Would-be James Bonds wear tuxedos for paintball sessions

275x250.jpg Because every man wishes he was James Bond, a paintball website is allowing them to run around dressed as their hero while shooting down infamous Bond villains… but using a paintball gun rather than a Walther PPK.

The Skyfall Paintball package, which has been launched to celebrate the new 007 movie, gives paintball players the opportunity to re-enact some of the cult hero’s most iconic scenes, all while wearing a tuxedo.

Villains will be played by the site’s staff and participants are being warned to keep tuxedo spending to a minimum as it's unlikely they'll be able to get the paint out of the clothes should they get shot.

However, paintball spies won't look quite as smooth as Daniel Craig, due to safety regulations they will still have to wear unstylish safety goggles.
UKPaintball.co.uk founder Justin Toohig said: "I think at some point in every man’s life they’ve dreamt of being Bond and now for one afternoon we’re offering them the chance.

"Bond is cool, calm and collected, excellent with the women and lives an exciting life as he jets across the globe to battle threats to the nation’s security.

"Players will be able to act out some of their favourite scenes and will be given a full license to bruise."

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