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275x250.jpg How much attention do you give the button at a pedestrian crossing? Well if this is anything to go by, maybe you should be looking a little closer.

An eagle-eyed pedestrian has noticed that a series of pedestrian crossing in Bristol have been altered to offer button-pressers cups of tea or hugs.

Carlton Jefferis was crossing the road when he noticed the button had been altered to read: "PEDESTRIANS push button for a cup of tea"

Writing on Twitter after tweeting the image, Jefferis said: "Is this the new Banksy? Looks like a professional job, could be a Banksy wannabe but hope it's the real thing!"

275x250.jpg Visitors to West India Quays at Canary Wharf would have been forgiven for treading carefully after stumbling on this amazing 3D painting.

Artist Joe Hill was commissioned by Reebok Crossfit to create the massive and record breaking 1160.45m² painting of a waterfall and plunging cliffs.

Speaking of his record Joe said: "I am absolutely over the moon to have broken not one but two Guinness World Records for the longest and largest anamorphic painting!

"As a London based artist it is really special to create this artwork in the heart of the city and also to be able to bring the world records for 3D art back home to Britain where 3D art first started."

275x250.jpg Artist Erik Kessels had put on an unusual exhibition in Amsterdam -- by filling a gallery with print-outs of all the photos uploaded to Flickr in a 24 hour period.

And that's a lot of photos. Around a million in fact. Meaning Foam is filled with a positive avalanche of images, the majority of which can't be seen.

Kessels says the work is a response to the overload of images we are exposed to nowadays thought social networks and image-sharing sites.

"By printing all the images uploaded in a 24-hour period, I visualise the feeling of drowning in representations of other peoples' experiences," he said.

If you think you've seen some cumbersome and awkward dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing, think again and meet the man who dances with a digger.

Dominique Boivin, an experimental French choreographer, has recently scored an online hit after performing dance routines with a digger.

During his shows Boivin climbs on the digger, prances around the bucket and dodges the spinning excavator in time to classical music.

He also dangled precariously from the raised bucket and is lifted of the ground by the machinery... unsurprisingly he doesn't return the favour.

275x250.jpg We once built a sandcastle which we thought was a work of art -- but it didn't have anything on these beach-based creations.

Jersey's beaches were recently transformed into it a series of artworks at the World Beach Art Championships.

Competitors battled it out by drawing masterpieces in the sand with French artist Sam Dougados crowned champion for his design of parallel lines and concentric circles.

However, tourists didn't have long to appreciate the artworks -- the sea soon turned the beach into a blank canvas again.

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