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Zoo calls in gorilla super-stud Oumbie

275x250.jpgA zoo has called in the help of a 28 stone, silverback gorilla to help impregnate their females.

Bosses at Twycross Zoo say their current males weren't up to the job, so they have brought in the dark haired and strong Oumbie - who looks to be relishing the chalange.

It is now hoped western lowland silverback gorilla Oumbie will breed with Asante and Ozala, the two females at the Leicestershire zoo, where they hope to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet

Keepers say Oumbie - who was picked out of a stud book before being moved from a bachelor group in Kent - is settling in well and has already piqued the interest of the females.

By "piqued their interest" we can only assume this is the zoo's child-friendly way of saying "they are already going at it, like the animals they are."

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