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275x250.jpg A study which used covert surveillance of car parks across Britain has found that women are better parkers than men.

After hiding cameras in a series of car parks, researchers spent a month looking at how well 2,500 men and women were at various aspects of parking.

They considered aspects such as technique, accuracy, time taken and space spotting ability to produce a 'parking coefficient' score out of 20.

And in a move which will undoubtedly cause arguments across the country women scored an average of 13.4, with men scoring just 12.3.

However, when questioned about their beliefs, only 18% of women say they are better parkers than men and only 28% believe they're better parkers than their partners.

275x250.jpg A US man has been fined after being caught driving in a car pool lane despite his only passenger being a plastic skeleton.

The driver had initially been stopped after a Washington State Patrol trooper driving dangerously at 82mph.

But when the officer walked up to the car, he discovered the passenger which qualified the driver to be in the car pool lane wasn't real.

In fact he was a plastic skeleton wearing a white hoodie with a cookie tin between his legs. The motorist was handed $454 ticket for speeding, unsafe lane change and driving solo.

Truck driver John Nettifee had a bad day at work recently -- when he lost control of his rig and crashed into a frozen pond.

As this video shows, the accident in Minnesota left the vehicle -- which had crossed over lanes of oncoming traffic -- part submerged in the icy water.

Luckily Nettifee was able to crawl out of his cab and across the ice to safety before he was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The truck however is still stuck in the frozen pond and efforts are underway to extract it.

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