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Nightclub full of babes

(Funny News) Some nightclub events have a strict entry policy, not this one - you don't have to prove your age, in fact you don't even have to be able to talk, or stand up.

'Baby Loves Disco' is a nightclub event with a difference, despite being held in 'serious' venues and having a fully stocked bar, it is aimed at the under sevens. 

The events were first held on the east-coast of America but are now planned at nighclubs across the UK.

Pupils leave adverts in homework

(Funny News) Dopey school-children who are trying to cheat by downloading their homework from the internet are even leaving in adverts, say their teachers.

58% of teachers surveyed from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) say they have come across plagiarism by their pupils.

Some are so happy to cut-and-paste they are even forgetting to delete Google Adverts and references to the website they are copying from.

Scouts get PR badge

Scouts once learned how to tie knots and pitch tents but they will soon be taught in the dark arts of spin and public relations.

The UK Scout Association has this week introduced 40 new badges which also skate-boarding and street sports.

To be awarded the PR badge scouts will have to write press releases and visit media outlets.

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