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275x250.jpgMen are more likely to be involved in a car accident over the summer - because they're distracted by scantily-clad women, it has been found.

A recent study discovered that in 2009, men made 16.4 percent more car insurance claims during the summer than women.

25 percent of blokes also admitted to having had a summertime crash at some point in the past and being more prone to road rage in hot weather.

However it isn't just the rising temperature getting men hot under the collar, it's also what women are wearing.

29 percent of men say they are distracted by women's summer attire (or should that be lack of it) while only 3 percent of women say the same.

275x250.jpgOne in three men claim they don't feel safe when their other half is driving, it has been found.

Millions of blokes find themselves pushing their feet down into the footwell because their wife or partner brakes late.

Others say they regularly spend large chunks of the journey gripping the edges of the passenger seat and are in constant fear of crashing.

One in ten even said they've been forced to grab the steering wheel as the missus took her eyes off the road and careered towards the central reservation.

Other common complaints included flicking the accelerator, braking too hard, fiddling with the stereo... and generally just not being a man.

275x250.jpg A supercar fannatic has launched the world's most expensive and exclusive carwash and detailing service -- which costs up to £12,000 for each individual motor.

Gurcharn Sahota, 30, prides himself on offering the world's best car wash and uses a computerised microscope to spot the tiniest blemishes not visible to the human eye.

The detailer can then spend 250 hours using over 100 cleaning fluids and buffing every inch of the car five times to please his mega-rich clients who include royalty, musicians, sports stars and actors.

If you don't think you clapped out old Fiesta is quite worth the £12,000 price-tag of his top-of-the-range cleans why not go for his basic option… like the 'typical' £700 service.

German autobahns are often seen as the promised land for motorists with a taste for speed. But not this weekend -- there were 3 million people picnicking on there.

A 37 mile stretch of A40 autobahn between Duisburg and Dortmund was closed over the weekend with massive picnic installed as part of a cultural celebration.

The 'Still Life' event was held in celebration of the Ruhr region of Germany with regional music and dance performances taking place throughout the day.

It's thought the 20,000 connected tables broke a world record as the longest table and with 3 million atendees it's also likely to have been the world's biggest picnic.

One lane of the motorway was kept clear for the one million cyclists and skaters who travelled along the autobahn -- considerably slower than vehicles normally do. 

275x250.jpg An army 4x4 which can change into a helicopter in less than a minute and is capable of flying for 250 miles could soon be used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The AVX TX has been offered as the futuristic solution to problems faced by the US Army, which asked designers to come up with a vehicle which could fly into location and then proceed on ground.

Designers Texas-based AVX Aircraft Company say the AVX TX could carry four fully equipped soldiers and travel at 140mph in the air and 86mph on the road

They add the SUV could switch between modes in just 60 seconds and cover 250 miles on a single tank of fuel… which is so impressive it almost makes us wish we weren't flower-waving pacifists.

275x250.jpgA Segway rider has become the first person in Britain to be prosecuted for driving the self-balancing electric vehicle on the pavement.

Phillip Coates was just popping to the shops on his £5,000 gizmo when he was stopped by police, quizzed about it, and then charged.

They say the high-tech device breaches the Highways Act of 1835 and constitutes a 'motor vehicle' which can't legally be used on footpaths.

But Phillip says he will challenge the charge and hopes to see the motorised scooter reclassified and allowed on pavements as in much or Europe and the US.

Let's just hope for his sake his legal case is as stable as his 21mph vehicle.

275x250.jpgA Bugatti Veyron has been used to set a new world record for the fastest ever production sports car - by hitting 268mph.

Bosses say the record bid was conducted at the VW test facility at Ehra-Leissien and using a new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

In front of Guinness World Record Book adjudicators, driver Pierre Henri Raphanel jumped into the car to show what it can do around the 13 mile track.

After seeing a blur of black and orange whizz by, it was confirmed the quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter 16-cylinder supercar had recorded an average speed of 268mph.

Makers say the first five Veyron 16.4 Super Sport will come shipped with the same configuration as the record-breaker… buy you probably shouldn't try to beat it not the school run.

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