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275x250.jpgOnly one in ten Brits is currently in the career they dreamed of as a child,  it has been found.

More than nine out of ten admit they are 'totally dissatisfied' with their current job and would 'quit tomorrow' if they had the chance.

Nearly two-thirds still harbour ambitions of pursuing their childhood dreams, with the majority having done so for more than ten years.

But a lack of contacts, courage and confidence means less than a fifth of the UK workforce has taken active steps towards making a career change.

In other news, if anyone knows how we can become a chocolate taster or astronaut (or an outer space chocolate taster) please let us know.

LEGO bricks named as the greatest ever toy

275x250.jpgA poll of 3,000 parents has seen LEGO voted as the greatest toy ever made.

The colourful building bricks, invented in 1949 by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, were hailed as versatile and great value for money.

Slot car game Scalextric came second and was followed by the classic board game Monopoly - know as 'monotony' by some due to its reputation for being never ending.

Other top toys according to the parents included the Nintendo Wii, Play Doh, Barbie and the Etch-A-Sketch. They also liked Action Man, and Space Hoppers, and Twister…

Which sounds to us like there will be a few parents on Christmas morning desperately hoping their child gets bored quickly so they can have a play.

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