Sloths are meant to like life in the slow lane, but it appears that this little guy didn't get the memo. After falling from a tree he ended up in a speed boat, and appeared to enjoy the ride.

BBC weather forecaster Kate Kinsella halted a live broadcast on Three Counties radio … after spotting a mouse in the studio.

275x250.jpg A mobile phone insurance website has uncovered its top 10 weirdest insurance claims of the past 12 months… including a farmer whose mobile ended up inside a cow.

Whilst many people break their phones by dropping the handset and smashing the screen, data released by has revealed the top ten weirdest mobile insurance claims.
1. A farmer in Devon claimed his phone had disappeared inside the back end of one of his cows when he’d been using the torch on his iPhone whilst assisting the cow during calving. The phone later made an appearance, but was damaged.

2. A lady in her early 40s from Nottingham claimed that she’d baked her Nokia 6303i into a Victoria Sponge she’d been making for her daughter’s birthday. It didn’t endure the heat of gas mark 5.

275x250.jpg An abandoned kitten and puppy at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have dispelled the age old saying ‘fighting like dogs and cats’ by becoming best friends.

At just weeks old, Buttons the dog and Kitty the cat were both abandoned. Now they are now being hand-reared together at the animal home and have become very close.

In fact the inseparable pair are so close they sleep together, play together and even feed together.

Battersea Veterinary Nurse Sascha Taylor. She says: "Normally we’d hand rear puppies and kittens separately but we thought we could try putting them together as they are both so young.

275x250.jpg Ever wondered how cooking a squirrel for dinner could end up worse than it sounds? How about setting fire to your apartment block and causing a massive fire!

That's what happened in Michigan recently when a man was preparing his squirrel meal by removing the animal’s fur using a propane torch.

As a result of the blaze, which started on the third floor, twenty people were evacuated from the building as flames spread to the roof.

It's not known whether the man had enjoyed flame-grilled squirrel before, but the chances are he won't be trying that particular delicacy again any time soon.

This man apparently got a little too close to two stags which were facing up to each other Bushy Park in London … and ended up having to climb a tree to escape them.

One of the testosterone-fuelled stags chased the man who tried hiding on the other side of the tree to the stag, before deciding the best idea was to climb out of its way.

275x250.jpg Research has discovered that looking at cute animals could actually help boost office productivity.

Japanese boffins conducted a study which required subjects to complete a hand-eye coordination task, 50% having been shown images of baby animals first, 50% having looked at adult animals.

Those who had looked at the cute baby animals consistently outperformed those who had looked at the adult animals. The experiment was then repeated with cute images again winning out.

A spokesperson said: "Results show that participants performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after viewing cute images

"This is interpreted as the result of a narrowed attentional focus induced by the cuteness-triggered positive emotion that is associated with approach motivation and the tendency toward systematic processing."

275x250.jpg We've previously told you about the wonderfully odd underwater sculptures by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, well he's done it again with a series of underwater suburban homes.

But while they look like they are designed for you or us, theses homes are actually for various marine species … which is a good job because they are at the bottom of the sea at Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park.

Working with local marine biologists the units are designed with a variety of rooms, spaces, hideaways and textures all tailored for different reef inhabitants.

Located on an open stretch of terrain the houses also offer a place of shelter and refuge from reef predators such as Barracudas and Lion Fish.

Oregon farmer eaten by his own pigs

275x250.jpg Authorities in Oregon are investigating how a 69-year-old farmer ended up getting eaten by his own hogs.

Terry Vance Garner had gone out to feed the animals on his farm near the Oregon coast but several hours later hadn't come back.

Another family member later found he had fed the animals, but not in the way he intended. His dentures and pieces of his body were discovered in the hog enclosure.

Authorities say the hogs had devoured most of the farmer by the time they arrived.

It's not known whether Garner had suffered a medical emergency before being eaten by the hogs, or whether they attacked him. One is thought to have bitten him previously.

What would you do if confronted by a giant black bear? If you're anything like us the answer probably involves much screaming and running, but not this woman … she shouted at him to go away.

A video showing exactly what happened when a bear paid a visit to Nishanto Grillo's home has been viewed by more than 500,000 people since being uploaded to YouTube.

In the footage the bear can be seen walking across the garden, before making it's way up some steps and onto the porch looking for food.

But rather than discover a tasty treat the bear was confronted by Nishanto  shouting: "Get down right now! No! No! No! Down." rather wisely he did

275x250.jpg Turning one is a big deal, even if you are a gorilla. That's why staff at Bristol Zoo organised for little Kukeña to get a special treat on his big day.

The little gorilla - who weighs 7kg and stands around 45cm tall - was given a present including some of his favourite healthy food and a slice of birthday fruit cake.

Assistant curator of mammals, Lynsey Bugg, said: “Kukeña has come a long way over the past 12 months, he is becoming a proper little adventurer and loves to sneak off to explore when mum isn’t looking.

"Salome is a fantastic mum and is still very protective of her baby boy and keeps a close eye on him as he is still a bit too young to play with the other young gorillas as they tend to like a bit of rough and tumble.”

Stingray photobombs go viral (PHOTOS)

275x250.jpg Everyone loves a good photobomb, especially when the photobomber in question is an animal … which could explain why these Stingray Photobomb photos went viral.

Seen by millions of people, the images show shocked swimmers being mounted by stingray as they enjoy the water and pose for a quick photo.

The images are thought to have been taken in the Cayman Islands Stingray City, a tourist destination where people get to touch and feed stingray amongst coral reefs.

Some online fans of the Stingray Photobombs have described them as "The photobomb to end all photobombs", and we have to agree.

275x250.jpg Of all the things nervous fliers might choose to worry about when boarding a plane, a roaming crocodile probably wasn't one of them … until now.

It's been revealed that a crocodile was recently found roaming free in the cargo hold of a Qantas plane after escaping from a container.

The croc - which only measured 60cm - was being transferred from Brisbane to Melbourne was  discovered when the plane arrived at its destination after a two-hour flight.

A spokesperson for Qantas said that an investigation had been launched to discover how the animal had broken free.

In a statement, they reportedly added: "The animal was quickly and safely secured when the aircraft arrived in Melbourne."

275x250.jpg A photograph of a baby gorilla looking through the viewfinder of a camera on a tripod has won an award at the Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) first ever Animal Photography Prize competition.

The snap by photographer Lucy Ray, which shows cheeky little Chickaboo proving that she is just as good as any wildlife photographer, will go on show at an exhibition at ZSL London Zoo.

Other extraordinary images that will be on display at the Zoo include a close up of an Amur leopard baring its teeth, and a Madagascan giant leaf-tailed gecko showing off its incredible camouflage skills.

ZSL’s project manager for the exhibition Sarah Barron added: “These photographers have managed to capture some truly amazing shots which will challenge peoples’ perception of the animal kingdom.

World's longest snake in captivity ever

275x250.jpg Meet Medusa, a 25ft 2in Reticulated Python who has gained a place in the Guinness World Records 2013 after being recognised at the ‘Longest Snake Ever in Captivity.’

The gigantic 8-year-old snake is owned by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, USA and lives within The Edge of Hell haunted house attraction.

When not devouring her diet of rabbits, hogs and deer, the 350 pound reptile is usually found coiled up in a nook within the haunted attraction’s cavernous turn-of-the-century brick warehouse.

Her handler and the Edge of Hell’s general manager, Larry Edgar states: “We try to keep Medusa well-fed and slightly out of reach as there have been instances with Reticulated Pythons where they’ve had to cut people out of them! We never underestimate that she does always have the upper-hand.”

Hero piglet saves drowning goat (VIDEO)

When this goat got one of its hooves stuck in a pond, it looked like it was going to end badly and that the goat could easily drown … until a hero piglet stepped in.

A video which has been seen by 2.5 million people on YouTube shows how the brave pig jumped into action as the incident unfolded at a children's zoo.

As the goat bobbed up and down in the water bleating, the little piglet swam over to it and began to push it to safety.

Within a couple of seconds the goat and pig were walking away from the danger as friends, prompting one YouTube viewer to say: "I'm never going to eat pork again."

When we go to the zoo, we do it to look at animals like gorillas, but what about the gorillas, what do they get to look at? Caterpillars, that's what … and they love it!

A video shot at Calgary Zoo in Canada shows a group of gorillas looking fascinated as they watch a caterpillar crawling up the cage of their enclosure.

The gorillas even push each other out to the way to get a better view of the little critter and are clearly intrigued by it.

So if we are fascinated looking at gorillas which are fascinated looking at a caterpillar, the question remains, what is the caterpillar fascinated looking at?

275x250.jpg If you think all bulls are big ferocious beasts, think again and meet Archie, the world's shortest bull who measures just 76.2 cm (30 in) from hoof to withers.

The 29-month-old Dexter from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, has been recognised as the Shortest Bull in the world and features in Guinness World Records 2013.

He measures just 76.2 cm (30 in) from the hoof to the withers, 15 inches shorter than other bulls of his breed (typically 45 in).  His height means that he’s dwarfed by the other animals at his farm, including even the dogs and goats!

Archie may be small, but that hasn’t diminished his “bullish” temperament! Ryan explains: “Archie doesn’t realise that he’s so short. He thinks he’s the biggest in the herd and he’ll grunt and roar at the rest of them.

Nathalie Rollandin was filming the sunset in San Francisco when a thieving seagull nicked her camera and proceeded to fly off with it, as this footage show.

Video from the GoPro camera shows how the kleptomaniac bird flew over the water in front of Golden Gate Bridge before discarding the camera which was later recovered.

Writing online Rollandin said: "Video of how a seagull stole my GoPro, flew over the water in front of Golden Gate Bridge and how the camera incredibly managed to survive, recording everything!"

Since uploading the footage to YouTube, it has been seen more than two million times … the thieving bird is still at large.

275x250.jpg A three-year-old Great Dane called Zeus from Michigan, USA, has been named by the Guinness World Records as the tallest dog ever and measures 111.8 cm (44 in) from foot to withers.

That makes him the same size as a typical donkey and standing on hind legs, Zeus stretches to 7 ft 4 in and towers over his owner Denise Doorlag.

The humongous hound - who features in Guinness World Records 2013 - weighs 70.3 kg (155 pounds or 11 stone) and eats around 12 cups of food a day (equivalent to one whole 30-lb bag of food!)

“Zeus is an awesome dog,” says owner Denise. “The only downside is that everything costs more; the food, medicines, transport. We had to get a van to be able to transport him, oh, and if he steps on your foot- he leaves bruises!”

Queen's corgi from Olympic Bond film has died

275x250.jpg One of the Queen's corgis which starred in the James Bond sketch during the Olympic opening ceremony, has died.

Officials from Buckingham Palace say 13-year-old Monty - who was previously owned by the Queen Mother - passed away recently.

In the film Monty, along with two ofter Corgis, greeted actor Daniel Craig and performed tummy rolls before watching James Bond and the Queen take off in a helicopter.

The death leaves two corgis in the palace, Willow and Holly. Corgis have frequently been kept by royals since George VI bought his first Pembroke corgi in 1933.

275x250.jpg A film festival dedicated to internet cat videos has attracted more than 10,000 fans who enjoyed watching their favorite kitty videos on the big screen.

Launched by Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis, the even also saw the crowning of "Golden Kitty" an award for the most popular cat-based viral.

More than 10,000 votes were placed for the contest and the winner was Henri 2, Paw de Deux, which was created by William Brandon.

Speaking after hearing the odd news of his movie award win, Brandon said: "This is a great honor. I don't think I've ever purred this loudly!"

275x250.jpg RSPCA officers were called to the University of Hertfordshire recently, after builders discovered a fox which was trapped with just his head poking out of the floor.

The hapless fox had somehow managed to get inside the office area, which was being refurbished, and then under the flooring.

Unfortunately, while he was able to get his head up into the hole - which he would have hoped   was a way out - he couldn't get back down and was jammed stuck.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Kate Wright said: “When I arrived I was faced with a very odd sight. Here was this fox’s head poking out of a floor and he was so jammed he couldn’t move and I just had these big eyes staring at me. 

When passengers set off on a fishing charter off the shores of Vancouver Island near Tofino, British Columbia they hoped to see some prize-sized salmon and halibut … they got a whole lot more.

That's because they spotted a humpback whale swimming just yards from their boat. Not only that but the beast breached right in front of them. As this footage shows.

The video - which was filmed by a passenger using an iPhone - has been seen by more than one million people since being uploaded to YouTube.

275x250.jpg When a man from Florida had his hand bitten off at the wrist by a hungry alligator, he probably thought it couldn't get much worse, then he was charged unlawful feeding of an alligator.

Airboat captain Wallace Weatherholt had been giving a family a tour of the Everglades when the accident happened shortly after spotting the 9-foot alligator.

It's been reported that Weatherholt held a fish over the side of the boat in a bid to provoke it, which is when he lost his hand at the wrist.

Authorities later tracked an killed the gator, and retrieved the hand from its stomach, but doctors were not able to reattach it.

Feeding an alligator is a second-degree misdemeanor, which can be punished with a fine of up to $500 and possible jail time.

275x250.jpg An bizarre product has gone on sale which allows you to simultaneously feed and humiliate squirrels, and give you a good laugh and photo opportunity at the same time.

The Big Head Squirrel Feeder is exactly what its name would suggest - a squirrel feeder in the shape of a giant squirrel head.

A spokesperson for online retailer Archie McPhee said that the idea is you would hang the feeder in front of a window or near a porch, fill it with something squirrels like to eat.

Then, when the squirrels stick their head up there, the they look like they have a hilariously huge head with a goofy smile.

"Keep a camera nearby, you'll want to post a picture on Facebook. Perfect for birdwatchers, dads or anyone else who thinks squirrels should be taken down a peg or two."

Shark expert Jim Abernethy was filming a shark documentary in the Bahamas when one of the sharks decided it didn't want a staring role ... and stole his $15,000 camera.

Abernethy had placed one of his cameras on the sea floor, while attending to something else, when one of the 14-foot tiger sharks swiped it and swam off.

Footage shot by another member of the "This is Your Ocean" team shows the moment the shark, known to the team as Emma, disappeared into the water.

After giving chase, Abernethy was able to retrieve his camera gear because Emma dropped it, not because he fought her for it.

275x250.jpg A Canadian man accidentally shot himself in the forehead while trying to kill a mouse with the butt of his rifle.

The man was reportedly intending to crush the rodent with the weapon at a camp on Anjigami Lake in Ontario, but didn't know the gun was loaded.

As such he got quite a shock when the gun fired, with the bullet grazing his forehead but luckily not causing too much damage.

Police say the man was admitted to and released from the hospital, before being charged with careless use of a firearm.

A spokesperson said: "He was very lucky." It's not known what happened to the mouse.

Residents in a Harrogate cul-de-sac couldn't believe their eyes recently - when they looked of their window to see a stampede of 30 cows running through their gardens.

Video footage shows the sight which greeted residents (oh how we wish it had been in Uddersfield) at 6am on Sunday morning.

The cows can be seen plodding across lawns and it's surprising that no damage was caused to the street or any of the residents' property.

It's been reported that the cows came from a field around a mile away and that after walking up and down the street for about five minutes they headed back to their field.

A mayor in Alaska has recently been re-elected. Nothing strange about that you might think, but that's before we tell you the mayor of Talkeetna is a cat and has been in charge for 15 years.

The 15-year-old moggy - or Mayor Stubbs to give him his official title - was voted in as mayor just a few days after he was born.

Residents nominated the then kitten for the role because they did not think there were any other viable candidates and surprisingly he won. Since then he keeps getting voted in.

His main role as mayor seems to be getting publicity for the town and he's appeared in local and national magazines and newspapers. And well, we wouldn't be writing about Talkeetna if it wasn't for him, would we?

Beach-goers in California couldn't believe their eyes recently … because surfer Dana McGregor had decided to take his two pet goats along to catch some waves.

Goatee, a nanny goat, and her billy goat, Pismo stood on surfboards at San Onofre State Beach, and cruised along the waves, much to the surprise of bystanders.

McGregor - who initially Goatee to eat unwanted foliage at his home - says his goats got a taste for surfing after he took them to the beach when he wanted to surf.

We just think it's a good job McGregor isn't a fan of something more risky like sky-diving.

When Sarah Brame decided to give fishing a go during a trip at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, she couldn't have expected that she would end up netting a YouTube hit.

But that's exactly what happened after a shark decided to steal her catch from the end of her line.

As this video shows, Brame had been in the process of landing her catch when the cheeky shark dived in an swallowed the fish at the end of her rod.

What also helps the video reach internet fame was Sarah's responce, “It's a shark! A shark! It's a shark! It's a big-a** shark!” she screamed.

275x250.jpg We've seen our fair share of cat videos here at NewsLite Towers. Which is why we're kicking ourselves that someone beat us to the idea of launching an internet cat video film festival.

But kudos to the people over at Walker Art Gallery in Minneapolis who are currently looking for entries for their Internet Cat Video Film Festival which is part of their Open Field project.

Members of the public are being asked to nominate their top viral cat videos - with the most popular getting screened at the gallery on August 30th.

A spokesperson for the gallery said: "While YouTube may count views and decide Internet cat popularity on a global scale, we’d like to know which kitty clips are striking a chord with the local community.

Whether it’s sleepy kittens, piano cat, or mom cat hugging her kitten, these short feline-centric video clips continue to get more and more views every day.

Orangutans at Miami Zoo have started using Apple iPads to order what they would like to eat for lunch.

Keepers at Jungle Island started using iPads (in suitably durable cases) to communicate with the apes - which while intelligent lack the vocal chords and voiceboxes to talk.

But they soon realised the animals were able to do more than randomly poke at apps and started using the touch-screen as an interactive lunch menu.

Now the orangutans sometimes get to touch images of food options to select what they'd like to be served.

Keeper Linda Jacobs said: "Some of them like carrots more than they like beets. And don't we all want to have that choice?

275x250.jpg Well the 2012 Olympics is almost here and the world's top athletes will be competing against each other and the record books. So we here at Newslite are celebrating in the only way we know how -- by looking at some of the weirder sporting champions.

Together with Guinness World Records, who have released the e-book 'Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions' we will count down to the London games with one quirky record holder per day.

Today meet pooch Cinderella May, a Holly Grey who set the world record for the highest jump cleared by a dog after clearing 172.7 cm (68 in) at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in 2006.

Nicole DiDonato didn't exactly have the purrfect first day as a TV reporter for Fox-17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan … because she was upstaged by a stray cat.

As DiDonato was talking to camera about an upcoming feature about a microbrewery, a cat appears out of nowhere and jumped onto her back.

But despite looking suitably shocked, the presenter proved she was a true professional and managed to get out everything she had intended to say.

Speaking on Twitter after the incident DiDonato said: "Learned my lesson: Never making eye contact with a cat before a live tease ever again."

275x250.jpg Mugly, a Chinese Crested dog from the United Kingdom has been named the World’s Ugliest Dog after beating off competition from 28 other weird-looking pooches at an event in California.

The win at Sonoma-Marin Fair was secured for the 8-year-old rescue dog thanks to a combination of his short snout, beady eyes and white whiskers.

Mugly receives a trophy and $1,000 in prize money, along with a photo shoot from Nuena Photography, a VIP stay at the Sheraton Petaluma, and a year’s supply of the dog cookies, Doggie Dollar$.

His owner Bev Nicholson said of the win, "I couldn't speak when they announced Mugly's name. I didn't know which way to look. I was shaking as much as the dog."

When his pet cat Orville was killed in a road accident Dutch artist Bart Jansen could have given him the usual pet burial. He didn't … he turned Orville into a flying work of art.

Working with radio controlled helicopter experts, Jansen a propellers to each of the paws on his deceased and stuffed pussy and Orvillecopter was born.

Currently the dead flying moggy (not a phrase I ever expected to write) can only sustain flight for a few seconds. Though that hasn't stopped it going on show at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Jansen says Orvillecopter will soon be fitted with more powerful engines and larger props. We can't wait to see.

Fishermen are know for their "It was this big!" tales of monster catches. But Wayne Comben and Graeme Pullen - who claim to have netted the largest ever shark caught in British waters - have video proof.

The pair had been fishing off the coast of Cornwall when they caught a 10ft long Porbeagle
shark which reared its head out of the water by their boat.

It's claimed the beast dragged the two men and their 17ft boat for about a mile as they spent 90 minutes trying to reel it in.

Footage shows the men battling with their line to pull in and tag the fish which they claim was easily 550lb, the previous record for a shark caught in British waters is a 507lb. 

A family in California couldn't believe their eye when they spotted a bear taking a dip in their luxury infinity swimming pool.

This being 2012 they instantly reached for their smartphone and started recording the impromptu swim session, before posting the clip to YouTube.

In the footage - shot by Rachel and Valerie Gasparini - the bear can be seen enjoying the posh pool and appears to be taking in the panoramic views across the Golden State.

"It's really good at swimming," the sisters can be heard saying. "It's like looking out at the view, taking a nice swim you know, what they hell!"

We've previously met Maru, the Japanese cat who became an internet star by modeling haircuts with the aid of a cardboard box.

Videos of the hit moggie have each been viewed more than a million times and he has more than 10,000 Facebook fans and 15,000 followers on Twitter.

So when it became time to celebrate his 4th birthday, there was only one way to do it… with a compilation video featuring his highlights of the past 12 months.

As such you can see him fighting himself in a mirror and playing with paper bags and cardboard boxes. Happy Birthday Maru!

275x250.jpg It's no secret that some pet owners spoil their animals, whether it's giving them the best food, constant belly rubs or £1,200 beds to sleep in … wait what?

A range of designer pet beds has gone on sale for pampered pooches and pussy cats which are made by master cabinetmakers and cost more than most furniture for humans.

The pet furniture from Cedel Pets and Style -- which is miniaturized versions of typical bedroom furniture -- can cost up to £1,200

Many models even include little pillows, duvets and tiny bedside tables, though we can't imagine what a cat keeps in a bedside table.

Have you ever seen an ostrich running down a busy road? No, well you should probably rectify that pretty sharpish by clicking play on this video.

This quick-footed bird is understood to have escaped from a farm in Saudi Arabia before heading onto a busy road where it (mostly) dodged cars.

It is not known whether the feathered critter managed to escape or was apprehended by authorities and returned to the farm… or went on to star in a cartoon.

This dramatic video shows the horrifying moment a lorry was sliced in two by a speeding train, seconds after the truck driver had escaped.

The incident happened at Kings Mountain, North Carolina, when a truck got stuck on the level crossing at exactly the wrong time - as a train hurtled towards it.

Luckily the driver of the lorry and a passenger managed to escape before his vehicle took the impact and despite the cotton cargo being spread everywhere, no-one was injured.

At least five police cars attended the scene and the intersection has been temporarily shut while a barrier is installed. The 'Absolutely No Truck Crossing' signs obviously weren't doing the job.

A pair of Welsh tourists who stole a penguin after breaking into an Australian theme park -- where they also swam with dolphins -- have been fined $1,000 (£637).

Rhys Owen Jones and Keri Mules appearer at Brisbane magistrates where they admitted the bizarre theft from Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast.

It's said the duo woke up the morning after the crime bleary eyed and heavy headed to find the 13-inch tall seven-year-old fairy penguin named Dirk in their apartment, not knowing quite how he got there.

It turned out the pair, who were in Australia on working holidays, had broken into Sea World where they jumped in and swam with dolphins, let off a fire extinguisher in a shark enclosure and p-p-picked up the penguin.

275x250.jpg When a man in Birmingham spotted a deadly-looking corba slithering on his patio he called the RSPCA for help… but he soon wished he hadn't.

That's because in his blind panic he hadn't noticed the 'slithering' snake was in fact a harmless plastic toy.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said the snake-phobic man had been so scared that he hadn't got close enough to realise how daft he was being.

The red-face gent from Moseley is said to have been incredibly apologetic about his gaffe. It's not known where the fake snake came from.

There are plenty of products on the market which promise to stop crooks from stealing your bike… but we don't think many can compete with Li Li.

The golden retriever has become something of a minor celebrity in China after standing guard when his owner goes to run errands -- and then jumping on the back when it's time to go.

More than 100,000 people have viewed a video of the dog (known locally as Bike Hugging Dog) sitting upright on his hind legs and holding the bike. That's better than any bike lock we've ever seen.

Visitors to the University of Colorado campus had to be on the watch for an unusual hazard recently, flying bears… or to be more precise, falling bears.

That's because a 200-pound male black bear had wandered onto the site, climbed up a tree and decided to get comfortable -- leaving staff and police wondering what to do.

Eventually after cops and Colorado Parks and Wildlife were called and after a couple of hours the beast was shot with two tranquiliser darts.

After a short wait, he fell 15ft from his perch onto mats which had been placed on the ground. The dazed bear was then moved into a large cage and transported to the mountains west of Boulder and released.

We've seen more than our fair share of escapee cows here at Newslite Towers, from ones on the run in New York to ones which ended un in swimming pools, but this is about the most bizarre yet.

After not getting the attention she wanted, Darcy the cow recently escaped from her pen in Colorado -- an a family-run farm -- and hoofed it down the road.

The four-year-old award-winning cow later turned up at a drive-thru window of a McDonald’s half a mile away where workers took photos and boasted about how fresh there meat was.

A video of a spider devouring a snake has become a YouTube hit… and no we didn't get the words snake and spider the wrong way around.

Filmed by Cairns kite surfer Ant Hadleigh in the forest of Cape York, the video shows a mid-air battle between a golden orb spider and a brown tree snake which was caught in a web.

Hadleigh says he thought the snake was going to be an easy winner, given its size advantage, but despite managing to attack the spider a couple of times, the arachnid’s had the advantage.

As the spider ate the snake one bite at a time Hadleigh was brave enough to hold his hand behind the attack to give a sense of scale… we hope all of his fingers are still intact.

A TV weatherman had to abandon plans to broadcast from an outside studio in Pennsylvania -- when two bears interrupted a live broadcast.

WNEP meteorologist Kurt Aaron was due to be give his forecast from the studio backyard during the 11pm show... and then the bears appeared.

So instead Aaron (quite sensibly) decided to hide out inside the studio and explain tp viewers what had happened.

"I walked out there, and I turn around and I hear the sound - and the bear's literally ten feet from me! And I ran like I stole something, I'm not gonna lie!" he said.

Don't you just hate it when you are walking down the road sending a text message and come fafe to face with a bear? What do you mean this has never happened to you?

Residents of La Crescenta in California had recently been warned about a 500 pound black bear wandering the neighbourhood… but it appears this guy hadn't got the memo.

A news crew from KTLA5 have been flying over the area to get footage of the bear when they spotted local resident Vaz Terdandenyan walking down the road.

Terdandenyan was so distracted by his mobile that he didn't notice the bear until he was fafe to face with it. Then he noticed it.

A video of a golden retriever saving a puppy from a swimming pool has become an online hit… and rightly so.

In the clip, a distressed little pup can be seen doing doggie paddle (obviously) in the middle of the pool after apparently being thrown in.

But within seconds the lifeguard dog mother has jumped in and helped the pup reach the side of the pool by supporting her above the water with her snout.

Then, as the little dog struggled to get out the mother climbed out of the pool ran around and grabbed it by its scruff before dragging it to safety.

275x250.jpg A businessman has reportedly crashed his beloved Ferrari Testarossa and caused £30,000 worth of damage by swerving to miss a hedgehog.

Joerg Daecher was travelling home from work at Eschershausen in Germany when he spotted the creature and tried to drive around it.

Unfortunately -- thanks to leaves on the road -- he lost control of the sports-car and crashed into a barrier after he spun out of control.

It has been estimated that damage to the car could cost £35,000 to repair.

On a more positive note, it's understood that the hedgehog managed to escape the accident uninjured… which we're sure makes Joerg feel better. 

275x250.jpg A hermit crab has moved into a bizarre new home… a shell made entirely of LEGO bricks. Well he does live in an aquarium at Legoland.

Harry, who lives in a rock pool at the Windsor attraction, is said to have surprised keepers by opting for the red, yellow and blue shell over more traditional abodes.

Senior Aquarist, Liane Riley explained; “Hermit crabs have soft bodies which need protecting, but they don’t have their own shells.

"They solve this problem by salvaging for empty sea shells and literally moving in but we decided to give Harry a wider choice and the model makers here created a special LEGO house just for him. 

An "exquisitely preserved" woolly mammoth has been discovered in a frozen cliff in Siberia, giving a important insight into the animals.

Named 'Yuka' by scientists, the creature is thought have been three or four years old when it was killed lions and humans who took over the kill at an early stage.

Since then it has spent more than 10,000 years it an icy tomb -- but amazingly its foot pads and "strawberry-blonde" hair are still clearly visible.

"Already there is dramatic evidence of a life-and-death struggle between Yuka and some top predator, probably a lion," said Prof Daniel Fisher of the University of Michigan.

275x250.jpg Because we think any day only gets better with the addition of racing miniature pig -- here's some little porkers doing their think at Pennywell Farm.

Bosses there say that it took months of planning the course and training the pigs, but that it was all worth it because miniature pig racing has been a massive hit with visitors.

With obstacles like Bacon’s Brook and the Trough to contend with the pint sized porkers have to be at the peak of their physical fitness and on sizzling good form and it was 9 month old Red Runt who triumphed in the first race.
Pennywell’s owner Chris Murray says: "The pigs have been hamming it up, the visitors have been all out in supporting them and it’s odds on we have a classic activity in the making."

Everyone knows dogs and cats fight… but did you know they sometimes do it with lightsabers? Well this video shows it so it must be true!

A video effects expert has taken a innocuous video of a cat and pitbull dog getting into a little scrape and added a helping of Star Wars weapons.

The result, a video which couldn't help but become a YouTube hit.

275x250.jpg It's that time of year again, animal charity PDSA has announced the line-up of pet finalists in its annual slimming competition Pet Fit Club.

This year the overweight animal contestants include 11 dogs, 5 cats and 2 rabbits… who are currently carrying a combined excess weight of over 24 stone.

And the 18 finalists include a ‘custard cream loving’ dog called Alfie; a 10.2kg Scottish cat called Maverick who is 85% overweight.

There is also food thief, Deco - a canine who likes cake but is carrying 57% extra body weight; Romeo the Labrador who has a penchant for roast dinners who is 47% overweight.

275x250.jpg As Olympic fever hits the the UK even the penguins at London Zoo are apparently getting in on the act… after getting their very own diving board installed.

The diving board was installed to celebrate ZSL London Zoo being awarded LOCOG’s Inspired by 2012 mark for its summer Animal Athletes programme.

As such the colony of 64 penguins can now practice their spectacular diving skills and keepers say they have already perfected their penguin-stroke and mastered the flipper-crawl.

Head Bird keeper, Adrian Walls said: “The penguins love nothing more than to show off their diving skills and really play up to the audiences. I think they love having their very own diving board.

275x250.jpg A little puppy called Beyonce -- which had to be revived by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions when she was born -- is thought to be the world's tiniest.

The Dachshund mix was part of a litter of five born earlier this month to a mother who had been taken in by The Grace Foundation, which takes in unwanted animals.

Bosses from the organisation have submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if Beyonce is the world's smallest puppy… or at least the smallest New York Times subscriber.

275x250.jpg The world’s first stair lift for dogs is being trialled after research revealed a worrying rise in number of porky pooches.

It has been found that if obesity levels in dogs continue to rise at the current rate over half of all pooches will be severely overweight (52 per cent) by 2022 and unable to carry out basic tasks.

As a warning to pet owners, MORE TH>N has designed a prototype of the world’s first stair lift for dogs, a product that could become common in British homes unless we change our approach to our dogs’ diets.

Based on a conventional stair lift, the ‘Stair of the Dog 2022’ concept has been in development for the best part of six months and has a number of high tech mutt-modifications that make it dog friendly. 

This playful golden retriever is Tom and despite being a dog, he likes nothing more than playing in children's parks.

Specifically the thrill-seeking pup loves going down a slide -- as this video so wonderfully shows.

In the clip Tom looks excited as his owner asks him "Would you like to go on the slide?" and then runs over to a helter-skelter and up the steps.

He then slips down the slide before bounding over to his owner safe in the knowledge he has just become an internet star.

A snowboarding opossum has become an online hit after demonstrating his skills on the slopes of a Pennsylvania ski resort… obviously.

Little Ratatouille -- who was wearing a stripy jumper and ski pass -- can be seen tearing up the slopes on his Burton Riglet Snowboard

Using his long tail for balance the marsupial snowboarder even appears to grin at a video camera mounted to the front of his snowboard.

275x250.jpg A Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix dog dubbed 'The World's Ugliest' has died at the age of 15, her owner has announced.

Yoda -- who won the title in the 2011 World's Ugliest Dog contest at Sonoma-Marin Fair -- is said to have died in her sleep on Saturday night.

The 1.8 pound pooch was praised by judges for her wiry hair, protruding tongue, gangly legs and the scruffy fur between her toes and was an audience favourite.

Contest organisers say Yoda will keep the title 'World's Ugliest Dog' until a new ugliest dog is crowned in June.

A gorilla and rabbit have become best friends at a US zoo… yes you read that correctly a gorilla and rabbit really have become best friends.

Officials at a Pennsylvania zoo say the best buds have become inseparable since being introduced to each other last month.

Panda the Dutch rabbit had been put in the same enclosure as Samantha, a 47-year-old western lowland, because she is too old to be paired with another gorilla.

But while staff hoped seeing the rabbit would provide Samantha with a bit of stimulation, they did not expect her to start caring for it an sharing meals with it.

Everyone has seen news footage using the White House as a backdrop -- it's always the same, a reporter stood talking in front of the 'static' garden and building.

Or at least it normally is, but Spanish-language station Univision recently offered something different… when Barack Obama's dog Bo video-bombed a live report.

Reporter Adriana Arevalo had been talking to the camera when Bo -- the resident White House dog -- darted across the lawn behind her.

We don't know what Arevalo was saying in her report, but we do know it was made considerably more interesting (and cute) by the appearance of the Portuguese Water Dog.

Because everyone likes an interspecies intermingling to brighten up their morning... here's a one-eyed cat making friends with a squirrel.

Not that you need any more information, but Mikey from New York apparently likes nothing more than sitting on the windowsill and watching the world go by through his one working eye.

And not too long ago the ginger tabby was doing just this when a plucky nut-eating squirrel appeared on the other side of the window and wanted to become his friend.

We say 'become his friend' though we're not exactly sure that was his plan, but that's what we want to believe.

Passengers onboard Delta Flight 486 from Atlanta to New York would have been forgiven for thinking they were imagining things when they heard the captain enquire: "Is anyone here allergic to penguins?"

But then, when a pair of foot-and-a-half tall penguins waddled down the aisle of the plane cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet, they probably realised they weren't.

Pete and Penny -- aged 6 and 12 -- were travelling from Atlanta to New Yorkt to the premiere of "Frozen Planet," a new Discovery Channel documentary.

One passenger said: "This is video proof that penguins CAN fly -- and that they have absolutely no fear of flying at all! 

275x250.jpg A man from Kent was reportedly mugged by a fox, which forced him to hand over his dinner.

Civil servant Seb Baker said the wily fox recently followed him into an alleyway before getting aggressive and circling him like prey.

The 29-year-old says that after the animal made several attempts to snatch his shopping bag he realised he was going to have to hand over his food.

So he offered the fox a garlic loaf he'd just purchased in Tesco and it must have been enough because the animal scampered off.

Wildlife experts say that fox attacks on humans are very rare… and that even they didn't know foxes liked garlic bread.

A talented pooch has become an online hit after being filmed playing the piano and singing at the same time.

Okay, so in the interest of factual accuracy we feel obliged to point out that the the dog is more pawing at the keys (rather than playing) and howling out of tune (rather than singing)

That said with more than a million view online, it really has become an online hit. Bonus points to anyone who can name that song.

We've always been of the opinion that no matter how good your photo of a lion is, it's no use if you had your head bitten of three seconds after taking it.

That's why we're impressed by the ingenuity of nature photographers William and Matthew and Burrard-Lucas who came up which a canny way of not going home from Kenya minus their noggins.

The brothers very wisely decided that the best way of getting near to the lions would actually be to keep their distance and just send their DSLRs to capture shots including a male feasting on wildebeest on the plains of the Masai Mara.

So they set about creating a device known as BeetleCam -- a DIY contraption which is remote controlled and houses their DSLRs -- and could be operated from the safety of an open-top Land Cruiser.

275x250.jpg Here's some bad news for arachnophobes. People who are scared of spiders will actually believe creepy crawlies they encounter are bigger than they really are.

Researchers conducted a study of arachnophobes to see how the condition impacted their impression of spiders.

Psychologist Professor Michael Vasey from the Ohio State University had his team recruit 57 arachnophobes who were then subjected to five encounters with live tarantulas.

The suitably scared participants were then asked to rate their anxiety and describe how big they thought the hairy spiders were.

It was found that the more scared people were of the spiders the more they tended to overestimate the size of the beasts.

275x250.jpg Police in Norway were shocked to see a motorist driving with three reindeer sitting on the back seat of his car… and that was before they stopped him and found two more in the boot.

The driver is said to have been moving the animals around 60 miles from Karasjok to Børselv and claimed to have clearance from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to transport them.

A spokesperson from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is reported to have said:  "There are no limits to what people will get up to in traffic. I've stopped being surprised,"

And before you ask, no, none of the reindeer were wearing seatbelts.

275x250.jpg Norwich might not be the most likely location to find rhinos, but a gang of would-be rhino horn robbers recently struck there.

Police say the gang targeted the Norwich Castle Museum where they forced open a display case containing the head.

After failing to dislodge the horn -- which can sell for £50,000 per kilogram on the black market -- they tried to make off with the entire head.

However the heavy head slowed the four men and they were disturbed by museum staff who grabbed the rhino head and caused the men to flee.

A spokesperson for the museum said that as the robbers had paid to enter the museum and left empty-handed, they had done better of of the crime than the crooks.

Dogs teach baby how to chew toys (VIDEO)

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks… but old dogs are perfectly capable of teaching tricks to babies, as this video shows.

Currently going viral, the video entitled 'Puggles teach baby to chew' starts off showing a dog munching on a toy, before panning over to a little boy lying on his belly.

After examining what the dog was doing the baby then proceeds to chew his toy in a very similar manner.

The video has already been viewed more than 140,000 times. It's not known if the dogs went on to teach the lad how to chase cats or pee up lamp-posts.

275x250.jpg There was us thinking goats all went "Baaaa" and then scientists go and reveal that they all have distinctive regional accents.

Not only that but goats will apparently pick up the accented bleating of the animals around them.

Boffins at Queen Mary University of London tested five-week-old goats and monitored the development of their bleating when spending time in different groups.

They investigated whether contact calls were affected by social environment and kinship during early ontogeny in goats by comparing half siblings raised in the same or different groups.

It was found that full siblings had more similar calls than half siblings -- meaning you really do get Brummie and Geordie goats.

A photographer has used his humble iPhone and a whole lot of ingenuity to record impressive footage of animals which even David Attenborough would be proud of.

Mark Rober says that on a recent trip to the zoo, he noticed how desperate people were to get the attention of the gorillas so they could get a photo.

That's when he hit upon the idea of using the screen of his iPhone to let the animals he was filming, to see themselves… and sure enough the idea worked.

In fact it worked so well he went on to produce a 'Gorilla cam' -- consisting of a  iPhone mounted behind a mirror with a hole cut in it -- to get some even more impressive footage.

Wildlife rescue teams have been called out 27 times to help save a swan in East Sussex which members of the public think has been stuck in ice.

Rescuers from the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service say they have even sent out ambulances three times in one day over the bird -- which was actually just resting.

A spokesperson said: "Most calls have been reporting the swan to have a leg stuck in the ice. The leg is actually tucked up under their feathers to keep warm.

"The most common reports are that the swan has been sat in the same position for many hours – swans do not move around the ice much if they don't have to, in order to keep warm."

CCTV footage has been released showing the moment a man decided to propose to his girlfriend from within the penguin enclosure at London Zoo.

James Roberts -- who won the chance to make the unusual proposal -- had told his girlfriend, Michelle Rogers, he'd won a VIP tour of the zoo.

But when she was waiting for him in the penguin enclosure, he surprised her by walking in wearing a tuxedo and getting down on one knee.

Michelle said yes… and promptly carried on feeding the penguins.

Boffins at Goggle have used a complex algorithm and their computing power to discover what we already knew… a video of a cat saying 'no' is funny.

Researchers looked at the comments on videos to determine whether viewers had found them funny and identified candidates for YouTube’s Comedy Slam.

Google Researcher Sanketh Shetty, said: "We computed more text features based on words associated with amusement in comments.

"These included (a) sounds associated with laughter such as hahaha, with culture-dependent variants such as hehehe, jajaja, kekeke, (b) web acronyms such as lol, lmao, rofl, (c) funny and synonyms of funny, and (d) emoticons such as :), ;-), xP."

Forget swimming with dolphins, after seeing this video all we want to do is surf with dolphins… and after clicking play we think you will agree.

This video is said to show 15-year-old Mitchell Overton wake surfing alongside dolphins at St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Overton can be seen riding the waves as dolphins pop up and jump out of the water next to him. Pretty cool isn't it?

Woolly mammoth caught on video in Siberia

They were thought to have died out 4,000 years ago, but a video has emerged  which some people claim shows a woolly mammoth -- though others insist it's a hoax.

Shot in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia -- reportedly by a government-employed engineer -- the footage shows a beast walking through an icy river.

For years there have been rumours some woolly mammoth had survived in the Siberian wilderness, but there had never been any proof, and if this video is fake there still isn't.

In Japan have an interesting way of practicing what they would do if a dangerous animal escaped… as this video conclusively shows.

Japanese police, paramedics and hundreds of zoo staff have taken part in a training exercise which saw them fending off a life-sized papier mache rhinoceros.

The odd exercise at Tokyo's Ueno Zoological Gardens was designed to see how they would cope with an emergency which resulted in an animal escape.

While many visitors duly rushed away from the faux-rhino, others stuck around and filmed the vision which was staff surrounding it with a net and pretending to tranquilise and capture it.

275x250.jpg It used to be that if you wanted to entertain a cat, you gave them a ball or a toy mouse… nowadays they apparently need an Apple iPad.

The RSPCA in Australia have developed an iPad app for cats which sees them play with a virtual ball of yarn and defend cheese from invading mice.

It's hoped the app could be used to enrich the lives of house-dwelling cats in Oz and promote the organisations 'Adopt a Cat Month'.

RSPCA man Michael Beatty said: "Basically, you place your iPad on the ground, start the game and your cat or kitten can interact with it on his/her own terms.

A cat has interrupted the action at the Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur match by running on the Anfield pitch… and instantly becoming the highlight of the 0-0 draw.

11 minutes into the game, the kitty made an unexpected appearance, prompting the referee to call the game to a halt.

The puss then proceeded to mooch around the Spurs penalty box as keeper Brad Friedel watched on, apparently not wanting to get fur on his gloves.

After a short while, and with some gentle coaxing from stewards, the cat -- instantly dubbed "Liverpool cat' and "Anfield cat' online -- left the pitch and the game resumed.

We're just glad it was a grey and white tabby and not a black cat. Only because that would have been bad luck… not because it would have been racially abused by a Liverpool player.

There's something about videos of interspecies animal friendships which its hard not to find adorable! Don't believe us... just click play.

This video shows a pet wolf getting along terrifically with a young kitten -- in fact they're getting on so well it looks like the cat has been fostered by the wolf.

Adam Bilsing, who uploaded the video in which the two animals can be seen cuddling up to each other and then the wolf picking up the kitten gently in its mouth, did so with the simple comment "... and we were worried"

We just hope that after the camera stopped rolling this cute scene didn't take a gory turn and become something a whole less cute.

Ewe won't believe your eyes when you see this! And presumably neither could the driver in this video when he saw a flock of sheep circling him.

Footage which has gone viral online shows a motorist driving on a farm and being followed by a baa-rmy flock of sheep who run rings around his pale blue car.

After a slow start the sheep build up pace and are soon charging around the vehicle in was some viewers have described as a 'Sheep Cyclone'.

275x250.jpg A farmer in Northern Ireland was left feeling lost at sea when a lorry crashed and spilled 20 tonnes of mackerel into his field.

Gordon Flinn says the lorry clipped a grass verge before ploughing through 30 yards of hedge and emptying the thousands of fish on his land.

He added that the silver fish were at some points 2ft deep and that it had taken a team of 12 men more than seven hours to clear them up… the local cat and seagulls could have done it faster.

We've seen some pretty odd sheepdogs in the past - Ci the sheepdog who is scared of sheep and Nancy the Chihuahua, we're thinking of you! -- but this is just getting ridiculous…

Meet Champis the rabbit which herds sheep in Sweden. After learning her skills from a friendly border collie little Champis started chasing sheep.

And surprisingly the sheep run away from the bunny as though it were a top contestant on One Man and His Dog and are easily herded.

Less surprisingly a video of the bunny herding the sheep has become a hit on YouTube where it has already amassed more than 100,000 views.

Scientists who set up a series of hidden cameras in a remote area of Tajikstan to capture footage of snow leopards were shocked to discover one of their devices had been stolen.

But they were even more shocked when they uploaded footage from one the remaining cameras and discovered the culprit was a sneaky snow leopard cub.

Researchers from Panthera say camera trap thefts normally occur where jaguars and tigers live in very close proximity to human populations in warm climates.

"As far as we know, this is the first documented incident of a snow leopard stealing a camera trap… and he or she has now been added to Panthera’s Most Wanted List!" said a spokesperson.

275x250.jpg Racehorses carrying the No1 cloth win more races than any other nag, new figures have revealed.

A detailed analysis of results from 9,500 races in the UK during 2010-- which took six weeks to compile -- revealed No1 wins on 15 per cent of occasions.
It also emerged there is no such thing as a lucky No 7, with the hapless horse accounting for 20 per cent of all disqualifications throughout the season.
More jockeys are unseated by horses wearing the No 3 than on any other number and No 2 is the most likely to fall.

This dog is lucky to be alive after his hapless owner got into a lift and forgot his pooch -- which had his leash attached -- was still outside.

CCTV footage shows the horrified button-punching reaction of the dog owner when he realises what's happened and that his pet could be seriously injured.

As he travelled towards his Chicago apartment, the man realised that he is still holding the lead but that his 18-month-old bulldog cross is not in the lift with him.

Luckily, video from another camera shows that while the dog was lifted from the ground as the lead travelled upwards, it snapped and he survived the ordeal relatively uninjured.

Two lifeboat crews were called out to save a pony which had fallen from a 50ftcliff in Pembrokeshire, Wales into the water below.

The teams from Cardigan discovered the animal on a small gravel beach surrounded by rough waters after it had spent a cold few nights there.

Footage from RNLI shows the rescuers approaching the distressed and frightened pony - which tried to run away from them.

Eventually they were able to harness the pony and lead it out of the cove swimming behind a lifeboat, it was then returned back to her owner's farm.

Kitten from hell scares YouTube (VIDEO)

If you try to think of scary animals, the chances are sharks, bears and crocodiles will be top of your horror creatures list.

But after clicking play on this video we think fluffy kittens will also have you trembling in fear whenever you're in a dark room on your own.

That's because this video shows the 'Kitten from Hell' and comes with a much deserved "Don't watch if you're easily scared' warning.

275x250.jpg A pair of abandoned kittens have become a online hit after a cats protection charity revealed that they have a combined 54 digits.

The polydactyl cats Ned and Fred -- who were taken in by Cats Protection in Gosport Town -- have a respective eight and ten extra toes than the typical cat.

Branch volunteer Kate Stapleford explains: “These two kittens were in poor condition when they arrived but with veterinary attention and a lot of TLC from their fosterer, Fred & Ned are now thriving.

"Fred and Ned are special in that as well as extra toes on the front paws, Fred has extra toes on his back paws. Our vet said he'd never seen that in 40 years in practice!

Russian cows given bras to keep them warm

275x250.jpg It might sound udderly bizarre, but cows in Russia's republic of Yakutia are being given hand-made fur bras.

Because Yakutia is officially the coldest place in the northern hemisphere, even the cattle need to be prepared for very low temperatures.

And with it sometimes reaching minus 55 degrees Celsius, some farmers have taken to producing hand-made rabbit fur accessories for their animals, reports

The cow bras are said to consist of a rabbit fur pouch for their udders which is held in place through a series of straps.

A young girl has become an internet hit and been dubbed 'the world's littlest lion tamer' after her visit to Wellington Zoo in New Zealand went viral.

In the clip, three-year-old Sofia Walker can be seen staring at a lion called Malik through a thick pane of safety glass.

And it's a good job the glass is there, because after inspecting the girl for a few seconds, the beast starts frantically pawing at her, or rather the glass.

Malik then stops briefly before resuming his futile attack, though the girl barely flinches.

Kayak fisherman saves dog from sea (VIDEO)

A US fisherman couldn't believe his eyes when a traumatised dog appeared alongside his kayak off the coast of Florida.

This video shows the moment the exhausted pooch swam towards the man -- known only as midget2000x -- after running into the sea following a hit-and-run accident.

The fisherman was able to lift the bleeding and shivering dog from water of the Gulf of Mexico and take him to the safety of a local vets.

There it was discovered that the dog, Barney, had been out running with his owner Donna Chen when she was hit by a car and killed.

275x250.jpg The average dog will cause nearly 2,000 family arguments during its lifetime, a study has revealed.

A new study shows ‘man’s best friend’ can also be his worst enemy as it triggers up to three rows every single day.
That’s the equivalent of 156 quarrels every year – or 1,997 over the average pooch’s life expectancy of 12.8 years.
And the spats range from disagreeing about who should take the dog for a walk, feeding them too many treats and what to do with them when going away.
The poll also suggests that a quarter of owners regularly argue about where the dog should be allowed to go in the house.

275x250.jpg Police have released an image of a would-be thief's bum in the hope it could help them crack (sorry) an armed robbery case.

Officers from Durham Constabulary say the man threatened staff at a petrol station with a kitchen knife and demanded cash.

However the woman at the Total Garage in Newton Aycliffe refused to comply and the crook was forced to flee empty-handed.

Because the man had been wearing a black balaclava, the CCTV footage didn't show his face, so police hope someone will recognise him from his bottom.

Anyone with information should call Newton Aycliffe CID on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800-555111 to help cops get to the bottom of it.

Deer crashes into US charity store (VIDEO)

A deer caused quite a fuss in a Philadelphia charity store -- when it crashed through the door and charged around inside.

As this security video footage shows, some shoppers quickly fled the store as the doors were pinned open in the hope it would leave.

Eventually the animal did dash back out into the car-park, where another five dee were apparently waiting outside.

The manager of the store said he initially thought a car had crashed through the window when he heard the bang… but in that case why did he utter "Oh deer!"

275x250.jpg Police in China are investigating whether a billionaire was murdered with a  poisoned cat meat stew.

Long Liyuan died at the end of December after having a dinner with business associates during which they all ate the local delicacy of cat meat.

But while all three men were ill -- feeling dizzy and sick -- just 49-year-old Long died and a police investigation was launched, initially quizzing the restaurant owner.

However, a local official has now been arrested on suspicion of poisoning the dish with a toxic herb called Gelsemium elegans.

It's claimed the men had argued about money and it's suggested the official had embezzled money from Mr Long.

275x250.jpg The RSPCA have revealed some of the odd requests they received in 2011 -- including a mute blackbird and radioactive seagulls.

While the majority of the million plus requests made to the animal welfare charity involved genuine concerns, some were a bit bizarre.

One person called to complain that their neighbour's power shower caused their dog to go to the toilet and another wanted advice on microchipping a guitar.

A RSPCA spokesperson said: "Although we may have a little laugh at these stories, the RSPCA does want to remind members of the public that the 24-hour advice and cruelty line is for reporting serious cases."

As for the supposedly radioactive gulls, it turned out that nearby garden lights were illuminating them and turning them green.

Some YouTube videos need a lot of explaining… but for others all you need to say is: "Here's a penguin fetching a newspaper." This is one of those.

We'll be honest, we don't know what this TV interview is about. But as soon as you hit play you'll realise that doesn't matter.

That's because shortly into the TV chat, a randy camel muscles into view and takes an instant shine to one of the interviewees.

After nuzzling the man's head, the hrony camel chases him away from the camera and tried to mount him. The man was eventually forced to seek refuge in a nearby car.

Of all the things we expected to see go viral today, a quick-tongued lizard playing a game on a smartphone wasn't one of them.

But what do we know, because this video of a Bearded Dragon lizard licking virtual ants in the Ant Smasher game, is fast becoming an online hit.

The powerful-tongued creature even racks up an impressive score as he lashes out at the digital ants on the screen and has been praised by online commenters.

So far around 1.5 million people have watched the 57-second clip and it's expected to have encouraged some people to buy a Bearded Dragon of their own… which is a bit excessive just to get a high score.

275x250.jpg A cheeky seal pup has wandered into a house in New Zealand and made himself at home... by chilling on the sofa.

Video footage shows the moments after Annette Swoffer was gobsmacked to find the creature in her home in the coastal town of Tauranga.

It's thought the seal had travelled from the nearby harbour, across a road, up a driveway, through a cat door and into the property owner's lounge.

Experts say the NZ fur seals are believed to be breeding on Motunau Island, which is approximately 12km offshore and at it's not unusual for weaned pups to wander into odd places.

DOC marine mammal expert Laura Boren said: ""They commonly go up streams, into people's gardens and so on but this is the first I'd heard of one going into a house.

Some videos need a long and detailed explanation. This one doesn't… it's five unadulterated minutes of happy dogs riding in cars.

The slow-motion footage shows - filmed by our new hero Keith Hopkin -- shows the pooches joyous jowls flapping in the wind as they drive.

Remember, no matter how much you enjoy watching the five minute video, Mia, Bodhi, Charlo, Snickers, Pinky, Clancy, Assagi, Ronnie, Jethro, Gracie, Suki, Chloe and Kiwi enjoyed filming it more.

It's not everyday you get to see a bear with impeccable manners -- but it could be from now on if you keep coming back here.

That's because this video shows the moment a bear at a wildlife reserve in the US waved at a girl as she drives past.

Sitting in his enclosure at Olympic Game Farm in Washington, the huge Kodiak bear has presumably been waved at by more than a few children.

Well, it appears he'd been paying attention, because as the girl waves goodbye he picks up a paw and waves right back.

275x250.jpg Meet Daniel, he's a cat with a difference -- he's got 26 toes. Not only that, but his digit-laden paws have helped save an animal rescue centre in the US.

The once-unwanted orange-and-white tabby became the face (or should that be  feet) of a campaign to raise money for cash-strapped Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

After discovering their rent was to be doubled, the animal shelter decided to move into a new location and needed to raise $70,000. so they looked to Daniel who suffers from polydactylism.

So they asked people to donate a dollar for each of Daniel's toes and thanks to the internet it looks like they will be safe. Normal cats have 18 toes, if you were wondering.

With positions including downward-facing dog, we've always thought Yoga was a but more canine than feline -- but this little guy has other ideas.

The cat in question can be seen climbing onto and then riding his owner as she performs a yoga workout.

Unperturbed by her exercise passenger, the woman continues to work her way through a series of positions as the kitty sits on her back an bottom.

And while the cat seems surprisingly chilled, we can't imagine it was that relaxing for the exerciser performing the routine with cat claws sticking in her back.

A bizarre police chase in the US came to an even more bizarre end when a naked robber was apprehended by a police dog.

The man has reportedly stolen a stretch Hummer in California and proceeded to take police an wild chase around a residential neighbourhood.

Then all of a sudden the man jumped from the ludicrous vehicle and made a run for it -- while stark naked. As this footage from a police helicopter shows.

He was then chased (and tackled) by a police dog and while he tried to shrug it off, the dog was having none of it and brought him to the ground.

275x250.jpg Taxi drivers love having a good story to tell, and John Jupp has got a corker -- the day he had to drive a dog from Madrid to London.

The cabbie says he was recently approached by a regular client and asked whether he would allow a dog in his car.

When he said yes, she asked him how much it would be to drive from London to Madrid in Spain and back again with her pet pooch.

While he hasn't revealed the price, it must have been good enough because Jupp completed the job which started with taking a ferry to Santander and driving to the Spanish capital.

Then on Wednesday morning he started driving at 4am with the pooch in the back and spent 16 hours driving back to Knightsbridge.

100 snakes found in German hotel room

275x250.jpg When staff at a German hotel thought a trio of Chinese guests were acting strangely, they called in the police to investigate.

But when officers stormed into their hotel room, the couldn't believe their eyes -- the room was filled with 100 snakes, 70 tortoises and 20 frogs.

It's been reported that the trio smuggled the animals into the room in their luggage, but it's not know what they planned to do next.

Officers say all of the animals were alive when they arrived and will be taken toto a zoo in Cologne to be checked out.

The hotel guests are said to have been arrested and later released on bail. It's not know if they tried to smuggle any animals into the police station.

Dog owners are usually forced to battle their pooch when it comes to bath time, most simply don't like the experience -- Casper however, appears to love the water.

In fact, the adorable Labrador Retriever likes being bathed so much that a video of him enjoying a soak in the family tub has become a hit on YouTube.

The clip 'Casper the bath loving dog', which shows owner Chris rubbing Casper's soapy belly as the dog lies in the bath, has already been viewed more than 250,000 times.

It's also made Casper -- who seems in his element with just his snout and paws sticking up from the water -- something of a star and has been featured on US TV shows.

Indian farmers who claimed tax bosses were making bribery demands, decided to get their own back -- by releasing bags of deadly snakes in their office.

In total around 40 snakes, including deadly cobras, were released at the office in Basti -- prompting staff to jump up on chairs and flee.

The farmers behind the stunt, one of whom was a snake charmer, say officials were demanding bribes to supply the tax records for their land.

No one was bitten or injured in the incident -- which has become an online hit… especially in the HMRC offices.

275x250.jpg A 46-year-old hunter from Utah has been left red-faced (and sore arsed) after being shot in the rear by his dog.

Police say the unfortunate man had been duck hunting when the accident happened as he exited a boat.

While he did this his pooch stood on a 12-guage gun shotgun and fired the weapon, directly at the man.

This unloaded 27 pellets of birdshot into his bottom and left him needing to be taken to hospital to have them removed.

However, docs say he'd been lucky -- if he hadn't been wearing his waders, he would have been seriously injured.

Some dogs bring their owner a newspaper or their slippers -- but this one goes much further and even does the shopping.

That's right, a man in China has trained his dog to do the grocery shopping by taking a shopping list money in a basket to the shops.

The lazy owner says he started off by taking the dog shopping with him and  getting it to carry they bags home. Then it progressed to going on its own.

While the man is all very happy at the moment… let's see how he feels when the pooch returns with a basket full of gnawed bones.

A video of a porcupine enjoying a corn on the cob so much that it squeals when someone tries to take it away has become an online hit. Obviously.

Teddy Bear the North American porcupine was recorded by staff at Zooniversity (a mobile teaching zoo) after they realised he was being particularly grumpy.

After giving Teddy an ear of corn, they tried to take it from him to see (or rather hear) how he responded… and oh boy did he.

He released a bizarre series of squeals which bosses say was so impressive they've been contacted by two major TV networks wanting to use the footage.

A mad-capped pianist has dragged his piano up a mountain in Kanchanaburi, Thailand to serenade a group of blind elephants. As you do.

50-year-old Brit Paul Barton -- who played Slow Movement 2 from Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata for the beasts -- made the odd bid in order to raise money for charity.

He says he hopes to raise enough money to install an electric fence at the sanctuary where the injured and handicapped elephants live.

Barton was also quick to point out that the keys on his piano were made from synthetic plastic and that no elephants were injured for the making of his music.

It's amazing how salmon know to swim upstream to lay their eggs and are able to find their way negotiating rapids and waterfalls… usually.

But a video of lost and confused salmon trying to cross a flooded road in Washington State has become an online hit.

Experts say the salmon were filmed on the side of the Skokomish Valley Road in Seattle after heavy rain had caused flooding to nearby rivers.

The unusual footage shows them wriggling in the water as cars driver past… and answers the question 'why did the salmon cross the road?' -- which no-one had ever asked before seeing this.

A video of a pet Labrador going rogue and chasing a huge group of deer in Richmond Park in London has become an online hit.

The footage starts off by showing a small number of deer relaxing in the sun, but then as a man shouts in the distance, dozens more deer charge through the park.

Then it becomes clear why -- the Labrador is chasing them as his owner continues to scream: "Benton, Benton! Oh Jesus Christ, Benton!"

The fleeing deer, followed by Benton, who is in turn followed by his posh-sounding owner continue to run across a road… and all too soon the 47 second clip ends.

An incredibly cute and sleepy dormouse has become an online hit -- without even having to wake up to do so.

Footage shot by Surrey Wildlife Trust shows the dozing rodent being discovered nesting boxes in woods near Leatherhead.

The cute critter -- lying on his back snoring with his paws tucked in -- is then held in the palm of a nature officer before being weighed and sexed.

Writing on YouTube a spokesperson for Surrey Wildlife Trust said: "Don't worry, the dormouse wasn't dying or having breathing problems.

275x250.jpg Staff at an aquarium have resorted to tricking fish into being healthy after they avoided taking their vitamin supplements.

When the grey variety of Mullet got wise to being fed vitamins, workers at SeaLife Blackpool resorted to hiding the supplements in porridge oats.

Surprisingly the greedy Mullet loved the oats so much they have now becomes a staple on the menu -- and the fish are getting their vitamins.

Head Aquarist, Scott Blacker, said: "Mullet love the stodgy texture of porridge and there is always a feeding frenzy when the Readybreak comes out.

275x250.jpg Living in a city-centre might not prevent you from embracing your bee-keeper dreams for much longer -- after Phillips revealed the urban beehive.

Designers who say we are disturbing its equilibrium, have tried to tackle the issue of dwindling bee numbers with the bizarre concept.

The urban beehive is designed to fit to the windows of apartment blocks and consists of a entry passage and flower pot outside and a glass vessel containing an array of honeycomb frames, inside.

The glass shell filters light to let through the orange wavelength which bees use for sight. The frames are provided with a honeycomb texture for bees to build their wax cells on.

To access the honey, users pull a cord to release smoke into the hive and calm the bees before it's opening it… and if it's not working you've just got 10,000 angry bees in your flat.

275x250.jpg Everybody knows you shouldn't give your dog a sip of your beer, but pooches no longer have to miss out -- because a new brew made specifically for dogs has gone on sale.

Bowser Beer really is a beer made for dogs. But unlike your Stella Artois it won't get them drunk and it's designed with their digestive system in mind.

While the beer contains the same malt barley brewers use, the vitamins are good for shiny coats, the hops (which are dangerous to dogs) are replaced with beef or chicken.

As for the taste, it's described as being a "beefy-malty broth" which most dogs lap it up either straight out of the bottle or over ice or their food.

275x250.jpg Five Humboldt penguins were the first to try out a London ice rink recently -- amusing passing commuters on their way to work in the process.

The penguins were brought in from Heythrop Zoological Gardens in Oxfordshire to give the rink an inaugural waddling.

And though native to the coasts of Chile and Peru, the penguins seemed sufficiently happy with a chunk of ice in the heart of the City of London’s square mile.

Described as London’s only “turn up and skate” outdoor ice rink, Broadgate Ice, is now open to the public… who don't look nearly as cute.

We've often wondered what sort of fast food deers like (you know, during quiet moments at the office) -- but luckily this video gives us the answer.

A deer recently shocked staff and diners when it smashed though a window of a taco restaurant in Georgia and proceeded to charge around.

CCTV footage shows chaos in the eatery as the animal runs around -- with staff generally running away while diners want to get closer.

The fun ended when a server opened the door to the patio and the deer exited. But not before breaking one of its antlers off… and probably ordering a taco.

275x250.jpg When a driver in Hampshire couldn't start their car, they assumed there was a mechanical problem and called a rescue service.

But the fault was actually due to a squirrel preparing for winter by stashing hundreds of nuts in the air intake pipe and box.

AA man Andy Smith said: "When I looked over the car there was no obvious fault. I tried all the usual things but was left puzzled when nothing worked.

However, spotting an air pipe collapsing while the engine was being revved Andy took the air intake off and the cause of the problem became immediately apparent.

275x250.jpg Train passengers in Yorkshire couldn't believe their ears when they were told they couldn't exit a train -- because of reports of a lion on the loose.

West Yorkshire Police had received a call from a woman driving in the village of Shepley, stating that she thought she'd seen a lion.

This prompted them to launch a 12 officer search for the beast and notify rail operators that it may not be safe for passengers to disembark at the nearby station.

National Rail Enquiries said on Twitter: "Passengers are currently unable to alight from trains at Shepley due to reports by police of a lion in the area."

However officers were unable to find the elusive lion, and because no-one had reporting their lion going missing, the two-hour operation was called off.

If there's one thing we know about crabs it's that they like to pinch things with their claws.

As such we don't make a habit of holding them too close to our faces or anything we don't want grabbed -- apparently this guy in Russia didn't get the memo.

After stumbling on several crustacean on a patch of grass near a deserted road the guy -- wearing a military style beret -- picked one up and posed for the camera holding it.

But he was holding it a little too close to his face and the crab reached out and grabbed him with it's right claw. Bad news for him, good news for the internet.

A Russian paraglider who was doing his stuff above the Indian Himalayas had a lucky escape after being struck by an eagle.

The bird collided with his Axis Mercury 2008 paraglider and got tangled in the cables - sending them both hurtling towards the ground.

But luckily the man was able to deploy the reserve parachute and despite bumpy landing (through a tree) he survived without injury.
And even more luckily, so had the eagle and after the crash pilot had cut it loose the bird flew off… hopefully being a bit more eagle-eyed about where it was flying.

A motorcyclist in South Africa abandoned an endurance race he was competing in to save a calf which had fallen into a canal.

Johan Gray had apparently been taking part in the race in Gauteng when he spotted the animal which was unable to get out of the water.

As this footage from his head-cam shows, the 46-year-old quickly pulled over and tried to rescue the animal using several techniques to get it to safety.

Eventually he banded the creature’s front legs and managed to pull it out before loading it onto his bike and returning it to a farmer.

Shoppers at a grocery store in Alaska were shocked when they found a bear cub climbing over the fruit and vegetable aisles.

Staff at the Tatsuda's IGA supermarket in Ketchikan say the supercute bear strolled into the store through the automatic doors.

After wandering over to the fruit display the baby bear jumped up -- prompting those who weren't busy taking photos on their mobiles to call police.

Officers tried to coax the cub dow, but eventually a customer stepped in, grabbed the baby bear and carried it outside to be released… luckilly he wasn't greeted by mom.

275x250.jpg Sure these little puppies look cute now -- but in not too long they'll be elite crime-fighters police attack dogs.

That's because the litter of seven German Shepherd puppies have been taken on by West Midlands Police after being born through their breeding scheme.

The four boys and three girls -- just four weeks old -- are the first litter since West Midlands Police were adopted into the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme.

The pups will now be placed with volunteers before being paired up with officers and start their training at 15 months old.

Dogs have a seemingly endless desire to play fetch, but what to do when their owner doesn't want to? This, that's what!

A clever Jack Russell called Sid has become an online hit after learning how to play fetch with himself.

Filmed in London the self-sufficiant pooch can be seen initially trying to encourage owner Roland Muldoon to play with him.

But when he doesn't the pup grabs a ball in his mounth, hurls it down a set of steps and proceeds to chase the ball and return it to the top of the stairs.

A pilfering penguin has become something of an internet star after being featured on the BBC documentary Frozen Planet.

The stone-stealing bird was filmed on Ross Island, Antarctica as his colony was busy building stone nests to protect their eggs.

As other males in the penguin colony were running off trying to find the right shaped stones, the cheeky penguin decided to swipe his from their unguarded nest.

So as soon as their backs were turned, he grabbed their stones and and scurried back to his own nest with them -- just call him Feathers McGraw.

275x250.jpgA US man claims he rode a great white shark for several seconds after it knocked him off his longboard.

Doug Niblack had been surfing off the coast of Oregon when his surfboard hit something and he stepped off it.

Then he says he looked down and saw a dorsal fin in front of his feet... and realised he was standing on a 10ft long great white shark.

Doug claims he then surfed the shark for several seconds as its tail thrashed back and forth, before he fell off.

Obviously we'd be a lot happier with  this story had there been a video to accompany it, but we'll have to take his word for it.

Because we think everyday is better when it starts with a musically inclined animal, here you go -- meet a piano playing pug.

This little 58-second clip -- which clearly owes something to piano cat -- is currently storming the internet, and it's not hard to see why.

Chocoholic, a black pug from Japan, can be seen 'playing' a toy keyboard -- while wearing a red top and sparkly gold bow tie.

Personally we're not that impressed by his musical cat-alogue and the way his playing tails off… but what do you think?

A team of nine firefighters in the US were recently involved in a odd rescue operation involving a 1,800lb swimming-pool-crashing moose.

The beast had been found taking an impromptu dip in the pool of a New Hampshire home after wandering over from nearby woods.

When the shocked home-owner made the discovery he called for assistance and firefighters (known for their swimming-pool/moose skills) were dispatched.

They then had to get the moose out of the pool by pulling it up the pool steps by ropes attached to its antlers… which makes it sound easier than t was.

275x250.jpgTV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has irked animal lovers by defending eating puppies in an interview.

The River Cottage star -- who spent five months as a vegetarian for his new series -- was being interviewed by Radio Times about meat eating.

Asked about whether he would be willing to eat pets he said: "In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm."

Fearnley-Whittingstall said he'd have to be "on the point of starvation" before tucking into a dog -- but that ruling them out would be a cultural decision.

He also claimed that people who eat pigs should be prepared to eat puppies too… though we think it's highly unlikely he'll be releasing a 'how to cook your pets' cookbook any time soon.

Mountain biking can be dangerous with all that hurtling around on rough terrain at high speeds… especially when charging antelope are added into the mix.

Just ask 17-year-old mountain bike racer Evan van der Spuy who was recently competing in a event in South Africa when a 30mph Red Hartebeest wiped him out.

In this video -- which was shot on a camera mounted to fellow rider Travis Walker -- Evan can be heard shouting "Watch the buck!"

A split-second later the 150kg Red Hartebeest can be seen charging across the plain and straight into the rider who is unsurprisingly knocked from his bike.

A video of a dog being strangely scared and repelled by a magazine advert featuring Julia Roberts has become a hit online.

In the clip -- which has been viewed 500,000 times -- a man can be seen calling his pet husky over as he holds a copy of Brides magazine.

Then he opens the magazine on a Lancôme advert featuring the Pretty Woman star and the pooch begins to back away before walking out of the room.

The owner then closes the magazine and calls the dog back before once again showing him the image of Julia Roberts and causing him to scarper away.

It looks like squirrels everywhere are making a bid for stardom! After this one went nuts on the BBC, another has made a primetime appearance in the US.

This time the furry critter in question decided to pop up during a televised baseball game between the Phillies and the Cardinals.

In the fifth inning, with the Cardinals ahead 3-2, the fame-hungry squirrel ran right in front of the home plate as a 94mph ball shot overhead.

And it turns out it wasn't the first time the squirrel had appeared at the stadium, in previous game he'd been seen outfield… next time he wants a go at hitting.

275x250.jpg A well-endowed squirrel has become a surprise internet hit after showing off what he's got on the BBC TV show 'The Great British Bake Off.'

Viewers who were watching Jo Wheatley being crowned winner of the show on BBC2 were shocked when the massive testicled squirrel suddenly appeared on screen.

In the brief clip -- which was played between baking footage -- the squirrel can be seen turning to camera and proudly displaying his huge nuts.

Minutes after the clip during the grand final, fans on Twitter were discussing squirrel anatomy rather than cakes and presenter Sue Perkins tweeted: "This week's GBBO features a shot of a squirrel with outsized nuts. Trust me, they are anatomically DAZZLING.

275x250.jpgBoffins who noticed certain Australian beetles will try to have sex with discarded beer bottles have won a scientific prize.

Entomologists Professor Darryl Gwynne and David Rentz were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for their discovery about buprestid Beetles.

They'd discovered the male beetle would try to mate with beer bottles -- but only brown ones with bobbly bits on them.

This was enough to bag the boffins the Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think.

Other winners on the night included the team who devised a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people and a group who looked at why discus throwers get dizzy.

Runaway dog causes motorway chaos (Video)

A runaway dog caused traffic chaos in Portland, Oregon after escaping from her owner as she was taken for a walk and when for an impromptu run on a motorway.

CCTV footage shows the moment tiny Mango jumped onto Interstate 84, bringing cars to a standstill.

Drivers then tried to grab the little pooch as it scurried from vehicle to vehicle… but initially had little success.

One blanket-wielding would-be dog catcher even ended up falling face first on the road before the dog ran towards a nearby school.

275x250.jpg AA recovery driver Darren Foster got the shock of his life recently -- when he was called out to a car with a 7ft boa constrictor trapped behind the dashboard.

The snake had slipped free from the pillow case in which she was being transported by a children’s entertainer from Essex, forcing the driver to call for assistance.

Foster -- who is fairly new to the AA -- said he had to double-check the details when the job came through and that his manager checked that he wasn’t afraid of snakes.

When he arrived at the car, the seven-foot-long female boa constrictor wouldn’t come out and he had to set about removing the dashboard… carefully.

monkey typing shakepeare.jpg A computer programmer is testing the old adage about a million monkeys with typewriters recreating the entire works of William Shakespeare.

But Jesse Anderson is not dependent on primate keyboard skills and will run his experiment virtually with 'digital monkeys'.

Using a computer simulation of the theroretical simian typing pool, Anderson is seeing how long it takes them to randomly reproduce the works of the bard in nine character long snippets.

And it seems to be working. The first work completed was the poem A Lover's Complaint which appeared in a book of The Bard's sonnets.

"This is the first time a work of Shakespeare has actually been randomly reproduced," Anderson wrote on his blog… assuming he's not using monkeys to write that too.

Rock-eating dog wins annual dumb pet award

275x250.jpg A pug named Harley who ate, and subsequently passed, more than 100 rocks has the dubious honour of having won an annual dumb pet award.

Each year bosses of a US pet insurance form like to celebrate their most unusual claim of the year by shortlisting unfortunate pets for a pubic vote.

And this year the honour was bestowed on rock-eating Harley, a pug who decided to munch on stones while his owner was away and ended up filling half of his stomach.

After X-rays revealed what had happened, vets discussed what action to take… but as the rocks were small they decided to let him pass them naturally.

A series of videos featuring cute kittens recreating scenes from Star Wars and waving lightsabres have become an online hit -- how could they not.

It all started when 21-year-old Zach King from LA recorded the first 16 second video of two kittens doing lightsabre battle on his sofa, until he asks them to cut it out.

The video was watched millions of times online and King decided to make his second instalment of Jedi kittens a bigger production.

This time Jedi Kittens Strike Back, sees the cats chasing each other down a corridor in X-Wing and Tie fighters before crashing in a music studio and whipping out their own lightsabres.

A tiny Rottweiler puppy has been saved by animal welfare officers after falling down a crack in the ground in Texas.

Owners say they were shocked when they realised their month-old pup had disappeared from their house -- but soon heard it's squeals for help from outside.

Following the noise they discovered the puppy had fallen down a crack in the ground caused by severe droughts and could not get out.

Animal welfare officers were called and used pick axes, hammers and a shovel trying to free the whining dog. Which luckily they were able to do.

Man buries pet cat… uncovers C4 explosives

275x250.jpg When Adrian Ayers tried to bury his recently deceased pet cat in Ohio, it's safe to say things didn't exactly go as planned.

That's because as he dug a final resting place for the kitty he unearthed a metal box containing C4 explosives and bullets -- prompting a bomb scare.

Bomb squad officers were called after the discovery and residents were evacuated from a two city block radius until the explosives were removed.

Firemen were also needed to block traffic and keep unsuspecting pedestrians out of harms' way.

It was later revealed the box contained five three-quarter sticks of TNT -- which could have seen the remains of the cat blown high into the sky.

13 dogs skip their way into world record book

275x250.jpg We've often wondered how some people come up with the idea to set a bizarre world record -- like this one for the most dogs skipping on the same rope.

Well according to the dog handler at Uchida Geinousha's 'Super Wan Wan Circus' in Japan this came about by accident when a curious poodle joined in with some human skippers.

"One day Mayonnaise, an incredibly curious poodle, started to try and skip with us.  She clearly really enjoyed it and we decided to get the other dogs involved.  It’s become part of their playtime," he said.
To make sure all 13 dogs have full credit for their achievement, they are (from left to right) Leo, Doremi, Button, Koume, Aya, Kimchi, Nami, Mayonnaise, Ann, Sumire, Kurobe and Akebi… what do you mean that's only twelve, oops.

We don't know the Portuguese for "never work with children or animals" -- but something tells us these TV presenters could have done with hearing the phrase.

That's because a children’s show in Brazil recently suffered its own Blue Peter elephant moment, when a horse pooped on stage.

The horse had been led out into the middle of the brightly coloured stage when it lifted its tail and proceeded to poop on live TV.

Hosts held their heads in their hands, some children screamed, others laughed while some… well they whipped out their mobile phones 

275x250.jpgUnfortunate and stupid pets who've done dumb things like eat more than 100 rocks and chase a fly onto a hot wood stove are in the running for a 'prestigious' prize.

A US insurance firm is looking for an animal to award their Hambone award to, for the most unusual claim of the year -- and they have plenty to pick from.

The 12 pet shortlisted for the title -- named after the inaugural winner, a dog who ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while stuck in a refrigerator -- all made full recoveries and received insurance reimbursements for their daft accidents

Previous winners include Labrador retriever who gobbled up an entire beehive and a bulldog who swallowed 15 baby pacifiers, a bottle cap and piece of a basketball.

We've previously discovered that cows have a sense of humour, get confused by power lines and that those with names even produce more milk.

And today we're also happy to bring you the useful information that cows also like jazz. Really, they do.

While this discovery isn't backed by university research or a hard-hitting scientific study, it is supported by a video which is currently proving a hit online.

In the clip, members of the Utah-based jazz band 'The New Hot 5' take time out of their European tour to perform for a field of cows in Autrans, France. Why? we don't know… and once you clip play you won't either.

275x250.jpg We didn't think it could get much worse for Happy Feet, the penguin which got lost, swam 3,000 miles in the wrong direction and then needed surgery after eating sand in New Zealand.

But experts now fear the 3-year-old emperor penguin has now been eaten by a shark or a whale after being being taken back to Antarctica on a research vessel.

A transmitter had been attached to the 80cm bird in a bid to monitor his movement and development, but on Friday the transmitter fell silent.

The firm monitoring the transmissions say this means it either fell off, or that the unlucky bird has become lunch for a predator… we really hope it fell off.

275x250.jpgThere's nothing unusual about someone phoning 999 to report an unwanted intruder in their home… but this one had eight legs.

A woman in Coventry recently called police on 999 and asked for officers to hush to her house after finding a spider in her kitchen.

She said seeing the spider had left her terrified and that only by having officers come round and remove the arachnid would she be able to sleep.

Unsurprisingly police told the woman they would not be attending and reminded her that the 999 service was only for more urgent matters.

However, we suspect they just didn't have enough tiny handcuffs for the creepy crawly.

275x250.jpgA man in Florida was left with a serious gun-shot wound to his hand when he tried to kill a snake, but accidentally shot himself.

The 75-year-old is said to have found a large water moccasin snake near his front door and decided the best thing to do was shoot it.

After retrieving his .38 caliber handgun he fired a shot at the slithering snake, but missed.

As he fiddled with the weapon it once again fired, once again missing the snake… but this time his hand was not so lucky, and he shot two fingers on his left hand.

The elderly man was treated at the scene and then taken to hospital -- police say it's understood that the snake got away unharmed.

A video of a confused bird trying to walking the wrong way down an escalator has become a hit online -- with some suggesting it's a metaphor for life.

The video, thought to have been shot in Vancouver, Canada, shows a bird calmly walking the glass doors to a shopping centre among bustling shoppers.

But the bird-brain then attempts to get to a lower level by taking the wrong escalator and finds itself plodding along on the up escalator, never getting anywhere.

It's only when the feathered critter is spooked by shoppers coming towards it, that it turns around and tries to get out. Which it manages while trying to make it look like it meant to do that.

A man in Sweden recently returned home to find an odd decoration adorning his neighbour's tree -- a drunken moose.

After hearing an bizarre bellowing coming from the garden he headed off to investigate and found the inebriated animal stuck in the tree.
It's thought the beast got wasted by munching on apples which had fallen from other nearby trees and began to ferment.

Police were called and working with the fire brigade were able free the drunken moose… who promptly staggered for a few feet, collapsed and fell asleep.

This video shows the touching moment a group of chimpanzees which had been used for laboratory testing saw daylight for the first time.

Having being raised in cages for the purpose of medical testing the chimps range in age from 20 to 30 years old and are understood to have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis.

In 1997 the pharmaceutical company conducting the research was sold and the chimps moved to Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary, near Salzburg in Austria.

Now a 14-year-bid to introduce the 38 primates to the outdoors has finally taken place and the chimpanzees certainly look happy with the outcome.

275x250.jpgA parrot which was stolen in China has helped police catch the man who stole him -- by speaking up and becoming a police informer.

The clever bird had been sold by the crook to a pet shop in Beijing, which the rightful owner happened to visit after his bird was taken.

As soon as the parrot saw its master it's said to have started 'talking' to him and staff at the pet store realised Wang Lu was his rightful owner.

Details of the man who'd sold the bird to the store were then passed on to cops who quickly located and arrested him.

Previously we've seen a clever parrot returned home after giving police his home address, one who can speak Urdu and English and another who was arrested for being part of a drugs gang.

275x250.jpg A black and tan Coonhound called Harbour has earned a place in the Guinness World Records Book thanks to his humungous set of ears.

The 8-year-old dog has a monstrous pair of hearing flaps with his left ear measuring 31.1cm long and his right ear, even longer, at 34.3cm.

Owner Jennifer Wert says the colossal ears meant that as a puppy Harbor would struggle -- frequently tripping over then as he ran.

But they also made him a bit of a celeb in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado and now the world thanks to getting featured in the famous record book.

275x250.jpgForget worrying about the occasional fly in your soup -- the European Union thinks it could be the future… along with munching on other insects too.

A £2.65m research project is currently being conducted into whether we should all start eating creepy crawlies as part of out usual diet, reports the Sunday Times.

It's thought entomophagy, eating the likes of locusts and crickets, could provide a valuable souse of calcium and protein as the world population grows prompting food shortages.

Insects are also said to be the heathy option, grasshoppers can offer 20% protein with a tiny 6% fat, compared to lean ground beef's 24% protein and 18% fat.

But would you fancy snacking on silkworm moth larvae, or locusts? Personally we quite like the idea… now if only we could find a good spider recipe, we've seen a few crawling around Newslite Towers recently.

Everyone's favourite lost Penguin 'Happy Feet' -- who accidentally ended up in New Zealand -- has finally been returned to Antarctic.

Two months ago the confused 80cm tall emperor penguin landed an a beach on Kapiti Coast, some 2,000 miles from his intended destination.

And after a traumatic visit, Happy Feet has been released back into the Southern Ocean, 49 miles due north of Campbell Island from research vessel, Tangaroa.

He was released down a purpose-made ‘hydro-slide’ off the stern ramp of the vessel by Wellington Zoo, Manager of Veterinary Science, Dr Lisa Argilla… and when we say 'released' we actually mean 'pushed'.

A video of a bully cat stuffing another pussy into a cardboard box and then trapping it by sitting on top of the box has become an online hit.

The 90 second clip starts off with a white kitty sitting and playing in an discarded open box as couple of other kitties entertain themselves.

But then a grey moggie strolls up behind the pen open and jumps up on the open flap, closing the box on top of the white cat -- trapping it in the box.

The grey cat then jumps up on the box and sits on top of the lid as the white bullied cat tries to escape… without much look.

275x250.jpgA dog-owner in Alaska has punched a black bear in the face in a desperate bid to save her pet dachshund from being attacked.

22-year-old Brooke Collins says she was forced to take the drastic action when she found a bear crouched down, clutching her beloved pup Fudge its paws.

Instinctively wanting to help the helpless pooch, the hairdresser ran at the bear and punched it in the snout as it began biting the back of the dog's neck.

The startled bear then dropped the tiny dog and ran off in a somewhat startled manner when Collins' boyfriend tried to further scare it.

Luckily Fudge was not too seriously injured in the attack but is being kept indoors for the time being as her wounds are tended to. 

lost penguin The penguin who was dubbed Happy Feet after accidentally swimming to New Zealand rather than Antarctica has finally headed home.

The confused emperor penguin -- who also needed surgery after eating sand thinking it was snow - is being transported by a fisheries survey vessel.

And before he went, hundreds of people turned out to bid farewell to the bird who became a worldwide sensation after he exploits were reported.

He's also been fitted with a tracking device so that bosses at Wellington Zoo where he was treated, can monitor his progress.

275x250.jpgA team of bungling thieves who thought they'd successfully stolen £240,000 of rhino horns from a museum actually made off with worthless replicas.

The gang had smashed their way into the Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire before using hammers to remove horns from two stuffed animals, an Indian rhino and a white rhino.

They probably thought they'd swiped valuable ivory horns in the break-in -- during which nothing else was taken -- but police have now revealed all they got away with were fakes.

Faux rhino horns made out of resin and with no commercial value had been fitted to the stuffed animals after a series of rhino horn raids on auction rooms, galleries and private collections.

Real rhino horns, sought after because of a belief it can cure cancer, are worth more than diamonds, gold and cocaine… fake ones, not so much.

A video of a cat and dog staring at each other in a Western-style standoff for more than 90 seconds before going for each other has become an online hit.

And this has obviously been helped by the fact someone has already added the theme song of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (below).

In the video, the pooch and pussy glare at each other as the cay slyly edges towards the dog, testing its nerves.

But it's the little dog which makes the first move by noisily charging at the kitty… before bolting and getting chased off by the feline.

275x250.jpg A rare litter of five all black miniature piglets has been born at Pennywell Farm. There's not much more news than that, but there is this very cute picture.

The tiny piglets, which each weighed less than 1lb at birth and are just six inches long, were born just six days ago and are all said to be doing well.

They're part of a special micro pig breed which has been grown by Pennywell Farm owner Chris Murray for the past fifteen years, and even when fully grown will only measure 14 inches tall.

So far staff at the farm have not picked names for the piglets and say they would like to hear suggestions… so let's see what you can come up with in the comments.

Kittens are cute, we all know that! But what's cuter than your average cute kitten? A sleepy kitten stretching cutely as it slowly wakes up, that's what.

And with that we give you Banzai Kitten, a cute overload in video form which is currently going viral online.

In the 54 second video - which has been watched more than 75,00 times - the kitty can be seen snoozing away before slowly waking up.

As he does, he reaches upwards with a huge stretch and lets out a big yawn. He then gives a deserved glare at the person filming him and goes back to sleep… what's not to like.

275x250.jpg Obi is one tough police dog. Even suffering multiple fractures to his skull when a rioter in London hurled a brick at him, couldn't stop him from doing his job.

And X-ray images of the three-year-old German shepherd have now been revealed  showing the severity of the injuries he sustained during the London riots.

Staff at Queens Veterinary School Hospital at the University of Cambridge say 3D CT images show the impact site of the brick and surrounding bone damage.

Amazingly Obi carried on working for two hours after sustaining the injury - though he's now recuperating at home and is expected to be out of action for several months. 

275x250.jpg A rare miniature spider crab, which was last recorded in Cornish waters back in 1912, is set to on show after being re-discovered.

The 'Gibb's spider crab' was netted by Newquay fisherman Dan Gilbert earlier in the summer and has now been donated to the local Blue Reef Aquarium.

Bosses there say the creature is so rare, a marine life expert was called on to help identify it after they exhausted all of their reference books.

But they should be forgiven for not recognising it - there have only been 13 recorded sightings and all were during Edwardian and Victorian times.

275x250.jpgA kinky kangaroo has been caught red-handed by police in Prague who say he was stealing sexy underwear off washing lines.

Officers say the two year-old marsupial called Benji escaped from his owner and then proceeded to hop from yard to yard on a lingerie grabbing spree.

Soon after receiving a call from the distressed owner reporting their missing marsupial, calls started coming in about underwear being nabbed from washing lines.

But it was only when a woman looked out of her window and saw Benji rummaging through her knickers that they realised the incidents were related.

It's claimed that in each case the kinky kangaroo only the sexiest items off clotheslines before being apprehended and returned to his owner… who was keen to stress Benji didn't pick up the habit from him.

275x250.jpgA diving instructor was reportedly forced to swim 20 miles in shark-infested waters after being abandoned by a boatman off Borneo's Santubong peninsula.

Japanese diver Hishashi Koze had been had been exploring a shipwreckwith colleagues when the boatman they'd sailed out with, lost sight of them and their air bubbles underwater

Unable to locate them, it was assumed they were in trouble and he headed back to the shore, leaving the trio of divers at sea. Two were soon picked up by a passing fishing boat, but Koze was left behind.

The 39-year-old then spent the following 24 hours struggling in the water and swimming the 20 miles back to the shore. Which all sound bad enough… and that's before you consider the fact the waters were shark-infested.

Speaking after making to back to safety, an exhausted Koze said he swam backstroke against the waves throughout the evening and morning and kept telling himself "I must survive - I must survive."

A clever ape at Tokyo zoo has become an online hit after displaying impressively human-esque towel skills in a bid to cool down during hot weather.

During this two minute video - which is going viral on YouTube and has been watched more than 300,000 times - the orangutan can be seen dipping a towel into a pool of water.

It then wrings the wet towel out in its hands, before dabbing it across its forehead and face in a nice cooling manner.

As one online commenter quite wonderfully put it: "This short clip is better than the whole of that new Planet of the Apes."

Hot on the prancing heels of "Thriller Cat" another kitty has become an online hit after showing off equally fancy footwork.

Just like the show off puss before him, this feline can be seen strutting along on its hind legs with an arched back.

In the 12-second clip, the white cat shoots across a room to hide behind a foot stool, before emerging like it's part of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Initially it walks out with just a very hunched back, but when its owners laugh, it hops onto two legs to complete the wacky look.

275x250.jpgParamedics called out to deal with a five-year-old in cardiac arrest were shocked when they arrived to discover their proposed patient was actually a cat.

The staff from the East of Emergency Ambulance Service are reported to have been dispatched after a 999 call was received from a desperate couple.

Fearing a young child was fighting for their life, a fast response car and ambulance were quickly sent out to the address in Crane Mead, Herts.

But when they got there, paramedics were "gobsmacked" by what they found… a tearful couple with a five-year-old feline who was feared to have had a heart attack.

Ambulance bosses are now asking people to think twice before calling 999… which isn't surprising after this snowman, this string-playing cat, this rabbit and this rapper.

275x250.jpg A confused cow had to be rescued from a tight squeeze by animal welfare officials… after somehow getting its head stuck in a ladder.

The blundering Belgian Blue bovine had been reported to the Scottish SPCA by members of the public who spotted the odd sight in a field in Troon, Ayrshire.

Inspectors promptly contacted the farmer who owned the cow and rounded up the rest of the herd before helping liberate the cow form the wooden jewellery and return the bewildered beast to the them unharmed.

The farmer says he has no idea how the ladder ended up in his field - let alone being worn as a neckless by the unfortunate cow - but it's thought it could have fallen off a passing van or lorry.

A video of a dog being rubbed with a blanket so that static causes its hair to stick out has become a hit online… and as soon as you click play you'll see why.

In the 80-second clip - which has been viewed over a million times - the owner of the hairy mutt can be seen rubbing the dog with a blanket.

This, combined with the dry air, has the effect of causing its white hair to stick out and make it look like a cute porcupine as it prances around apparently showing off.

As the static effect wears off, the dog even runs along the sofa to get a 'recharge' from the giggling owner.

275x250.jpg Bosses at a UK safari park say they didn't know what to get for a silverback gorilla turning 50… but that flowers weren't their best idea.

Staff at Longleat Safari had wanted to do something special for Nico, Europe’s oldest silverback, when he celebrated his 50th birthday.

As such they gave the 200kgs beast an array of gifts including a bunch of flowers and a banana-shaped birthday cake for him to enjoy.

But as these photos show, the flowers didn't go down too well and got petulantly thrown on the ground… at least the banana cake was more appreciated and got devoured in seconds.

Not only does Emmitt Thunderpaws have an awesome name for a dog, but the colossal  Great Dane also gives good viral video -- as this clip shows.

The video, which is currently surging on YouTube, sees him welcoming his owner back from 9 month military deployment in Afghanistan.

During the 90 second clip the owners of the huge dog can be heard discussing whether Emmitt will remember the returning soldier.

And  we think it's safe to say from the response that he does. He bounds up to the uniformed man and jumps up to look him in the face before enjoying a good pat and play.

Driver has lucky escape from flying cow

275x250.jpgA motorist is lucky to be alive after a 'flying cow' landed on the bonnet of his car and crushed the vehicle as he was driving in Leeds.

The Citroen C5 is said to have been left in quite a state after the cow leaped three feet over a fence and collided with the car.

Reports say that the car skidded almost 80 yards after the impact and ended up on the wrong side of the road and with a severely dented bonnet and broken wheel.

But while the driver escaped from the accident with just minor cuts and bruises, it wasn't so good for the bouncing bovine which was announced dead at the scene.

* Okay, so when we say 'flying cow' we might actually mean jumping cow.

200x190.jpgWhile you might think sparrows' birdsong is a relaxing sound of the British countryside - but it's actually an aggressive exchange of insults, it's been claimed.

Academics say the soothing sounds are really more like an abusive rap battle between birds who are showing off and trying to appear macho.

The researchers from a number of Canadian universities discovered that when they're looking for a mate, male sparrows move away from their usual sweet tweeting.

Instead they become louder and more aggressive - often repeating the insulting noises of other birds - in a bid to attract attention and outdo other feathered rivals.

Personally we'd like to know what constitutes an insult for a sparrows, we're guessing it's all 'mother flapper' this and 'cockatoo' that.

275x250.jpg Lifeboat crews were called out to rescue a spooked horse which had thrown off his owner and then swam out more than half-a-mile into the English Channel.

The unseated owner had resorted to calling coastguards after being thrown off in shallow water then watching the beast swim off from Sandwich in Kent.

Walmer RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched after numerous 999 and by the time they caught up with the horse it half a mile offshore and was starting to tire.

Luckily the crew managed to attach a line to its bridle and then coax it back towards the shore. It's not known if the animal was actually trying to get to France.

When police in Alabama heard that a runaway bull was charging along a road and causing danger to pedestrians and motorists, they dispatched multiple squad cars to deal with it.

But, after a four mile and 30 minute chase they were no closer to catching the elusive bull with huge horns, and they called in cowboys.

However, the cowboys were not riding in on their horses -- they sat on the front of the speeding squads cars to lasso the beast -- as this video shows.

Police say the bull was eventually brought under control and that no-one (including the bull) was hurt.

275x250.jpgA cow in Germany has not only managed to escape from a Bavarian sausage maker, but has spent 10 months hiding out with a herd of deer in woodland.

The brilliant bovine called Yvonne is said to have last year escaped from a sausage-based future after somehow escaping and going on the run in Bavaria.

Since then she's eluded capture by pretending to be a deer and even blending in with a herd which live in nearby woodland.

However, since the story was recently picked up by local media, it's not been looking good for Yvonne and there are reports hunters have been given permission to shoot her.

Luckily, Animal rights campaigners from Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary are on the case and are trying to lure her to safety with Ernst the breeding bull.

A US flight had to be diverted after a flying creature - believed to be a bat - began flapping around the cabin. Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

The Delta Air Lines flight had been on its way from Madison, Wisconsin to Atlanta when the creature started flying around.

As this footage shows, it did several laps of the plane causing panic among passengers and the pilot to turn the plane around and head back to the departure airport.

On the way there, the critter was captured after flying into the toilets - though officials were unable to find it on a search of the plane once it had landed… it probably didn't want a TSA pat-down.

275x250.jpg A group of penguins have been given sand-sculpture friends in a bid to console them after the departure of another group to whom they'd become attached.

Staff at Sea Life Weymouth say their 11 Humboldt penguins recently became friends with a group of Gentoo penguins with which they were temporarily homed.

But when the other penguins moved on to an aquarium in London the penguins became lonely, so bosses called in a artist to create penguin sculptures to keep them friends.

While staff say the nine sand-based Gentoo penguin created by Mark Anderson seem to be doing the trick and that the birds have stopped moping around, we think they'd have to be bird-brained to think they could be real…

Cats, is there anything they can't do? When they're not entertaining us by popping up on Question Time or interrupting weather forecasts they're trying to fix our cars.

At least that's what we think is happening in this video which is currently going viral online and has been viewed more than 110,000 times on YouTube.

In the 21 second clip a cute ginger kitten can be seen muscling in as a man tries to change the tyre on his car and wrestling with the jack.

And while the uploader seems to think the cat was just getting in the way, we like to think he was trying to help out.

The words "bear attack" probably make you think of vicious animals, maulings and generally unhappy endings for the people on the wrong end of them.

But as this video proves, that's doesn't have to always be the case… meet the world's cutest ever bear attack.

Shot in Russia the minute-long video shows a tiny bear cub trying to attack a backpacker by grabbing and 'biting' his arms and legs. All in a ridiculously cute manner.

It appears that no-one got hurt in the making of the video and we just hope that the mother bear didn't come out and show the youngster how it's meant to be done as soon as the camera was put down.

275x250.jpg A abandoned baby wallaby is being hand reared by her keepers at a UK safari park and kept in a rucksack in lieu of his mothers pouch.

Staff at Longleat Safari Park say the young red-necked wallaby called Joseph was rescued from certain death after being found cold and alone in the park.

So now he's been adopted by three keepers who take it in turns to carry him around in a substitute pouch made from a specially adapted rucksack to keep him warm and safe.

The trio will have to keep up their role as adopted parents for up to 10 months until the youngster is fully weaned and ready to return to the rest of the 30-strong wallaby group… they grow up so fast.

275x250.jpgMittu, a two-year-old African grey parrot, really is a clever boy… the bilingual bird can speak in English and Urdu.

Owner Ghaffar Ahmed says the bird has picked up a number of phrases in both English and Urdu after being raised in a home in Bradford where both languages are spoken.

So in addition to being able to say typical parrot phrases like 'who’s a pretty boy?' Mittu can also say ‘come here’, ‘hello' and 'How are you?’ in Urdu.

But while Mittu has recently been re-homed to Stourbridge, West Midlands, Ghaffar says he won't be taking him to the local mosque -- because another parrot of his escaped recently.

Which is a shame, because the bird can apparently also speak a host of other religious passages… proving it is not bird-brained… though we really would have liked video evidence.

Visitors to a US aquarium got a bit of a surprise the other day -- when a deer took an impromptu dip in the seal tank.

Staff at Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk were feeding the seals when they noticed an animal swimming around which didn't belong.

It was a small deer which had swim across a river to get to the aquarium and then hopped into the seal display -- luckily the seals were safely in the inside part of the display at the time.

A 30-minute rescue mission was launched and after attempts to net the deer failed, they placed a ramp in the water so the deer could get out himself, which he did.

We promise this is the best video of a Mariachi band serenading a beluga whale you will see all day. If not you can have your money back.

The two minute clip was filmed at the Mystic Marinelife Aquarium as the band 'Mariachi Connecticut' took time out from performing at a wedding there.

In it a beluga whale called Juno can be seen attentively watching the instrument-wielding trio as it swims in time to the music.

And while Eduardo Rocha, the band's guitarist, says he's not sure Juno could hear the music, he sure seems to be enjoying it from where we are sitting.

A US family got the shock of their lives when a snake slithered out of the bonnet of their car… as they were doing 65mph down the highway.

Rachel and Tony Fisher had been driving along in Memphis when all of a sudden a snake appeared on their windscreen -- obviously prompting them to reach for the video camera.

In the resulting footage, shot by Tony as Rachel drove, the snake can be seen flapping about on the glass as the kids in the back of the car shout that they want to see it.

For several minutes the snake moved along the bonnet of the speeding car before getting to the wing mirror on the driver's side and falling off… who needs a Ferrari prancing horse when you can have a live snake.

275x250.jpg An animal charity say they've been bombarded by people offering to give a new home to a kitten which looks like Hitler* -- after previously struggling to find anyone willing to take her in.

Staff at Wood Green animal shelter said people had originally shunned the kitten because of her uncanny resemblance to the Nazi dictator and she'd repeatedly been overlooked for adoption.

However, after the six-week-old kitten - dubbed Kitler but also known as Luminus - appeared in several national newspapers on Friday, they've received hundreds of offers.

*Obviously when we say 'kitten which looks like Hitler' we don't mean you could mistake the two in the street, but rather that it has slightly Hitler-esque markings.

275x250.jpg Scientists in South Korea have created a genetically modified glow in the dark dog which they say can be turned on and off like a light switch.

The glowing beagle was born two-years-ago thanks to a cloning technique which boffins claim could be used to find cures for diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Tegon's luminosity - which can be seen under ultraviolet light - is said to be controlled by adding a doxycycline antibiotic to her food at Seoul University.

While the £2million research could lead to huge leaps in medical science, it's already solved one of life's great questions, are dogs or cats the brightest.

275x250.jpg A baby ostrich which was abandoned by his mother and dumped in the rain is now being kept company by a soft toy surrogate mum and a radio.

Staff at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire say this is the first first baby Ostrich to be cared for there, as in previous years rain has hampered incubation with excess moisture in the nests.

And while it was all going much better this year, it looked like it could take a turn for the worse when this 10 inch baby Ostrich left out in the rain by its mum.

However, carers have taken him in and after putting him at ease by placing a slightly taller toy in his enclosure, are now hand-rearing the bird which will eventually be somewhere between 6ft and 9ft tall. Good luck finding a toy that big.

A video of a sleepy baby sloth yawning has become an online hit and been viewed more than 900,000 times… by 900,000 people who probably proceeded to yawn themselves straight after.

The 19 second clip, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month starts off with an already adorable baby sloth slouched over the hand of a carer.

But then the cuteness level gets dialled up all the way to eleven when the tired little critter lets out a massive yawn before closing its eyes and going to sleep.

We know how you feel little guy, we know how you feel. 

A video of a baby hippo appearing to perform a series of underwater ballet moves in California, has become an online hit.

Little Adhama - whose name means "honour" or "glory" in Swahili - is said to regularly strut his stuff pulling pirouettes, backflips and tumbles in his enclosure at San Diego Zoo.

Now the six-month-old calf and his 26-year-old mother Funani have now become a web sensation after a video of their antics was uploaded to YouTube.

In the footage, the critter, who was born weighing around 100 pounds, looks almost as graceful as the the hippo from Fantasia, almost.

275x250.jpgTwo Australian police officers say they both had to resort to using pepper spray on a red kangaroo after it attacked a 94-year-old woman.

The cops from Queensland had been called out after the elderly woman was attacked by the jumping marsupial as she was putting out her laundry.

While trying to fight off the beast with a broom, the woman had been knocked to the floor but eventually managed to get inside where her son called police.

When the officers arrived at the scene the male kangaroo was still there and charged at one of the cops who discharged his capsicum pepper spray at it.

Not happy, the roo then jumped towards the second cop who was standing at the back of the police car and he too used his spray. What's that Skippy, you want to lodge a complaint with the police complaints authority?

275x250.jpg A three-year-old horse called Elvis has been rescued by a team of ten firefighters after getting stuck neck deep in a muddy swamp.

The 14-hand horse had been discovered by his owner struggling for air and to get free after escaping from his field and falling into a 20m sq mud pit.

Firefighters from West Midlands Fire Service were dispatched to the woodland scene in Coventry where one donned a dry suit and climbed into the mud pit to being a two-hour rescue.

Colleagues then shovelled away mud from around the horse to fit strops and pull him to safety… luckily they won the tug-of-war and the animal was returned to the safety of solid ground.

275x250.jpg There's a sure fire way to tell that your dog isn't exactly the world's best guard dog… like when it gets stolen itself.

And that's just what happened to Rocky the Rottweiler, a guard dog who was recently snatched from his home in Gloucestershire.

Thieves are understood to have lifted the fencing into the area where Rocky was kept and stolen him, nothing else was taken.

As such the home owners, who'd hoped the dog would be an active deterrent to would-be burglars, were forced to make an embarrassing call to police to   report that he'd been stolen.

275x250.jpg Vegas, a German Shepherd trainee police dog has been left looking for a new home after officers realised she is not brave enough to cut it with the force.

The 19-month-old dog had been specially bred for police work and gone through part of her initial training course before it was recognised she's a big scaredycat.

It's said the pup was great at things like jumping through windows, ignoring gunshots and chasing suspects -- she refused to bite them when she caught up with them - which means she won't be able to work with police.

Northumbria Police are now appealing for people who might be able to offer her a home to come forwards and say she loves to play with her toys and would be a fun and loyal companion.

275x250.jpgThe personal computer has now overtaken the family dog as 'man's best friend', a poll conducted by YouGov has found.

A recent survey discovered almost two thirds of us consider our computers as "a more constant companion than a dog" and that this is especially true for younger dog owners.

People are also now spending more time with their PCs than their pooches and with many people having ditched newspapers for online news sites, dogs are being relied on less to perform household tasks.

In fact, only 6% of those polled believe "most people rely more on their dog than they do on their PC" (probably people who need a lot of slippers fetching) while 67% think the opposite is true.

So if you had to do without your pet dog or your computer, which would it be? And remember your dog can't fetch you Newslite.

A humpback whale which was saved after getting tangled in a fishing net said 'thank you' to rescuers by performing a series of breaches and dives.

When a group of whale watchers off the coast of California discovered a humpback whale tangled in fishing nets, they feared it was already dead.

But as they approached, it let out a loud breath through its blow hole and the whale watchers turned whale rescuers jumping in the water and launching an hour-log rescue bid.

After eventually being able to free the beast and pull the net into their boat, the whale swam away - but not before putting on an impressive display  for them. Skip to 6 minutes 10 seconds to see it. 

275x250.jpgWhen two would-be armed robbers stormed into a store in California and demanding a bag was filled with cash, they probably didn't expect anyone to put up much of a fight.

But that's because they didn't know about Paco, the diminutive Chihuahua who took umbrage at their attempts to steal from his owner.

After the duo waved a gun around and made their threats at the store, Paco ran straight towards them and started biting at their ankles.

The pint-sized pooch continued to snap at the pair until they ran out of the door and across the street - he didn't even stop when they pointed a gun at him.

And while some doubters suggest this was probably because he has no concept of what a gun is, we'd like to think it was just because he's brave.

275x250.jpg At Newslite we have a bit of a thing for Lego - whether it's being used to make massive towers, sculptures, recreate works of art, the Royal wedding or even to propose.

We also enjoy anything to do with superheroes. So when someone combines the two they've got our undivided attention. Step forward Alexander Schranz who recently produced a stunning Batcave with 9,000 Lego bricks

The 31-year-old Lego fan from Germany - who works as a Concept Designer for The LEGO Group - says he came up with the idea after playing Arkham Asylum and being inspired.

A life-long Batman fan, Schranz started off by making the Batmobile before spending a week planing the Batcave and then 70 hours building it… it would have been quicker but there was no Alfred to help him.

275x250.jpg As far as Newslite is concerned she is no oracle octopus, but a psychic pachyderm called has apparently predicted the winner of the Women’s World Cup.

Nelly, an 18-month-old elephant at Serengeti Park in Germany, made her forecast by
kicking a ball into a net into a net of the team she though would win.

After correctly predicted the winner of every German match in the Women's World Cup, she'd been called in to do her stuff ahead of the final between the USA and Japan.

Sure enough she pelted the ball into the back of the net with a Japanese flag and they went on to win the contest - which obviously proves she's psychic. If you think otherwise you can tell the 1,058 pound beast yourself.

275x250.jpg Staff at a zoo in New Zealand say the emperor penguin who famously took a wrong turn and ended up 2,000 miles from his intended destination is recovering after eating sand on a beach.

Bosses at Wellington Zoo say the 80cm tall bird had tried eating sand from Peka Peka beach (well it works with snow so why not sand) and fallen ill.

As a result the bird dubbed Happy Feet had to have his stomach pumped and experts had feared whether the lost critter would survive the ordeal.

But he's now gained 5.7 pounds since being rescued and the experts are formulating a plan to return him to Antarctica once he is fully well… and has sold the movie rights to his story.

After a series of 'monster shark' sightings' in an Australian lake, the morning news TV show Today, decided to dispatch a fishing expert to go and investigate.

Unfortunately not everything went to plan when they linked to Paul Burt who was at Evandale Lake, on the Gold Coast, and the segment ended up being a rather awkward moment of live TV.

It started off badly enough when, after a big build up, Paul simply said "Hi Karl", causing the studio host to crack up laughing. But it got considerably worse when he asked the fisherman to have a go at catching the 'monster'.

That's because after casting off, Paul soon caught something… a duck which had been peacefully swimming on the lake. Oops. As he pulled it in he said to camera: "I'd go to another shot."

275x250.jpg A silverback gorilla called Ya Kwanza has shot to internet fame after recording a movie of himself.

Staff at Durrell Wildlife Trust in Jersey gave the 27 year-old gorilla a feeding device - covered with honey and oats - with a built in video camera to see what he got up to.

The resulting high-definition footage shows him investigating the device, meticulously picking out raisins before taking a number of close ups and profile shots

He then obediently throws the yellow 'camera feeder' back to his keeper when asked to return it. Okay so his footage isn't going to win any Oscars, but it's still pretty impressive.

275x250.jpg Owls are known for their exceptionally good vision. But not all can see exactly where they are going… as this owl-shaped imprint on a window shows.

Sally Arnold, from Kendal says she recently returned home to see the huge bird imprint on her bedroom window.

And after contacting the RSPB her suspicions were confirmed and experts said that a tawny owl had flown directly into the window pane and bounced off.

The marks on the window are said to have been left by ‘powder down,’ a substance that helps birds protect growing feathers. We just hope the bird didn't get into too much of a flap after the accident.

275x250.jpgSan Diego Zoo Safari Park have started putting on daily blink-and-you'll-miss-it Cheetah Runs where the big cats show their speed by running from 0 -70mph in just four seconds.

Once a day visitors will be able to watch one of the three cheetahs there -- Amara, Johari and Shiley -- show off their impressive speed.

They will each chase their favourite toy which will be mechanically pulled along the 330-foot track in front of a visitor viewing area.

Organisers say: "If you're close enough, you may feel the wind as the cheetah passes by. The spotted sprinter races on a straight 330-foot-long track that allows the cheetah to really stretch its legs"

The event is said to take place at 5.00pm each day… and at those speeds is probably over by 5.00pm and six seconds.

275x250.jpg Little Rachel Warren was trying to copy her pet dog when she shoved her head through the garden gate… but unlike the rottweiler Tess, Rachel couldn't get back out.

As a result the four-year-old had to be rescued by firefighters who pried the black gate apart to release her.

Mom Carlene, from Brierley Hill in the West Midlands, says she was taking Rachel to nursery and had just put her reins on when she started pretending to be a dog and ran outside.

The next thing she knew, she heard a loud noise, went out to investigate and found her daughter lodged between the black railings.

275x250.jpgPet stores in New York say they've been forced to introduce a ban on drunk puppy-buying, because of the number of inebriated animal-lovers.

Bosses at Le Petit Puppy say the move to refuse the sale of puppies to drunks is a response to the number of people they've had come out of nearby bars and take an interest in their pups.

The problem is reported to come from the fact the pet store is surrounded by bars and that after happy hour, drinkers are taken by the cute dogs in the window.

In the past, drunk dog buyers have even been known to return the next day with the puppy and ask the store to take it back.

So now, even if they have got the $1,200 to $3,000 to buy a puppy, inebriated dog fans will be turned away and asked to come back when sober… alternatively they could log into the live-stream of the puppy window

275x250.jpg Most nature enthusiasts would think nothing of getting up early and heading off to a country park in the hope of seeing wild deer close-up.

But residents in the Black Country industrial town of Walsall didn't have to when this pair of deer strolled into their estate just half a mile away from a busy town centre.

Locals couldn't believe their eyes as they saw the two impressive animals calmly walking along a road past them… which is why they took these photo.

Tim and Tom Kitchen, who were making their way to the local bus station at 7.15 when they saw them, say the deer looked relaxed and were in no rush… maybe they are thinking of moving to the area.

Normally when we bring you a video of a dancing animal, it's just that, a video of a dancing animal… but not this time.

This clip of a bird grooving to Queen is cold hard science and forcing scientists to re-evaluate their opinion on avian intelligence, maybe.

Researchers from the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego say videos of Snowball, the dancing cockatoo have left them scratching their heads because he appears to have a sense of rhythm.

It had previously been thought only humans could move to a beat... and what makes it all the more remarkable about 13-year-old Snowball is that he's a white cockatoo.

275x250.jpgCows not only have best friends, but also get stressed when they're not with them, academic researchers have discovered.

Boffins from the University of Northampton say they have found proof that cows are more social than previously thought after conducting a series of tests.

Doctoral student Krista McLennan looked at the heart rate and cortisol levels of cows when in a variety of environments, including a period of isolation.

It was found the cows were more relaxed when with a 'preferred partner' compared to being with a random other cow or alone.

The findings are said to be important to the dairy industry because the stress levels of cows can strongly impact their milk yield… more than whether they are finding something funny anyway.

This squirrel is lucky to be alive after running across a racetrack as a Lamborghini hurtled towards it at over 100mph -- and passing under it.

The close shave happened at the AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, California during an event called the "The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience".

And this little chap certainly got the ultimate Lamborghini experience as he ran out in front of the speeding yellow Lamborghini LP670-4 SV.

As this footage shows, the car passes over him as he continues running across the track… no, we're not sure how he survived either.

Is sounds like the start of a dodgy horror movie, but a nuclear power plant in Scotland has been shut after an invasion by loads of jellyfish.

Two reactors at EDF Energy's Torness nuclear power plant were stopped this week when the jellyfish began obstructing cooling water filters.

The measures were brought in because an obstruction could have meant the plant wasn't able to draw in enough water to maintain a safe operating temperature.

Ii's been reported that if this happened (which it couldn't because of automated safety procedures) the nuclear power could overheat.

Operators are currently working to clear the jellyfish from the waters near the power station and say it should reopen next week… unless any more sea creatures launch an attack.

275x250.jpg Each year more than 52,000 tennis balls are used during Wimbledon, and because tournament bosses like to see them go to a good home, they are normally sold off for charity.

But this year many of the balls will 'become' a good home after the All England Lawn Tennis Club did a deal with an aquarium in the Lake District.

Stamped with the date of the tournament, the balls will have a hole cut in them to make an ideal nesting place for brown mice (yes, mice at an aquarium).

It's hoped that the balls might encourage the brown mice to breed… now all they need are the little signs saying: 'If this tennis ball is a rockin, don't come a knocking'.

275x250.jpg Last week we told you about Ci the sheepdog who is scared of sheep. Today we've got someone showing him how it should be done. Meet Nancy the chihuahua-turned-sheepdog.

Tiny little Nancy weighs just 2.5lbs and is an unlikely sheepdog - but she's already proven her expertise in the field, by confidently herding sheep more than six times taller than her.

Nancy only discovered her sheep herding ability after being rescued and taken in by Battersea Dogs Home when she was found with no fur and suffering from mange.

Taken in by Ali Taylor, the pint-sized pooch started visiting farms and was fascinated by the way Border Collies would chase the sheep. Then one time she decided to join in and the rest is history internet gold.

275x250.jpg Cats are not normally know for their smiling sunny disposition… and Mr Pip is not different. In fact this moody moggie could be Britain’s grumpiest cat.

According to owner Rose Oughton, Mr Pip does not like noise, bad weather and especially hates football. Yes, this sour-face puss is constantly in a grump.

The irritable Persian Burmese is said to constantly act like he is is in a foul mood - even when partaking in his favourite activities of ‘starring at dogs’ and 'sitting in his favourite bush'.

Worried her beloved cat might have an underlying illness which was causing the stroppy behaviour, Rose even took Mr Pip to the vet, but they said he was just like that… he didn't look impressed with their diagnosis.

A video featuring dozens of Asian carp jumping out of a river and bombarding a boat in the US, has become an online hit, unsurprisingly.

The 70-second clip shows a family travelling down the Spoon River in Illinois which is heavily populated by Asian carp. As they soon find out.

That's because -- as anyone who has ever been on YouTube will know -- Asian carp have a fear of boats, and are blessed with an amazing jumping ability.

So when a boat passes over them, the 5-10lb fish leap up to two metres from the water en mass. Something you can see for yourself if you just click play.

275x250.jpg A funny-looking Chinese-crested Chihuahau mix called Yoda now has the dubious honour of officially being the world's ugliest dog.

The 14-year old dog scooped the highly prestigious title at an annual contest held at Sonoma-Marin Fair after beating off competition from other ugly mutts.

Judges praised 1.8 pound Yoda for her wiry hair, protruding tongue, gangly legs and the scruffy fur between her toes and she was an audience favourite.

Owner, Terry Schumacher, from California said Yoda was found by her daughter, but she initially thought she was a rat. She aded that she doesn't think dogs and owners always look alike.

275x250.jpgPolice in Germany say they have caught an 84-year-old woman who had been feeding her pet rabbits with cannabis.

The pensioner was contacted by cops after they spotted a field of the metre-high pot plants growing in a field she owned next to her home.

While the elderly woman denied growing the plants herself - she says they just sprung up - she did admit using them to feed her pet rabbits. Police say this is plausible.

According to Tagesspiegel she said that no only did the rabbits really enjoy munching the plants, but because they grew back so quickly they were an ideal food.

Unsurprisingly the cops chopped down the cannabis plants and took them away in three large plastic sacks… maybe they have a rabbit hutch at the police station.

A cat which was left paralysed after being run over by a car is taking swimming lessons in a bid to regain full control over his legs and walk again.

Earlier this year, Mog the cat was hit by a car in a hit-and-run incident
and sustained serious injuries to his front legs prompting owns to fear he'd never walk again.

Vets even said the nerve damage to his front legs was enough to leave him completely paralysed -- but now the pussy is on the route to recovery.

The one-year-old grey tabby is currently taking swimming lessons at a hydrotherapy pool in Cornwall and looks set to get back on his feet… but only after becoming an internet star.

275x250.jpgIt's safe to say that Ci the sheepdog is never going to win One Man and His Dog… because this balmy Border Collie is scared of sheep.

Owners say that while like any other sheepdog, his instinct is to chase sheep, whenever the four-year-old mutt gets close to them, he gets scared.

In fact, he gets so scared of sheep that he runs away from them and can even get chased around by flocks of sheep.

As a result of his ovinophobia, the cowardly Collie has been unable to do the job he was born for and been dubbed the worst sheepdog in Britain.

Farmer Jane Lippington says the only way to get Ci to work, is for her to join in and chase the sheep around the field herself. See him in action here.

275x250.jpg An Antarctic Emperor penguin which took a wrong turn has ended up stranded on a New Zealand beach 2,000 miles from his intended destination of Antarctica.

It's thought the young lonely penguin got lost while swimming near Antarctica, made a wrong turn, and then proceeded to swim the mammoth journey to New Zealand.

Defying the odds, the 80cm tall bird - believed to be 10 months old - somehow ended up on Kapiti Coast where he was spotted by a local resident out walking her dog.

Experts say people should not disturb the critter and that dogs should be kept on leads as penguins can give vicious bites if they feel threatened… something they never covered that in Happy Feet.

When we saw the words 'breakdancing gorilla' we had a sneaky suspicion we'd be writing about it for Newslite… and thankfully this video does not disappoint.

The footage of Zola, an eight-year-old Western lowland gorilla, strutting his stuff at Calgary Zoo has become an online hit.

In the clip the groovy gorilla can be seen spinning around, showing some fancy footwork and generally dancing considerably better than we can.

Sure he wasn't really responding to the rhythm of the music and he's not technically breakdancing, but who cares... if this video doesn't make you smile there is something wrong with you.

275x250.jpg Animal rights group PETA have said they would like to see giant cages erected around the famous lion statues in Trafalgar Square.

In a letter to the Greater London Authority the organisation say the addition of cages at the landmark would draw attention to the misery endured by animals used in circuses.

Their move comes ahead of the debate in the Commons this week, and the government's failure last month to implement a ban on wild animals in circuses.

It's hoped the plan will gain the attention of the general public and encourage MPs to turn up to the debate on Thursday. If not maybe the MPs could be caged on the fourth plinth.

275x250.jpgWhen he repeatedly found his cows out of their shed - knowing he'd locked them inside the night before - farmer Tom Grant thought cattle rustlers could be responsible.

So he set about installing CCTV cameras at his South Armagh farm, to catch them in the act, trying to steal his animals.

But when he reviewed the footage, he was shocked to discover that one of his prized cows was actually using her tongue to unlock a gate.

That's right, footage clearly shows Daisy using her tongue to help her bovine brethren escape, by sliding open the locks on her enclosure and letting them out.

Now the jail-breaking heifer has become an internet hit and has really raised the steaks when it comes to bovine brilliance. She's udderly amazing. Sorry.

A video of a playful dog wanting a game of fetch with a pair of twin babies has become a hit online -- and it's not hard to see why.

In the two minute clip Marley, an eight year old Australian Labradoodle, can be seen presenting a pair of six-month-old girls with a ball.

Initially he seems surprised that little Lilly and Sophia don't want to take the ball and throw it for him so he tries dropping it for them.

When that doesn't work, he tried sitting and waiting patiently and even placing the chewed directly in the hands of the tots. But don't worry, there is a happy ending.

275x250.jpg A video of a brave young lad staring into the mouth of hungry lioness, who appears to be trying to eat him, has become an online hit.

The clip shows one-year-old Trent Higley visiting Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs where he took an interest in the lions.

And the lions took an interest in him, specifically a lioness called Angie who looks like she wanted to munch on the tot for her dinner.

Angie can be seen repeatedly opening her jaw and trying to snare the youngster, who was luckily protected by a big thick sheet of secure glass. Even so, he was still being braver than we'd have been.

When we told you about a family of geese getting a police escort, we wondered where they were heading, now we're beginning to suspect they were going surfing.

That's because we've seen this footage of a gaggle of geese in Colorado surfing on a river. And they don't seem to be half bad.

In the 50 second clip, the birds can be seen riding along on the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs, before hitting a wave on a part of the water used for white water rafting.

Once they do, the plucky geese show off their skills by riding the wave like seasoned pro surfers… is seasoned pro surfers didn't have surf boards that is.

275x250.jpgA species of shark which has been blamed for hundreds of attacks on humans has been spotted swimming off the coast of Cornwall.

The oceanic whitetip shark was initially seen by a mackerel fisherman who said the beast repeatedly rammed the side of his wooden boat.

But the harbour master's office in St Ives has also confirmed a separate independent sighting of the shark, just one mile off shore.

Oceanic whitetips have been blamed for a number of attacks on humans around the world, though experts have doubted the validity of the Cornwall shark.

They say the species is typically found in tropical waters and there has never been a confirmed sighting in British waters. You could say they poured cold water on the claims.

275x250.jpgCops in Seattle were led on a literal wild goose chase when they were called on to give a police escort family of geese.

The Canada goose and her goslings had been spotted strolling busy highway by rush hour passers-by, who were worried for their safety and reported it to police.

As a result, three cars of Washington state troopers were dispatched to I-90, to guide the gaggle from the highway and close two lanes of traffic.

It took around 20 minutes for the officers to guide the Canadian geese to an appropriate highway exit and safety.

And police say the operation, dubbed "Operation get the little guys cleared" was a success… if the aim was to create a cute video, we agree.

275x250.jpg It's that time of year again, water-loving pooches have taken to the sea to compete in an annual surfing dog competition in California.

The Lowes Surf Dog competition sees dogs battle it out in three categories - small dogs, large dogs and tandem rides - to see who has the best surf skills,

Each of the 60 competitors is judged on confidence level, length of ride and overall surf ability and thousands of fans turned out to watch the event.

The winners received an all-expenses-paid pet vacation at the Imperial Beach Resort, which is not to be sniffed at… even if you're a dog and therefore inclined to sniff things.

275x250.jpgBrave US police officers have successfully neutralised the threat posed by a deadly alligator, shooting it twice in the head.. then they realised it was a garden ornament.

The officers had been called to the Kansas City home after an alligator sighting had been reported by a member of the public.

And when they saw the powerful-jawed creature lurking in the grass, they were quick to reach for their rifle and shoot it twice in the head.

It was only when the second shot bounced of the stationary creature the officers realised it was made out of concrete and a garden ornament.

Homeowner Rick Sheridan said the 'reptile' was there to keep people off his land… maybe a creepy gnome would have been better.

275x250.jpg The penguins at London Zoo are feeling decidedly more p-p-p-pampered after the opening of a new £2 million home.

Their new abode includes a pool which is four times bigger than their previous one, a more natural environment and has underwater viewing areas for visitors.

It was constructed when the zoo's original penguin pool, built in 1934, closed eight years ago after it was deemed not suitable.

Being England's largest penguin pool, the new enclosure will eventually house a 200-strong breeding colony, but for now 65 lucky penguins have the place to themselves.

275x250.jpg These adorable meerkats might not be quite as sweet and innocent as they initially look… because they appear to have developed a bit of an foot (and maybe upskirt) fetish.

Bosses at Longleat Safari Park were pleased when they opened their new meerkat enclosure earlier this year - because it's the first where visitors can mingle with the cute critters.

But now they say the meerkats have developed what can only be called a foot fetish and love nothing more than exploring the feet of bare-footed visitors.

Keepers say they little meerkats are particularly attracted to anybody wearing sandals or flip-flops… and have a real thing for painted toe-nails.

A woman says she was refused service at a McDonald's drive-through because she was riding a horse and carriage -- luckily she wasn't far from a friendly KFC.

Debbie Murden from Derbyshire had driven her two-wheeled carriage to the drive-thru window at the Alfreton branch and ordered her burgers and milkshakes.

Having done this before, she didn't think it would be a problem, but staff said that due to health and safety rules they couldn't serve her -- prompting her to angrily head off to a nearby KFC.

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for McDonald's said it was company policy not to serve customers in horse-drawn carriages… which suggests this happens more often than we would have thought.

275x250.jpg So, you quite fancy hopping into the jacuzzi in your back garden, but there's an enormous black bear already chilling in there, what do you do? You wait, that's what.

Scott Wright says he recently looked out of the window at his Florida home and saw a
black bear lounging around in his pool an jacuzzi… and she had no plans to leave.

In fact, the bear was there for 30 minutes and seemed to enjoy blowing bubbles in the pool, playing with toys and generally chilling.

Amazingly the 44-year-old private investor says this is not the first time a bear has made use of his pools, he says there are a number which live locally and enjoy the occasional dip.

275x250.jpg A comedian has performed a one-off gig to a field of cows in a bizarre 'experiment' to see whether they have a sense of humour.

Mock the Week and BBC Radio 4 funny-man Milton Jones, traveled to Hertfordshire where he performed an exclusively written routine to the assembled crowd of Friesians.

His 'Pull the Udder One' stand-up set included a selection of visual and verbal one liners and puns and the performance was observed by a bovine behaviour expert to see how the cows responded.

Milton's jokes included: ‘So you cows say you’re vegetarians – but how come you all wear leather, eh?’ and ‘Went to one of those farmers markets the other day – bought a couple of farmers. Should taste lovely!’

275x250.jpg Police in Hampshire launched a major operation which involved dispatching armed officers and scrambling the force helicopter… because of a cuddly toy.

Of course they didn't realise it was a cuddly toy when they received reports of a live white tiger in a field close to the M27, near Hedge End.

As a result they contacted animal specialists at nearby Marwell Zoo, prepared a team of officers armed with tranquiliser darts and dispatched a police helicopter.

But when the helicopter approached it became clear this was no real tiger, firstly because it didn't move… and then because the downward force of the chopper knocked it over.

275x250.jpg Staff at an aquarium in Blackpool say they were shocked to discover there was a unknown shark swimming around their tank.

Bosses at the Sea Life centre only realised the presence of the mystery shark when they spotted two shark eggs in the massive half-a-million litre tank.

Because the sharks known to be in the tank only give birth to live young, they concluded there was another hidden one somewhere in there.

Experts think the still undiscovered shark is an easily camouflaged tropical carpet shark which may have been introduced by one of several former aquarium curators.

What's wrong? You look like you've never seen a man trying to board a train with his friendly pet pony before.

A rail passenger in Wales recently barred from boarding a train from Wrexham to Holyhead after taking his pony down to the platform in a station lift.

According to Arriva Trains Wales, the unnamed traveller had arrived at Wrexham station and promptly tried buying ticket for himself and the animal for the 7.02pm service.

As these images show, despite being told the pony was too big to travel in a carriage, he then proceeded to take it down to the platform where he was stopped from boarding. Thank goodness for CCTV.

Until this morning we were fairly convinced Luna the showjumping cow would reign supreme as our odd showjumping animal of 2011… and then we saw this.

Zack the showjumping zebra come from Texas and took up the sport when owner Sammi Jo Stohler noticed the six-year-old enjoyed jumping.

After he jumped out of his field one too many times, Sammi decided to put up a series of jumps for Zack, and sure enough he started hopping over them.

She then began teaching Zack to be groomed and ridden and now thinks nothing of putting her showjumping garb on and taking him around the course… people who see her are less nonchalant.

275x250.jpg An airline passenger in Thailand has been arrested after trying to smuggle a 'virtual zoo' of rare and endangered animals into Dubai.

The 36-year-old man had two leopards, two panthers, one Asiatic black bear, and two macaque monkeys in his cases as he tried to check-in at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International airport.

Officials say they had been following the UAE man since he purchased the animals on the black market and couldn't believe he tried to smuggle so many.

A spokesperson for anti-trafficking group Freeland said: We've never seen one like this before. The guy had a virtual zoo in his suitcases."

You might think it's an innocent tennis ball, we thought it was an innocent tennis ball. But this kitten clearly knows different.

Because, if there wasn't something absolutely terrifying lurking within, why would he be treating it with such trepidation?

Complete with a wonderfully over the top soundtrack, the video 'Kitten vs A Scary Thing' has become a YouTube hit, and it's not hard to see why.

During the clip the tentative kitty can be seen repeatedly approaching the yellow tennis ball, before each time recoiling in horror. Maybe tennis is just more scary if you are a kitten.

275x250.jpgNeuroscience researchers at Dundee University say they've been stung… by crooks who stole thousands of their bees.

The boffins had been using the bees as part of a £2m neuroscience study which looked at the effect of pesticides on bee learning.

It had been hoped the study could explain the current decline in honeybee numbers. But recently it was discovered £3,500 worth of British black bees had been taken.

Lead researcher Dr Chris Connolly says the thieves must have known how to handle bees and that the crime would hamper the research.

He also added that the bees were unique and should be easy to identify… which make us think they were breeding super clever bees.

The owner of a skateboarding dog who was previously threatened with an ASBO, has been fined £80 and told he could face legal action over his boarding pooch.

Bodhi the Lakeland Terrier is said to like noting more than riding his skateboard around Brighton and pulling tricks.

And his kerbside antics have proved a hit on YouTube and even gained him an appearance on Britain's Got Talent… though council bosses are less impressed.

Owner Jonathan Fell, 51 says he's been fined £80 by the authority after complaints were made, and told to keep Bodhi on a lead… not a problem Tony Hawks ever had.

275x250.jpgIf you were to make a list of things you thought owning would help you woo women, how long would you be going before you said "a live alligator"?

We're guessing quite a while… but that's because you're not Dewayne Yarbrough. He claims he kept a four-foot alligator for five years to impress women.

The 43-year-old from Chicago has been charged with possession of a dangerous animal after he was found to be keeping the snappy creature in a small tank.

He apparently told investigators - who found the animal in his kitchen - that he only fed it 10 live mice a month to keep it from growing too large.

While it appears he also told them he'd kept the gator because he hoped it would be a chick magnet, it's not clear how well it worked and helped him pull.

275x250.jpg Hoping to make the most out of the online success of FarmVille, the National Trust is looking to recruit 10,000 virtual farmers... to manage a real life farm.

Their MyFarm experiment will see the virtual farmers - who each pay a £30 subscription fee - decide how 1,200 acre Wimpole Home Farm, in Cambridgeshire is run.

They will debate and vote on issues including whether to grow wheat, barley or oats as part of the autumn sowing, through to which animals to buy and rear.

Organisers hope that not only will the scheme see thousands of people gain a better insight into the working of a farm but that it will also be profitable… even if not as much as FarmVille itself.

When police in Florida were called out to deal with an alligator wandering around a residential neighbourhood, it didn't take long to find the offending creature… it attacked their patrol car.

Officers say the 10ft gator promptly clamped his jaw down on the bumper of the patrol car and, as this video shows, refused to let go.

Eventually red-faced cops, who'd managed to dislodge the snappy creature by reversing the car, were forced to let him go and call in a licensed trapper.

Officers say the vehicle suffered some damage to the bumper and grill… but it was nothing compared to the damage caused to the officers pride at having to call for backup.

275x250.jpgA woman in Germany who was attacked by a pitbull dog, managed to escaped without serious injury... until police attending the attack accidentally shot her.

Officers had apparently been called to the incident in Berlin when neighbours heard the cried of a resident who was being bitten on her leg by the dog.

But by the time they arrived the woman was back in her own apartment so they tried to take the dog. However it could not be subdued and they took the decision to shoot it.

And that's when it happened, according to reports one ricocheting bullet hit a responding officer while another smashed through the apartment door… and hit the woman who'd just been savaged.

The unlucky woman was taken to hospital and received treatment for minor injuries. But no matter how bad her day was, the dog had a worse one, it was eventually killed.

275x250.jpg If there's one thing cuter than the world’s smallest stallion running around a field, it's the same diminutive horse running around with a giant ball.

Which is lucky, because as it happens that's exactly what this video shows. Funny that, isn't it?

Last time we met Little Einstein, the tiny pinto stallion had just been named the world’s smallest stallion after measuring 35cm tall.

Breeders at Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in New Hampshire had initially been worried the pint-sized foal was too small to survive.

But luckily their concerns were unfounded and Einstein now loves running around and playing football with a goat and a dog, as you do.

275x250.jpg A bizarre-looking duck has been scaring off other birds on his canal - because he sports a mohawk and a punk rock attitude.

Bearing a resemblance to Johnny Rotten or Billy Idol, 'Punk Duck' - of the Worcestershire canal - is said to have been terrorising the local birdlife.

Locals say his unique-looks and rowdy behaviour have made him an outcast among his fellow birds in Stourport - but he's proved more popular with residents.

Many have started taking photos of his unusual hair-do and with the school holidays he's has become something of a tourist attraction for locals… not that he gives a duck.

275x250.jpg Despite his diminutive size, Tiny Tim the tortoise has become a big attraction at Whipsnade Zoo... and it's not hard to see why.

Just take a look at the Egyptian tortoise - who weighed just 6g when he hatched - chilling next to this grape.

Zoo bosses say he was part of a litter born to a group of tortoises seized by HM Customs and Excise last year, which were destined for the illegal pet trade

Right about now you may be wondering "Why is Tiny Tim pictured pushing his nose against a grape?" Well we don't know... and in our experience it's best not to question these things too much.

275x250.jpg Bosses at London Zoo have got such a problem with kleptomaniac monkeys they've had to come up with a cunning plan to dissuade them from their criminal ways.

Keepers at the zoo say their 18 Bolivian squirrel monkeys have started stealing sunglasses from visitors walking through their exhibit.

It's thought the pesky primates are attracted by the shiny surfaces and their own reflections in the lens, and that this is why they grab the glasses off peoples' heads.

As a result the keepers will now give the light-fingered monkeys sunglasses with bitter apple smeared on them (a taste they hate) to try to put them off… meaning they could get them back with something else smeared on them.

275x250.jpg We have a feeling using this dog leash in public could get you a bit of unwanted attention from the RSPCA and quite possibly police.

That's because Lebedev Studio designed it to look like you are shooting your pet pooch in the head as you take it for daily walkies.

Dubbed Povodokus, the gun-shaped handle contains a bright red lead which goes out freely as the dog pulls and reels in when you pull the trigger.

While creator Andrey Dyakov, says he came up with the idea as a concept, he told Newslite they've not ruled out taking it into production. Your move now PETA..

275x250.jpgA 12-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after accidentally skiing into a bear's lair and being mauled by a mother protecting her cubs.

Olle Frisk had been enjoying the skiing in Funäsdalen, northern Sweden, when he took a wrong turn and found himself heading straight towards the lair.

The next thing the unfortunate lad remembers is seeing the irate mother bear jumping onto him and viciously attacking him in to bid to protect her three cubs.

In fact, she only stopped her assault when he 'played dead' and his pals were able to scare her off while Olle escaped and made his way down the slope.

While Olle was bitten on both legs, clawed on his back and says he thought he was going to die, he's now said to be recovering in a suitably bear-free hospital.

We know that shark attacks are incredibly rare, and we also know that Basking sharks are harmless -- but this would still have made us nervous.

A kayaker in Florida recently came face to face 25-foot long Basking shark as he was paddling along in the sea in his 14-foot kayak.

While a number of onlookers shouted words of warning to Josh Reeves, it appears he knew he wasn't in any danger from second largest species of shark in the world. He jumped into the water and started swimming with the huge plankton eater.

Animal authorities say Basking sharks do not normally swim south to the warmer Florida waters… just like they're not normally known to hurt humans.

275x250.jpgA puppy which was dumped by a breeder when he realised she was deaf, has been found a new home and is now learning sign language.

Yes this story is just as cute as it sounds. Alice, an 8-week-old black and white springer spaniel, was taken to an animal rescue centre after she was abandoned in Ireland.

Staff at the centre which took her in instantly knew the puppy would need specialist training and that most people would not want a pup who could not hear commands.

But luckily a deaf couple, Marie Williams and Mark Morgan happend to be looking for a dog and decided Alice would be the perfect pet for them.

The pair have now started teaching the pup sign language and can use it to instruct her to sit down, sit up, come and roll over.

Passengers on a US flight were surprised to see a penguin calmly waddling down the aisle of their plane -- well it's better than snakes.

Pete the Penguin was flying from San Fransisco (where he'd appeared at a national science convention) back home to SeaWorld in San Diego.

Special dispensation had been arranges with cabin crew for the South American Magellan to stretch his legs on the 40 minute flight rather than be in cramped conditions.

As he strolled around the plane, his SeaWorld keepers gave a free lecture on penguins over the in-flight intercom… not that you could hear it over all the oohs and aahs.

Passengers say they were amazed to see the bird on the plane… because they'd always been told penguins can't fly.

When he returned home, this pet owner found an empty bag of cat treats on the floor and decided to quiz his pets about who was responsible.

And by the look of this video it didn't take much 'interrogating' of his two dogs to find the culprit. The man started off by holding the empty 'Party Mix' packet in front of Masey and asking "Did you do this?" to no response.

He then turned his attention to his other dog, a Labrador named Denver who refused to make eye contact as the questions were asked and hung his head in shame.

The ridiculously cute response seems to be the proof that Denver had stolen the food… and should never take up poker.

275x250.jpg A hungry squirrel almost destroyed a man's car after deciding it was a suitable place to store hundreds of nuts.

John Gold was having a bit of a problem with his Vauxhall Astra, when he took it into a garage in Warwick to get fixed, expecting it to be a standard problem.

Instead, mechanics told the 59-year-old his trouble was being caused by hundreds of peanuts which had been crapped into vehicle’s air intake system.

Gold says his mother-in-law regularly puts seeds out for the birds near his car and thinks a hungry squirrel has been hoarding these in his air box. He didn't say she was nuts. Honestly.

275x250.jpgDogs barking through the night, cats using the lawn as their personal toilet and finding the garden has been dug up are just some of the annoyances caused by rogue pets.

The study of 2,000 homeowners shows a third feel constantly tormented by animals next door, and regularly have to check their grass and flower beds for damage.

And one in ten people even say they have had a war of words with their neighbours about their annoying pet.

Other common complaints include footprints left on the car by cats, dogs jumping up and wiping their muddy paws all over clothes.

Food being stolen from inside the house by opportunistic four-legged neighbours also made it to the list… making us think some people live in Tom and Jerry cartoons.

A video of a cat modelling new hairstyles by pushing his face through a cardboard box has become an online hit… well how could it not.

In the clip 'Various hairstyles and Maru' Maru, a Japanese cat, is seen walking up to a cardboard box and poking his face through a hole.

But what make this video particularly internet worthy is that Maru's owner has drawn a series of haircuts onto the side of the box. Wait, it's better than it sounds.

The video has already been watched more than 300,000 times since being uploaded to YouTube last week. May we put a request in for a kitty mow-hawk.

275x250.jpgResearchers say a spider venom which can cause four-hour long erections could help develop treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Scientists say a single bite from the Brazilian wandering spider can have the side-effect of causing long-lasting erections in victims.

A team from the Medical College of Georgia say the venom from the spider - also known as armed spider, banana spider or Phoneutria nigriventer - is a rich mixture of several molecules.

And tests on "erection-challenged rats" found that the venom gave then a much needed boost - a side-effect which has also been observed in bitten humans.

However before you buy a Brazilian wandering spider to keep in your bedside table, it's worht noting other side effects include severe pain, difficulty breathing and possibly death.

275x250.jpgAn animal charity is hoping to find a home for a pup which suffers from a rare condition meaning he can only eat when standing on his hind legs.

Ronnie, a seven-month-old Labrador rottweiler-cross suffers from megaoesophagus, meaning that he can’t swallow foods or liquids.

This means that whenever it's feeding time, he has to stand on his hind legs and allow gravity to take food and water into his stomach.

The incurable disease means the feeding process takes 20 minutes each time and that his food has to be made into a jelly so he can digest it

Dogs Trust Leeds are now hoping someone will come forward and offer Ronnie a home… and yes, he does come complete with the natty feeding station.

A US man has formed an unusual friendship with goose at his local park, after it started following him around whenever he was there.

Dominic Ehrler says Maria the goose now waits for him at the side of the road each morning and then dutifully follows him around Echo Park in Los Angeles.

Maria is also said to get over protective if Dominic gets too close to anyone and has even been know to chase off dogs which dare to come near him.

The besotted Toulouse goose will even fly along at the side of Dominic as he rides his scooter. Which is something you just have to see, click play, you know you want to.

Being in the front row and with a great view of the action, these people were probably pretty pleased with their rodeo seats… until this happened.

Butch Trimnal and his wife had been enjoying a North Carolina rodeo when one of the bulls began running towards them.

The beast continued to get closer and closer until it leaped up and over hoardings, landing in the stands right next to them… making the outing a little more exciting than the pair may have wanted.

While the couple were briefly thrown around by the irate bull, they were not injured even though they did go to the hospital to be checked over.

The bull was also uninjured and was used again later in the show… no bull.

275x250.jpgA police officer has escorted a group of ducklings to safety after coming across them on a busy road. And become an internet hero.

Glenn Eppler had been driving in Fort Myers when he encountered the unusual suspects - ten tiny ducklings - holding up traffic.

Footage from his dash-cam shows the officer jumping out of his vehicle and trying to guide the little feathered critters to safety.

But it wasn't as easy as he expected and the birds - which had somehow dodged traffic - were uncooperative.

Luckily a passer-by helped the officer to pick up the tiny ducklings and moved them to somewhere a little safer where they were reunited with their mother.

275x250.jpgA fox with a head for heights has been discovered living at the top of a 288m tall skyscraper at London Bridge.

The animal, named Romeo by staff, was found 72 storeys off the ground in the UK's tallest skyscraper, the Shard.

It's thought he got there by climbing 71 sets of stairs and a ladder and survived for two weeks by eating food left by builders.

While the building is still under construction, the fantastic fox will have enjoyed sensational panoramic views of London before he was caught in a special cage.

The fearless intruder has now been brought down to earth after being released back on to the streets of Bermondsey.

275x250.jpg Our favourite cross-eyed sooth-sayer opossum has started making her predictions about who will win Academy Awards… and it's good news for Natalie Portman.

Heidi the cross-eyed opossum, from the Leipzig Zoo in Germany, has become a hit in the US where she is appearing on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The confused-looking animal is being confronted by Oscar statuettes with the head of Academy Awards nominees affixed to the head and asked to touch the one she thinks will win.

After spending a considerable amount of time thinking about it, Heidi has so far predicted that Natalie Portman will win the Best Actress Oscar… though we are not sure that's the one she was looking at.

It appears zoos in Japan have an interesting way of practicing what they would do if a dangerous animal escaped. As this video conclusively shows.

One of the trainers at Tama Zoo in Tokyo recently donned a tiger costume and ran around while colleagues chase him with nets and guns.

26-year-old Shuhei Yamaguchi had to pretend to be a Siberian Tiger which had broken free during an earthquake and go on an hour-long rampage of the attraction.

Dressed in a none too convincing bright yellow costume, other staff used sticks and nets to restrain him, luckily they refrained from pulling the trigger on their tranquilliser guns.

Thunder-thighs dinosaur We love it when a new dinosaur is discovered. And when that dino is called something bizarre like 'Thunder-thighs' it's even better.

Scientists in Utah say they've discovered a new species of dinosaur which may have used it's powerful and huge legs to kick predators.

Also known as Brontomerus mcintoshi the dinosaur lived 110 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous Period was the size of a large elephant, and measured 14 meters in length.

Researchers say Thunder-thighs probably had to contend with fierce "raptors" and could have also used its huge legs to fight with love rivals… and anyone who called it Thunder-thighs.

Sheep are smarter than previously believed

275x250.jpgSheep are considerably smarter than we have previously given them credit for, researchers from Cambridge University have claimed.

Tests found sheep, which have historically been perceived as being dim-witted, are actually as smart as animals such as monkeys.

Neuroscientist Professor Jenny Morton made the baa-rmy discovery after conducing a series of tests to test their logic and memory.

These included giving sheep different coloured buckets with one colour containing food and seeing how many times they had to be presented with the buckets before knowing which contained food.

It's said the sheep were able to learn this after the same number of attempts as rodents and monkeys… and they weren't just behaving like sheep, well they were, but you know what we mean.

275x250.jpg A huge spider crab has been dubbed Crab Kong by staff at a UK aquarium, after being recognised as the biggest in captivity.

The monster from the deep - who measures 3m across and weighs 15kg - was originally caught in Japan by fishermen working from Suraga Bay, south-west of Tokyo.

However, rather than sell him to a local restaurant, the fishermen called UK-based biologist Robin James, who'd visited the village just weeks earlier.

He then arranged for the colossal crustacean to be spared the saucepan and be shipped to the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth. To go on show you understand, not to go on the menu.

A cat burglar who stole 600 items has been outed as an actual cat, after a night-vision camera was used to capture footage of the feline.

Residents in San Francisco had initially wondered what was happening when clothes, teddy-bears and other small items started disappearing.

But it soon became apparent the crook was a kleptomaniac kitty called Dusty who kept returning home with other peoples belongings.

After setting up night-vision camera they recorded footage of him going out under the cover of night and dragging back his loot.

Over the past three years the cat is said to have stole 600 items from neighbours and is partial to women's bathing costumes… naughty kitty.

275x250.jpg In a bid to ensure Downing Street becomes rat free, a four-year old tabby cat called Larry has moved into No 10 with David Cameron.

The puss had been a resident at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home until a spate of rodent sightings in Downing Street saw David Cameron look to recruit a feline rat-catcher.

After talking to his two elder children, Nancy and Arthur, the Prime Minister is said to have chosen Larry, who had been found wandering the capital in January.

A Downing Street spokesperson said Larry had already shown a "strong predatory drive" and enjoyed playing with toy mice… only time will tell what rats he catches around No 10 & No 11. We're saying nothing.

275x250.jpgA team of 25 firefighters were recently dispatched to rescue a stranded swan from a frozen pond… only to discover it was plastic.

The 999 call had come in when a passer-by in Straubing, Germany saw the bird and assumed it was trapped in frozen ice.

Attending firefighters say they then had to search for ages to find the 'bird' and get to the middle of the lake where there was dangerously thin ice.

And it was only then that discovered the bird was actualy made of plastic and had been left there by fishermen to scare away other birds.

Lucking on the bright side, officers said that no-one was hurt in the wasted rescue mission and that they were glad to have got a bit of training in.

When Evan Petkau and Luke Willms went on a tour of Kenya's Lake Naivasha, they understandably wanted to see a hippo… but probably not like this.

The Canadian holiday-makers had travelled out on a motorboat to take a look at a group of hippos (or a bloat for you collective noun fans) and were happily filming the beasts.

That was until the they realised they'd gone a little too close and startled one of the notoriously aggressive beasts which started charging at them.

Before the duo knew what was happening there were several hippos coming at the boat as they hit the engine and made a hasty retreat back to the shore.

While the pair can be heard laughing on the video, they claim this was nervous laughter rather than them mocking the hippos… well would you mock a 2,000kg beast with a bad temper.

rabbits having sexDid you know the barnacle's penis can be 30 times its body length, snakes are doubly endowed and roman snails enjoy S&M foreplay.

Neither did we, until the Natural History Museum announced their Valentine's Day exhibition looking at the sex lives of animals.

The Sexual Nature exhibition which will run from now until October offers a surprising exploration of the bizarre world of animal sex.

Bosses say it's the museum's first adult exhibition - aimed at over 16s - and shows that "anything goes in the animal kingdom."

It sounds to us like the ideal place to take your date this Valentine's Day… as long as they like discussing promiscuous chimps and looking at stuffed animals doing it.

ESPN reporter Nico Hueto thought the only thing he had to worry about was his umbrella getting blown away… until he was chased by an alpaca

The sports man had been covering a South American U21 football contest in Peru and was duly speaking to camera about the action.

And that's when it happened. An angry alpaca which had been happily standing in the background suddenly charged at him and the camera.

A panicked-looking Hueto quickly dropped his umbrella and ran screaming from the animal, which could now get signed by Manchester City as an aggressive mid-fielder.

While Hueto was convinced to give it another go the animal again disrupted the broadcast… no-one knows why there was a alpaca on the training ground.

275x250.jpg Staff at a pub in Staffordshire say they don't mind that one of their regulars always has a long face -- because it's not like Basil could do anything about it.

The nine-year-old Welsh Cob stallion has become a regular at the Meynell Ingram Arms in Burton where he is allowed to walk right in and up to the bar.

Over the past few years he's even said to have started enjoying the occasional tipple of Marson's Pedigree which is always served to him in his own glass.

Manager Guy Wallis insists locals don't mind sharing the bar with the 14.2 hands pony… though there have been complaints he doesn't ever get a round in.

275x250.jpgResearchers say they've finally solved a 44-year-old mystery of exactly how fleas are able to jump so high… it's all about their toes.

While scientists in 1967 discovered that fleas store the energy needed to catapult themselves into the air, they didn't know exactly how.

For years debate raged between academics as to how fleas harness this explosive energy, but only now has technology advanced enough for them to find out for sure.

Using high-speed recording equipment and sophisticated mathematical models, a team from the University of Cambridge took a close look at jumping fleas.

Analysing the footage they discovered the fleas use their toes to push off and propel themselves into the air… now we know that we will finally be able to sleep at night.

275x250.jpgZoo keepers in the US say they've been shocked to see a wild bald eagle repeatedly visit and make friends with one of their captive birds.

Bosses at Orange County Zoo say the bird has started spending every morning and evening perched nearby the enclosure of a female bald eagle.

They say the rare visitor, believed to be a male, can spend hours squawking with their 6-year-old who cannot be released due to an eye injury.

While many visitors insist his constant presence is a sign of true love, others claim it's simply because he's worked out there's an abundant food supply at the zoo.

In other words what they are trying to say it that he's a typical bloke.