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275x250.jpg Sir Richard Branson has advertised for a builder to rebuild his luxury Caribbean mansion, which burnt down in a devastating fire last year.

The advert on Building.co.uk says the Virgin tycoon is offering £57,000 a year for a Construction Manager to oversee the build on Necker Island, his £60m private hideaway.

For 18-months the lucky builder will manage and co-ordinate the construction, with duties including interpreting design and specification and issuing of formal instructions to contractors.

But it doesn't look like Branson thinks it will be an easy task, the ad also says the role will require problem solving, dispute resolution and diplomacy.

Being more specific it also states would-be builders must: ""Understand cultural issues involved and the requirements for a happy Caribbean team"

275x250.jpg The average British man has the face of England footballer Steven Gerrard, while Lorraine Kelly is the celebrity most girls resemble, it's been revealed.
Liverpool FC legend Gerrard was the typical man in the street’s celebrity look-a-like –- rated by an iPhone app which measures facial contours.

The app then uses a complex algorithm to perform high-performance face identification and facial feature recognition before telling users the star they resemble most.

The second most commonly matched face belonged to shapely comedian James Corden and then Prime Minister David Cameron.

As for women, Lorraine Kelly was the most common celebrity look-a-like, followed by Kelly Brook and Natalie Cassidy.

A home-made recreation of Star Wars: A New Hope -- with fans each performing 15 second segments of the movie -- has become an unsurprisingly huge hit online.

The movie, which was uploaded to YouTube on 18 January, has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times on the site.

The Star Wars Uncut project began in 2009 when Casey Pugh asked thousands of internet users to contribute by recreating scenes however they wanted.

In 2010 it won an interactive media Emmy and while the clips have been available online, they have now been put together into a full-length film.

TV magician Paul Daniels has revealed how he accidentally made one of his fingertips vanish… in a circular saw accident.

The 73-year-old had been working in his garden shed creating new props for his act when he accidentally sliced through his left hand.

Doing so he chopped off top of his ring finger and also injured his forefinger and little finger -- requiring him to dash to Towlands Hospital for emergency surgery.

Luckily doctors were able to reattach his index finger and it's hoped he will be back to his quick-fingered magical ways soon.

Speaking of his upcoming tour Daniels said: "I decided that I had best write a plan A and a plan B. Plan A is that everything is working fine and plan B is that we take that trick out, because I physically cannot do it yet."

275x250.jpg BBC Stargazing Live has caused a 500% increase in the sales of telescope thanks to what retailers are calling "Brian Cox effect".

Bosses at Amazon.co.uk say they have seen a 491 per cent increase in telescope sales since the BBC2 series began on Monday evening.

A spokesperson for Amazon told Pocket-Lint.com: "In the three hours following Stargazing Live being aired we saw an almost six-fold increase in sales of telescopes.

"Each time the popular physicist appears on TV we see a jump in telescope sales and that would appear to point to a significant ‘Brian Cox effect’ encouraging a renewed interest in stargazing."

A BBC weather presenter has been left red-faced after being tricked into using a rude phrase during a live TV broadcast.

Reading out a supposedly weather-related tweet, Carol Kirkwood said viewer Alan from North Yorkshire had commented that it was "wetter than an otter's pocket" where he was.

Oblivious to the rude sexual reference meaning of the phrase -- we'll leave the explaining to the Urban dictionary -- Kirkwood added that it had made her laugh.

BBC Breakfast presenter Sian Williams then said: "Wetter than an otter's pocket.. I love that."

275x250.jpg Hit BBC children's TV show Rastamouse has the dubious honour of being the most complained about kids' TV show in 2011.

More than 200 people complained about the Bafta-nominated show -- which tells to all too familiar story about a crime-busting Rastafarian mouse.

Many claimed the patois-speaking puppet stereotyped black people and theat kids emulating the language used on the show could be accused of racism.

However, the BBC have defended the show saying: "We have had a huge amount of positive feedback about Rastamouse, which continues to be a hit with our young viewers."

275x250.jpg Kate Middleton and Prince William have received some strange gifts since marrying last year -- including q papier-mâché doll and a jar of Vegemite.

Revealed in an official list released by St James’s Palace the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also gifted a sleeping bag, snow goggles and mosquito traps.

After their trip to Canada and the US last summer they also came back with cowboy hats, hockey jerseys and stuffed toys.

The 14-page list of gifts given to the pair during overseas tour also includes a flying helmet and a tartan waistcoat.

But it's not all quirky gifts, there was an iPad from the Governor of California, a 302-diamond brooch and plenty of books.

A TV weatherman was left red-faced after falling for a prank inspired by the Will Ferrell comedy Anchorman.

Brian Niznanskyhad been doing his stint on the NBC affiliate WGBA when he suddenly blurted out the seemingly bizarre line "I love lamp!"

It turned out the director had slipped the lighting loving line (uttered by Steve Carell in the film) into his teleprompter notes.

So if Niznanskyhad didn't already have a reputation for blindly reading his teleprompter without thinking, he does now.

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