Talking to plants in a Geordie accent helps them grow

275x250.jpg If you want your plants to thrive talk to them in a Geordie accent – a leading expert has claimed.

Chris Bonnett, who has a four acre nursery in Essex and his own online garden centre, spent the summer researching which accents plants respond best to.

In his "ground breaking" horticultural experiment, Chris isolated groups of plants and his team spoke to them each day using different regional accents.

The plants were also played DVDs and CDs of regional soaps and pop stars to help reinforce the different dialects.

The results were impressive – with the Geordie plants growing almost 10% more than those in some other groups.
Chris, of GardeningExpress said: “It’s long been thought that plants thrive if you talk to them so we decided to find out once and for all which dialects they respond to best.”

There were ten separate test groups, each consisting of a mix of around 100 different bedding plants. Nine of the groups were exposed to accents from around the UK and the final group were tended to by staff speaking with American accents and played TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Friends and music from Bruce Springsteen.

Chris said: “At first we played the DVDs and the music in each area just to remind the team which accent they should be using but soon we realized it was an easy way for us to keep the plants listening to a particular dialect.

“After just a few weeks we started to see differences emerging with the Geordie and Welsh groups shooting up while the Chelsea and Mancunian plants seemed to particularly struggle.

“We kept all other variables as constant as possible. So the plants all had the same amount of sunlight, water and nutrients.

The best accents to help plants grow:
1. Geordie
2. Welsh
3. Essex
4. Australian
5. Scouse
6. Yorkshire
7. American
8. Scottish
9. Chelsea
10. Mancunian

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