Baby gorilla gets slice of cake for his birthday

275x250.jpg Turning one is a big deal, even if you are a gorilla. That's why staff at Bristol Zoo organised for little Kukeña to get a special treat on his big day.

The little gorilla - who weighs 7kg and stands around 45cm tall - was given a present including some of his favourite healthy food and a slice of birthday fruit cake.

Assistant curator of mammals, Lynsey Bugg, said: “Kukeña has come a long way over the past 12 months, he is becoming a proper little adventurer and loves to sneak off to explore when mum isn’t looking.

"Salome is a fantastic mum and is still very protective of her baby boy and keeps a close eye on him as he is still a bit too young to play with the other young gorillas as they tend to like a bit of rough and tumble.”
275x250.jpg She added: “Kukeña still takes his mother’s milk but has started eating solids too. He loves soft, sweet fruits such as blueberries, grapes and banana, and also like avocado, so we have given him plenty of these to celebrate his birthday today.”

Although he is developing well, keepers still keep a close eye on Kukeña’s progress, monitoring his growth, hair and body condition, ensuring his eyes are bright and checking his baby teeth.

Bristol Zoo   
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