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275x250.jpg Producers for the show Australia's Next Top Model have been left red-faced after announcing the WRONG WINNER on live TV.

The cringe-inducing blunder happened during the live final of the show which saw 16 women battle it out for a modelling contract and cash prize.

But shortly after the 'winner' had been announced as 19-year-old Kelsey Martinovich, host Sarah Murdoch was informed of the error via her ear-piece, and force to apologise for giving the wrong name.

Sarah then had to turn around and tell Amanda Ware she'd actually won, and ask her to say a few words… at least Amanda was able to pick up a few tips from her rival's heartfelt acceptance speech from seconds earlier.

A journalist has been caught picking her nose on live TV and eating the contents - because she didn't know she was on camera.

As CBS 2 News anchor Dorothy Tucker wrapped up a report on bed bugs, the unfortunately positioned journalist was sitting behind her at her desk.

The unnamed journo didn't appear to think she could be seen by the camera (or anyone else) and reached up into her nose and had a good rummage around.

After examining her haul she then proceed to eat it - all while absent-mindedly looking directly at the camera - before quietly getting back to work.

Meanwhile Tucker, unaware of what was happening behind her, must have thought the cameramen were just grossed out by her bed bugs report.

Parliamentary bills about meat imports must be much more entertaining in Switzerland than they are in the UK.

How else could you explain the amusing reaction from finance minister Hans-Rudolf Merz in this video?

The politician became tongue-tied with the bureaucratic legalise used in the bill he was reading and started laughing.

After his initial verbal stumble he tried to go on, but he just couldn't stop himself laughing and was soon joined by most of the parliament.

When he was finally able to get through all of what he had to say he received a round of applause from other politicians. In odd news, no-one cares how they voted.

Remember the weird Dutch accent Steve McClaren developed while managing FC Twente? Well now he's started speaking in a German accent.

The former England boss - commonly known as 'the wally with the brolly' - has spent the past five months managing German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg.

But while the Yorkshireman is still giving his press conferences in English and through a translator he appears to have adopted a German twang.

During a recent outing he started of by saying "Ya, ya, ya" and then then followed it up by pronouncing 'we' and 've' and sounding like a right plonker.

And remember, this is even when compared to the average football manager who is not exactly know for his verbal eloquence, is he?

Ronnie O'Sullivan makes a reluctant 147 break

Snooker ace Ronnie O'Sullivan had to be convinced by the referee to pot the final black in a World Open match and score a 147 break.

Despite having otherwise cleared the table O'Sullivan initially said he didn't want to make the shot on the final black -- because there wasn't enough prize money.

While some competition offer a £25,000 payout for players scoring a maximum break of 147 there was only a prize of £4,000 for the highest break at the Glasgow World Cup.

However, after shaking the hand of Mark King, who he'd just beaten, Ronnie was eventually convinced to make the shot by ref Jan Verhaas.

As the ball went in the crowd cheered… but not as much as they would have done if he'd missed after staging his little protest.

TV newsreader caught not wearing trousers

A TV newsreader who thought no-one would notice he was broadcasting without wearing trousers has been caught out by a wide-angle shot.

Everything had appeared normal as the smartly dressed news anchor hosted the popular 24UR show on Slovenian TV.

It was only as the camera panned out at the end of the show and he turned to speak to a colleague his secret was revealed.

When the journalist rolled his chair back from the desk he was embarrassingly revealed to be reading the news with his pants down.

Like Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy the news reporter had been wearing a shirt, tie and suit jacket… but no trousers.

275x250.jpgWhen their on-screen clock failed, bosses at BBC Breakfast were forced to employ a low-tech solution… getting presenters to hold a clock.

Because many people use the on-screen clock to judge when they should be leaving for work, staff knew they needed to come up with a solution when the software running theirs failed.

Shortly after the clock disappeared from the BBC1 show, red-faced hosts Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams resorted to holding an analog clock between them on the sofa.

Studio bosses later added live video footage of an alarm clock in the bottom corner of the screen.

Some people have even claimed the clock failure was a publicity stunt to show what the Beeb might be like with proposed cut-backs.

275x250.jpgA British teenager has been banned from ever visiting America… because he sent an abusive email to Barack Obama calling him a 'prick'.

17-year-old Luke Angel from Bedfordshire is said to have sent the ranting email after getting drunk and watching a TV show about the 9/11 attacks.

The FBI intercepted the White House-bound email and contacted British officials who sent police to his parents house to let him know his behaviour had been 'unacceptable.'

The college student was also told he had been instantly banned from entering the United States for the rest of his life.

Suddenly our drunken escapades seem so boring -- how much do you need to drink before annoying a world leader and getting banned from a country.

Woman hit in face by watermelon on TV show

Hurling watermelons with a giant slingshot sounds like great fun. But as a  American reality show recently proved, that's not always the case.

A contestant on the CBS show 'The Amazing Race' was competing in an event where they had to aim watermelons at suits of armour. As you do.

But after a couple of misses, a watermelon got stuck in the slingshot and was flung back at Claire Champlain, straight at her head.

It smashed into her face where it exploded (the watermelon, not her face) leaving Champlain lying on the floor in agony.

Speaking after the accident, she said: "I can't feel my face, I have the worst headache ever." … we imagine the sensation is similar to being forced to watch The Amazing Race.

275x250.jpgA tiny teenager who's set to become the world's shortest man when he turns 18 next month, has gone on a promotional tour of New York.

22-inch tall Khagendra Thapa Magar drew huge crowds in Times Square as he visited the city to promote Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Enter if You Dare! book.

Magar will officially take the Guinness World Records title of world's shortest man from 27 inch Edward Nino Hernandez on his birthday, Oct 14.

This means Hernandez will have had the shortest shortest man reign after inheriting the title from China's He Pingping, who passed away in March.

Let's hope Magar, from Nepal, will be able to hold onto it for a little longer… and doesn't have any sudden growth spurts.

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