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275x250.jpgFormer England cricket captain Michael Vaughan is hoping to knock art critics for six after switching the crease for the canvas.

The 35-year-old batsman has currently got an exhibition of his abstract works on show at a Cardiff art gallery.

Vaughan creates the Jackson Pollock-esque images with a technique he dubbed "artballing" - where he paints cricket balls with a symbolic colour and then bats it against a blank canvas.

He says he has been pleased with the results from his 100mph creative process in a Yorkshire warehouse… dnd who is going to argue with a artist waving a cricket bat.    

275x250.jpgPresident Obama has continued the Thanksgiving tradition of sparing the life of a turkey... which will now live at Disneyland.

Yesterday he pardoned Courage the turkey on the White House lawn after it was picked by his daughters Sasha and Malia.

The lucky 45lb bird, donated by the National Turkey Board, will now go to Disneyland where it will stay on at an exhibit on the settlers' early days in the US.

Speaking at the pardoning Barack Obama said: "Courage will also be spared this terrible and delicious fate."

"There are certain days that remind me of why I ran for this office… and then there are moments like this, where I pardon a turkey and send it to Disneyland," he added.

275x250.jpgA theme park has hired Simon Cowell's former bodyguard to help them protect a new secret ride they are working on.

Alton Towers will pay Tony Adkins the equivalent of a six-figure salary to protect the new ride - codenamed SW6.

Bosses say fans are so desperate to find out more about the £15 million roller-coaster - which is said to have a never-before-seen feature - they needed the extra security.

And Tony seems to have all the right credentials, he has spent seven years as a professional bodyguard also working for Princess Anne, Iron Maiden and Boy George.

He will now direct and provide advice to the in-house security team -- alternatively they could just put pictures of his face around the fence.

275x250.jpgCelebrities are being warned to check for funny or odd translations of any unusual names they pick for their children.

The problem was highlighted after it was revealed that Kai Rooney - the name picked by  Wayne and Colleen Rooney for their new son - has different meanings around the world.

Kai means "pier" in Estonian, "probably" in Finnish and "stop it" in Yoruba -- making him Stop it Rooney.

Now a translation firm has launched a £1,000 service for other celebrities who worry they might make the same sort of mistake.

And they say stars including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, David and Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale should have all used it, find out why after the link.

Hit MPs with custard pies to win a new life

275x250.jpgAn online game where players pelt MPs like Gordon Brown with custard pies has become an online hit - not only for the obvious reasons, but because gamers could also win a new life in Spain.

Players on "MPs’ Expenses Custard Pie Shootout" who hit the MP of their choice six times or more in 30 seconds, could go on to win the £1 million new life in Spain.

The winner will get a £700,000 sports bar and restaurant in the sunny Costa del Sol, along with 12 months’ free accommodation in a two-bedroom apartment.

Unfortunately they will not get the chance to recreate their custard pieing in real life.

Funny Twitter feed to become TV show

275x250.jpgA US TV station has snapped up a funny Twitterer - to make a show based on his 140 character tweets.

CBS have bought the rights to @Shitmydadsays - which details the amusing ponderances of Justin Halpern's 73-year-old dad.

Typical pdates include things like, "You look just like Stephen Hawking... Relax, I meant like a non-paralyzed version of him. Feel better?... Fine. Forget I said it."

Justin is now expected to work with the creators of sitcom Will & Grace to produce the show which will air next year.

We are guessing the first this will be to change the name to something a little more TV friendly.

A spoof advert filmed by the Top Gear team - in which a man commits suicide by shooting himself in the head - breached broadcasting guidelines.

Ofcom say the mock advert for a VW Scirocco - part of a challenge in an August episode of the BBC show - was too graphic and prompted 50 complaints from viewers.

The Jeremy Clarkson advert was a remake of a classic VW car commercial, but with a  typical Top Gear twist.

The BBC had claimed the advert was a "ludicrous and obviously comic depiction of suicide" but Ofcom said it was too violent given that children were likely to be watching.

It sounds like the children probably have a better idea of what to expect when tuning into top gear.

World's largest cinema screen at Pinewood

275x250.jpgBosses at Pinewood Studios have announced plans for the world’s largest cinema screen which will measure a massive 73.1 metres wide by 18.3 metres high.

The screen - normally home to a under water filming facility - will be revealed this weekend with the movie Mission Impossible.

If successful, it will take beat the current record held by Norway's Spektrum in Oslo which held a screening of Independence Day which measured 40.24m in width in 1996.

Tickets for the outdoor drive-in screening start from £35 -- but with a screen that size you will probably be able to see it from miles away.

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