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275x250.jpgUS weather reporter Kim Perez didn't forecast this -- her boyfriend proposing to her live on TV.

The Weather Channel presenter was busy talking about rainfall in Florida when her policeman partner Marty Cunningham walked onto the set.

He quickly dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him, as he did music started playing and the US map switched to a screen saying "Will You Marry Me?"

Luckily he wasn't left embarrassed, Kim said 'I will,' before adding ‘You got me’ and ‘You make me so happy.’

Then came the traditional end to any good marriage proposal… a voiceover introduces the football forecast.

275x250.jpgA hypnotist has announced plans for a stunt where he intends to put users of Facebook and Twitter into a trance and stick their hands together.
Chris Hughes says his Socialtrance event on the 4th of January will be the world's largest mass online hypnosis session.

Using just the sound of his voice he claims the webcast will leave users of the social networks stuck to their chair and unable to open their eyes.

The 34-year-old says he wants to show people to the power of hypnotism and that all participants need is a computer with speakers and a Twitter or Facebook account.

But who is going to be more susceptible Twitter or Facebook users? Let us know which you think in the comments.

Star Trek is the most pirated movie of 2009

275x250.jpgStar Trek has been illegally downloaded around 11 million times this year - that's more than any other movie.

Experts from TorrentFreak say the J.J. Abrams sci-fi flick was the most pirated film of 2009, ahead of things like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Twilight.

Other popular BitTorrent downloads included The Hangover, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Guy Ritchie's crime movie RocknRolla was the third most downloaded film of the year -- you have to admit that watching it seems a suitable punishment for illegal downloading movies.

Top 10 most watched TV shows of the decade

275x250.jpgAn Only Fools and Horses Christmas special has been named as Britain's most watched programme of the decade.

BARB say more than 21 million viewers tuned in to 2001 show where the Trotters lose their fortune… so not even a good episode.

An episode of EastEnders where viewers found out who shot Phil Mitchell came in second with 20 million viewers, and a Coronation Street from 2003 came third.

Other shows in the Top 10 included Britain's Got Talent, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The X Factor and I’m a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!

While that might paint a depressing picture of UK TV, if sporting events had been included, six of the Top 10 would have been England football matches. Is that better or worse?

275x250.jpgPrince William has spent a night sleeping rough on a bed of cardboard boxes in a  London street - to raise awareness of the plight of homeless young people.

On Dec 15th the Prince - along with Seyi Obakin of charity Centrepoint - set up a 'bed' of cardboard boxes around Blackfriars bridge as temperatures dropped to -4C.

They then experienced first-hand what it is like for the thousands of young people who live rough in UK cities worried about being accosted by drug dealers and pimps.

At one point the Prince and fellow rough sleepers were almost run over by a road sweeper. Throughout the night they had also needed to keep an eye out for people who were out to give homeless people a kicking.

Maybe sensibly the Prince refrained from using the sleeping bag with the sentence "My other bed ... is in a palace" printed on it.

275x250.jpgTV show boss Simon Cowell is inadvertently helping Rage Against the Machine in their chart battle with X Factor winner Joe McElderry.

Cowell has previously spoken out against the 'cynical' Facebook group trying to get the RATM track to the number one spot over Christmas.

But now, anyone searching for Simon Cowell on Amazon.co.uk - one of the UKs biggest MP3 retailers - is being advised to buy 'Killing In The Name' over 'The Climb ' by McElderry.

The 1992 track appears at the top of a list of projects suggested by other customers - something which is sure to annoy Cowell in the run up to the Christmas number 1.

But what is guaranteed to hurt him more is that he hasn't worked out a way of making money out of the the RATM track… maybe we will see one of his other acts covering it soon.

275x250.jpgNew F1 boss Sir Richard Branson could soon be donning an air stewardess uniform and serving coffee on a rival airline, after placing a odd Formula One bet.

Branson has made a wager with rival F1 boss Tony Fernandes that his Virgin Racing team will do better than Lotus F1 next season.

If they do Tony will have to work for a day as a stewardess with Virgin Atlantic Airways - complete with unflattering uniform. But if Lotus F1 do better Branson will do the same on AirAsia.

AirAsia CEO Fernandes - who released this cheeky picture - said of the bet: "Our passengers will be delighted to be served by a Knight of the Realm."

Either way I think we can all agree the biggest losers will be the passengers on whichever flight gets the cross-dressing stewardess.

275x250.jpgThe son of Evel Knievel has announced plans to tackle the double-decker bus jump which defeated his dad and ended his career.

Robbie Knievel, 47 has revealed he will try to jump over 16 double-decker buses to mark the 35th anniversary of his dad’s failed attempt.

In 1975 Evel tried to jump his Harley-Davidson XR-750 over a row of 13 of the buses in front of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium.

But when his rear wheel clipped the last bus he summersaulted through the air and broke his pelvis - ending his career.

Now Robbie will try to recreate the jump in London during May 2010… well everything except the crash.

When MP Paul Gogarty shouted "F*** you" at a fellow politician in the Irish parliament he made a quick apology for his language.

But it now looks like he didn't need to -- the F-word is not on the list of words Irish MPs are banned from saying.

During a budget debate last week, Gogarty, of the Green Party, was heckled by the opposition for "bleating and blathering"

But rather than a witty riposte, he shouted back "With all due respect, in the most unparliamentary language, f*** you Deputy Stagg. F*** you," - before apologising.

As it turns out F**k is not on the list of banned words, though coward;  guttersnipe; hypocrite; rat; scumbag; brat and buffoon all are… in England some MPs want the word 'expenses' to be banned too.

275x250.jpgElton John and Judy Garland have been voted the greatest gay icons of all time.

The 62-year-old rock star was picked a the top gay male icon, in part for marrying David Furnish on the first day same-sex unions became legal.

Garland meanwhile, was named top female celebrity gay icon with many of the 5,000 people polled say her portrayal of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, resonates with the gay community.

Others celebrities to feature on the lists included Freddie Mercury, Kylie Minogue, Stephen Fry and Liza Minelli.

Gay icons or not, whatever way you look at it, that list would make one hell of a dinner party, don't you think.

275x250.jpgAlmost one million Strictly Come Dancing fans will injure themselves trying to replicate the moves they see on the hit BBC show, it has been revealed.

Experts say that as many as 44 percent of the nine million fans will try their hand at ballroom dancing after watching the likes of Laila Rouass and Ricky Whittle.

But 25 percent of the would-be dancers will end up injured trying to replicate lifts and spins - that's 990,000 people left Strictly Come Hobbling.

Experts from MBT claim most of the injuries are caused by the poor fitness and physiques of the couch-potatoes turned dancers who regularly hurt their feet and ankles or backs.

Others just find their partner watching Strictly Come Dancing every Saturday night a real pain in the neck.

Formula One legend Murray Walker was in pole position today, after being voted the greatest sports commentator of all time.

Walker, who has been broadcasting since 1948 and spent much of his career at the BBC, took the chequered flag with ease in a survey of 8,879 people.

He beat BBC Sports' voice of football John Motson into second place with world tennis ace John McEnroe coming in third.

Famous for his boyish enthusiasm and authoritative voice, Walker began his Formula 1 commentating in the 1970's and continued until his retirement in 2001.

To be honest he is probably better know for his gaffes and Murrayisms like, 'With half the race gone, there's half the race still to go' and 'here comes Damon Hill in the Williams. This car is absolutely unique - except for the one following it, which is identical'.

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