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275x250.jpg A Scottish band have released what's thought to be the world's first edible and playable chocolate record. And it's said to taste as good as it sounds.

Edinburgh-based three-piece 'Found' worked with a local baker to produce the chocolate disk version of their single 'Anti Climb Paint' which can be played in any record player.

After several weeks of trial and error, baker Ben Milne was able to make the working chocolate record by using the same negative metal templates used to produce vinyl versions.

While you will only get around ten 'recognisable' plays out of the record before it wears down, you can always munch it. And even the sleeve and label are edible having been made from rice paper and icing sugar respectively.

275x250.jpgA handbag one wielded owned by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been sold at auction for £25,000.

The black Asprey handbag - which was being sold by Christie's to raise money for charity - was owned by Thatcher for more than thirty years before the sale.

It was famously pictured with the former Prime Minister alongside US President Ronald Reagan during her famous visit to the United States in 1985.

As such it had been expected to attract up to £100,000 during the sale organised by Jeffrey Archer and also containing donations from Eric Clapton, Bernie Ecclestone and Sir Michael Parkinson.

But it wasn't to be and an unnamed Cypriot was able to snap up the bag for £25,000… Thatcher would have got more out of them if she'd been there herself.

275x250.jpgA gun which once belonged to the famous gangster Al Capone has been sold at auction for a massive £67,250.

The Colt .38 (special) nickel-plated six-shot double-action revolver was ordered by Scarface just months after the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Bosses at auction house Christie's, which sold the weapon, say it was ordered in May 1929 and its authenticity has been confirmed by the sister-in-law of Capone.

The gun was the highlight of a recent 'Antique arms, armour and collectors firearms' sale in South Kensington.

While online buyer of the Colt .38 'Police Positive' has chosen to stay anonymous, we're sure they're a upstanding law-abiding member of the community.

275x250.jpgMarilyn Monroe's famous white dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch has been sold at auction in Los Angeles for £2.8m.

The garment shot to fame when Monroe's character in the 1955 film stood on a subway vent and it which blew it up revealing her legs.

Instantly the scene became an iconic movie moment and the dress (along with those legs) went down in Hollywood history.

The white dress was initially snapped up from the studio by Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds - who collected iconic film costumes and memorabilia

But this weekend it sold at the Profiles in History auction house in California for a massive $4.6million (£2.8m) -- and that was without a subway vent in sight.

275x250.jpg Samuel L. Jackson has lent his dulcet tones to the audio version of 'Go The F**k To Sleep' -- a foul-mouthed nursery rhyme book which has become a hit with sleep deprived parents.

The 62-year-old Pulp Fiction star, says he was inspired to record the audio version of the book after he was told about it by his agent who has young twins.

'Go The F**k To Sleep' is a mock bedtime story by Adam Mansbach which is written for parents who realise snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don't always send a toddler sailing blissfully off to dreamland.

Each page of the book contains an illustration and radically honest verse which ends with a variation of the words 'Go The F**k To Sleep'… so maybe not one to read to your little angels.

275x250.jpgThe Dam Busters dog, N*gger, is set to be renamed Digger in the Stephen Fry and Peter Jackson remake of the iconic movie.

In the original 1955 film - about scientists developing a bouncing bomb - pilot Guy Gibson’s black Labrador N*gger is featured heavily.

His name's even mentioned 12 times as a code word to RAF Bomber Command - but it was recognised that using this term today could offend American viewers.

As such, the decision was made to rename him Digger in the upcoming movie which is being scripted by Stephen Fry.

Speaking of the name change, Fry said: "It’s no good saying that it's the Latin word for black or that it didn't have the meaning that it does now – you just can’t go back."

Everyone on Britain's Got Talent appears to have a half-hearted emotional backstory to their performance, and as a result, we barely pay attention.

But this Korea's Got Talent contestant Choi Sung-Bong has melted even our ice cold hearts with his heartbreaking story from orphanage to performance stage.

Talking to judges on the show the singer revealed that as a young boy he'd been sent to an orphanage, only to escape at the age of five when he was beaten by people there.

Bringing them and the audience to tears, he told how he's been living on the street, fending for himself and sleeping on toilets or in stairwells… then he sang. Oh boy did he sing.

275x250.jpg The famous red and black jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his music video for Thriller is expected to sell for £250,000 when it is auctioned later this month.

Described as 'the most iconic piece of pop culture emphemera' to ever be auctioned, the jacket would be instantly recognisable to many people around the world.

Bosses from Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills - where the item will be sold as part of a Music Icons auction - say it was also autographed by Jackson when he gave it to costume designers, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket will benefit The Shambala Preserve current home to Michael Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, “Thriller” and “Sabu”.

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