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275x250.jpgA dating website which only accepts 'beautiful' members has launched a virtual sperm and egg bank for would-be parents who want attractive offspring.

Before joining would-be members have to pass a public beauty test with current daters decideding whether they are hot enough.

But now the controversial site has launched a service for less attractive couples wanting to have children who are more blessed in the looks department.

Users of the 'Beautiful Baby Service' can pick to receive sperm and eggs donated by 'officially attractive' users - guaranteeing better looking kids.

In odd news, the service can also be used to insure that your little one grows up to be inherently vain.

A powerlifer competing at an event in Chicago tried to squat 1,008 pounds -- and ended up projectile vomiting on a judge.

Logan Lacy was trying to lift the heavy weight at the American Powerlifting Federation contest when the embarrassing accident happened.

As he tried to stand, raising the weight, his cheeks puffed out and then he proceeded to vomit onto judge Garry Frank... who was sitting two metres in front of him.

Logan than passed out and collapsed to the floor, luckily he is okay, other than his dented pride.

In his defence, the phrases "Lift this" and "Do an Exorcist impression" can sound surprisingly similar.

275x250.jpgResearchers have found 80 percent of poker players around the world use drugs and other substances to enhance their performance.

Cocktails of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, valium and caffeine are said to be used by players to get an edge over their opponents.

A team from Nova Southeastern University say that while the substances allow people to play for longer and concentrate more - they can be harmful too.

After conducting hundreds of interviews with professional, semi-pro and amateur player the researchers said short-term and long-term side effects were also being caused.

73% of players had said they used drugs to focus and concentrate better, while the rest used then to calm their nerves and stay awake. Some just wanted to make poker interesting.

275x250.jpg Hundreds of blonde Latvian women marched throughout the streets of Riga this weekend - to raise morale.

The 'Go Blonde' event, now in its second year, aims to bolster national spirits during the recession and make men people forget their economic blues.

Organisers say seeing blonde women parade through the city takes peoples mind off the dire economic situation in the Baltic state. Other events during the two-day festival included concerts and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike competition.

But the parade of 800 blondes wearing pink and high-heels was the main attraction for men… and source of annoyance from brunette women in Latvia.

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