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They were being honoured together for the time they spent battling it out on the football field -- but for pensioners Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca old rivalries die hard.

The pair of 73-year-olds -- who were being celebrated at a Canadian Football League luncheon -- recently started brawling on a stage at the event.

Mosca had apparently tried to offer Kapp a flower to make up for the the grudge between the two which began during the 1963 Grey Cup -- but he wasn't having any of it.

He swung his walking cane at his aged rival, in turn prompting Mosca to swing his fists at him and knocking him to the ground.

She was meant to be reporting from the Christmas festivities at South Street Seaport in New York… but this journalist was far from full of the festive spirit.

As she talked about the lighting of the Christmas tree and the historic architecture of the area an overweight boy waved in the background.

But the MyFoxNY woman wasn't having any of it and rather than carry on and ignore the lad she said: "Alright, if you could stop waving for a second, we're going to showcase that building back there."

275x250.jpg Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Prince Harry are just some of the stars people would really like to see enter the jungle on ‘I’m a Celebrity... Get me out of Here!’

Almost 2,000 people were asked who they'd really like to see star in a series of I’m a Celebrity... -- and the line-up is unsurprisingly more impressive than the current ITV offering.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, emerged as the most desirable contestant, with 76% of the respondents, saying that they would like to see her in the ‘Celebrity Jungle’.

She was followed by Kim Kardashian, Lady GaGa, Prince Harry, Paul Gascoigne.

Other celebs people wanted to see eating kangaroo penis included Ant & Dec, Gary Barlow Frankie Sandford and David Cameron… though some people just wanted to see him leave the country.

Tear gas thrown in South Korean parliament

We thought politics was getting interesting when Baroness Trumpington recently gave a two-finger salute in the House of Lords.

But that hand gesture pales into insignificance when compared to the antics in the South Korean parliament -- where an opposition MP reportedly used tear gas.

Video footage shows what happened after Kim Sung-dong threw a powder substance towards the parliament's deputy speaker Chung Eui-hwa.

As Chung wiped his eyes other lawmakers covered their mouths with handkerchiefs and  security guards ushered a shouting Kim from the chamber.

Prime Minister David Cameron's attempt at putting on a funny Aussie accent at a recent event was so bad some commentators say it "it could cause a diplomatic row."

Cameron had been making a speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet in London when he recounted his trip to Australia for the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

"After the meeting, I turned to the Australian prime minister and said, 'Thank you very much Julia for allowing us to have this meeting in Australia.',"

"And she said - I can't quite do the accent but I'll try - 'Not a bit David, this is good news for Sheilas everywhere.'"

275x250.jpg Baroness Trumpington recently became one of our favourite politicians -- after flicking the V to a colleague in the House of Lords.

Lord King had been talking about how the survivors of World War I "faded away" before adding that "then the survivors of World War II started to look pretty old as well".

He then noted that Trumpington, 89 -- who had served at wartime listening station at Bletchley Park-- was the House's only remaining survivor from WWII.

But unimpressed by the comment, Trumpington appeared to give a "two-fingered salute" to the 78-year-old former defence secretary.

Haunted house scares reporter off her feet

A TV journalist was left red-faced after being literally scared off her feet during a live report about a Halloween haunted house.

Kimberly Craig of ABC 7 Action News in Detroit had been chatting to bosses at the attraction in Michigan as a group of zombie actors moved around them.

Then as they got closer, a spokesperson for the attraction asked Craig to turn around and look at a projection screen. When she did, it exploded and the news reporter hit the ground.

The zombies and axe-wielding maniacs then gathered around her as she spoke to the studio saying: "You know what, they don't pay me enough…"

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