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275x250.jpgThere are going to be some pretty glum-looking vampire fans today* -- after Twilight Eclipse was nominated for a load of Razzie Awards.

Along with action fantasy The Last Airbender, the vampire click has the dubious honour of scooping nine Golden Raspberry Award nominations.

It is nominated in all categories with the exception of Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use of 3-D, which it was not eligible for.

And undead Razzie nominations do not end there, The Twilight parody "Vampires Suck" is also nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.

* When we say pretty glum-looking vampire fans, we obviously mean even more glum-loooking that usual.

Tennis courts come in a variety of different surface types, but one thing they have in common is that when a ball hits them, it bounces… or at least that's the theory.

But that wasn't the case at the Australian Open recently, when Maria Sharapova found a dead-spot on one of the courts.

The Russian ace says that as she was warming-up ahead of her third round clash with Goerges, she felt a noticeably bouncy spot on the court.

When umpires checked it out they discovered a heat bubble under the surface of the court which caused balls to seemingly defy the laws of physics land flatly rather than bounce.

Workers solved the problem by drilling a series of small holes in the court to release the trapped air… but not before this great video was filmed.

275x250.jpg An artist who specialises in creating LEGO based artworks has created a life-size statue of Conan O'Brien - for some reason.

Nathan Sawaya - whose works can sell for £10,000 each - says he was commissioned to make the brick-based talk show host, but won't say by who, or why.

Complete with orange hair and beard, LEGO Conan is wearing a power suit, shirt and tie, and stands with his hands on his hips.

Sawaya has more than 1.5 million Lego bricks in his New York studio and says he can use 150,000 in any one artwork… but not normally this much orange.

275x250.jpg Is this a foul-mouthed toy singing profanity-filled songs to toddlers -- or are over protective parents hearing swear words where there aren't any? You decide.

A mother says she was left shocked when a cuddly toy which she had bought for her baby daughter started singing a song littered with the F-word.

It's claimed the innocent-looking My Pal Violet toy sings: "If you're happy and you know it f*** with me, if you're happy and you know it f**k with me."

But makers insist it is actually singing: "If you're happy and you know it bark with me" and that there might be a misunderstanding in the UK due to the American accent. Listen to the clip after the link and tell us what you think. Unfortunately we hear bark.

275x250.jpg A robot uprising has begun and our future mechanical overlords seem to have decided the first stage in their domination should be beating us on TV quiz shows.

In February a robot from IBM called 'Watson' will begin competing against former champions on US TV quiz show Jeopardy to win $1 million.

And looking at this practice round (below) it's only going to end in one way. Supercomputer Watson - represented at the podium by a monitor - was easily able to answer most questions faster than its human rivals.

Experts say they spent four years building the system which rivals a human’s ability to answer questions posed in natural language with speed, accuracy and confidence… but apparently not teaching it about 'Children’s Book Authors'. 

275x250.jpg There's a rat in Downing Street. No, Newslite isn't revealing our political beliefs, we're just describing what was recently seen on a BBC News report.

During a report on Sunday evening by political correspondent Gary O'Donoghue, a rat was seen scampering across the steps of Number 10 Downing Street.

As O'Donoghue talked about Government plans for NHS reform the uninvited visitor ran from right to left across the steps, pausing briefly before disappearing.
It's been three years since Downing Street had a 'Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office' and political pundits are almost certainly on tenterhooks to see if the Prime Minister appoints a new one.

275x250.jpg A movie and LEGO fan has combined his interests and spent hours recreating iconic scenes from famous movies using nothing but LEGO bricks.

The result are a host of striking photographs which have unsurprisingly gone on to become an online sensations.

22-year-old film student Alex Eylar from California says he started collecting LEGO when he was about five years old and now has around 30,000 pieces.

He can take several days to perfect the poses, background and lighting for the pictures, but we think it's worth it. Can you identify all the movies shown below?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been left red-faced after falling to the floor as she boarded a plane in Yemen.

Clinton had been visiting Yemen to talk about security issues and the growing al-Qaeda threat in the country when the blunder happened.

After climbing the stairs to enter the plane, she turned around had turned to wave before walking inside.

But as she did, she tripped and fell embarrassingly to her knees, in front of a horrified flight stewardesses.

The lights were quickly switched off to prevent photographers taking pictures of her being helped from the floor… but luckily this video had already been taken.

275x250.jpg Elvis is alive! At least that's what you might think if you visit Birmingham this weekend, because 80 of Europe's best impersonators have descended on the city.

Complete with quiffs, sideburns and uh-huh's, the Priestley impersonators are currently battling it out a the three-day European Elvis Championships.

The top European Elvis will then secure a place at the International Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis.

As with any Elvis event, the Elvi (we think that's the correct plural) come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So far our favourite is 12-year-old Nicholas Tyler, who can be seen below.

275x250.jpgBosses of a pantomime staring Jim Davidson have been forced to change the costume of a nurse in the show… because the original one broke the Geneva Convention.

Producers of Pavilion Theatre were informed the outfit worn by Nurse Poltis in their Robin Hood show could see them landed in court.

The British Red Cross said the use of red crosses on her comedy hat and tunic were unauthorised use of their emblem and the theatre was in violation of the Geneva Conventions Act 1957.

Because this was also breaking the law and could see bosses face prosecution the costume was quickly changed to feature a green cross.

It sounds to us like someone at the British Red Cross has always fancied themselves as a panto villain. Oh yes they do!

275x250.jpg More than 26,000 fans of the TV series lost have won the lottery - by playing the same numbers as the character Hurley in the show.

In the series Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes, played by Jorge Garcia scooped $114m by playing the numbers 4,8,15,16,23 and 42.

But real-life lottery players were less lucky with the digits, they each won just $150 for matching four of the six numbers in the US Mega Millions this week.

It's said the chances of winning the $355 million Mega Millions jackpot is one in 175,711,536… about the same as having guessed what was going to happen next in Lost.

275x250.jpgAnatomist Gunther von Hagens, the man behind Body Worlds and the Institute for Plastination, says he is dying and plans to become part of his own exhibition.

The 65-year-old, dubbed 'Dr Death' thanks to his gruesome exhibitions of dead bodies in bizarre poses, has revealed he's suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

Having hidden the illness for two years, he says the symptoms have become too severe and that doctors suggest he could now have just seven years to live.

It's said he's planning to undergo the plastination preservation process after his death and already thinking about where he wants to be exhibited.

Given he has previously shown bodies playing sports or even having sex, we are curious about what pose he will want to be in… and whether he will still be wearing that hat.

A homeless man is seeing job offers pour in, after a YouTube video of him showing off his incredible voice became a viral hit.

Ted Williams used to work as a radio announcer, but hard times saw him jobless, homeless and holding a sign begging for cash at the side of a road in Ohio.

And that's where he was found when he recently became the subject of a viral video after a journalist noticed his sign, boasting he had a "God-given gift of a great voice".

After the exchange of a few dollars, Williams released his silky smooth FM voice saying things like: "we'll be right back with more after these words" for the camera.

Now, after gaining more than 4 million views on YouTube, the job offers are pouring in… we just wish we could get him to read Newslite stories to us at night.

275x250.jpg The net was as likely to catch a fish as be hit by the ball in this game. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have played against each other on a floating tennis court.

The duo took part in a bizarre exhibition match on the court which had been laid in the water of Doha Bay, Qatar, to promote the upcoming ATP World Tour.

And though the pair have the experience of winning 25 Grand Slam titles between them, neither had played on a surface anything like this before.

While we don't know what score the game ended at, it's not our main concern, we want to know what happened to the ball boys… or should that be ball buoys.

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