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We've seen some pretty odd sheepdogs in the past - Ci the sheepdog who is scared of sheep and Nancy the Chihuahua, we're thinking of you! -- but this is just getting ridiculous…

Meet Champis the rabbit which herds sheep in Sweden. After learning her skills from a friendly border collie little Champis started chasing sheep.

And surprisingly the sheep run away from the bunny as though it were a top contestant on One Man and His Dog and are easily herded.

Less surprisingly a video of the bunny herding the sheep has become a hit on YouTube where it has already amassed more than 100,000 views.

Scientists who set up a series of hidden cameras in a remote area of Tajikstan to capture footage of snow leopards were shocked to discover one of their devices had been stolen.

But they were even more shocked when they uploaded footage from one the remaining cameras and discovered the culprit was a sneaky snow leopard cub.

Researchers from Panthera say camera trap thefts normally occur where jaguars and tigers live in very close proximity to human populations in warm climates.

"As far as we know, this is the first documented incident of a snow leopard stealing a camera trap… and he or she has now been added to Panthera’s Most Wanted List!" said a spokesperson.

275x250.jpg Racehorses carrying the No1 cloth win more races than any other nag, new figures have revealed.

A detailed analysis of results from 9,500 races in the UK during 2010-- which took six weeks to compile -- revealed No1 wins on 15 per cent of occasions.
It also emerged there is no such thing as a lucky No 7, with the hapless horse accounting for 20 per cent of all disqualifications throughout the season.
More jockeys are unseated by horses wearing the No 3 than on any other number and No 2 is the most likely to fall.

This dog is lucky to be alive after his hapless owner got into a lift and forgot his pooch -- which had his leash attached -- was still outside.

CCTV footage shows the horrified button-punching reaction of the dog owner when he realises what's happened and that his pet could be seriously injured.

As he travelled towards his Chicago apartment, the man realised that he is still holding the lead but that his 18-month-old bulldog cross is not in the lift with him.

Luckily, video from another camera shows that while the dog was lifted from the ground as the lead travelled upwards, it snapped and he survived the ordeal relatively uninjured.

Two lifeboat crews were called out to save a pony which had fallen from a 50ftcliff in Pembrokeshire, Wales into the water below.

The teams from Cardigan discovered the animal on a small gravel beach surrounded by rough waters after it had spent a cold few nights there.

Footage from RNLI shows the rescuers approaching the distressed and frightened pony - which tried to run away from them.

Eventually they were able to harness the pony and lead it out of the cove swimming behind a lifeboat, it was then returned back to her owner's farm.

Kitten from hell scares YouTube (VIDEO)

If you try to think of scary animals, the chances are sharks, bears and crocodiles will be top of your horror creatures list.

But after clicking play on this video we think fluffy kittens will also have you trembling in fear whenever you're in a dark room on your own.

That's because this video shows the 'Kitten from Hell' and comes with a much deserved "Don't watch if you're easily scared' warning.

275x250.jpg A pair of abandoned kittens have become a online hit after a cats protection charity revealed that they have a combined 54 digits.

The polydactyl cats Ned and Fred -- who were taken in by Cats Protection in Gosport Town -- have a respective eight and ten extra toes than the typical cat.

Branch volunteer Kate Stapleford explains: “These two kittens were in poor condition when they arrived but with veterinary attention and a lot of TLC from their fosterer, Fred & Ned are now thriving.

"Fred and Ned are special in that as well as extra toes on the front paws, Fred has extra toes on his back paws. Our vet said he'd never seen that in 40 years in practice!

Russian cows given bras to keep them warm

275x250.jpg It might sound udderly bizarre, but cows in Russia's republic of Yakutia are being given hand-made fur bras.

Because Yakutia is officially the coldest place in the northern hemisphere, even the cattle need to be prepared for very low temperatures.

And with it sometimes reaching minus 55 degrees Celsius, some farmers have taken to producing hand-made rabbit fur accessories for their animals, reports

The cow bras are said to consist of a rabbit fur pouch for their udders which is held in place through a series of straps.

A young girl has become an internet hit and been dubbed 'the world's littlest lion tamer' after her visit to Wellington Zoo in New Zealand went viral.

In the clip, three-year-old Sofia Walker can be seen staring at a lion called Malik through a thick pane of safety glass.

And it's a good job the glass is there, because after inspecting the girl for a few seconds, the beast starts frantically pawing at her, or rather the glass.

Malik then stops briefly before resuming his futile attack, though the girl barely flinches.

Kayak fisherman saves dog from sea (VIDEO)

A US fisherman couldn't believe his eyes when a traumatised dog appeared alongside his kayak off the coast of Florida.

This video shows the moment the exhausted pooch swam towards the man -- known only as midget2000x -- after running into the sea following a hit-and-run accident.

The fisherman was able to lift the bleeding and shivering dog from water of the Gulf of Mexico and take him to the safety of a local vets.

There it was discovered that the dog, Barney, had been out running with his owner Donna Chen when she was hit by a car and killed.

275x250.jpg The average dog will cause nearly 2,000 family arguments during its lifetime, a study has revealed.

A new study shows ‘man’s best friend’ can also be his worst enemy as it triggers up to three rows every single day.
That’s the equivalent of 156 quarrels every year – or 1,997 over the average pooch’s life expectancy of 12.8 years.
And the spats range from disagreeing about who should take the dog for a walk, feeding them too many treats and what to do with them when going away.
The poll also suggests that a quarter of owners regularly argue about where the dog should be allowed to go in the house.

275x250.jpg Police have released an image of a would-be thief's bum in the hope it could help them crack (sorry) an armed robbery case.

Officers from Durham Constabulary say the man threatened staff at a petrol station with a kitchen knife and demanded cash.

However the woman at the Total Garage in Newton Aycliffe refused to comply and the crook was forced to flee empty-handed.

Because the man had been wearing a black balaclava, the CCTV footage didn't show his face, so police hope someone will recognise him from his bottom.

Anyone with information should call Newton Aycliffe CID on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800-555111 to help cops get to the bottom of it.

Deer crashes into US charity store (VIDEO)

A deer caused quite a fuss in a Philadelphia charity store -- when it crashed through the door and charged around inside.

As this security video footage shows, some shoppers quickly fled the store as the doors were pinned open in the hope it would leave.

Eventually the animal did dash back out into the car-park, where another five dee were apparently waiting outside.

The manager of the store said he initially thought a car had crashed through the window when he heard the bang… but in that case why did he utter "Oh deer!"

275x250.jpg Police in China are investigating whether a billionaire was murdered with a  poisoned cat meat stew.

Long Liyuan died at the end of December after having a dinner with business associates during which they all ate the local delicacy of cat meat.

But while all three men were ill -- feeling dizzy and sick -- just 49-year-old Long died and a police investigation was launched, initially quizzing the restaurant owner.

However, a local official has now been arrested on suspicion of poisoning the dish with a toxic herb called Gelsemium elegans.

It's claimed the men had argued about money and it's suggested the official had embezzled money from Mr Long.

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