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We've met Colin Furze before, first when he invented the flame-thrower scooter (and promptly got arrested for it) an then when he created the world's fastest mobility scooter.

Now he's taken that 70mph mobility scooter and seen what it can do in the snow… the answer, quite a bit!

In his video Furze, who is now part of the Sky TV show Gadget Geeks, can be seen reaching speeds of 51mph in the icy conditions and having great fun skidding around.

Writing on YouTube he said: "This is my world record holding fastest mobility scooter being thrashed in the snow which as you can see was bloody wicked.

275x250.jpg The guys over at Top Gear sure know how to commemorate a milestone. Take for example how they celebrated reaching 10m Facebook fans… they exploded a caravan!

With their astounding Facebook following approaching the big 10 million, the Top Gear team had asked fans how they should celebrate.

A Top Gear spokesperson said: "We had 7,832 suggestions in little over six hours. Many of these suggestions featured caravans. Specifically caravans and some form of wanton destruction."

so when they reached the eight digit following it was obvious the caravan was going to get it.

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