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275x250.jpg The Dunn's are not your average family -- they spend their days driving speeding vehicles, jumping through windows and setting themselves on fire.

The family-of-five from Vancouver have appeared in countless Hollywood movies including Catwoman, Poltergeist and X-Men 2.

Parents Jim and Celia think nothing of watching their children Connor, 15, Ali 11 and Austin, 9, fighting, exploding and climbing up the sides of buildings.

Amazingly the kids have never (yet) been injured while doing the crazy stunts… though Dad Jim has broke his leg seven times.

275x250.jpgThe average parent spends more than a month of their life playing with their children's toys by themselves, it has been found.
Researchers claim mums and dads mess around with toys such as dolls, cars and action figures for at least 22 minutes per day - when not playing with their child.
This means they fiddle with games, bricks and dolls for two hours and 34 minutes every week, which equates to nearly five days a year.
That means that while the child is between the ages of four and 11, the average parent will play alone for one month and 10 days.
Many parents also get upset when a child wants to play with a toy they are fiddling with… especially if the child makes a taller Lego tower.

275x250.jpgEight out of ten mums admit they have started rolling out the tried and tested adages their parents used to deal with them when they were kids.

Researchers found 'Because I said so' and 'Wait and see' are the most common retorts fired at the children along with 'If someone asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?'

'It'll end in tears' and 'who's she, the cat's mother?', also emerged as common answers to annoying questions - much like they did for previous generations.

The study of 3,000 mums found more than half intentionally use some of their parent's best loved phrases because they think it worked to discipline them.

But 40 per cent of mums admitted sometimes repeating things their parents said even though they didn't really know what it meant.

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