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When the owner of a Porsche 911 realised his motor was a dud and suffering constant engine problems, he didn't take it back to the dealer or try to sell it.

Instead he donated it to Comm2A, a US gun club in New Hampshire, where it was used as target practice and shot at more than 100,000 times.

After the £50,000 car was parked at the end of the shooting range 140 weapon fans lined up 100 yards away, ready to unload their guns at it.

In total more than 10,000 bullets were fired into the dodgy vehicle which ended up looking like a Porsche-shaped block of Swiss cheese.

275x250.jpg A drag racer whose steering wheel fell off his 221mph car in the middle of a race says that rather than panic, the first thing he thought was: "I wonder if I remembered to turn the camera on."

It was. Shot earlier this month at the Rose Festival Drags in Oregon, this terrifying footage shows the moment Russ Parker found his steering wheel had come off in his hands.

He'd just started a race in his nostalgia funny car, which burns alcohol for fuel and is designed to resemble a 1969 Ford Mustang, when he realised something was wrong.

And it didn't take him long to work out what it was, the steering shaft had broken and the steering wheel had come off in his hand… never good, but particularly bad if you're in a 221mph car.

275x250.jpg A life-size and eight ton cement replica of a classic Volkswagen Beetle has been lowered into the sea as part of an underwater sculpture museum.

Artist Jason deCaires-Taylor created the faux car as part of his amazing underwater installation at Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park.

Now sitting 8m underwater, it's specifically designed to house marine life, and is made with a ph neutral marine cement which promotes coral.

It even has a variety of special compartments inside so lobsters can make it their home… just don't ask what does it does to the gallon!

Boffins in Australia have create a bizarre gravity-defying electric wheelbike vehicle which looks like it could have come straight out of Star Wars.

Engineers at the University of Adelaide say their Diwheel device allows a driver - sat between two giant-wheels - to travel either upright or upside down.

This is because the inner frame is suspended within the wheels in such a way as to allow the inner frame to rotate freely as the Diwheel speeds along at 25mph.

Drivers use a joystick to control the odd vehicle which is affectionately known as Edward - short for Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping.

Racing driver Allan McNish has emerged virtually unscathed from a 120mph horror crash at Le Mans -- and after you watch this video you'll see just how lucky he was.

Two-time Le Mans 24-hour winner had taken the lead just 50 minutes into the race on Saturday and was overtaking a slower car when the two vehicles collided.

This sent his Audi R18 flying off the track where it smashed into a barrier which launched it into the air and appeared to disintegrated into hundreds of parts.

But amazingly the 41-year-old Scot walked unaided from the wreckage and was later given the all clear at a local hospital… the news wasn't so good for his car.

275x250.jpg An Australian inventor has created a hover-bike which he claims could soon be capable of travelling at 170mph and 10,000ft.

Admittedly Chris Malloy's prototype has currently only hovered while tethered to the ground, but the designer is confident about his vehicle's potential.

He says the Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber hover bike will eventually steer like a traditional motorbike and outperform a two-blade aircraft in the air.

Suggested uses including aerial cattle mustering, search and rescue and aerial survey… we think he forgot to mention 'recreating scenes from Star Wars'.

275x250.jpgInsurance bosses have revealed that the Honda FR-V is the unluckiest car to drive on British roads.

A study of thousands of accident claims discovered that a whopping 18.4% of FR-V drivers have made a claim in the past five years.

This makes drivers of the Honda even more unlucky than those of the Volvo XC90 15.9% of who made claim, the Lexus RX 15.5% and the Mazda 5 15.3%.

At the other end of the scale was the Mazda 2 TS TD, out of 1,076 owners included in the research only nine accident claims were recorded in the last five years, less than on percent.

Other lucky drivers included the Nissan Skyline, the Ford Focus RS and the Fiat Cinquecento… unless you call actually driving a Cinquecento as unlucky.

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