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275x250.jpg Animal rescue workers have saved an inquisitive dog who got his head stuck in a hole in a wall and ended up looking like a hunting trophy.

Rebel the German shepherd had become curious about a hole in a 18-inch block wall in California and stuck his head though to take a look.

But the eight-month-old was instantly unable to get back out and when a friend of the owner heard him whimpering the sent for help.

Officers from Riverside County Animal Services say it took 30 minutes to gently pull him back through the wall. He's now feeling a hole lot better.

275x250.jpgAn abandoned baby orang-utan has made his way to new home -- by travelling as a first class passenger on cruise ferry.

11-month-old Silvestre was rejected by his mother at Santillana Zoo in Spain and as a result was being taken to Monkey World sanctuary in Dorset.

But because he had to be kept close to his keeper, special permission was given from the British authorities for him to travel on board a ferry.

As a result, Silvestre had his own four-bed cabin for the journeyand spent most of the time swinging from the ladders and bunks.

With that sort of behaviour he should fit in perfectly on a EasyCruise holiday.

A coyote which found itself stranded on a block of ice floating on Lake Michigan had to be saved by rescue workers.

Passersby had notified Chicago Fire Department when they first spotted the trapped animal floating on a sheet of ice on the lake.

And for more than an hour the coyote floated around the lake as a rescue operation was mounted with animal control officers.

At one point the critter even tried jumping into the zero-degree celsius water to get back to shore, though it soon thought better of it and scrambled back onto the ice.

Eventually rescue workers on board a fire department boat pulled the shivering coyote to safety… presumably the snow meant there were no real fires which needed extinguishing.

275x250.jpg Bosses at an aquarium in the UK say they're planning to reduce waste this Christmas -- by feeding their fish leftover Brussels sprouts.

Staff say they stumbled on the finding that the fish have a 'surprising penchant' for the unpopular but festive vegetable.

As a result Alton Towers Resort have started recycling any left-over sprouts served in the hotel by dropping them in the tanks.

They say they're not sure of the impact the diet will have, or whether it will increase fishy flatulence but that they will 'monitor the situation'.

275x250.jpgTV Licensing has revealed a list of the most implausible excuses given over the past year for not having a TV Licence, and there are some corkers.

Odd excuses include a TV no longer working because a squirrel broke into the house and peed on it, and someone they were so drunk they ate the documentation.

But TV Licensing bosses say the number one excuse was someone who claims they rang up to pay, but didn't because staff were unwilling to barter.

The peeing squirrel came second, followed by the man who said he lives like a Buddha and someone who claimed they don't watch TV, they just use it as a light.

However, our personal favourite has to be the ballsy person who asked inspectors to come back later… because he wanted to watch the end of a show which was on.

A video of a salsa-dancing dog has become an online hit -- and how could it not, it's a salsa-dancing dog!

Since going online earlier this week the 34 second video has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Wriggling against a glass door, the dog appears to be dancing the Mambo as salsa music by La Excelencia is played in the background.

The uploader of the video says the dancing dog "gets every door opened for him" by showing off his moves. And fans online have certainly been impressed.

However, some doubters claim he's not dancing… but more likely trying to get at some sausages he's being taunted with behind the glass door.

275x250.jpg A photographer who scored a surprise hit with a quirky calendar featuring dogs in yoga poses is at it again, this time with puppies and kittens.

Dan Borris creates the wacky images with the help of his yoga instructor wife Alejandra, who coaxes the animals into certain positions.

He then takes photos of each animal and uses Photoshop to combine them and make it appear as though the cats and dogs are in actual yoga poses.

The calendars have become a hit around the world with orders flooding in from Russia, Japan and Europe… and people in each country think they're being original with jokes about Downward facing dog.

A video showing a family of ducks being being blown around by a powerful gust of wind has become an online hit.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube, shows a mother and nine ducklings waddling along at a racecourse in Toronto

But then, as they cross an open paved area, a gust of wind catches the ducklings and knocks the little ones off their feet.

As the wind hits again it sends them flyin all over the place and the mother begins to panic and runs around trying to make sure they are all okay.

At this point, if you listen carefully enough, you can probably hear the 'Awwws' of another YouTube user nearby watching the same clip.

275x250.jpgAdolescent great white sharks may be too weak to capture and kill large marine mammals, scientists have claimed.

Though we still wouldn't want to find one in our swimming pool, boffins say that until they're about 15-years-old and three metres long, great white sharks lack bite.

It's claimed while sharks can maintain high bite forces no matter how widely their jaws are open - their jaw cartilage takes years to develop.

Researchers think this could explain why many attacks on humans are aborted, the young sharks would hurt their jaws on the first bite.

It will come as no surprise the team were not confident enough in their finding to present them from a tank filled with young sharks.

The Andrex puppy - which has starred in TV adverts since 1972 - has been replaced by a computer generated dog for a new ad.

In their latest advertising campaign, Kimberly Clark, the firm behind Andrex toilet paper opted for a CGI dog rather than the iconic Labrador Retriever puppy

The 40 second advert entitled 'It's the Little Things' shows the digitised dog using a computer, baking a cake… and briefly chasing a toilet roll.

A spokesperson for Kimberly Clark said: "We really believe we’ve given him a new lease of life and have evolved his character."

Something tells us viewers might disagree… if you put your ear to the computer you can almost hear them starting "Bring back the real puppy" groups on Facebook.

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