cars while on his wheels -- and decked out in green lycra and sweatbands.

After building up speed, Rohan did the splits -- so he was travelling while close the ground -- and whizzed through the 35cm tall gap under the parked vehicles.

It took 30 seconds for him to come to a standstill and having travelled 126ft 11in adjudicators said he'd broken the previous limbo record by more than 26ft… even if it wasn't a limbo as we know it.

275x250.jpgDespite most parents agonising over choosing the right names for their children, many end up regretting' the name, it's been found.

A study of more than 1,000 parents recently discovered that 8% wish they had picked another name for their little ones.

Of those, the majority, 53%, said they felt this way because they'd chosen a name that was ‘fashionable’ at the time, but wasn't now.

However 32%, of said they regretted their child’s first name because it had since become a very common name for children and it no longer felt unique.

While 41% of parents had decided upon a name before their child was born, 6% said it took them over a week of deliberating to pick.

To be honest we prefer it when this kind of thing backfires -- but here's a cute clip of little girl getting told she's going to Disneyland.

It was a week before Lily turned six-years-old and her mother asked her whether se wanted to open an early birthday present, unsurprisingly she said yes.

So she opened a pink bag full of Disney products and appeared pretty pleased with it too… then her mom revealed the 'real' present was that they were going to Disneyland.

Lily responded in the way seen on Disney TV adverts and went through an emotional range including shock, doubt, happiness and uncontrollable joy, all in about four seconds.

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