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275x250.jpgWomen have a better sense of touch because of their smaller hands and fingers, researchers have found.

Boffins tested the tactile acuity and sensitivity of 100 students by pressing progressively narrower parallel grooves against their stationary fingertips.

It was found that people with smaller fingers could discern tighter grooves thanks to having more closely spaced sensory receptors in their tiny digits.

The boffins from McMaster University say that this explains why in previous tests women were found to have more acute sensation in the fingers.

It also explains why women who wear extra-large gloves aren't generally that 'acute'.

'Golden ratios' of female beauty discovered

275x250.jpgBoffins claim the distance between a woman's eyes and her eyes and her mouth are the key to her being attractive.

Researchers say they have now found the ideal facial feature arrangement and ratio which ensures a woman's face will be attractive to other people.

Apparently the space between their eyes and the mouth should be 36 percent of the face's length and the distance between their eyes 46 percent of the face's width.

This means celebrities including Liz Hurley and Jessica Alba have scientifically perfect facial proportions… like we need science to tell us Jessica Alba is sexy.

Just how unfit is the average Brit? Very

275x250.jpgThe average adult in Britain is so unhealthy they are left gasping for breath after running for a bus, it has been found.

The worrying statistic emerged in a report which also found 22 percent  are 'puffed' after a quick trip up the stairs.

One in five went as far as to admit they were 'left sweating' after running the hoover around the house for just 16 minutes and four in ten 'need a sit down' after mowing the lawn.

The statistics were revealed after 2,000 people were quizzed about the level of their fitness including; how far they can run, how many are left feeling puffed out doing what and how much exercise they do.

It also emerged most people can only manage to run 108 metres before coming to an abrupt halt… that was away from the researcher asking them about their health.

275x250.jpgIt's official, marriage is bad for your waistline. 1-in-5 new brides will put on a stone and a half in weight -- within the first 18 months of marriage.

Researchers found that 22 per cent of newlyweds put on an average of 21lbs - almost a stone and a half - within 12 months of saying 'I do'.

And while more than half say they no longer worried about their appearance and weight after their big day, one in five overindulged on their honeymoon.

Another 42 per cent admitted they simply got too relaxed with their new husband, while 22 per cent even said they no longer felt they needed to impress their loved-one now the ring was on their finger.

We wouldn't be surprised if some even tried claiming their wedding ring must just weigh a stone and a half.

Youngsters who exercise have a higher IQ

275x250.jpgYoung adults who are fit and healthy have a higher IQ and are more likely to go on to university, it has been revealed.

Researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy looked at the results of both physical and IQ tests taken by 1.2 million youngsters doing military service in Sweden.

They found a clear link between good physical fitness and better results for the IQ test.

Also those who were fit at 18 were more likely to go into higher education, and many secured more qualified jobs.

"Being fit means that you also have good heart and lung capacity and that your brain gets plenty of oxygen," said Michael Nilsson, professor at the Sahlgrenska Academy

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