"Human Flesh" on sale in London at scary butcher's shop

275x250.jpg Visitors to London’s famous Smithfields Meat Market may have got a shock recently, after spotting a butchers which appeared to be selling edible human limbs including hands and feet packaged like cuts of meat.

But Wesker & Son was actually the creation of food artist Sharon Baker who had been commissioned to help promote the launch of computer game Resident Evil 6 and no real human flesh was on sale.

To create the odd cuts, Sharon used Prosciutto and sausage meat to create the effect of internal flesh. For the terrine-based limbs, Sharon has created a delicious pate of chicken and pork mince mixed with cranberries and pistachio.

Sharon created a number of moulds using her own body – hands, feet and arms to form the limbs … which must make looking at this even weirder for her than it is for us.
275x250.jpg 275x250.jpg 275x250.jpg Speaking of the project Sharon said: "My friends and family have been completely grossed out while my kitchen has been filled with various meat hands, feet and faces, and now the full body.  I have to say it doesn’t bother me at all."

Adam Merrett, UK PR manager for Capcom stated: “We are extremely proud to be working with these talented food and drink mixologists. Between them they’ll help bring Resident Evil 6 to life through the human senses, fleshing out the fear and potential reality, to showcase the lengths we would need to go to survive if the C-virus was to grip the world.”

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