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275x250.jpgIt was launched as the world's cheapest car, but the Tata Nano could soon sell for prices normally associated with a Ferrari or Porsche.

Makers of the basic £1,400 car say they will produce bespoke versions of the 3.1-metre car which could sell for around £140,000.

While the basic shape of the car will remain the same, the engine will jump from 624cc to 1600cc and the Mumbai-based firm will be adding "a lot of tech wizardry" inside.

The rear seats will also be stripped out and larger wheels fitted. The top speed will double, to 124mph.

However, even with the increased muscle under the bonnet we don't think Jeremy Clarkson will be putting it at the top of the Top Gear Cool Wall any time soon.

275x250.jpgA daredevil driver has set a new world record distance for jumping in a rally car, reaching a massive 269 feet.

Travis Pastrana drove flew his Subaru rally car from a ramp on a pier in Long Beach, California onto a a barge anchored in the harbour.

He had to reach exactly 91mph at the end of the ramp to make the jump which looked near perfect as he landed at the other side skidding his car sideways.

But completing the jump and missing the water didn't mean that Travis stayed dry… he celebrated by doing a backflip into the harbour.

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