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275x250.jpg With Kate Middleton set to become royalty when she marries Prince William on Friday, her whole life will change… apparently including her experience of things like roller coasters.

That's because theme park bosses have offered the happy couple an odd wedding present - a 24-carat gold plated roller coaster carriage to use whenever they visit the park.

Bosses at Alton Towers say the ‘Royaller-Coaster’ carriage used 20 square meters of 24-carat gold plating and will be reserved for the exclusive use of the royal couple on the free fall drop ride THI3TEEN

A spokesperson for the themepark said: "Everyone knows that marriage has its ups and downs but when Kate and Will tie the knot on April 29th the adage will take on quite a different meaning." Yes, they went there.

275x250.jpg The Wombles are set to recycle their musical career by reforming to play together at the Glastonbury Festival.

Great Uncle Bulgaria and co - who originally starred in a children's TV programme before turning their pointy noses to music - will play the the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury.

The five-piece had a number hits in the 1970s and all four of their gold disc-achieving albums plus the soundtrack to Wombling Free are to be re-released ahead of their performance on June 26.

The Wombles will appear alongside Barenaked Ladies, KT Tunstall and Newton Faulkner at the festival… and won't be the weirdest-looking people there. It's not known if they will take a tent of burrow under the fields.

275x250.jpgA musician has scooped a place in the record books, not for having a best selling album or massive attendance at a concert… but for having am overly wordy song title.

Mikhail Tank has secured his place in history by releasing a single with a 44 word title - that's more words than are included in the entire lyrics of some songs.

In fact the Russian born artist says the title of the digitally released single is so long it's not included on the cover-art.

While the single (available on Amazon) was released in October last year, Tank only recently received his Guinness World Records confirmation and certificate.

In case you were wondering, the song title is… "Simplify When You Get Crowded Inside, Certain Ones Prefer to Drink Your Energy, Falling Right Into The Hands of Time, Release Those Who Deprive, Throw Away Ties That Bind, Just Simplify, No Need to Overextend Yourself, When They Just Rely on Your Time. No."

A video of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dancing has become an online hit - despite his moves making Ann Widdecombe look like Michael Jackson.

The footage - which shows Medvedev doing his stuff to the 1990s pop hit "American Boy" - attracted hundreds of comments within hours of hitting the web.

Wearing a silver jacket and no tie, he can be seen awkwardly moving from side to side and kicking his heels up at a university reunion last year.

Answering substantial criticism of his dance moves, Medvedev took to Twitter where he said: "The dances/music are those, from the past."

Many commenters said that he had some way to go before he was anywhere near as good as Boris Yeltsin at dancing.

275x250.jpg Our favourite brewers are at it again. And this time the crazy guys at Brewdog have created a beer called 'Royal Virility Performance' to mark the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

But as you'd expect from the people who created the world's strongest beer and served a brew in dead animals, this is no ordinary beer… it's said to be laced with viagra.

In fact they claim the aphrodisiac-filled India Pale Ale means that drinking three of the 7.5 per cent ABV bottles is the equivalent of taking one Viagra pill.

And it doesn't end there. Packaging on the bottles includes line like "Arise Prince Willy" and makers say they've sent some for the Prince to have a stiff drink on his wedding night.

Dame Helen Mirren has been left red-faced after accidentally swearing during an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

Mirren had been on the BBC1 show promoting the remake of Arthur - where she co-stars with Russell Brand - when she made the blunder.

Discussing John Gielgud's part in the original movie, and the language he used, she couldn't help herself from doing an impression.

And that's when Mirren said: "Well, in that sort of wonderful voice he had... You little s**t." Drawing gasps from Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull.

Instantly recognising her blunder, the 65-year-old actress gasped and covered her mouth… which even though she's an Oscar-winner, we think was a genuine response.

275x250.jpgA hotel chain is offering tourists in London during the royal wedding the chance to sleep with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Well almost.

On the evening of 28th April, guests staying in certain London Premier Inn hotels will have the chance to sleep under special royal wedding bedding.

Images of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s bodies, will be printed on a limited selection of duvets which can be requested by guests on a first come first served basis.

As sleepers then get into bed and line their head with the printed bodies, they can pretend to be the future King and Queen for the night.

Hopefully people don't have to try sleeping in those position though… and it might not work if your wife insists on sleeping on the left side of the bed.

Ooh ER! A spoof royal wedding video showing Prince William and Kate Middleton dancing their way up the aisle has become an online hit.

The video - which was produced by mobile phone firm T-Mobile and has been seen online five million times - starts off looking like someone has taken a camcorder into the upcoming royal wedding.

But that's only until the East 17 starts blaring out on a stereo and a series of regal look-a-likes from Princess Anne to Prince Harry (some more dubious than others) start dancing through the faux Westminster Abbey.

And while all your favourite dancing royals are there it's really the Archbishop Of Canterbury who steals the show… and if Rowan Williams sees this you just know he will be tempted to bust a few moves on the big day.

The President of the Czech Republic has been left red-faced after a video of him admiring and then pocketing a pen during a press conference, became an online hit.

Vaclav Klaus had been taking part in the news conference with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera when news cameras caught the leader admiring the writing implement.

He was then clearly seen to discreetly slide the pen under the desk before putting it in his pocket to take home from his visit to Chile.

However, while internet commenters have labelled him a pen thief, aides say that he has the right to keep pens given to him on state visits. Yes, free stationary… that's why these people get into politics.

275x250.jpg Continuing his one-man quest to conquer all environments, Sir Richard Branson has revealed his next target -- the deepest parts of the world's oceans.

Virgin Oceanic will see Branson and fellow adventurers exploring the bottom of the deepest oceans in a specially constructed craft, DeepFlight Challenger, which was designed by Graham Hawkes.

The submersible is built from carbon fibre and has a viewing capsule made from a single piece of quartz which can endure the pressure of 1,000 atmospheres at depth.

Over the next two years the Virgin sub will be used to dive to the deepest parts of each of the world's oceans… and some people said Branson couldn't sink any lower.

BMX rider Greg Powell has completed the world's first 'special flip' on his bike… and that's more impressive than it sounds.

It actually means he rode off a ramp and leaped into the air before leaving his saddle completing a mid-air backflip and landed back on the BMX.

Yes, you read that correctly, he did a mid-air backflip before landing back on his bike while it was still flying the 32ft between ramps. Really.

Powell, from Maryland in the US, recently performed the stunt at MTV's Nitro Circus Live tour in Australia where fans went crazy for the impressive trick.

While the 27-year-old made the 'special flip' look remarkably easy, you probably shouldn't try this at home… even if you have got giant twin ramps in your back garden.

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