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You might not recognize the name Jesper Bruun, you might not even recognize his face, but it's almost certain you have seen him.

That's because Bruun one of the most photographed and featured men in the world and stock images of the Danish model have been used in countless advertising campaigns around the world.

Brun has been a happy tourist in Australia, a rockstar in France, a family man in Bolivia and worked in a German bank -- or rather that's what photos of him have been use to portray.

Upset that stock images of Bruun were being used by firms rather than specially commissioned photos Câmera Clara Photography Studio recently set out to meet hims and find out a bit more about him.

275x250.jpg A Canadian artist has created a range of shoes which leave bizarre footprints which look like predatory creatures (and the occasional Bigfoot) have been stalking urban areas.

Maskull Lasserre says he came up with the project because having moved to the city from the Canadian woods and countryside he found the fact there were only human shoe prints in the puddles and snow a bit lonely.

So for the past two years he has been making moulds of animal footprints, casting them in urethane rubber and attaching them to the soles of shoes which he wears.

He then leaves prints in the snow in the hope that they will be seen by other people who will think they have been left by real animals.

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