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Darwin book worth £60k found in toilet

275x250.jpgA rare first edition of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" is expected to be sold at auction for around £60,000 -- after it was found in a toilet.

The book, one of the first 1,250 copies ever printed, was discovered in an Oxford toilet where it had been left on a shelf.

While going to the loo, the son-in-law of the current owners spotted the On the Origin of Species, and thinking it looked old, gave it a closer inspection.

He then noticed a picture of the spine of the work and as he flipped the book open he realised it was a rare first edition.

At that point (but hopefully after pulling his trousers up) he told the owners who will sell the but at a Christie's auction today.

275x250.jpgA beach ball which helped score one of the oddest goals the Premiership has ever seen has been sold for auction on Ebay.

The red beach ball had been thrown onto the pitch during a match between Sunderland and Liverpool when it deflected a shot from Darren Bent right into the back of the net.

Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina looked on in shock at the freak goal and his team went on to lose 1-0.

But now the ball has at least brought some consolation for the city - after it raised more than £400 for the Liverpool Alder Hey Children's Hospital charity.

Something tells us Reds fans still won't be singing 99 Red balloons any time soon though - it will come as no surprise that the buyer was a Sunderland fan.

Warhol found in closet sells for £2.4m

275x250.jpgA woman who was given a self portrait by Andy Warhol in the 1960s but stashed in in a closet for 40 years, has sold it at auction for £2.4 million.

Cathy Naso had worked as a receptionist for Warhol at The Factory in New York when she was a teenager, and as a gift he had given her a self-portrait.

Since then she kept it wrapped up at the back of her wardrobe - never hanging it on her wall.

That was until she decided to cash in on it and put it up for auction at Sotheby's in Manhattan. It had been expected to sell for £750,000 but it far exceeded predictions by going for £2.4 million.

How come the best we can find in our wardrobe is a broken tennis racquet and what looks like the remains of what used to be a sandwich?

275x250.jpgA souvenir collector who somehow got his hands on 5,000 condoms due to be handed out to athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, is set to sell them at auction.

After the games ended the man managed to snap up most of the 100,000 which hadn't been used by randy sports people.

Each of the Olympic prophylactics is in a branded wrapper which has the motto of the Beijing Games "faster, higher, stronger" printed in it.
The 5,000 condoms will now be sold as a single lot at a Chinese sporting auction on 29 November - with a starting price that works out to one yuan each (8p).

We are not sure it would be that great to be stuck with 5,000 condoms promoting how fast you were on the packet.

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