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275x250.jpgEight out of ten women are worried about their partner's unhealthy lifestyle, if has been discovered.

Long stressful shifts at the office, a lack of sleep and exercise and a poor diet are the main concerns for wives and girlfriends up and down the country.

One in three women expressed fears their husband or partner is under too much pressure at work, while one in four said their other half scoffed too much fatty food.

A fifth of the 3,000 women surveyed added that they were worried their partner had become a 'couch potato'.

37 percent also said the worry their partner is overweight… prompting men up and down the country to shout the words pot, kettle and black.

275x250.jpg Wang, talywhacker, chopper and schlong are just some of the words men across the UK use to refer to their willy, it's been found.

An interactive map has been launched to collect the various words men in different regions use when talking about their penis and see how they compare.

For example, while blokes in the North East talk about their 'Pork Javelin' and 'Wham Wacker' those in London prefer 'Pork Sword'. Other popular terms include 'Oldboy', 'Todger', 'Ballzooka' and the 'One-Eyed Milkman.'

The 'I Call Mine" map has been set up by Lloyds Pharmacy is a bid to make men less embarrassed when talking about their… you know what.

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