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We're not sure how to describe this video, depending on how you like your viral videos, it's either a dog bursting bubbles, or a baby laughing at a dog bursting bubbles.

Either way it's absolutely great and if you don't enjoy it we're afraid to tell you you're dead on the inside.

In the minute-log clip a little girl called Molly can be seen laughing hysterically a her pet dog Bennie jumps around popping bubble with his mouth.

And that's it. But it's better than it sounds… as the 1,000,000 views it has received since being uploaded to YouTube earlier this month prove.

275x250.jpgMore than 6,000 Lego fans have spent four days building the world's tallest Lego-based tower in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The volunteers used 500,000 of the famous little bricks to construct the multicoloured monolith which measured 31.19m tall.

Bosses from Lego even sent officials from Denmark to oversee the rising of the structure from the shopping centre car-park.

And while most of the builders were children, they needed a bit of help getting the top brick in place, well it was 31m high and none of them had a crane operating licence.

Asked whether it had been hard work breaking the 2008 record which was set in Chilie, some of the Lego fans said it had been child's play.

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