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275x250.jpgThe sonic screwdriver, as wielded by Doctor Who since 1968, could become soon become a real-life tool, claim ultrasonic engineers.

Boffins at Bristol University say technology has already reached a point where a working sonic screwdriver could be produced.

By operating waves at frequencies beyond the realms of human hearing, they claim they could manipulate objects using ultrasonic force fields.

This would mean a sonic screwdriver could be used to dot things like open locks and undo screws.

So, while it might not be much good for fighting off the Daleks, researchers say it could tackle the other big enemy of mankind… furniture from Ikea.

BBC radio presenters were left red-faced today after mispronouncing the name of culture secretary Jeremy Hunt… replacing the H with a C.

James Naughtie started it off by introducing the culture secretary on The Today Programme and calling him Jeremy Cunt.

Instantly realising his error, he tried to cover it up with a faux coughing fit… though he apologised 20 minutes later blaming 'Dr Spooner'.

And on the official Today Show Twitter account producers tried to laugh it off saying: "Yes, your ears deceived you. Move along now, nothing to see here..."

But that wasn't the end of it. Wile discussing the Freudian slip on another Radio 4 show, Andrew Marr repeated the gaffe right after saying he wouldn't. Oops.

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