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Pensioner spent two days lost on the M25

275x250.jpg An 82-year-old pensioner spent two days and two nights driving around the M25 after getting lost on his way to visit his daughter

Dennis Leighton had set off from his home in Windsor on what should have been an hour-long journey.

But when, several hours later, the octogenarian had not arrived, his worried family called police and reported him missing.

30 hours after he'd initially set off, police found his Vauxhall Estate on the M25, with a confused Dennis still behind the wheel.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "He got a little bit lost but was found safe and well in the early hours."

A US police officer has been left red-faced after accidentally crashing his patrol car UP a utility pole.

The cop had been driving in Miami when he became distracted and somehow managed to drive onto a telephone wire.

This meant the vehicle rode on to the tension rod of this pole -- rather than the pole itself -- until it was at a 45-degree angle.

While he managed to escape the accident without physical injury, his pride was a little dented -- he had to wait for emergency workers to free him.

It can be annoying if you can't find a parking space big enough for your car, but little things like that don't bother this New York driver.

That's because his can-do attitude saw him put on a virtuoso display of parallel parking and squeeze into a space barely bigger than his vehicle.

Caught on CCTV the driver can be seen repeatedly inching forward and backwards to get his silver Honda Acura into the spot in Brooklyn.

And then he had to do it all again a couple of hours later when he wanted to leave.

Mercedes, a Lamborghini and a Nissan Skyline has been described as the world's most expensive car crash.

The bizarre accident happened as the convoy of sports car connoisseurs were heading to a motorshow in Japan and the driver of one of the Ferraris lost control.

This caused the following cars to crash one-by-one leaving a trail of destruction which would have car-lovers crying into their copy of Jeremy Clarkson's latest book

In total it's estimated that £2.5million worth of super cars were destroyed in the crash… oh yeah, a Toyota Prius was involved too.

275x250.jpg An artist has been dubbed 'Pic-cars-so' after using toy cars covered in paint to create amazing artworks.

28-year-old Ian Cook from Birmingham drives the toys across the canvas, spreading the paint to produce motoring-focused images.

While Cook has a degree in fine art, he says wanted to find a way of combining his love for painting with that of motor sport.

And the bizarre idea came to him after being given a radio controlled car as a Christmas present and told not to get paint on it.

A video of two idiot motorists racing each other drag race style at a set of traffic lights (and failing miserably) has become an online hit.

Filmed by another driver -- who says he had a feeling something bad was going to happen -- the action happened in The Woodlands, Houston.

Gerod Rush said he watched the drivers of the C5 Corvette and C6 Corvette rev their engines before speeding away as the lights turned green.

Then, as they headed off into the distance at 60mph one swerved into the other and both cars were sent crashing into nearby trees. Oops.

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