New world record set for most burgers flipped simultaneously

275x250.jpg A new world record has been set for the most burgers flipped simultaneously after 18 people gathered in London and successfully rotated burgers 1,350 times in under a minute.

The event celebrated the art of barbeque cooking at its most competitive and was held by food and entertainment channel Food Network UK to celebrate their ‘On Fire’ festival in Covent Garden.
Other records broken at the 'Burger Flipping Championships' included the most burger flips by one person in under a minute at 87 flips as well as the highest burger flip which reached 5.5 feet.
The Burger Flipping Championships had strict rules in place, tasking participants to successfully turn the burger over from one side to another using only a spatula with one hand, as many times as possible in under a minute. Burgers that fell on the floor were ruled out … there was no three second rule.
275x250.jpg Nick Thorogood, of Food Network UK said: “Barbeques are synonymous with summer and a perfect way to make the most of the current good weather. As we reach the peak of summer we wanted to get Brits in the mood and hone their burger flipping techniques – the Food Network on Fire Festival is a chance for the British public to sample the best in chargrilling from around the UK.”
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