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All footballers sweat while playing -- but Walter Pandiani must perspire more than most… he's just been dubbed the world's sweatiest footballer.

The evidence against him, this post-match interview after a clash between this team Espanyol and Getafe.

Having netted the winning goal in the dying minutes press were eager to hear from the match-winner… but they'd have been forgiven for forgetting about his on-pitch performance.

That's because as he spoke, the 35-year-old began to perspire and sweat patches appeared on his shirt and within a few minutes it was hard to spot any dry patches.

Obama brews his own beer at the White House

obama beer Barack Obama has once again made history -- this time by becoming the first US President to brew his own beer in the White House.

Historians say Obama's 'White House Honey Ale' -- which lists honey from Whit House bees as an ingredient -- marks the first time 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been used as a micro-brewery.

Produced with equipment the Obamas have paid for with their own money, the brew was recently enjoyed when Obama sat down with war hero Sgt Dakota Meyer ahead of awarding him the Medal of Honor.

But it was first served at their Super Bowl party earlier this year where guests managed to drink the entire first batch of 90-100 bottles… prompting an embarrassing trip to the off-license.

275x250.jpg Nikolai Valuev -- the tallest and heaviest ever boxing champion -- has joined hunters on a search for the Siberian yeti.

The seven foot tall and 23 stone beast (the boxer, not the yeti) says he was inspired to join the hunt after hearing about recent sightings.

Reports say local hunters have seen "hairy humanoid creatures" wandering near the Azass Cave in Mount Shoriya.

As such the former boxing champ visited mountains of Kemerovo Region where he joined an expedition looking for Siberian snowmen.

Valuev says he would like to "talk to the yeti about life"… that's assuming the bigfoot isn't too sacred of him.

275x250.jpg London's skyline was recently turned into a giant Star Wars advert -- as BT Tower was transformed into the world's biggest lightsaber.

The large-scale sci-fi transformation saw 60 4,500-watt lights -- standing 1.3m high and weighing 124kg -- installed at the top of the iconic tower.

This sent a bright beam of blue light skywards and made the 189m tall cylindrical building look like the sword wielded by Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars films.

It was all part of a special party to launch the Blu-ray versions of Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the event was attended by C3PO himself Anthony Daniels.

275x250.jpg Movie bosses at Warner Bros have come up with a interesting way to market the Steven Soderberdh film Contagian -- a living bacteria-based billboard advert.

The 'viral marketing' seems an apt fit for the film which follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days, though is still decidedly gross.

Scientists were recruited to create the two specially made Petri dishes and a range of specially grown coloured bacteria which was installed in an abandoned shop window in Toronto.

Over a period of five days mouldy movie advert -- made from bacteria including penicillin, mould and pigmented bacteria -- then grew into the bizarre billboard.

64-year-old stuntman breaks James Bond record

275x250.jpg A 64-year-old stuntman has smashed a world record previously set during the filming of James Bond -- by driving through a breakaway glass structure.

Rocky Taylor jumped a spinning BMW at speed through a 19ft 69in by 13ft 12in sheet of breakaway glass at the O2 Area in Greenwich south London.

This broke the previous record which was set during the filming of Die Another Day when actor Pierce Brosnan drove an Aston Martin through a 8ft 3.5in by 5ft 4.5in glass panel in the Ice Palace scene.

The new record was attempted to help raise awareness for 'Remember A Charity In Your Will' and was the second Rocky has done this year having previously jumped 40ft from a burning building. As you do.

275x250.jpg Comedian David Walliams has been forced to don a wetsuit for his epic charity swim of the River Thames after beginning to feel the cold.

He'd initially hoped to swim the 140-mile length of the river over eight days -- swimming for eight hours per day -- wearing nothing but his trunks, goggles and hat.

But after developing the early stages of hypothermia, he was forced to slip into a full body Sport Relief wetsuit.

Speaking of the swim, Walliams said: "The first section of the swim really shocked me. The water is two degrees colder than when I swam the Channel. It's a massive difference."

275x250.jpgSex, the explicit 1992 coffee-table picture book by Madonna is the most wanted out-of-print book in America, it's been found.

Online search engine BookFinder.com each year compiles a list of the 100 most requested and wanted out-of-print titles.

And over the past 12 months it's been the risque publication from Madonna which has been most in demand.

Other most wanted out of print books include Promise Me Tomorrow by Nora Roberts and In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting by Ray Garton.

Stephen King had two out-of-print titles in the top five with My Pretty Pony and Rage, which was published under the name Richard Bachman.

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